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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 6 KOSB
Month and Year: June 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. J.G. Shillington
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
WORTHING 1   In the forenoon there was a lecture and discussion on the night exercise which took place between A and C Coys during the night. Other trg included firing out to sea and bathing. At 1400 hrs the CO held a Coy Comds conference and emphasised a number of points to be borne in mind during the forthcoming operations. In the evening the CO inspected personnel of the residue with their loads.
Weather thundery with some rain
WORTHING 2   C and Sp Coys fired on KITHURST range. Other Coys carried out local trg in the Coy areas incl bathing. In the afternoon a demonstration of all types of aircraft, allied and enemy, took place above WORTHING and was witnessed by many of the Bn. A mess meeting was held in the Offrs Mess in the evening.
Weather hot
WORTHING 3   All Coys carried out adm. In addition A Coy practised firing out to sea and D Coy carried out weapon trg and wiring. B and C Coys carried out a "Know your Enemy" quiz. B Coy also fired on KITHURST range.
Weather fine
WORTHING 4   Church Services of all denominations were held in WORTHING. In the case of the Church of Scotland the service was a communion service and was voluntary.
Weather fair
WORTHING 5   B Coy marched to GIBBET HILL and carried out firing on GIBBET HILL. Other Coys carried out normal trg in Coy areas. In the afternoon, a R/T exercise for Comds was carried out under the supervision of the Sig Offr. The BBC announced the news that ROME had fallen to the Allied armies in ITALY.
Weather fine
WORTHING 6   During the night it became apparent that large fmns of aircraft and gliders were flying over WORTHING and the SOUTH coast in the direction of FRANCE and it was consequently no great surprise when the news was received that the landings had been made in that country between LE HAVRE and CHERBOURG. All reports received during the day indicated that the op was going well. Normal trg in WORTHING area by Coys. CO held a Coy Comds conference in the evening and relayed certain inform regarding the operation. An ENSA Concert Party featuring Miss GERTRUDE LAWRENCE performed in the Cdn Legion Pavilion in the evening. 6 KOSB Standing Op Instrs were issued. Copy as Appx A att.
Weather fair
Appx A
WORTHING 7   Reports indicate that the assault on FRANCE continues to proceed satisfactorily in spite of increased enemy resistance. It appears that a br head has been est extending from approx ST PIERRE DU MONT T69 to the estuary of the R ORNE U67 and fierce fighting is reported at CAEN U06. Another br head is reported in CHERBOURG and various landings by paras and airlanding fmns. Orders were received for the adv party, consisting of Maj CWP RICHARDSON and 2ORs, to conc at Bde HQ, and at 2100 hrs, together with the adv parties of other units of the Bde, they moved off to a marshalling area.
Weather dull but dry
WORTHING 8   6 KOSB Standing Adm Orders for Ops were issued. A copy is att herewith as Appx B. No further news of the ops was received except that satisfactory progress continued to be made
Weather dull
Appx B
WORTHING 9   Orders were received for move to marshalling areas on 10 June, of main body. Marching personnel move by train to HAYWARDS HEATH and veh party proceeds by rd to RCRP south of EPPING. The remainder of the day was spent in packing up and preparation for the move. In the evening, a draft of 10 ORs arrived from 53 RHU.
Weather dull
WORTHING 10   Veh party left WORTHING at 0510 hrs and arrived at Marshalling Area S6 behind TILBURY about mid-day. There they were split into two parties corresponding to the ships in which they were to embark. The veh party was commanded by the CO. The marching party, under Maj CJ BALLANTYNE left WORTHING at 1100 hrs and proceeded by rail to HAYWARDS HEATH where they were met by TCVs which conducted them to Marshalling Area J6, near LEWES. There the party was split into 3 ship loads, each of which contained a propn of personnel of other units. Maj. BALLANTYNE, Maj GILBERTSON and Maj WATERS were each appointed OC Tps.
Weather fair, with occasional rain
Camp S6 Camp J6 11   Half the vehs under Capt J ELLIOT left the marshalling area for TILBURY DOCKS and began loading onto MT 86 "The Houston City". The marching party were informed that they would not be leaving before 1400 hrs on 14 June. A voluntary Church Service was held in the camp in the morning. Recreational facilities were taken advantage of.
Weather fine.
TILBURY Camp J6 12   The remainder of the veh party under the CO moved to TILBURY DOCKS at 0700 hrs and began loading onto MT 25, the "CHARLES W. ELLIOT". The first veh party set off for SOUTHEND at about 2000 hrs. 100 men of the marching party went to BRIGHTON for baths, other Coys carried out trg and recreational facilities were used. In the evening an ENSA party performed in the NAAFI.
Weather hot
SOUTHEND Camp J6 13   MT 25 finished loading and set sail for SOUTHEND about 1800 hrs. In Camp J6 a mobile bath unit arrived and all men had a bath. All ranks were issued with 24 hr pack rations, tommy cookers and various other articles. Ship loads were readjusted slightly to ensure that only KOSB personnel sailed in each ship.
Weather broken
SOUTHEND Camp J6 14   Both MT ships lay off SOUTHEND until the convoy assembled and set sail at 2210 hrs. The marching party set off by ship loads at approx 1400 hrs and proceeded to an RCRP at NEWHAVEN, where they embarked in LCIs (L). These set off at approx 2300 hrs.
Weather windy, with rough sea
FRANCE 15   The veh convoy had an uneventful trip and the ships finally anchored between 3 and 4 miles off GRAYE-SUR-MER (1/50,000 map sheet 7E/5 9585). The marching party convoy arrived at GRAYE-SUR-MER at 1200 hrs and disembarked at once. They passed through transit and assembly areas and eventually arrived in the Bde conc area, which is in the area of BRECY (8877). There they were met by the 2IC and led to the Bn conc area, which was in a fd at approx 875787.
Weather hot
Near BRECY 16   Personnel of marching party cleaned weapons and carried out adm. Personnel and vehs of the veh party began to arrive in small parties, and by the evening most of the unit was concentrated. At 1430 hrs, Brig HDK MONEY DSO addsd all offrs and NCOs and relayed infm which he had obtained from fwd tps during the past few days. During the night there was intense bombing of the beaches by enemy planes and terrific AA fire by our tps and flak ships. CO inspected Bn in alarm posts and held a conference of Coy Comds.
Weather fair
Near BRECY 17   Coys carried out Coy TEWTs on the clearance of fds and ditches by Pls and Coys sp by tks. It is anticipated that this type of operation will frequently occur in future clashes with the enemy. Further vehs continued to arrive and by evening the Bn was completely concentrated except for 8 vehs. The CO visited a fwd Bde in the area of CARCAGNY and brought back news of the battle there. There was the usual e/a activity by night.
Weather fair
Near BRECY 18   The CO was summoned to an O Gp at Bde HQ, and spent the whole of the afternoon in a recce. On his return in the evening he held an O Gp at which he disclosed that the role of the Div was to be to conc in the br head over the R ORNE est by 51 (H) Div and thereafter break out followed by 11 Armd Div. 6 KOSB was to conc in RANVILLE (7F2/1173) and arrangements were made for adv parties to move off to-morrow. At approx 2300 hrs there was an unfortunate accident when 3190670 Sjt R STODDART, the Int Sjt, was shot in the leg by a sten gun which accidentally discharged. Shortly after a LO arrived from Bde HQ stating that the entire op previously mooted had been cancelled and no further action would be taken till ordered. There was intense e/a activity by night.
Weather fair
Near BRECY 19   CO attended a short conference at Bde HQ, at which it was learned that the op previously mooted had been postponed owing to the fact that the Div was not completely concentrated. The CO held a meeting of Coy Comds at 1400 hrs and passed on this infm to them. The day was spent in trg in the bivouac area, and three men per Coy were permitted to visit BAYEUX. BBC announced that American tps had completely cut off the CHERBOURG peninsula.
Weather very wet
Near BRECY 20   CO was summoned to an O Gp at Bde HQ and spent the whole day thereafter in recce. On his return in the evening he held a short Bn O Gp conference at which it was disclosed that the Div was to carry out an attack WEST of CAEN with a view to securing the crossings over the R ODON. The attack was to be done in three phases, of which the first phase was to be the capture of the villages of CHEUX and Le HAUT-duBOSQ by 46 (H) Inf Bde on the right and the villages of ST MAUVIEU (9268) and LA GAULE (9267) by 44 (L) Inf Bde on the left. The Bde plan was to take ST MAUVIEU with 8RS and 6RSF and 6KOSB to follow through and take La Gaule. To this end the Bn will move to SECQUEVILLE-EN-BESSIN (9274) two nights before the attack and to BRETTEVILLE L'ORGUEILLEUSE on the night before the attack. Two adv parties under Capt AH ELDER and Maj CWP RICHARDSON were accordingly despatched, one to each village, with a view to reconnoitring areas and staking the Bn's claim. No change was reported in the Brit-Cdn Sector of the front but the Americans are reported to be within 5 miles of CHERBOURG. E/a activity by night rather more restricted than of late.
Weather wet, with high wind
Near BRECY 21   The CO attended a Bde O Gp at 0930 hrs held on the ground in front of the area where the attack will take place. All Coy Comds spent the day in recce of the ground. In the evening Maj LGS SANDERSON MC KOSB, who acts as personal LO to the C-in-C, visited the Bn. BBC report that Americans are closing in on CHERBOURG.
Weather dry, but with high wind
Near BRECY 22   The CO attended an O Gp conference at Bde HQ in the morning and on his return announced a slight change of plan which involved the capture by 8RS of a section of the lateral rd running EAST and WEST immediately north of La GAULE before 6KOSB pass through to capture the village. This has necessitated a slight adjustment of B Coy's proposed objective. The whole day was spent in recce on all levels down to Sec Comds. At 1700 hrs rifle Coy Comds attended a cloth model discussion on the op conducted by 8RS. After this was completed a short conference was held by the CO, at which Maj WARREN, Comd B Sqn 9 RTR, with whom we shall be cooperating in the attack, was present. At this conference details of each phase of the Bn attack were co-ordinated. BBC news indicated that the Americans continue to press hard on CHERBOURG. Considerable air activity on both sides took place in the evening and by night.
Weather fair, with wind subsiding.
Near BRECY 23   CO attended O Gp at Bde HQ at 0900 hrs, when infm was received that a further change of plan had been made. This new plan provided for the capture of La GAULE by 8RS, so that 6 KOSB will now be in res. In other respects the plan remains the same but it is anticipated that 44 (L) Inf Bde will be used again at a later stage of the op to clear the area MOUEN (9365) - TOURVILLE (9364). The CO summoned Coy Comds on his return from Bde and informed them of the change of plan. No alteration in the dispositions of Coys during the adv is to be made. At 1800 hrs the CO attended a lecture by the Corps Comd on the forthcoming op. Tps carried out normal trg by day. E/a activity was quieter than usual. Late in the evening infm was received that the attack would take place at 0730 hrs on 26 Jun 44.
Weather fair
Near BRECY 24   The CO held an O Gp in the morning at which he issued orders for a move to a FAA near SECQUEVILLE-EN-BESSIN 9274. 6KOSB OO No. 1 was issued and is att as Appx C. At approx 2000 hrs the Bn left the BRECY area and proceeded by march route to the FAA. Marching tps arrived in there at about 2300 hrs and vehs arrived later.
Weather fair
Appx C
SECQUEVILLE 9274 25   The Bn spent the whole day lying up in the FAA. A Church Service was held at 0930 hrs. The Div Comd held a briefing conference at which he briefed all offrs of the Div down to incl Coy Comds. At 1800 hrs the CO held an O Gp. The remainder of the evening was spent in rest.
Weather wet
BRETTEVILLE 9272 26   Commencing at 0030 hrs the Bn proceeded to move to its FUP in gen area 919724 near BRETTEVILLE L'ORGUEILLEUSE, where it dug in and remained till H hr. At 0730 hrs the barrage commenced and the attack began. The Bn moved fwd behind 8RS and reached its first bound (level crossing 9271) without incident. The move to the next bound (line of R MUC) was then carried out, but many enemy snipers and pockets of resistance had to be dealt with on the way. From this bound, the Carrier Pl (subsequently relieved by D Coy) moved fwd to 917683 to assist 8RS, who had gained their objectives but were depleted by cas. In the afternoon orders were received to proceed to the assistance of 6RSF at ST MAUVIEU, where final objectives had not yet been taken. A B & C Coys accordingly moved fwd and took over from 6RSF. D Coy 6RSF also came under comd. In C Coy's area (orchard 934686) there was some opposition, but the Bn est & held the line of the rd running NORTH and SOUTH through the village. The cas for the day's fighting included Maj RWQ GOING and two ORs killed; Lt NK MACKENZIE and 12 ORs wounded.
Weather wet
ST MAUVIEU 9268 27   During the night posns were intermittently mortared by the enemy. In the course of the night the Bn was relieved by a Bn of the Wiltshires Regt and pulled out just before dawn. The Bn retired to a conc area near Le MESNIL PATRY 9070 and remained there all day reorganising and resting.
Le MESNIL PATRY/9070 28   At about 1000 hrs orders were received to proceed to the area of Le HAUT du BOSQ 9066 and take over from 10 HLI. This was duly done and posns occupied with A and D Coys fwd and B and C Coys in the rear.
Le HAUT du BOSQ 9066 28   Late in the evening an attack was made by A & D Coys on the area of xrds 909657 and objectives taken without opposition.
Weather showery
Le HAUT du BOSQ 9066 29   8RS launched an attack on the right, having for its objective the line of the rly at GRAINVILLE-sur-ODON 9164. This attack met with some opposition but they eventually reached their objectives although depleted by cas. 6RSF were moved up to sp them. It was then intended that 6KOSB launch an attack from GRAINVILLE on certain objectives south of the rly line. Before this attack could be arranged, however, the enemy launched a fierce armd counter attack on 8RS and 6RSF posns and in some places achieved penetrations. The 6KOSB line however was held, and B and C Coys, with armd sp launched a counter attack on area 899649 and by evening restored the situation. Cas in the day's fighting incl Maj CJ BALLANTYNE TD, Lt JR VIVERS and 18 ORs wounded, one OR killed.
GRAINVILLE 9064 30   The Bn was ordered to consolidate on line of rd GRAINVILLE to rd junc 896652, and Bn HQ, A & D Coys moved up. Orders were received that this line was to be denied against enemy attack. The Bn fmn was:- C Coy right in area 897653; B Coy area wood 903649; D Coy area 905645; Bn HQ 904649. A/tk guns and MMGs were allotted in sp. During the day there was occasional mortar and arty fire on the posns but no other activity on the front.
Weather fair

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.