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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 151st (A.Y.) Field Regiment, R.A.
Month and Year: March 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. H.C. Phillips, R.A.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
BEVERLEY 1   C.R.A’s Conference on Ex ‘Eagle’ held at Victoria Barracks, BEVERLEY.
2   Talk to officers of 11 Armd Div by Corps Commander, Lt.Gen Sir Richard O’Connor, K.C.B., D.S.O. at BRIDLINGTON attended by officers of this Regiment.
5   Lieut. P. Smart, R.A. posted to the Regiment.
7   All ranks spotted with mustard gas in Gas Compound, BEVERELY.
7   Lieut. Kokdra, Czeoho-Slovakian Army attached to the Regiment for two days.
8   ‘B’ Veh Wading, Walker Street, HULL.
8   Ex ‘Beverley IV’ - Sigs Exercise to produce wireless activity.
9   Ex ‘Beverley IV’.
9   H.R.H. Princess Royal visited Div Sigs. 125 Bty, 151st (A.Y) Field Regiment, R.A. provided gun detachment for inspection. Appendix ‘A’
9   Captain J.E. Broom, R.A. relinquished appointment of Adjt on joining Staff College. Captain N.W. Higgin, R.A. appointed adjutant vice Captain Broom.
10   Ex ‘Beverley IV’
11   Ex ‘Beverley IV’
13   Sub-calibre A.Tk shooting FLAMBOROUGH RANGE. 4 guns provided by 125 Bty.
14   A.Tk shooting BUCKTON. Regt scored 55% hits. Appendix ‘B’
16   A.Tk shooting BUCKTON. Comanding Officer’s prize of £3 for Battle Practice won by ‘D’ Tp (Captain C. O’Neill, R.A.). Capt. O’Neill’s name inscribed on Ayrshire Yeomanry presentation shield. Regt scored 51% hits.
17   First period of Ex ‘Gold Cup’. Cloth Model exercise set by the Commanding Officer to practice officers in the organisation and simple tactical handling of an Armd Div and in the staging of a Corps attack. Appendix ‘C’
19   Lecture by REME W.O. on Tyre Maintenance attended by Tp Offrs and drivers. A.A. firing at RAVENSCAR with tgt towed by aircraft. AA gunners per bty and RHQ attended.
21   Guns lined up for Ex ‘York’.
22   Ex ‘York’. Div Arty inspected by H.M. The King, H.M. The Queen, H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth near DRIFFIELD, Yorks.
23   Major A.P. Trevor, R.A. posted to the Regiment and assumed appointment of 2 i/c vice Major P.J.E. Clapham, R.A.
23   All ranks attended Security Film Show and talk by Div F.S.O. at DRIFFIELD.
23   Second period Ex ‘Gold Cup’.
24   Regt exercise for G.P.Os to practice the control and variation of a Rolling Barrage in support of an attack by an Armd Bde. Appendix ‘D’
25   ‘B’ Veh Wading at Walker Street, HULL.
25   Regt provided Control Staff and Safety Offrs for practice by 13 RHA (HAC) with self-propelled equipment on BAYSDALE Range.
26-27   13 RHA (HAC) practice continued.
27   Major Dearborne, U.S. Army attached to Regt for fortnight.
27   Major I.A. Graham-Young, R.A. attached to U.S. Army for same period.
28   Third period of Ex ‘Gold Cup’. Whit slidex issued.
29   Btys & RHQ practiced at Small Arms Range, WILLERBY.
29   Instr in 75 mm Gun for O.P. Offrs and tank crews by instructors from 29 Armd Bde.
29   Lieuts. Taylor, Howell, McLaren & Cairney posted to 180 Fd Regt. R.A.
30   Lecture by Major Dearborne, U.S. Army to all officers on American gunnery.
31   Ex ‘Frederick Uncle IV’. Regt commenced move with Div Arty to new location in ALDERSHOT area. Commanding Officer 151st (A.Y) Field Regiment, R.A. Div Arty convoy Com.
31   Night 31 Mar/1 Apr staged at LUTTERWORTH Staging Camp. Appendix ‘E’

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.