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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 151st (A.Y.) Field Regiment, R.A.
Month and Year: April 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. H.C. Phillips, R.A.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
ALDERSHOT 1   Regt arrived new location WATERLOO EAST BKS, ALDERSHOT approx. 1700 hrs. Bks shared between 13 RHA (HAC) and 151 (AY) Fd Regt. R.A.
4   P.A.D. and Fire Fighting Instructions issued. Appendix A
6   Major Dearborne, U.S. Army lectured to officers and NCOs on political and economic life in America.
6   Privilege leave stopped w.e.f. 2359 6 Apr.
6   First collection made at pay parade for Ayrshire Yeomanry Benevolent Fund.
7   Exercise set by Commanding Officer to practice Command Post Staffs in the control and variation of a Rolling Barrage. Appendix B
8   Regt brought under Unit Censorship.
9   Amendment to 151st (A.Y) Standing Orders in the Field issued. Appendix C
10   Easter Monday observed as Regt whole holiday.
10   Major Dearborne, U.S. Army returned to unit. Major I.A. Graham-Young rejoined.
12   C.R.As miniature range exercise to improve accuracy and speed up response of guns. Regt deployed area PYESTOCK WOOD. Miniature Range layout on Sports Ground Waterloo East Bks.
13   Regt provided plotters for 13 R.H.A. (HAC) for C.R.As Miniature Range Ex.
14   Closed address adopted - 151st (A.Y) Field Regiment, R.A., A.P.O, England. Regt moved to LARKHILL for Div Arty Practice.
15   A.M.: Calibration carried out.
15   P.M.: Div Arty practice. Quick Barrage and Rolling Barrage practiced.
16   DF and SOS Tasks registered 15 Apr fired. Engagement of U Tgts practiced. Regt returned from LARKHILL.
17   Re-drilling course for personnel recently joined commenced.
18   T.A.B. and T.T. Inoculations.
18   C.R.As Command Post Exercise carried out in Bks to check correct procedure carried out at Tp and Bty C.Ps during M & U Tgts, Quick Barrages and Oboe Smoke Screens.
18   Captain W.S. Chaird (Parachutist FOO) and Captain P.S.Y. Garrett (Glider FOO) left for Airborne Ex Mush
19   T.A.B. & T.T. Inoculations.
20   Ex Beverley VI to produce wireless activity and practice normal comns. Regt rear link took part.
20   Lt.Col. Bright and GSO II from AFV Inspectorate visited unit.
22   124 Bty S.A. Firing CAESARS Camp.
24   Regt moved to LARKHILL.
25-27   Regt provided guns for S of Arty Course to practice Airborne FOOs in M Tgt Procedure. 1800 HE fired. Successful practice carried out. Captain P.S.Y. Garrett and Captain W.S. Caird attended course for Airborne FOOs. Regt returned to ALDERSHOT 2100 hrs 27 Apr. Appendix D
26   Colonel N.E. Weatherall, OBE, AAG(L) att SECO visited unit to discuss documentation and A problems.
30   B Veh wading practice at ARBORFIELD to practice wading of best drivers.
30   Captain W.S. Caird, R.A. (Parachutist FOO) attached to 8 AGRA for operational role.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.