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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 15th/19th Hussars
Month and Year: January 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt Col A.D. Taylor, MC.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
Shakers wood 1   Ex ROOST - First 'B' Sqn tank train left BRANDON at 2300 hrs today for WHITBY. All personnel who had Xmas leave returned direct to WHITBY today.
2   Second 'B' Sqn tank train left BRANDON at 2300 hrs.
3   All 'C' Sqn tanks left BRANDON for WHITBY today. The Commanding Officer and Adjutant arrived in WHITBY.
4   A' Sqn tanks left BRANDON today en route for WHITBY.
5   'HQ' Sqn tanks and carriers left BRANDON today. The Commanding Officer and Major MS Balmain went to ROTHBURY (Northumberland) to recce new area for Ex GEORDIE - due to commence about 18 Jan.
6   All the Regiment with the exception of a small rear party is now in WHITBY. Personnel are quartered either in requisitioned premises or private billets and are all fed in a central dining room at Walkers Garage.
WHITHBY 8   AISLEBY Hall, 28 Armoured Brigade, about 3 miles from WHITBY, was burnt out during the early hours of this morning.The Hall was mainly occupied by Officers most of whom were trapped in their rooms and had to jump to safety. Several were injured or affected by the fumes, including the Bde Comd and are now in hospital. Major RFS Grigg (B.M.) and Major CF Bennett regrettably lost their lives.
9   There was a Regimental Church Parade commanded by Major MS Balmain at St. Hilda's Church, WHITBY, this morning.
10   Major W Rankin and Captain H Majo MBE (Q.R.) left for ROTHBURY today to carry out recce of new area for Ex GEORDIE. Bde HQ have now been established in WHITBY.
12   A Memorial Service was held this afternoon at St. Hilda's Church, WHITBY, for Major RFS Grigg and Major CF Bennett. The Bde Comd, now out of hospital, read the lessons.
WHITHBY 14   Lieut-General DF Anderson KBE, CB, CMG, DSO, 2 Corps Comd visited the Regiment today.
15   The Road Advance Party left this morning on Ex GEORDIE.
16   A Voluntary Church Service was held this morning at St. Hilda's Church, WHITBY. The Service was conducted by the Padre, Rev ED Dawson-Walker and was well attented.
19   Ex GEORDIE - Road Party left WHITBY at 0915 hrs today and proceeded to new area with Bde convoy comd by the Commanding Officer.
22   Ex GEORDIE - First 'A' Sqn tank train left WHITBY today.
23   Ex GEORDIE - One tank train and the Regimental Baggage train left WHITBY today.
24   B' Sqn sent a further number of tanks to new area today.
25   Ex GEORDIE - Remaining 'B' Sqn tanks left this morning.
26   Ex GEORDIE - 'C' Sqn tanks proceeded to ALNWICK by train today.
Acton House 28   The Regiment is now settled in the new area, with RHQ and part of HQ Sqn at Acton House. 'A' Sqn with HQ Tank Tp, Q.M., T.A. at SWARLAND. 'B' Sqn with HQ Recce Sqn at LONGFRAMLINGTON and 'C' Sqn at WELDON Bridge. The new Recce consists of the former HQ Recce Tp reinforced by personnel from other squadrons. Its strength is now 4 officers and 60 other ranks. It consists of HQ with 2 centaur tanks and 3 tps each with 3 centaurs.
30   The Padre, Rev ED Dwason-Walker held a voluntary Church Service this morning at LONGFRAMLINGTON Church for A, B & C Sqns.
31   Strenghts.
Officers 46 ... Other Ranks 763
Tanks:- Centaurs 1 ... 34 - Centaurs 111 ... 13
Cromwells 1 ... 3 - Cromwells 111 ... 18

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Source: Jeroen Koppes,, transcribing: Mia Litjens.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.