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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 151st (A.Y.) Field Regiment, R.A.
Month and Year: August 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. H.C. Phillips, R.A.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
1   Night 31 July/1 Aug quiet until 0600 hrs when heavy enemy shelling of rd North of ST. MARTIN East of Regtl posn.
1   0850 hrs Recce Party ordered to area 6347 on Southern edge of FORET L’EVEQUE.
1   1015 hrs Regiment ordered to follow up Recce Party as fast as possible. Infantry skirmishing going on South of FORET L’EVEQUE. Regt arrived new area 1500 hrs. Regt laid on D.F. Tasks in sp 29 Armd Bde and 159 Bde who were established on high ground across La Souleuvre River. At midnight Adjutant called to HQRA for orders.
2   Regt placed u/c 159 Inf Bde. Ordered to move at 0430 at tail of 159 Bde column - Recce Parties moving behind 159 Bde Tac HQ. Progress slow for two hours and column held up North of La Souleure River. Approx 0830 hrs Commanding Officer ordered 124 Bty into action across the river as opposition had been met across the rd running NE from VIRE. At approx 1020 hrs Capt Nicoll with 2 F & F Yeo engaged 124 Bty target on enemy locality. After 5 rds gunfire a very loud explosion was heard and a very large pall of smoke observed. Column moved on after opposition dealt with - remainder of Regt passed 124 Bty and came into action area where centre line crossed rd running NE from VIRE 6738. 124 Bty then stepped up to Regtl position. Capt. Rolfe ordered by Commanding Officer to join 2 N Yeo who were protecting right flank of Div. Adv continued and opportunity targets engaged. Capt. Bennett moving with 4 KSLI on left (29 Armd Bde) route reported identification of 19 SS Pz Div. 1700 hrs recce parties ordered to area NW of BURCY 6935. Regt moved approx 2000 hrs, in action approx 2130 hrs on high ground on ESTRY - VIRE rd in area LA VALLEE. Laid on D.F. Tasks in sp 3 Mon and 2 F & F Yeo who held high ground LA BOTTRIE SE of BURCY 7133 and in sp 1 Hereford who were astride the VIRE - ESTRY rd at 6935. Orders received for further advance on 3 Aug.
2   Lieut. J.W. Cresswell, R.A. died of wounds received near CAUMONT.
3   No move as expected. O.Ps reported increased enemy activity throughout the morning, especially movement of small numbers of enemy tanks and infantry. Observation extremely difficult owing to wooded country. Tgts engaged throughout the day especially area PRESLES. Capt. Rolfe with 2 N. Yeo on right flank lost his tank which had broken down and was subsequently shot up by a Tiger. Capt. Rolfe came up at intervals on 2 N. Yeo set and reported enemy tanks threatening the right flank along main VIRE rd area 6637. Also enemy activity to N.E. of regimental posn where Gds Armd Div were meeting stiff opposition. Local O.P. manned by RHQ at 695368 had good observation of activity in this area. 4 KSLI holding Le GRAND BONFAIT were attacked by enemy tanks and heavily mortared during the morning. Although several tanks of 3 RTR were hit, and later his own, Capt. Garrett as FOO with 4 KSLI directed the fire of a Medium Regt on to the enemy with telling effect. Though under constant fire Capt. Garrett carried on until the situation was restored, and it was the opinion of O.C. 4 KSLI that the success in this action was mainly due to Capt. Garrett.
3   Inceased ‘Moaning Minnie’ fire and shell fire. Situation obscure with enemy infantry and tanks probing around pivots held by 3 Mon and 1 Hereford. A section of enemy approached 125 Bty’s posn during the morning. The leading enemy scout waved on the rest of his section across a cornfield. As he did so a Sgt of the 58 LAA opened fire and the scout ran forward and gave himself up, while the remainder of the section withdrew. The PW was a Czech belonging to 9 SS Pz.Div and was despatched to Division for interrogation immediately. 2 i/c held orders party at last light are gave orders for not less than 1/3rd of the Regt to be on Stand To throughout the night. There had been no immediate relief for 159 Bde and there was likelihood of enemy infiltration on all sides of the Regimental position.
3   At approx 2330 hrs. Capt. Walton with 1 Hereford ordered D.F. Fire to deal with enemy patrol of 2 vehs and 30 men which had approached 1 Hereford posn from S.W. Enemy patrol was dispersed.
4   No incidents during the night. Stand To was prolonged owing to heavy morning ground mist.
4   Enemy was active to the S and N.W.of the 3 Mon – 2 F & F Yeo pivot and Major Mitchell with 3 Mon and Capt. Nicoll with 2 F & F Yeo were kept very busy. A.Tk guns, transport, tanks and infantry were engaged throughout the day from this pivot.
4   Heavy enemy shelling of regimental position during the afternoon. 123 Bty lost two 15 cwts (O.P. vehicles), one limber, an RASC ammunition lorry which was on their position and had a gun damaged. The ammunition in the limber and lorry continued to go off for several hours and A.Tk gun position had to be temporarily cleared. Situation was well controlled and all possible ammunition moved into a safe place. Lieut. R. Hampton displayed great coolness and bravery and after giving orders for the evacuation of the wounded and the removal of the ammunition, he himself drove away the remaining C.P. veh though in danger of exploding ammunition, and so maintained wireless communication with RHQ. 7 casualties were sustained, all wounded. General situation did not improve and same precautions taken as on previous night. Enemy infiltration into BURCY during the afternoon and evening. Commanding Officer arranged harassing fire programme to be shot throughout the night. This was in the nature of a counter attack by fire which proved very successful and the next morning the enemy was reported clear of BURCY.
5   Night quiet. At first light small fire plan fired by Capt. Walton to enable 1 Hereford to send patrols into Le BRIEN.
5   At 0830 hrs. Capt. Nicoll with 3 Mon called for fire to repel attack by enemy infantry incl smoke screen to protect 2 F & F Yeo. This activity continued throughout the morning, Capt. Nicoll being in wireless touch with forward elements, 2 F & F Yeo calling for fire which was answered by Regt and other Regts that could be obtained on the Regimental Rear Link. During the period of the battle there was also an O.P. from 64 Med. Regt with the Commanding Officer at 159 Bde and 64 Med. Regt answered the many calls that were made on them.
5   Another enemy counter attack developed at 1700 hrs but this was driven off with the assistance of the fire called for by Major Mitchell and Capt. Nicoll and situation restored about 2030 hrs.
5   During the day three tanks of 2 F & F Yeo were knocked out within 50 yds of Capt. Nicoll’s tank but he continued to engage targets from the vicinity without considering his own safety. Later he was attacked by infantry at close range and his Tank O.P. hit, though not seriously. This attack was beaten off by Capt. Nicoll and his crew with their M.Gs and 75 mm gun and some enemy were killed and others forced to retire.
5   Enemy infiltration into BURCY was again the chief danger. A further harassing fire programme for night 5/6 was arranged by the Commanding Officer.
5   During the day Capt. D.C. Young R.A. promoted to command D. Tp vice Capt. C. O’Neill was wounded and Capt. Young was in the Mon pivot with Major Mitchell and throughout the battle had been observing on the southern side. During the night Capt. Nicoll was also slightly wounded in the shoulder.
5   Major R. Gordon-Finlayson R.A. reported RHQ as B.C. 123 Bty.
6   Night was exceptionally quiet. Capt. Nicoll continued to engage targets during the morning until ordered to return to Bty for attention to his wounds. Major Mitchell ordered to withdraw with 3 Mon after handing over to O.Ps from 3 Brit. Div. During the morning some Germans approached R.H.Q. through the woods to the North and gave themselves up. They stated they belonged to 9 SS Pz. Div. After being searched P.W. were despatched to forward collecting point. P.W. were more truculent than others previsously taken. Remainder of day little activity until about 1755 hrs when strong enemy counter attack developed against 3 Mon pivot, 3 Mon and 2 F & F Yeo (Major Mitchell with 3 Mon) having not yet fully withdrawn.
6   Commanding Officer via Major Mitchell controlled D.F. Fire to ring round the pivot. Situation was complicated by another enemy attack on 23 H position to the N.E. of Mon pivot. As many guns as possible were called for by the Commanding Officer on fire targets around the pivot to seal off the pivot from further penetration. Five enemy tanks had got in during the initial attack of which four were destroyed by the infantry and one remained at large. Rate 2 was kept up for nearly an hour and the policy of sealing off the pivot was finally successful and the attack repelled.
6   The Regiment fired approx 250 r.p.g. during this action. At one time fire was only possible for a further 20 mins but 18 lorries of ammunition arrived in time for fire to be carried on. Major Mitchell reported that attack was made by three Bns of the 10 SS Pz Div and that PW taken by 3 Mon had said that this was the big attack and that if the pressure was kept up they would give the attack up. Capt. R.W. Burton R.A. on the high ground N of BURCY could observe the D.F. Task fired by the Regt and reported a hit ammunition dump in a wood S.E. of BURCY. Major Mitchell was the only O.P. available in the pivot during this attack and throughout the action he acted as O.P. to both 2 F & F Yeo and 3 Mon. Though under constant shellfire and mortar fire he continued to act with great coolness and to direct the D.F. fire until by midnight the situation was reported quiet.
7   Nothing to report during the night. 3 Mon patrols in the morning reported many German dead. Firing continued throughout the day - mainly on tanks and infantry patrols in area. In the afternoon three separate RAF tgts were indicated by red smoke shot by the regiment. 4 enemy tanks claimed by RAF as a result of one of these.
7   Major Mitchell remained with 3 Mon and was unable to withdraw with 3 Mon until after last light owing to observation by Panthers. One O.P. remained with 1 Hereford and two with 4 K.S.L.I. One OP sent as CO’s rep to 7 Fd Regt. Commanding Officer went back to Main Bde with Comd 159 Bde. 159 Bde having been relieved in their forward posns by 3 Div. Regt remained on call for DF Tasks. Major C.T.W. Kreiser, R.A. reported to R.H.Q. vice Major The Lord Montgomerie, R.A. Major The Lord Montgomerie, R.A. had sailed for England on Aug 5 having been ordered home for health reasons. He had suffered from partial paralysis of the shoulder for some years but had overcome this disability most courageousIy. His service during the campaign, especially during the battle of the ODON brhead, had been of the highest order.
8   Capt. R.W. Burton, R.A. remained in pivot with 2 F & F Yeo. At 1600 hrs Capt. Burton fired fire plan Basil consisting of smoke screen to cover reliefs of 2 F & F Yeo by Greys. Little fresh activity today. The Yeoman Issue No. 13 published. Appx. ‘A’
9   Maj. C.T.W. Krieser and Lt. C.K.O. Spence accompanied 1 Hereford who took over pivot vacated by Warwicks during 8/9. Fire Plan in support attack by 3 Brit Div on right flank received 0300 hrs. Zero hr 0600 hrs – regt on call throughout the morning. The ‘Yeoman’ Continental Edition No. published. Appendix ‘ ‘
9   Lt. A.J. Burkart, R.A. joined H.Q.R.A. 11 Armd Div as L.O.
9   Hearing shelling and mortaring reported by O.Ps with 1 Hereford, Major Finlayson and Capt. Garrett accompanied 4 KSLI to area LE BISQ. DF Tasks for 4 KSLI arranged by Commanding Officer.
9   Regt reverted to command HQRA 11 Armd Div 0600 hrs. 11 Armd Div took over sector to the east of present location - in place of Gds Armd Div - but Regt not required to move. Certain tps had to be moved a short distance to enable them to engage DF Tasks for 4 KSLI. O.Ps called CB fire on area east of 1 Hereford pivot and programme arranged by HQRA.
10   Relief of 1 Hereford by Welsh Guards took place during the night. M & U Tgts called for by Major Kreiser and Lt. C.K.O. Spence succeeded in quietening enemy mortars and batteries.
10   O.Ps remained in pivot until 1100 hrs 10 Aug to hand over to O.Ps from Gds Armd Div.
10   Quiet day – occasional tgts engaged by O.Ps with 4 KSLI. Capt. T.L. Bowden joined 125 Bty from HQRA 11 Armd Div and took over command of C Tp.
10   Approx 2200 hrs Fire Plan received in sp of attack by Gds Armd Div 11 Aug.
10   Major Kreiser and Captain Rolfe joined 1 Hereford who took over pivot area i.e. BAS PERRIER.
11   Quiet night. Regt fired three concs in sp Gds Armd Div commencing 0600 11 Aug. Regt on left hand line of barrage fired between 0900 - 1000 hrs. Regt on call Gds Armd Div for remainder of day. Regt on DF Tasks in sp 4 KSLI, 1 Hereford and Gds Armd Div during the night.
11   The ‘Yeoman’ Continental Edition No. 14 issued. Appx. ‘B’
12   Quietest day for the Regt since the opening of the CAUMONT offensive. A few tgts engaged mainly on area a few hundred yards South of 4 KSLI posn.
12   2IC recced new Gun area NW of ESTRY and regt prepared to move. Move postponed until 13 Aug. Minimum use of wireIess ordered.
13   AM: Recce parties recced new gun posn area NW of MONTCHAMP. Move to take pIace as 11 Armd Div taking over sector previously held by 15 (S) Div.
13   PM: Regt moved by btys to new area having spent 11 days in previous location. This had been the most active time for the Regiment since landing in France. Apart from the continuous engagement of tgts in sp pivots held by 11 Armd Div, and threat of enemy infiltration on to the gun area, a lot of shelling and mortaring was experienced especially on the main ESTRY-VIRE rd just in front of gun area.
13   Regiment arrived complete in new area approx 1900 hrs.
13   Lieut. D.G. Curling R.A. rejoined Regiment as reinforcement.
13   Approx 2300 hrs. orders received that enemy had probably withdrawn and adv to continue 14 Aug. in pursuit of enemy. Adv directed on VASSY. Regt u/c 159 Bde.
14   0630 hrs. adv commenced. O.Ps resported progress slow owing to mines. Approx 1100 hrs. Recce Parties moved forward to gun area 1500 yds N of ESTRY X rds. 124 Bty moved first approx 1245 hrs. Regt stepped up by Btys. Complete in new area approx 1500 hrs. Main firing was Fire Plan ‘Sleeper’ arranged by Commanding Officer for this Regt and a Med Regt to sp 1 Hereford in capture of pt 212.
14   ‘Sleeper’ fired 2000 hrs and successful. Mortars engaged by Major Kreiser and Capt. Rolfe with 1 Hereford O.P. from 64 Med Regt with 159 Bde joined in occasional shelling of area ESTRY X rds during evening.
15   No enemy activity during the night. 159 Bde contd adv. KSLI patrols reported in VASSY during the afternoon. Recce parties ordered forward 1500 hrs to area behind posn of 1 Hereford south of LE THEUIL. Regt moved by Btys commencing 1730 hrs. Laid on D.F. Targets in sp KSLI who were on high ground south of VASSY.
15   125 Bty carried out propaganda shoot during the night, firing leaflets on three selected villages.
16   Adv continued. Recce parties ordered forward 0830 hrs. Regt moved again to area 1000 yds south of VASSY. As soon as regt in action, recce parties ordered forward again to area ST. PIERRE D’ENTRERONT. Regt in action there by 1430 hrs. No targets engaged on this day until 1615 hrs when Inns of Court reported counter attacking on main CONDE - FLERS Road west of AUBUSSON. Commanding Officer at once fired several M tgts on observation of Inns of Court. In the meanwhile 4 KSLI ordered to proceed to AUBUSSON and drive out the enemy; Capt. Burton and Capt. Garrett with leading Coys. Recce Parties went forward to area south of CERISE BELLE ETOILES but were ordered to return on completion of survey. Commencing 1830 hrs. Capt. Burton fired several M tgts in area AUBUSSONS. At 1945 hrs. Fire Plan arranged by Major Finlayson with O.C. KSLI, fired in support 4 KSLI attack on AUBUSSON. At 2125 hrs. AUBUSSON reported clear, but Capt. Burton continued to engage Mortars and S.P. guns in the area until approx 2300 hrs. Approx 100 r.p.g. fired during this action. During the action Capt. P.S.Y. Garrett R.A. with 4 KSLI was killed by a mortar bomb. Capt. Garrett had acted as an FOO with 4 KSLI since the beginning of the campaign and had established a high reputation with the Infantry and was especially remembered for his part in the action at LE GD BONFAIT. Capt. Garrett, who was a fine athlete, had a long and distinguished service with the Regt. On the same night Capt. D.H. Bennett R.A. who went up to 4 KSLI as replacement for Capt. Garrett, was accidentally shot in the stomach by a sentry and evacuated in a critical condition.
17   No further enemy activity during the night and Regt moved into posn previously recced commencing 0630 hrs. On arrival recce parties moved to area 1000 yds North of FLERS and Regt occupied this posn by 1200 hrs. O.Ps reported numbers of PWs surrendering to forward units but no targets were engaged and at 1330 hrs recce parties proceeded through FLERS to area 3000 yds west of LANDIGON. 125 Bty moved first to area about 3000 yds E of FLERS. Remainder of Regt passed through to area west of LANDIGON. Intention was to push on to BRIOUZE that evening but enemy opposition at ST. OPPORTUNE and rd block on Centre Line to south of ST. OPPORTUNE, prevented this. 4 KSLI ordered to deal with this and Commanding Officer arranged quick Fire Plan for 151 (A.Y) and 86 Fd Regt to sp attack on ST. OPPORTUNE. This was fired at 2100 hrs and by 2300 hrs objective was clear. Civilians reported the next day that the German rearguard had been very much shaken by this sudden heavy gunfire.
18   Adv contd. At 0830 hrs. Major Mitchell with 3 RTR reported BRIOUZE clear of the enemy and that contact had been made with American patrols coming up from the south. Regt moved approx 0845 hrs to new area about 3 miles W of BRIOUZE. The advance was now halted for several hours while the question of use of the Centre Line was amicably settled with the Americans. Regt recorded some tgts in west of 1 Hereford meeting trouble while clearing up to north east of BRIOUZE but none engaged. Orders received at 1630 hrs 2 i/c ordered to recce harbour area one mile west of ECOUCHE. Regt to move at 1730 hrs. in 159 Bde column – non tactical march but recce parties at head of regtl column. March continued satisfactorily until 159 Bde reached dis point two miles beyond FREMONTEL. At this point enemy brought down mortar fire and Lieut.Col. H.C. Phillips R.A. was wounded in the leg. Also his D.R., batman and the drivers of his half track and staff car. Capt. Nicoll with him also had slight wound in the leg. All the party, less Cart Nicoll were evacuated. Before allowing himself to be put into an ambulance Lt.Col. Phillips himself gave orders on the wireless. He ordered the 2 i/c Major A.P. Trevor R.A. to return back along the route at once and assume command of the regt and directed that Major W.N. Mitchell, R.A. should take over duties of 2 i/c. Col. Phillips also directed that the Regt should be diverted from the Centre Line and that a new route should be recced at once. Only after he had completed these instructions did Col. Phillips submit to evacuation. His orders were carried out and the Regt turned south at FREMONTEL X rds and approached ECOUCHE from the S.W. Owing to the enemy opposition regt came into action on the request of comd 159 Inf Bde approx one mile S.W. of ECOUCHE. In action in new area approx 2300 hrs.
18   Capt. W.B. Walton, R.A. promoted Major to command 125 Bty vice Major Mitchell.
18   Lieut. C.K.O. Spence R.A. promoted Capt and posted to 123 Bty vice Capt. Garrett.
18   Capt. E.W. Thompson posted to 123 Bty as Bty Capt vice Capt. Bennett.
19   A gun area was on high ground and probably overlooked from high ground North of ARGENTAN, 124 Bty and tp 125 Bty were moved back at first light. At 1130 hrs. Commanding Officer directed that a number of targets should be recorded on call to O.Ps advancing with 1 Hereford and 3 RTR southwards to MONTGAROULT. During the afternoon Capt. D.D. Caffyn R.A. with 3 RTR reported 3 RTR successfully shooting up enemy soft vehicles moving east from MONTGAROULT. At approx 1715 hrs. 1 Hereford and 3 RTR reported to be in the village. A.O.P. engaged regt at 1620 hrs. on enemy tpt moving on rds between MONTGAROULT and SENTILLY and reported fires started and block on rds caused. Recce parties went forward approx 1630 hrs to area two miles N.W. of ECOUCHE. During this recce Major Mitchell’s Jeep hit a mine and was written off but neither Major Mitchell or his crew were hurt. Regt moved to new area at 1835 hrs into posn to cover the ARGENTAN – FALAISE road. Major A.P. Trevor R.A. promoted to Lieut.Col vice Lieut.Col. H.C. Phillips R.A.
20   No orders received until 1100 hrs as situation with regard to role of division not clear. 2 i/c then sent off to recce harbour area half way between ARGENTAN and LE BOURG ST. LEVENARD. Regt enjoyed rest until 1830 hrs when ordered to move in 159 Bde column of route to harbour area. American patrols in N.W. of ARGENTAN as regt passed through. ARGENTAN still burning. Regt arrived harbour area 2100 hrs. The Americans met on the ARGENTAN – LE BOURG ST. LEVANARD rd were from the same division as that on our right flank during the advance from CAUMONT to VIRE. Orders given out at midnight for operation 21 Aug.
21   Recce parties left at 0700 hrs to area two miles North of LE BURG ST LEONARD. Regt moved 0800 hrs - in action 1015 hrs. Adv continued towards GACE without much opposition and regt remained in same area without firing a round until 1740 hrs when 123 Bty moved to Pt. 246 4750. Remainder regt moved 1900 hrs. As regt moved on to main road on high ground West of GACE single enemy tank was dropping occasional HE on the road and Americans were engaged in small inf skirmish to the North of the road. 123 Bty engaged 88 mm and mortars on high ground East of GACE. Civilians reported on Aug 22 that shoots had been effective and enemy compelled to withdraw in a hurry. Regt on DF Tasks in sp 4 KSLI and 3 RTR who occupied GACE for the night.
21   Two Russian PWs were taken by two NCOs from 125 Bty during the night on information received from French farmer. Gnr. Hunt, M.Os orderly acted as interpreter - Russians had been captured at STALINGRAD and claimed to be our allies.
21   During the day Captain R.W. Burton took 12 PWs in GACE area incl CSM of the SS. PW were taken completely unawares, covered by the Browning on Capt. Burton’s tank. Gnr. Fenton, carrying grenades, gave chase to a number of Germans who unfortunately got away as they had too much start.
22   159 Inf Bde continues adv as far as LA TRINITE DES LAITIERS, clearing the woods on either side of the road. Regt moved to posn 1000× West of GACE at 0900. 125 Bty then stepped up to posn on high ground East of GACE. No opposition met and 11 Armd Div ordered to conc area SW of LAIGLE. At 1400 hrs regt less 125 Bty turned South in GACE and came into action area ASAI ST AUBIN with object of covering 159 Bde who were moving South through the woods from LA TRINITE DES LAITIERS. 125 Bty then stepped up. Chateau occupied by RHQ had been ruthlessly blown up by the Boche for no apperent reason but malice. Regt moved to area ECHAUFFOUR 1900 hrs and 1 Hereford who were in posn on outskirts of woods to the North.
22   Captain D.H. Bennett , R.A. died of wounds received at AUBUSSONS. Captain Bennett was one of the oldest members of the Regiment, having joined it soon after the Dunkirk evacuation. He had an excellent record throughout the present campaign. The loss of both Capt Garrett and Capt Bennett on the same day was a severe blow to the Regiment and the officers and men with whom they served.
23   Harbour party left at 0800 hrs to recce conc area near ST AUBE SUR RILE S.W. of LAIGLE. Regt moved in Div column 1030 hrs and arrived conc area 1230 hrs. Following changes made in officers duties. Lt. A.G. Miller and Lt. K. Wood promoted Captain to command D and C Tps respectively. Lt. R. Hampton posted to 125 Bty. Captain C.K.O. Spence posted back to 124 Bty to command E Tp. Captain Bowden posted to 123 Bty to command A Tp.
24   Continuous rain hampered maintenance.
25   GOC 11 Armd Div, Maj-Gen G.P.C. Roberts, DSO visited Regt in the morning; also CRA 11 Armd Div. Brigadier P.J. Fowler, DSO.
25   ENSA concert held at 13 RHA location at 1830 hrs and dance organised by 11 Armd Div held at LAIGLE in the evening. Regt band played at this dance.
25   The Yeoman Continental Edition No. 15 published. Appx. ‘C’
26   Regt recce/harbour parties ordered to stand by as from 0800 hrs 27 Aug.
27   Recce parties standing to but no move on this day. Lt. Hannah posted to Regt ex 13 RHA. Orders received for march to R. SEINE approx 2000 hrs.
28   2IC (Major W.N. Mitchell) with one veh and Bty reps proceeded to conc area NW of VERNON at 0600 hrs. Regt moved out of rest area 1200 hrs in 159 Bde column. Progress extremely slow until 1545 hrs. March uneventful. Regt arrived conc area 3178 (NW of VERNON) 2230 hrs.
28   Major A.F. Stanton from HQ 21 Army Gp joined regt as 2IC vice Lt.Col. A.P. Trevor.
29   Orders for move given to btys 0300 hrs. Regt u/c 159 Bde. O.Ps - B.C. and Tp Comd per bn joined 0730 hrs. Regt moved 1120 hrs. Heavy rain fell throughout the day. Regt crossed R. SEINE approx 1515 hrs and came into action area FONTAINE 5186 SW of THILLIERS-EN-VEXIN at 1615 hrs. 159 Bde took up posns around THILLIERS-EN-VEXIN and Regt laid on DF. No tgts engaged 29 Armd Bde continues adv. Orders for 30 Aug received 2300 hrs.
30   Recce parties proceeded to area SANCOURT at first light. Regt moved in coln behind Main Div - crossed S.P. 0850 hrs. Arrived in action near SANCOURT approx 1200 hrs. No calls for fire though small pockets of enemy encountered by 159 Bde. Recce parties proceeded to area NEUMARCHE ST GERMER at 1600 hrs. During march Regt ordered to get off road east of NEUMARCHE to allow 3 Mon to pass. Orders then received (approx 2300 hrs) to move in coln of route – objective AMIENS. Regt moved behind 1 Hereford and adv continues throughout the night.
31   Continuous rain but night not very dark. At first light regt one mile South of CONTILLY. 2IC and Svy Offr ordered to Commanding Officer at 159 Bde HQ at 0615. Street fighting still in progress in CONTILLY. 2IC proceeded to area VERS SUR SEILE SW of AMIENS. 123 Bty ordered into action on side of rd at 0815 to engage as amn dump and small arms fire met by 4 KSLI South of AMIENS. 124 and 125 Recce parties ordered fwd to new area. Northern route from CONTILLY was taken in error and recce parties ran into enemy just out of the town. Machine gun fire exchanged by both sides in the course of which three officers were wounded - Sgt. McInally killed and two O.Rs wounded. Of the offrs Lt. P.J. Dixon was evacuated with serious wounds in chest and Lt. W.G. Lucas with slight wound in arm. Lt. R.E. Hampton slightly wounded in hand rejoined bty immediately after wounds dressed. Recce continued and regt in action area VERS SUR SELLE at 1200 hrs.
31   Several tgts (enemy A/Tk guns North of AMIENS) engaged during the afternoon. Recce parties proceeded to area on Southern outskirts of AMIENS where L/Sgt Gibson was wounded by a mine.
31   Regt moved by btys at 1600 hrs and laid on D.F. in sp 159 Bde who occupied posns in the town.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.