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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 151st (A.Y.) Field Regiment, R.A.
Month and Year: September 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. A.P. Trevor, R.A.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
1   Regt ready to move 0700 hrs for advance to high ground N.W. of ARRAS. Moved up to bridge over R. S0MME in AMIENS and halted for approximately three hours. 124 Bty leading moved behind 1 Hereford. Remainder of Regt behind 4 KSLI. After midday advance continued rapidly. Approximately 5 miles north of AMIENS Tank O.P. (Capt. C.K.O. Spence) ordered to proceed to wood near centre line where enemy threatening Air O.P. which had landed there. 88 enemy surrendered without showing fight. Adv continued without futher incident, and regt arrived area 3104 NW of ARRAS approximately 1800 hrs. Ordered to remain in harbour for the night. Adv to be continued to area LENS 2 Sep. Maps as far as ANTWERP received 2200 hrs. Lieuts. H.G. Crawford, R.A., J. Opie, R.A., and R.A. Vere, R.A. joined regt ex 31 RHU. Capt. K. Wood was evacuated on Aug. 30 having damaged a finger in tank turret.
2   Regt moved on right Centre Line at approx 0830 hrs. 124 Bty leading behind 1 Hereford. Remainder of Regt behind 4 KSLI. Adv halted approximately 1200 hrs – 159 Bde SW of LENS and west of VIMY RIDGE. Regt came into action on high ground west of village of CARENCY. Many enemy had been bye-passed and state of alertness maintained throughout the day, Local Maquis were cleaning out the neighbouring woods. Small numbers of enemy seen BOIS de HUUIE north of RHQ position. At approximately 1900 hrs Maquis reported 300 enemy on ARRAS - HOUDAIN rd. Capt. Bowden went out in tank which had the effect of reassuring the local people and later 15/19 Hussars were sent out to investigate further. Regt remained in this posn throughout the day, awaiting orders for continuation of advance. Orders received for march into BELGIUM at 2100 hrs. Timings dependant on whether airborne operation to take place.
3   Code word Ubiquitous received 0240 hrs. meaning Airborne Op cancelled.
3   Regt moved out 0730 hrs. on Right route. Route through LENS and industrial area lined with cheering populace. Coln halted far several hours NE of LENS owing to enemy who had attacked “soft” vehicles of Armd Bde echelon. Capt. Burton deployed with coy of 4 KSLI and went on sweep through the woods. Adv continued about midday and Belgian frontier crossed approx 1400 hrs. Half way between TOURNAI and MINQUE coln halted for 30 mins. Trucks filled up and recce parties moved up. 159 Bde moved on to harbour area near TUTTENBERG approx 10 miles W of BRUSSELS. Guns came into action approx 0100 hrs. covering approaches from BRUSSELS. Regt covered 87 miles to-day.
4   Adv to continue to ANTWERP. Regt ready to move 0730 hrs. Eventually moved approx 1030 hrs. Recce Parties proceeeded ahead of regt to area WOLVERTHEM. Before regt reached new area it was decided to march into ANTWERP in column of route and divisional column formed up on main WOLVERTHEM – ANTWERP road. March proceeded satisfactorily until area of triangular wood in centre of city reached. Regt came into action area 6487 approx 1800 hrs. No arty fire amongst houses allowed.
4   Major Gordon-Finlayson and Capt. Burton with 4 KSLI reported fighting in triangular wood. Mayor’s house invested by 4 KSLI. Capture reported by Major Finlayson approx 2300 hrs. Also capture of General Eberbach. During the night Capt. Burton with a platoon of 4 KSLI caused about 40 enemy casualties and destroyed a number of enemy vehicles. The platoon ambushed an enemy coln at one of the brs and called for tanks to support them. The tanks were reported to Capt. Burton as being unwilling to take on the job so Capt. Burton took his own O.P. tank round some side streets, came upon the enemy column from behind and sprayed the vehicles with M.G. fire. Enemy fired back with M.Gs but the column was completely destroyed. Capt. Burton displayed great initiative and resource and undoubtedly saved the platoon from an awkward skirmish. As the platoon had no officer with them Capt. Burton also arranged guards and generally directed the defence of the platoon for the night.
5   Regt moved 1030 hrs to area 6589 in order to sp 3 Mon who were to move to northern outskirts of city and to dock area. Regt reverted u/c HQRA 11 Armd Div 1035 hrs. Increased enemy activity throughout the day especially area MERXEM and several tgts. Chiefly 88 mm engaged by Capt. Miller with 3 Mon observing the west bank of the R. SCHELDE. Rep from 64 Medium Regt with Commanding Officer.
5   Major R. Gordon-Finlayson left regt to take up appointment as 2 i/c 86 Field Regt. Major W.N. Mitchell took over duties temporarily of B.C. 123 Bty and joined O.C. 4 KSLI vice Major Gordon-Finlayson.
6   Reports of enemy reinforcing N of ALBERT CANAL received. 4 KSLI had got bridgehead over canal area 698981 and Capt. Bowden across with them with No. 18 set. At 0845 hrs. 123 Bty and Bty 64 Medium Regt fired Fire Plan ‘Navy’ area 6596 in order to assist the harbour master in getting three meter launches across the river.
6   Capt. Bowden reported 4 KSLI making very slow progress – considerable mortaring, sniping and shelling in their bridgehead. Regt moved by Btys approx 1130 hrs to area football stadium 6992. While 124 Bty and RHQ were on the move enemy counter attacked 4 KSLI bridgehead. Major Mitchell called for bursts of fire from 151 (AY) and 64 Medium Regt. Capt. Bowden continued to engage M.Gs etc., during the afternoon. Approximately 1715 hrs. 151 (AY), 13 RHA, 86 Field and 64 Med. fired Fire Plan in support 23 Hussars and 3 Mon who were intended to capture rly bridge at 690992 and canal crossing 692992, thereby approaching MERXEM from the west and relieving 4 KSLI. Fire Plan arranged by Commanding Officer with L.O. 23 Hussars at 159 Bde. 23 Hussars held up between rly bridge and canal crossing, and relief of 4 KSLI was unsuccessful. 1730 hrs. Major Dalton with 3 Mon called for fire from 64 Med. to sp Devons (50 Div) who had taken over defence of sluice gates 626028 from 3 Mon. Further tgts engaged in sp of 4 KSLI during the evening.
7   Orders received 0300 hrs for continuation of advance into HOLLAND by breaking out of bridgehead held by 4 KSLI. Position of KSLI had been critical for some hours and at approx 0930 hrs plan was changed. Major Mitchell arranged target to enable food to be sent over to 4 KSLI. Mortars and M.Gs continuously engaged. At 1530 hrs Fire Plan arranged by C.R.A. and controlled by Major Mitchell was fired with 151 (AY), 13 RHA, 86 Field, and 90 Field for 40 mins to protect withdrawal of 4 KSLI across ALBERT CANAL. 124 Bty fired smoke screen. About 1 hour before withdrawal Capt. Bowden was wounded in the knee and evacuated. Withdrawal successfully completed. Regt laid on D.F. in sp of 1 Hereford who were patrolling east bank of R. SCHELDE north of HOBOKEN. A visit to the Belgian customs in ANTWERP was very fruitful to-day. Customs were in possession of large quantities of wines and cigars previously destined for Germany. This they were giving away to Regts on request. Hence Regt obtained approximately 800 bottles of wine amd 8000 cigars which were issued on scale of one bottle of wine and 10 cigars per man.
8   Quiet day. No move was anticipated for 48 hours. Capt. Miller with 3 Mon and Capt. Lucas with 1 Hereford observing west bank of R. SCHELDE throughout the day and 88 mms and enemy tpt. Were occasionally engaged – also several hostile battery shoots carried out on orders of H.Q.R.A. Following change in officers duties were effected. Major W.N. Mitchell reassumed command of 125 Bty vice Major W.B. Walton. Major W.B. Walton assumed command of 123 Bty vice Major R. Gordon Finlayson. Capt. J.D. Rolfe posted to 123 Bty ex 124 Bty as Bty Capt. Lieut. W.G. Lucas promoted Capt to command F Troop vice Capt. Rolfe.
9   Regt reverted under command 159 Bde. 0922 Capt. Miller engaged ‘M’ Tgt on enemy guns across R. SCHELDE. Big coln of flame and smoke caused. 1115 hrs. 124 Bty moved behind 1 Hereford gp. 1130 hrs. remainder of regt moved behind KSLI. Intention - to move to area BEERINGEM on ALBERT CANAL and protect right flank of bridgehead established by 30 Corps. Regt recce parties went ahead between MALINES and LOUVAIN. Regt arrived new area west of LUMMEN 1745 hrs. 1905 hrs ‘U’ tgt fired an 600 enemy reported in the woods south west of LAAK. Regt on D.F. tasks in sp of 3 Mon and 3 R.T.R. and 4 KSLI.
10   Recce parties crossed BEERINGEN br 0700 hrs. Regt moved 0830 and came into action approx 3 miles South of BEERINGEN to cover 4 KSLI and 15/19 Hussars who were sweeping the roads to the South. Amn expenditure limited to 35 rpg per day.
10   Approx 1200 hrs Captain Burton with 15/19 Hussars engaged enemy A.Tk. guns with Bty tgt. Approx 1330 hrs Capt Burton reported one A.Tk gun destroyed – 15/19 Hussars advancing on other A.Tk guns as yet unlocated. Soon after this Capt. Burton’s tank was hit and written off. Capt. Burton evacuated in critical condition – remainder of crew also evacuated though less seriously wounded. At 1815 hrs recce parties proceeded to area 3274. Major Kreiser and Capt. Spence with 3 R.T.R. advanced to HELCHTEREN X rds. Capt. Spence remained in observation of village of LAAK.
10   1830 Capt. Spence fired M Tgt on enemy strongpoint at LAAK. 1845 123 Bty moved to new area LIIO. 1915 Capt. Spence called for Fire Plan in sp 3 RTR in area LAAK. 2000 hrs 124 and 125 Btys fired 10 mins rate 3 on LAAK. Effects of tgt reported good.
10   123 an 125 Bty stepped up on completion of Fire Plan.
11   20 enemy approached 123 Bty posn from the woods to the North during the night on being fired at they disappeared. Three tgts on call to 3 Mon who were investigating area LAAK as from 0800 hrs.
11   0850 hrs Major Mitchell reported LAAK clear and that civilians reported enemy had withdrawn during the night.
11   1200 hrs LO sent to 8 Armd Bde to obtain details of Fire Plan for attack by 8 Armd Bde on BOURG LEOPOLD. Fire plan unnecessary as enemy had evacuated the town. Inf Bns returned to previous nights locations and regt not required to move.
12   Regt received orders to sp attack on 12 Sep by 2 Welsh Gds and 1 Welsh Gds on HECHTEL X rds which had continued to hold out. 2 IC, Major A.P. Stanton acting as CRA’s rep contacted OC Welsh Gds at 0700 hrs and arranged for regt and bty 64 Med to fire concentration rate 1 on HECHTEL X rds from 0815 to 0845. Concentration successful and fire continued until 0900 hrs on orders 2 IC. Welsh Gds cleared up HECHTEL by midday and 3 Mon and 3 RTR took over. Recce parties proceeeded 1400 hrs to new area 3681 in flat wooded country SE of HECHTEL. Regt moved 1500 hrs. Intention to remain in posn in sp 159 Inf Bde who were to remain concentrated for 3 or 4 days in triangle HECHTEL – PEER – 3575.
12   Farm occupied by RHQ was run by a Swiss who had organised the place under German control. Various Belgians brought information that the Swiss owner was a colloborateur. Local White Brigade arrived and after some dispute decided that the Swiss should be left alone. RHQ guards were ordered to stop him if he attempted to leave the compound. On 13 Sep he left the compound on a horse and was halted and brought in under guard. He was later despatched to F.S. Section who brought him back being satisfied as to his sympathies. This case clearly demonstrated the difficulties inherent in system of informing against “collaboratateurs”.
13   Regt required to form part of deception force consisting of Sqn 2 FF Yeo, Coy 1 Hereford and 151st (A.Y) Fd. Regt. R.A. commanded by Lt.Col. A.P. Trevor, R.A. Intention was to engage the enemy on the canal N, S & E of BREE and to indicate that we were interested in the br at BREE over L’ESCAUT canal. Regt came into action off the rd half way between PEER and BREE area having been cleared by Sqn FF and Coy 1 Her. OP established in Church Tower at BREE. RHQ netted set to Inns of Court who were carrying out recce of canal on Eastern flank of 30 Corps.
13 1200 Successful shoot carried out against enemy near block house on edge of canal 5089. Shoot was observed by offr ex Inns of Court.
13 1430 All guns in Regt tested for calibration. Commanding Officer and Captain Spence in observation from Church at BREE. Guns fired two or three rounds each and were found to be firing very well together.
13   125 Bty then stepped up another 3000 yards and engaged another tgt on request of Inns of Court area East of WATERLOOS and West of the canal where a number of enemy, having been engaged by American patrols, were still being a nuisance. Capt. Miller going forward East of BREE with Sqn 2 FF Yeo also engaged enemy in TONGERLOO and 6 88 ms area 5684 which had opened up against our aircraft. Having completed mission successfully the composite force returned to previous locations 1800 hrs.
14   B.C. 124 Bty (Major Kreiser) and one Tp 124 Bty with det RE and one pl. 4 KSLI IC ordered ordered to continue deception work at BREE br. Tp in action 3000 yds West of BREE 0900 hrs. OP established in Church at BREE. Det RE went fwd to examine br. Heavy mist restricted observation and no enemy opposition except one burst of MG fire. Sappers returned from br with necessary infm 1500 hrs. BC 124 Bty fired at A.Tk gun North of the br on infm received from OC RE det. Also harassing fire put down East of BREE.
14   On orders of Corps Comd CRE 11 Armd Div went to BREE at 1800 hrs and arranged the bridging should be driven up down to the road to the br tp. 124 Bty to fire smokescreen if necessary. Smokescreen not required.
14   Tp 124 Bty returned 2000 hrs. Lt.Col. A.P. Trevor and Major A.F. Stanton met Corps Comd.
15   No activity during the day. Maintenance carried out. One officer with wireless set remained with each Bn 159 Bde. Slight enemy shelling of the HECHTEL – PEER rd during the day.
16   2 i/c and Recce parties carried out recce in the morning of area 3000× W of NEERPELT to be occupied by the Regt in sp of Gds Armd Div attack 17 Sep.
17   Regt moved to new area across rly 3693 0800 hrs. Intention to sp break-out of Gds Armd Div from bridgehead over L’ESCAUT CANAL. Wireless set netted to HQRA Gds Armd Div. Two tgts engaged on request of Gds at 1230 hrs. ‘H’ hour for Arty programme 1435 hrs. Regt fired three Stonks from H - H + 15. Good view was obtained of rocket firing Typhoons diving on to enemy posns on the EINDHOVEN rd. No further tgts engaged during the day. Lieut P.R. Hannah R.A. posted from Regt.
18   0030 hrs. Parachute landings of Sept. 17 reported on Gds set to have been successful. 0130 hrs. Enemy patrols crossed the canal in factory area north of regtl gun area and considerable small arms fire, mortaring and shelling landed in the vicinity of 125 Bty, but no casualties sustained. This was the heaviest mortaring and shelling experienced by the Regt since Normandy.
18   Day was quiet. Approx 1800 hrs orders received that regt would support attack of 3 Br Div (9 Inf Bde) across L’ESCAUT CANAL near LILLE ST HUBERT during night 18/19 Sep H hour 2359 – regt fires three concs – amn expenditure 50 rpg. A number of enemy aircraft attempted to bomb the br over the canal at last light and a considerable number of anti personnel bombs were also dropped to West of the gun area. No cas sustained though a near miss experienced by RHQ offrs latrine.
19 0230 Regt repeated conc North of canal 5 mins rate 2. This shoot reported to have been particularly successful.
19 1200 BC and two OPs ex 124 Bty ordered to go with 2 FF Yeo and 1 Hereford Gp which had been ordered to cross over the Gds br and capture ACHEL from the North. Owing to traffic congestion gp did not start to cross br until approx 1800 hrs and force eventually harboured the night at VALKENSWAARD, BC and two OPs remaining with it.
19   Commanding Officer attended orders at 159 Bde for op 20 Sep at 1800 hrs.
19   HQRA 11 Armd Div Op Order No 11 received 2100 hrs.
19   Regt available on DF Tasks in sp 3 Br Div bridgehead at LILLE ST HUBERT.
20   Intention to cross bridge at LILLE ST HUBERT and advance NE. Major Kreiser and two OPs ex 124 moved South towards ACHEL during the morning with 2 FF Yeo and 1 Hereford thence NE to secure br over BOIS DUC Canal at SOMEREN.
20   Regt moved with 159 Bde Gp at 1400 hrs. Major Mitchell with 3 Mon reported enemy opposition, infantry with MGs and bazookas at the village of TOOM, NE of HAMMONT. As soon as br at LILLE ST HUBERT had been crossed regt was therefore ordered into crash action 1000× W of HAMMONT. Bde Comd ordered rd to be cleared while regt moved up.
20   Opposition was cleared without arty sp and adv continued as far as SOERENDONK. In order to get additional range to cover MAARHEEZE regt moved up at last light to gun area 1000 NE of HAMMONT on the BELGIUM-DUTCH frontier.
20   Regt on DF in sp 4 KSLl at BUDEL and 3 Mon and 3 RTR at SOERENDONK.
21   Intention to join 2 FF Yeo and 1 Hereford in establishing bridgehead at ZOMEREN where br had been blown. Recce parties went to area 2000× W of ZOMEREN 0900 hrs. Regt moved in 159 Bde column 1100 hrs. No incidents during march, same lavish display of orange clothing and ribbon by the Dutch. In action new area approx 1400 hrs. Arrangements made for bridging canal night 21/22 Sep.
21   Commanding Officer arranged for Fire Plan Orange to be fired at 1930 hrs by 151 AY and 77 DL Med for 15 mins in sp 1 Hereford who sent three coys across the canal to establish small bridgehead to enable the sappers to work on the bridge. DF Tasks arranged to ring 1 Hereford and also outer ring outside ASTEN on call to 4 KSLI who were to pass through and capture ASTEN with 2 FF Yeo 22 Sep. Orange fired successfully and two coys 1 Hereford reported safely across. Moderately heavy enemy mortaring and shell fire was put down on the area of SOMEREN. While taking up supplies to Major Kreiser with 1 Hereford Capt R G Vere Nicoll Bty Capt 124 Bty was wounded by mortar bomb. Capt Nicoll received severe leg wound as well as minor wounds in arm and face and was evacuated.
22 1215 Major Kreiser called for DF 4 which guarded the road running SW from ASTEN to the canal. This was repeated at 0120 and 0210. Enemy inf with automatics had pushed on down the road and caught the third coy of 1 Hereford before it had settled in. At 0230 situation was reported critical and DF Fire was kept up at slow rate for several hours. Capt Lucas FOO with 1 Hereford was across the canal with 18 set but no contact could be made throughout the night. Capt Lucas occupied a house 50× across the canal with his coy HQ. During the night some enemy infantry entered the house. Capt Lucas managed to switch off his 18 set and the Boche came within a few feet of him without spotting him. Hearing nothing in the house they then withdrew. Flanks of bridgeheed were secure but centre coy almost pushed back to canal. At 0730 Fire Plan Lemon was shot on the village of ASTEN to enable 2 FF Yeo and 4 KSLI to cross the br and capture ASTEN. Lemon was probably very successful catching the enemy on the road as they moved towards the br. Capt Miller was with sqn 2 FF Yeo. Journey between the br and ASTEN made very uncomfortable by infantry with bazookas and three tanks in front of Capt Miller were hit. By midday 4 KSLI had established themselves in ASTEN. During Fire Plans between Orange and Lemon regt fired approximately 144 rpg. Tgts engaged on moaning minnies and guns which mortared and shelled ASTEN regularly throughout the day.
22   Approx 1400 hrs Capt Canwin moving SE from ASTEN with coy 4 KSLI fired DF 13 on coy enemy inf coming up the road. Result very effective and enemy sent to ground. In the meanwhile Capt Spence with elements 2 FF Yeo came into the area to help repel the counter attack and Capt Spence fired the regt with good effect against the Germans who had reached a point 1500× from the br. Result of this fire was that right flank of bridgehead held and enemy compelled to remain in HEUZDON area.
22   2 F & F Yeo withdrew within the perimeter of ASTEN during the night.
22   G Bty 13 RHA u/c 151 (AY) for DF during the night.
23   50 r.p.g. dumped on gun posn in anticipation of heavy demands during the night. Several DFs fired on enemy patrols but no major counter attack as had been expected. Capt. Spence continued to engage enemy in the HEUZDON area and in the woods South-East of ASTEN, while accompanying 2 F & F in clearing up role. Guns and mortars still active against bridgehead. Patrols of 185 Bde took over sector SE of ASTEN from 4 KSLI in the afternoon.
24   Night 23/24 absolutely quiet. C.B. tgts engaged during the morning, also shoot by O.P. from 13 RHA advancing in OMMEL area.
24   1400 hrs recce parties proceeded to VLIERDEN which was being cleared by 23 H and 3 RTR. Approx 1600 hrs Regt moved to new area. Enemy still shelling ASTEN area and firing airburst over the Centre Line South of OMMEL.
24   In action again approx 1900 hrs and layed on DF in sp KSLI and 2 F & F Yeo who had advanced to area NW of DEURNE.
24   Information received that Capt. R.W. Burton had died as a result of wounds received on Sep 10. First as a C.P.O. and later as a Tp Comdr Capt. Burton had proved himself to be an outstanding officer and he had acquitted himself well on many occasions, especially during the clearance of ANTWERP by 4 KSLI.
25   Enemy had apparently withdrawn during the night and advance continued. At 0840 hrs Capt. Spence with 2 F & F called for target SE of BAKEL on enemy tanks and half-tracks. These withdrew under smoke screen but one Panther appeared to have been hit on the engine cover and set alight. As this was in the tgt area Panther claimed as destroyed by the Regiment - the first claim of the campaign.
25   1200 hrs 123 Bty moved to new area – VOURT – 2000× NW of DEURNE - to sp 4 KSLI and 2 F & F who were attacking BAKEL. 124 and 125 Bty remained behind to sp 1 Hereford who were carrying sweep towards HELMOND. No opposition met and at 1400 hrs whole Regt moved to new area 1000× NW of BAKEL. 1800 hrs orders received that 4 KSLI to adv to ST. ANTHONIS and Regt to move in 159 Bde column.
25   Progress very slow and night occupation necessary in new area - STOOTERSHUT 6533 - on rd GEMERT – ST ANTHONIS.
26   Recce carried out towards R. MAAS. Regt moved to new area close to ST. ANTHONIS in sq 6835 approx 1500 hrs. O.Ps with 1 Hereford, 4 KSLI and 15/19 Hussars reported information about enemy to the West of the River throughout the day.
27   123 Bty ordered out 0700 hrs as "sniping" Bty to area between ST ANTHONIS and BOXMEER from which enemy could be engaged on East bank of R MAAS. Capt Spence and Capt Lucas occupied O.Ps in in BOXMEER and BEUGEN respectively with Capt Canvin in reserve. Capt Miller with 15/19 Hussars recced towards LACTARIA. Capt Spence and Capt Lucas engaged enemy digging in on East bank of MAAS throughout the day. Airburst was used successfully.
27   Heavy enemy shelling of the OPPLOO area. Good use made of the AOP for spotting enemy gun flashes.
27   Capt Miller fired smoke screen as protection for 15/19 who had two tanks ditched in the LACTARIA area. 123 Bty returned to Regtl area 1815 hrs.
28   124 Bty went out as "sniping" Bty. Lieut. Lisby and Capt. Canvin occupied O.Ps in BEUGEN and BOXMEER. Capt. Miller recced towards SOUBEEK with 15/19 Hussars. Capt. Miller fired ‘U’ Tgt on VORTUM. Further Bty tgts fired on enemy in slit trenches and localities across the river. 1315 hrs red smoke fired to indicate five suspected enemy tanks dug in edge of wood SE of LACTARIA. Typhoons sweeped down very well into red smoke but effect of ‘limejuice’ not known. 124 Bty returned 1800 hrs. Lieut. G.R. Jackson R.A. joined regiment ex 31 RHU.
29   125 Bty acted as ‘sniping’ bty. Less activity on east bank of MAAS than in two previous days. Cart. Lucas and Lieut. Hampton at BEUGEN and BOXMEER respectively. CB tgts engaged on orders of RHQ. 125 Bty returned 1745 hrs.
29   Regt reverted u/c HQRA 11 Armd Div. Cinema show at 123 Bty during the afternoon.
30   Regt in sp 7 U.S. Armd Div who were sweeping W bank of MAAS from area ST. ANTHONIS. O.Ps occupied posns 0900 hrs. Capt. Canvin in BOXMEER – Capt Spence in St. ANTHONIS and Capt. Miller as mobile O.P. with 15/19 Hussars. 7 U.S. Armd Div commenced ops 1530 hrs. CB tgts engaged 1510 – 1530 hrs. Capt. Spence reporterd on progress of Americans until they were out of observation in woods SE of LACTARIA. Major Walton with 4 KSLI; Major Kreiser with 1 Hereford and Major Mitchell with 2 F & F Yeo returned to gun posns during the morning. 11 Armd Div having withdrawn from forward posns to make room for 7 U.S. Armd Div. Capt. Canvin forced to withdraw from BOXMEER during the afternoon owing to infiltration by enemy patrols.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.