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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 151st (A.Y.) Field Regiment, R.A.
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. A.P. Trevor, R.A.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
1 0530 "E" Tp proceeded to MEIJEL to form MEIJEL FORCE with 8 Coy RB and Tp 23 H. Task, to clear and hold MEIJEL. "E" Tp commanded for this op by Capt. W.G. Lucas R.A.
1   Several tgts engaged during the day in sp 7 U.S. Armd Div. otherwise no activity.
2 0630 Short Fire Plan fired in sp of 7 US Armd Div.
2 0900 One gun ex 125 Bty sent to fwd posn between ST. ANTHONIS and BOXMEER to fire red smoke tgt.
2 1200 Red smoke tgt shot across the R. MAAS and Typhoons attacked enemy gun posns. 2 i/c carried out recce of new area S op OPPLOO to be occupied 3 Oct in order to sp 7 US Armd Div until VENRAY captured. Mortars and Nebelwerfers engaged during the day. MEIJEL successfully occupied.
3 0600 Four tgts shot in Fire Plan to sp 7 US Armd Div.
3   Survey Officer Lt. T.J. O’Brien R.A. in conjunction with Survey Officer 13 RHA took over Flash Spotting duties on front SE of OPPLOO and three posts manned by Surveyors 13 RHA and 151 (AY) Field Regt, R.A.
3 1400 Regt moved to new location S of OPPLOO area 7133.
4   Main activity on this day was that of firing red smoke to indicate tgts for Americans Lightnings. Five tgts engaged in all - area S of VORTUM and in woods S of LACTARIA. 110 rds red smoke fired and probably the largest red smoke screen of the war thereby created. Visibility bad and complete success not achieved by special message of thanks sent to regt by 7 US Armd Div.
4 1900 Several tgts engaged called for by Americans and enemy counter attack in the OVERLOON area repelled.
4   Adjutant (Capt. N.W. Higgin R.A.) returned from BRUSSELS bringing with him 53 reinforcements from 31 RHU. Capt. C.K.G. Innes, R.A. joined regt and posted to 124 Bty.
5 0600 Enemy again counter-attacked Americans in woods N of OVERLOON and three tgts engaged. Day quiet until 1625 when enemy again counter-attacked and four tgts engaged. D.F. Tasks arranged by HQRA with 7 U.S. Armd Div. 2 i/c recced new gun area E of HAPS in accordance with the plan to adv towards FOREST OF REICHSWALD.
6 0800 Information received that MEIJEL FORCE had been attacked during the night by enemy patrol and "E" Tp gun area invaded. At approx 0515 two parties of 8 Boche approached E Tp Comd Post which was in a house W of MEIJEL. Tracer was fired at the house which was set alight. In attempting to get out the G.P.O. Lt. D.H. Smith R.A. and the Tp Leader Lieut. Crawford were shot and killed. A hand grenade was thrown into the house killing a signaller and wounding the remainder of C.P. staff.
6   The BSM (BSM Wilson) ran uptstairs and engaged the enemy patrol with a Bren Gun. At the same time the driver of the “C” Truck killed two Germans with his Sten Gun and wounded a third and in spite of heavy small arms fire, got into his truck and drove it away from the burning house. A bazooka was fired at an ammunition truck standing alongside the C P. and this too set alight. After approx 10 mins the situation around the C.P. was restored mainly due to the enterprise of BSM Wilson and the courage of the "G" truck driver. At the same time a few enemy had approached the gun posn and attempted to fix a charge to one of the gun barrels. This blew off the muzzle brake but little other damage was suffered and the enemy driven off. There being no officers left on the gun posn, BSM Wilson then took charge and organised two patrols to go out and ensure that the area was clear. The Commanding Officer and Major Kreiser visited MEIJEL in the afternoon and "B” Troop under Capt. Canvin were sent out to relieve “E” Tp. “E” Tp arrived back in Regtl area 1800 hrs. Three mortar shoots taken by the Air OP and successfully engaged. Orders received that survey would be carried out in HAPS area 7 Oct. and dumping of 500 r.p.g. commenced. 20 men per Bty visited HELMOND to see “Stars in Battledress”.
7   Recce parties proceeded to new area 0900 hrs. 0900 hrs. information received that 11 Armd Div would take over from 7 U.S. Armd Div. in OVERLOON area.
7   O.Ps joined Bns who had taken over woods N of OVERLOON and area W of VORTUM from 7 U.S. Armd Div. Regt remained in same location for night 7/8 Oct. and laid on D.F. in sp 159 Bde. Three D.Fs fired before midnight on enemy talking in front of 1 Hereford posn. Enemy arty fired about 20 rds counter bty fire at 2000 hrs. which straddled "A" Tp posn. No casualties sustained.
8   Regt moved to new area between OPPLOO and St. ANTHONIS 1000 hrs in order to be in better posn to sp 159 Bde. Enemy shelled OPPLOO – ST. ANTHONIS rd as regt came into posn. Mortars and guns engaged during day. Enemy again active on front of 1 Hereford during the night and D.F. again fired.
9   MEIJEL FORCE was relieved and Capt. Canvin with “B” Tp returned to Regt. At MEIJEL close leager had been formed during the night with Coy 8 R.B. in that town itself. Enemy patrolled the area every night but all patrols were driven off. As “B” Tp left MEIJEL on morning 9 Oct. the rear vehicle RASC amn lorry, was shot up by enemy small arms fire. 4 KSLI and 2 FF Yeo carried out sweep in area BOXMEER – VORTUM in the morning - Lt. Hampton and Capt. Spence accompanying as FOOs. Capt. Spence fired short intense fire plan on river crossing near SAMBEEK in sq 7839 and on house on east bank of river which was suspected enemy HQ. 125 Bty fired airburst very effectively during the fire plan. In the afternoon Fire Plan Boot was fired in sp of 1 Hereford who carried out raid on boot shaped wood in sq 7632. N of OVERLOON 20 PW taken.
9   At 2015 Fire Plan fired in sp 4 KSLI raiding party which entered woods SW of GROENINGEN in sq 7834 and successfully took one PW.
10   Another sweep carried out by 4 KSLI and 2 FF Yeo to the river near SAMBEEK – Capt. Canvin and Capt. Spence accompanying. 1600 hrs. Capt. Canvin arranged small fire plan with Inns of Court to sp them in recce of river crossing 7839. Enemy infantry successfully shot up. At 1715 fire plan shot in sp 1 Hereford who were carrying out sweep of northern tip of "boot" wood. Harassing fire tasks shot during the night. 125 Bty gun position was shelled with about 20 shells during the day incl a near miss of 1 ft on C Tp C.P. No casualties, except to tgt records, sustained.
11   Lt. Lisby manned static O.P. in BOXMEER throughout the day. BOXMEER was used consistantly by gunner O.Ps during the day and was invariably entered by German patrols during the night. Capt. Canvin and Capt. Spence accompanied 2 FF Yeo on another sweep. Fire Plan Plum in sp patrol 1 Hereford shot at 1535. Capt. Canvin shot up enemy patrol in area of the river crossing.
12   Lt. Plummer manned O.P. in BOXMEER. Regt supported attack by 8 Bde (3 Div) (Op. Castor) on OVERLOON by firing a Counter Bty programme from 1100 - 1200 hrs and on barrage from 1200 – 1300. On call to 3 Div for remainder of day. Enemy shelled 125 Bty O.P. in a house at 2200 hrs. knocking down an out house but no casualties sustained. This was thought to be same gun as previously and CBO at once brought down counter battery fire.
13   0930 Tgt shot for 9 Bde attacking woods SW of OVERLOON. 1000 hrs Tgts on woods 7834 SW of GROENINGEN shot for 4 KSLI. 1400 hrs Capt. Miller accompanied elts 2 F & F who were attempting to recover a tank. M Tgt shot in sp. 1515 hrs 123 Bty shot smokescreen for 4 KSLI to assist raiding party in the area of the river crossing near SANBEEK. Tgt successful and PW taken incl 3 enemy O.P. personnel who were manning telephone across the river. Woods East of OVERLON engaged six times between 1730 - 1830 in sp 3 Div. Lieut. Opie manned BOXMEER O.P.
14   Lt. Plummer manned BOXMEER O.P. Capt. Canvin engaged enemy tpt across the river in the AFFERDEN area during the morning. Tgts engaged for 3 Div at 1530 and 1730.
14   Recce parties proceeded to new area 1500× NW of OVERLOON in the afternoon. Regt under orders C.R.A. moved to new area at 1715 to be in posn to sp advance of 3 Div to VENRAY. O.Ps remained with Bns 159 Bde. Orders received that 159 Bde Gp would clear left flank of 3 Div NE of OVERLOON on 15 Oct.
15   Fire Plan received 0200 hrs. 300 rpg dumped on gun posns during morning. H hour for attack by 159 Bde 1030 hrs. Barrage fired at 1030 hrs. 1120 hrs Capt Canvin with right Coy 4 KSLI reported right coy unable to keep up with barrage. Barrage stopped on line m. Left coy progressed well and barrage cancelled at 1140 hrs.
15   By 1430 leading coys 4 KSLI were on line of rly 7932. Capt. Canvin and Lt. Ashpole F.O.Os reported consisent enemy shelling and mortaring and mainly mortars and guns were engaged during the rest of the day.
15   At 1600 hrs Capt. Lucas and Capt. Spence accompanied 1 Hereford who were mopping up woods 7834 and going as far as rly 7934. This task completed 1730 hrs and Herefords withdrew.
15   Regt laid on D.F. in sp 4 KSLI who remained in posn by rly.
15   Fire Plan orders for attack on VENRAY by 185 Bde on 16 Oct received 2200 hrs.
16   First party of 1 Offr (Major W.N. Mitchell) and five men proceed on leave to BRUSSELS.
16   0700 hrs – fired on barrage in sp 185 Bde, otherwise main shooting of the day was againt ‘Minnies’ and infantry on the KSLI front.
16   Recce parties proceeded to area half-way between DE RIPS and MILLEEZE as 11 Armd Div was now to advance on HORST and AMERIKA from the West on 17 Oct.
16   Between 2030 – 2130 hrs. Regt kept up continuous fire by firing each Bty in turn Scale 5 on tgts on KSLI front in order to create noise to cover withdrawal of 4 KSLI. Capt. J. Wright R.A. joined Regt ex R.H.U.
17 0645 Regt moved to new area in sp 159 Bde though u/c C.R.A.
17 1030 15/19 H and 1 Hereford commenced their adv up the DEURNE VENRAY rd. Hy mortar fire met at the canal crossing in 7023 and mines on the rds and verges. Capt Spence with 15/19 H took on a number of shoots on mortars and infantry localities.
17   At approx 1400 hrs. Major Kreiser with 1 Hereford arranged smoke screen fired by 124 Bty to sp 1 Hereford in their advance across the open ground towards IJSSELSTEIJN. At 1555 hrs a series of concs arranged by C.R.A. and incl 7 US Armd Div arty were fired on IJSSELSTEIJN and shortly afterwards Capt. Lucas with leading coy 1 Hereford reported them in the village. Area consolidated for the night. New gun area 1000 yds W of the canal crossing in 7023 recced in the afternoon and regt to move by Btys as from 0600 hrs 18 Oct. Lieut. J. Morrison and Lieut. H.A. Berry joined Regt ex 31 R.H.U.
18 0600 125 Bty moved to new area. Enemy gun area engaged 0740 hrs and enemy Inf. at 0940 hrs.
18   0900 hrs. regt in action new area. 4 KSLI and 2 FF Yeo passed through 1 Hereford with the object of taking VEULEN. Recce parties proceeded to new area 1000 yds N of IJSSELSTEIJN at midday. Adv to VEULEN successful but strong opposition met E and SE of the village, especially in the woods and factory area. Approx 1400 hrs. Capt. Canvin with leading sqn 2 FF Yeo had his tank hit by Panther or Jagdpanther from woods 774215. As hit was low one a damaged track and broken bogey was the only damage sustained. At 1500 hrs Capt. Canvin observed the fire of 146 Med Regt on to the enemy tanks by going out on foot. Lieut. Ashpole remained in observation of the factory area from the E of VEULEN. Regt moved to new area approx 1600 hrs. and laid on DF in sp 4 KSLI at VEULEN and 1 Hereford in area 1000 yds SE of IJSSELSTEIJN.
19   Advance discontinued and active patrolling only. Capt. Spence accompanied 15/19 H on patrol towards ST. HELENA HOEVE and ST. HENDRICUS HOEVE. Hy fire met from enemy A.Tk guns in that area which Capt. Spence engaged. At 1430 hrs Capt. Spence swept the area 773166 when enemy A.Tk guns were still active. 15/19 H lost heavily in tanks but at least few enemy guns were destroyed. Capt. Spence in Cromwell borrowed from 15/19 H had his ration box shot away. Capt. Canvin and Lieut. Ashpole remained in observation to [sp?] of 4 KSLI and 2 FF Yeo and Capt. Canvin’s tank was recovered. A […ture?] […] on E Tp position injuring Lieut. Morrison and one other rank. This was the second […ture?] of this campaign.
20   Patrol from 15/19 H again sent out. Capt. Spence accompanying. Tgts mainly mortars and H.E. engaged sporadically throughout the day. Information received that Div likely to remain in present location for a fortnight – three weeks.
21   Capt. Lucas accompanied 15/19 H and occupied static O.P. for the day. Little enemy shelling and no movement seen. 1 Hereford relieved 4 KSLI at VEULEN as first move in system of reliefs organised for forthcoming static period. O.Ps to accompany Bns either in sp role at VEULEN, […] role at IJSSELSTEIJN or in reserve at DEURNE. Regt to have these O.Ps in observation during the day – one looking [N?] and [NE?] from VEULEN, one with […] […] patrol SW of VEULEN and one looking [NE?] and [S?] from IJSSELSTEIJN area.
22 0015 DF fired in front of Hereford on enemy patrol approaching with [bazookas?]. Two enemy killed and two captured. Obtaining of Correction of Moment data by Airburst practised. In future 13 HAC and 151 (AY) Field Regt to obtain this data at 0900 and 1400 hrs on alternate days. The guns were now beginning to show serious signs of wear and […] had to be [attended?] to in many cases.
22   Area for “A” Ech. and as many vehs and personnel that could be spared from gun posn recced at VLIERDEN.
23   Very quiet day. 125 Bty moved to a fresh posn as present gun posn in close proximity to 159 Bde. H.Q.
23   Additional amn dumped in gun posn and digging in completed.
23 1700 All non-essential vehs and personnel proceeded to Echelon area at VLIERDEN.
23 2207 DF fired on enemy platoon reported to be digging in E of 1 Hereford.
24   Another quiet day. Two bombards fired only.
24   The “Yeoman” Continental Edition No. 17 issued.
25   Capt. Spence out with 15/19 H fired several rds of smoke in area ST. HENDRICUS HOEVE to see if any reaction by the enemy. Slight enemy shelling in reply. 4 KSLI relieved 1 Hereford at VEULEN in the evening; Major Walton taking over from Major Kreiser. Major Mitchell remained at IJSSELSTEIN which was taken over by 8 RB.
26   Approx 0130 hrs enemy patrol approached B Tp posn, HF tgt being fired at the time. Bazooka was fired at one of the guns at close range and one man wounded. Gun was put out of action though repairable. Several bombards carried out during the day. Supply of trip wire flares was obtained and wires laid around regtl posn. Further visit from enemy patrol expected.
27   Enemy attack on MEIJEL in the morning. 1 Hereford ordered to move from rest area in DEURNE 1700 hrs and take posn on rly around GRIENDTSVEEN in relief of 7 US Armd Div. Major Kreiser, Capt. Spence and Capt. Lucas moved with 1 Hereford. Rest area at VLIERDEN had to be evacuated. New area found on banks of Canal at HELMOND and occupied in the afternoon. E Yorks Bn brought in to strengthen defence, took up posn around 125 Bty.
28 0700 Tgt Dainty fired by div arty on request, Major Walton in retaliation for enemy shelling of VEULEN. Regt moved to previously recced alternative posn 1000 yds W of IJSSELSTEIN in the afternoon.
29 0330 Fire Plan Drake fired to sp raiding party by 4 KSLI. 123 Bty Ops relieved from sp 4 KSLI by 13 RHA and joined E Yorks who had moved to area of rly between DEURNE and GRIENDSTSVEEN. Capt. Canvin with E Yorks had some observation on enemy who were attacking LIESEL and LOON. Rest period terminated as 11 Armd Div again in fully op role and all personnel and vehs less A Ech. moved from HELMOND up to gun area. Enemy aircraft attacked HELMOND approx 2100 hrs and in attempting to bomb canal bridge hit A Ech. area causing casualties - one man killed and one wounded and two vehicles destroyed. Regt in sp by DF of E Yorks and 6 KOSB (15 (S) Div) as well as 159 Bde. Calibration by camera carried out in gun area during the day. New posns recced 2000 yds E of DEURNE to be occupied if 15 (S) Div required further sp for attack on LIESEL. This not required.
30   Capt. Canvin with 15/19 H moved S from rly towards LIESEL and shot M tgt on three enemy armd cars at 0900 hrs. Also observed enemy movement E of LIESEL throughout the day but unable to engage as this was inside 15 (S) Div boundary.
30 2030 Enemy patrol approaching 1 Hereford posn along rly engaged by Capt. Innes.
31   Quiet night Capt. Canvin again out with 15/19 H. Major Walton with E Yorks moved 2000 yds S in the morning to protect left flank of 15 (S) Div. Little activity on 159 Bde front but at 1930 hrs another patrol approaching 1 Her. was engaged.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.