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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 151st (A.Y.) Field Regiment, R.A.
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. A.P. Trevor, R.A.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
1 0630 Regt fired retaliatory rounds against enemy who were shelling 1 Herefords at GRIENDTSVEEN.
1   Capt. Canvin out with patrol of E Yorks SE of DEURNE had good observation of attack by 15 (S) Div and Tk Bn Scots Guards towards DEURNE Canal.
1 1430 Regt fired on enemy Bn HQ reported by PW.
2   General bombards shot.
2   Three tgts engaged with AOP otherwise NTR.
3   Another quiet day.
3   During the inactive period it was possible to send troops back to HELMOND for a bath and cinema or ENSA show on most days. Airburst shoots were taken daily on orders CRA to find Correction of the Moment and to check data of school of Artillery for airburst shooting.
4   Night 3/4 2 E. Yorks took over from 1 Hereford area GRIENDTSVEEN. Major Kreiser and OPs ex 124 Bty remained at GRIENDTSVEEN with E. Yorks. Major W.N. Mitchell and OPs ex 125 Bty proceeded to VEULEN to be in sp 1 W.G. who were taking over from 4 KSLI.
5   Major W.B. Walton and OPs ex 123 Bty joined 4 KSLI at IJSSELSTEIJN. Capt. W.G. Miller went out with patrol 2 F.F. Yeo SW of VEULEN during the day.
5 1810 123 Bty. fired for 3 mins in sp patrol 1 W.G. SE of VEULEN. Also again at 2315 hrs.
6   Capt. Miller again out with 2 F.F. Yeo.
6 1345 Enemy gun area engaged with AOP.
6 2015 125 Bty shot small fire plan in sp patrol 1 W.G. Between 2130 and 0230 hrs. Major Mitchell called for spasmodic bursts of fire in sp patrol 1 WG which had bumped enemy platoon on road ST. HELENA HOEVE. W.G. patrol killed approx 10 Boche without loss.
7   DF 311 protecting E. flank of VEULEN posn opposite factory checked by observation of Capt. Wright. New DF task registered by Capt. Miller SE of VEULEN. At 1815, 1900 and 1945 hrs. enemy trenches and hides in the woods SE of VEULEN engaged. Hy enemy shelling of IJSSELSTEIN fork rds area during the morning.
8 0827 Suspected Nebelwerfer area engaged by Capt. Miller.
8 1500 Regt shot fire plan incl smoke screen in sp patrol 1 WG. 1815, 1900 and 1945 hrs. same dose repeated for enemy in woods SE of VEULEN. 124 Bty OPs moved with 1 Hereford to take over from 4 KSLI at IJSSELSTEIN. 123 Bty OPs moved with 4 KSLI to DEURNE for the night.
9   Regt limited to 29 RPG per day. 15 for casual shooting. 14 for CB. CB to be reduced to minimum.
9 1240 Suspected enemy outpost near VEULEN engaged. 123 Bty OPs with 4 KSLI moved to GRIENDTSVEEN to relieve E. Yorks.
10 1410 SP gun spotted by Air OP engaged.
10 1750 7 mins rate 1 fired on farm SE of VEULEN at 774217 which changed hands between 1 WG and enemy at intervals during the time 1 WG at VEULEN.
11   Usual activity on VEULEN front. Small parties of enemy approached 1 WG and regt engaged.
11 2135 SP gun shooting at 4 KSLI in GRIENDTSVEEN and bombard carried out. 3 Mons relieved 1 WG at VEULEN.
12   Major Mitchell and OPs ex 125 Bty relieved by OPs ex 13 RHA at VEULEN and returned to gun area. 4 KSLI again shelled during the night and 123 Bty fired a series of tgts arranged by Major Walton on known enemy localities by way of way of retaliation. Heavy rain falling for several days made tracks around gun area very muddy and treacherous. Flashes from v2s being set off from Germany could be observed from gun posn at nights.
13   Burning scout car beloning to Inns of Court observed by Capt. Spence from OP S of IJSSELSTEIJN. 1600 hrs - M Tgt registered S of IJSSELSTEIJN to cover patrol of 1 Hereford at 2310 hrs.
14   Bombards carried out at 1015, 1525 and 1540.
14   3 deserters surrendered to 159 Inf Bde. Regt received 60 propaganda shells and fired 21 of these on 7 enemy localities, selected by IO 159 Bde. Propaganda shell shot just before dusk to enable Germans to pick the leaflets up after dark without being observed by NCOs.
15   2IC recced new gun area W of GRIENDTSVEEN to be occupied for 159 Bde attack on AMERIKA. Lt. Read joined regt ex RHU.
16   Svy carried out in new gun area. Otherwise nothing to report.
16   Lt. Milne joined regt ex 31 RHU.
17   Major W.N. Mitchell and OPs 125 Bty returned to VEULEN and took over from OPs ex 13 RHA.
18   Thought that enemy might have pulled back and regt prepared for quick move. Patrol reports showed that enemy still in posn on our front. 1700 - regt fired conc on SP gun E of VEULEN. Three men from Major Mitchell’s OP crew wounded at VEULEN by shell fire during the night.
18   Lt. Curling and his GPOA injured by mines while visiting new posn area W of GRIENDTSVEEN. Sappers given task of clearing mines from new gun area.
19   Heavy ‘moaning minnie’ fire against VEULEN during the morning. Regt warned for move to rest area near ZEILBURG 20 Nov.
20   Regt pulled out to rest area near Swimming pool at ZEILBURG commencing 0930. Complete in rest area by 1300 hrs. 13 RHA occupied our posn. Both wireless sets at RHQ closed down for the first time since leaving LAIGLE W of the SEINE on 26 Aug 44.
21   Fire Plan for Op Nutcracker (159 Bde attack on AMERIKA) received 0600 hrs CO visited RHQ and gave orders to BCs at 1100 hrs. Day of the operation dependent on progress of 15 (S) Div towards SEVENUM. OPs of 123 Bty and 124 Bty given Weasles in order to cross bog E of GRIENDTSVEEN. Weasles fitted with wireless sets. Tks to be left behind and brought up when rd clear. Regt. received orders to move into action in new posns 1500 hrs. In action by last light. Y truck of 125 Bty blown up on mine on verge of rd whilst moving to new posn. One man killed and three wounded, three being GPOAs. Truck was burnt out and all stationary, tgt records, gun history sheets etc of 125 Bty lost. Major Kreiser, Capt. Lucas and Lt. Smart moved with 1 Hereford to preliminary attack posn S. of AMERIKA in area 7613. 150 rpg dumped on gun posn. Major W.N. Mitchell and Capt. A.G. Miller joined 2 FF Yeo who were to follow inf if situation and rd permitted.
22   H hr for attack 0715 hrs. Regt fired four concs commencing 0715 hrs. Capt. Canvin and Capt. Ashpole moved with leading coys 4 KSLI on eith side of the rly. 0830 hrs Major Walton reported one coy held up by AP mines but other coy continued to advance and regt was stopped firing on barrage along wood by the rly 1000× W of AMERIKA after having fired only two lines. Only one German and mines met by 4 KSLI. In the meanwhile Capt. Lucas and Lt. Smart with leading coys 1 Hereford reported they had advanced to attack posn 1000× S of AMERIKA without opposition. 1020 hrs Major Kreiser arranged fire plan "Chewing Gum" to be on call with 151 A.Y., 13 RHA and 79 Med (Scottish Horse) while 1 Hereford advanced into AMERIKA. Fire plan not required and Major Kreiser reported 1 Hereford through AMERIKA to the N at 1330 hrs. 1 Herefords continued advance to wood 7819 and regt on DF in sp of them and 4 KSLI who had occupied AMERIKA.
22   During the afternoon 123 Bty were moved up to previously recced posn on Eastern outskirts of GRIENDTSVEEN. Recce parties ordered to proceed to AMERIKA area at 0715 hrs 23 Nov if bridges over the rd craters had been completed by the engineers.
22   Major Mitchell and Capt Miller ordered to move to GRIENDTSVEEN at first light. Capt Miller to join squadron of 15/19 H which was to join 4 KSLI for further advance.
23   Bridges not completed as quickly as expected and recce parties could not leave until 1215. Tanks not permitted to use the newly bridged rd and Major Mitchell and Capt Miller remained in GRIENDTSVEEN with 15/19 H, also the tanks of 124 Bty OPs.
23   1030 hrs Major Walton reported 4 KSLI in METERIK without opposition.
23 1315 4 KSLI occupied SCHADIJK and 1 Hereford area 1000× to the W of it. 1515 – regt less 123 Bty commenced move to new area 500× N off AMERIKA. Bad rd was successfully negotiated and 124 & 125 Bty in action by last light covering 4 KSLI and 1 Hereford in SCHADIJK area. 123 Bty remained in action at GRIENDTSVEEN for the night.
24 0930 123 Bty rejoined regt and came into action off AMERIKA-HORST rd. 1330 - recce parties moved to new area W of METERIK, regt to move there to get additional range to sp 3 Br Div and 15 (S) Div in the TIERRAIJ area. Regt moved 1445 hrs. DF tasks in sp 15 (S) Div in HORST. Capt. A.C.O. Ashpole evacuated from 4 KSLI to have operation for hernia.
25   159 Bde withdrew to rest area near HELMOND and CO and OPs rejoined regt at METERIK. Regt remained on call to 15 (S) Div. During night 25/26 Nov enemy a/c raided METRIK area dropping anti-personnel and heavier bombs. One bomb landed in 123 Bty waggon lines and one man was killed and four wounded. The gun area was situated just inside the enemy AMERIKA – HORST defence line. The extent to which the Germans had dug underground command posts and achieved very successful camouflage was most instructive. From one enemy OP a good view could be obtained of the log rd to VEULEN which had been constructed during the previous weeks and over which our vehs had driven to get to VEULEN.
26   Quiet day devoted to maintenance. Regt remained on call 15 (S) Div. CRA visited gun posns in the morning. The OP tanks which had been left at GRIENDTSVEEN on account of the rd being banned to tks were bought up to gun posns.
27   At 1330 hrs orders received for occupation of new posns South of TIENRAIJ 28 Nov to sp 159 Bde who were to hold line of R MAAS from area GRUBBENVORST – BLITTERSWIJK. Svy and recce of new area carried out p.m. 27 Nov 44. Regt ceased to be on call 15 (S) Div. Commanding Officer (Lt.Col. A.P. Trevor RA) conducted Capt. Booth APIS 11 Armd Div around HORST – AMERIKA – METERIK line in order to see the defence lines which had not been revealed by air photographs.
28   Regt moved by btys to new area S of TIENRAIJ commencing 0900 hrs. OPs contacted bns and took over from OPs 15 (S) Div at 1400 hrs. 123 Bty OPs joined 8 RBs and OPs established at BROEKHUIZERVORST (9023) and OIJEN (9024). 124 OPs joined 1 Hereford and OPs established at HOUTHUIZEN 8917 and W of GRUBBENVORST 8915. 125 Bty OPs joined 3 Mon and OPs established at LOTTUM 9019. Second OP to be established at BROEKHUIZEN 9022 when enemy cleared out of the village. C.O. arranged DF tasks (45 in all) to cover the 12000× front and to be an on call to 11 Armd Div Arty and 4 and 8 AGRA. As it was anticipated that this gun posn would be occupied for some considerable time, btys were widely dispersed and particular attention paid to camouflage and track discipline. Wireless was to be used as little as possible and lines were laid to OPs.
29   The policy being to shoot as little as possible from the permanent posns, four alterrative bty posns were recced and surveyed E of the main posn in the SWOLGE HEIDE. These to be occupied by one ‘sniping’ bty daily. 123 Bty OPs had good obervation pn river line E of BROEKHUIZERVORST and OIJEN and reported enemy digging. OPs movement etc on the E bank. Enemy HQ located at 913244. Enemy observed ‘fiddling’ with boats on the river and the sound of a Diesel engine heard on the sunken tramway running parallel with the E bank. It was only possible to occupy an OP at OIJEN by night.
29 2030 Fire Plan for 30 Nov received. Intention was to sp attack of 3 Mon on the castle in (9021) and on BROEKHUIZEN where the enemy were still holding out.
30   50 rpg collected 0900 hrs. Attack commenced 1000 hrs. Regt fired stonks from H – 4 to H + 10 and H + 53 to H + 63. Major Michell and Capt Caffyn accompanied 3 Mon.
30   Very heavy shelling and mortar fire from E bank. Fighting very confused. Capt Caffyn was with a sqn 15/19 H and watched them shoot up the castle from the woods to the South. Enemy infantry shooting from the cellars held up 3 Mon for a long time. At 1347 Major Mitchell reported elements of 15/19 H were in the grounds of the castle and cleaning it up and at 1352 he reported that CO 3 Mon having left him several hundred yards S of the castle became a casualty during the attack.
30   In the meanwhile Capt Caffyn had moved to a point just South of the village of BROEKHUIZEN and at approx 1600 hrs entered the village with the reserve coy of 3 Mon. At 1500 hrs 123 Bty had fired an Oboe smoke screen along the East bank of the river on the orders of the Commanding Officer to sp the attack on the village. New DFs arranged by Commanding Officer. Capt Caffyn continued to report on the cleaning up of the village during the rest of the day and night in which most of the enemy were taken prisoner. During the day Lt. Jackson (123 Bty) manning the OP at BROEKHUIZERVORST was shelled out and had a fortunate escape when a shell splinter ripped his clothing but did not wound him. New OP found in the OSTERBOS area 1000× to the W.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.