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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 152nd Infantry Brigade
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Brig. A.J.H. Cassels, CBE, DSO.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
MARQUES 1   Harbouring parties followed same drill as previous day and Bde Gp moved off as per Mov Table but were delayed en route and did not arrive in staging area until 1600 hrs. The Bde Gp was well catered for in the way of quarters by an enthousiastic populace. Farms and private houses were thrown open to offrs and men and 2 Seaforth were hard put to it to prevent a fete being staged in their honour. For locations night 1/2 Oct see Appx J3. Days journey was 94 miles. Orders were received from 51 (H) Div that the 152 Bde was to move on 4 Oct to take over sector of line from 46 Bde 15 (S) Div. Orders for move to 51 (H) Div conc area Se of ANTWERP on 2 Oct were not changed.
2   Bde Gp crossed Sp as per mov table. The Bde Gp again lost time on the rd largely owing to necessity of passing through large towns of VALENCIENNES, MONS, BRUSSELS and MECHLIN. The Bde Gp were est in conc area by 1800 hrs. For locations night 2/3 Oct see Appx. The days journey was 123 miles. Meanwhile Bde Comd and Bm together with Cos went to Hq 51 (H) Div just North of EINDHOVEN and from there to 46 and 227 Inf Bdes. Contact was made by unit Cos of their opposing numbers in these Bdes whose Bns they were due to relieve on 4 Oct. Bde Comd made recce of new Bde areas which incl the whole of 46 Bde area plus one Bn locality in 227 Inf Bde. Bde Comd and Bm returned to Bde Hq at HERENTHOUT about 1900 Hrs. A Mov Order for move to new Bde area Nw of EINDHOVEN was issued. A Conference to implement mov orders was called at 2130 hrs and was attended by Cos of all units in the Bde Gp except Co 2 Derby Yeo who in view of exceptionally large Bde area, were coming u/c 152 Inf Bde. Appx D-1
VLEUT near EINDHOVEN 3   The Bde Gp crossed Sp at 0800 hrs as per mov table. For the move the unit tpt was split up into four gps, Tcv gp, F Ech, A Ech and B Ech. The Tcv Gps were to lead in each unit and the marching personnel so carried were to debus at ACHT just South of Wilhelmina Canal and start marching immediately to relieve units of 46 and 227 Inf Bdes ahilst 'F' and 'A' Echs were to continue over Wilhelmina Canal to unit tpt conc areas from which tpt would be called fwd by units as required. Tpt of Bde Hq was to continue past ACHT and move straight into 46 Bde Hq area. 'B' Ech of all units were to be collected by Bde To and moved as one serial from HERENTHOUT area to a Bde 'B' Ech area immediately North of EINDHOVEN. 243 A Tk Bty were to move behind Bde Coln into a conc area round ACHT. The Bde coln moved as above and the take over was complete by 1730 hrs. 2 Seaforth relieved 7 Seaforth and 9 Cameronians, 5 Seaforth relieved 2 Glasgow Hdrs and 5 Camerons relieved 2 Gordons. Bde Hq was est by 1300 hrs in old location of 46 Inf Bde. 2 Derby Yeo less one sqn came u/c 152 Inf Bde on arrival in BEST area. One sqn moved at head of Bde coln from HERENTHOUT area and was u/c from night 2/3 Oct - regt plus another sqn moved into BEST area separately and came u/c as stated. 2 Derby Yeo less one sqn relieved 2 A & Sh. A & D Coys 1/7 Mx also moved into BEST area separately and 'D' Coy and two pls 'A' Coy remained u/c 152 Bde the remaining two pls of 'A' Coy going u/c 153 Bde. The take over was uneventful. At 1800 hrs 5 Camerons reported that they had taken 2 Pw and a patrol later in the evening captured another from his slit trench - a good start in the new posn. The night passed quietly save for two or three bursts of Mg fire from the enemy.
VLEUT near EINDHOVEN 4   Units began seriously to intimidate the enemy and daylight patrols, Bren and Mortar shoots were prevalent whilst 'D' Coy 1/7 Mx blazed away merrily at likely enemy supply routes. 140 Lt Aa Bty did likewise. Bde Comd attended 'O' Gp at Hq 51 (H) Div at 1400 hrs, and was then ordered to relieve 1 E Lancs by 5 Seaforth on night 5/6 Oct one Coy to be relieved night 4/5 Oct. This was put under way at 1600 hrs when Bde Comd called an 'O' Gp and necessary adjustments to Bde line were also made. One coy 5 Seaforth was sent off but before relief was completed it was cancelled and that coy returned to its parent unit and for the night 4/5 Oct the 'status quo was maintained in the Bde sector'. For patrols see Appx. 243 A Tk Bty moved to conc area Ne of BEST. Appx J-1
VLEUT near EINDHOVEN 5   The night passed quietly enough but the enemy shelling was more pronounced. At 0615 hrs an enemy raid was launched on 'B' Sqn 2 Derby Yeo which raid preceded by a hy mortar stonk incl some bombs from a Nebelwerfer firing oil bombs. The raiding party was estimated at forty strong but the raid itself was not pressed home and 'B' Sqn claimed to have wounded ten of the enemy. Only one dead Bosche was found and he was unidentifiable. 2 Derby Yeo cas were 2 offrs and 5 Ors wounded. Enemy activity throughout remainder of day was confined to sporadic mortaring and shelling. For patrols see Appx. Appx D-2
VLEUT near EINDHOVEN 6   At a conference at 0900 hrs between Co 2 Derby Yeo and Co 1 Gordons and Bde Comd the gap between 2 Derby Yeo and 1 Gordons was effectively closed with one pl 1 Gordons which came u/c 2 Derby Yeo and two Armd Cars tps. Unit activity during daylight proceeded on same lines as on previous days our tps gradually est daylight superiority over no man's land. The coy of 5 Seaforth guarding the two brs over the Wilhelmina Canal was relieved by 275 Fd Coy Re plus one tp 140 Laa Bty - both u/c 2 Seaforth. At 1400 hrs orders were received from 51 Div that 5 Seaforth were to relieve 7 Rwf immediately. Bde Comd ordered this and went off to 7 Rwf to make final arrangements accompanied by Co and Coy Comds 5 Seaforth. The relief was complete by 1830 hrs and 5 Seaforth then passed u/c 153 Bde. Adjustments to Bde line were made one coy 5 Camerons and one coy 5/7 Gordons taking over 5 Seaforth area u/c 5 Camerons. These adjustments were complete by 1930 hrs. Apart from dispositional changes as above the day was quiet except for minor activities by Bn patrols on Bde front. For patrols night 6/7 Oct see appx.
VLEUT near EINDHOVEN 7   At first light this morning 129 Bty 86 Sp A Tk Regt left Bde area. About 0700 hrs 2 Derby Yeo reported that four deserters had come into their lines. Three of them were Germans which made a useful pointer to German morale on Bde front. Comd 12 Corps visited Bde Hq at 1030 hrs and talked some time to Bde Comd. Throughout day Bn sp weapons incl 3" Mortar Piats, 4.2" mortars Fd and A Tk Arty were used very effectively against enemy posns while 5 Camerons proceeded to dominate no man's land with bold patrols and small raids. The enemy made no reply except by way of a few shells and mortar bombs which did little damage. Our patrols were again active during night 7/8 Oct for full details see appx. Appx I-1
VLEUT near EINDHOVEN 8   Infm gained by patrols since Bde took over sector was put to good use today when nine Victor targets were fired against known enemy posns and spheres of activity. 5 Camerons raided a suspected enemy str pt at 1800 hrs but found no enemy there. It was thought that this posn was held by enemy at night only and that the raid preceded enemy occupation for night.
VLEUT near EINDHOVEN 9   C' Sqn 9 Rtr came into Bde area to fulfil a counter attack role on flank of Royals who were holding a wide sector on left of 152 Bde South of Wilhelmina Canal. The tks were quickly made use of to intimidate the enemy on Bde front. They were used in small raids and to reduce buildings occupied by enemy and from accounts by Pw struck great fear into enemy. Again the enemy were quiet and apart from a little shellfire on BEST the war was very one sided during the day. During the night 9/10 Oct enemy mortars became active. Many bearings were taken on these mortars - their posns were fixed and engaged by 4.2" mortars.
VLEUT near EINDHOVEN 10   Apart from customary harassing programme of int and sp weapons in which 17 prs of 243 A Tk Bty proved very effective againts bdgs the high light of the day's activity was a raid by one tp 2 Derby Yeo and 2 tps 'C' Sqn 9 Rtr. The raid was made in area 378295 and the net result was the capture of a complete pl of enemy Pw numbering thirty five. Pw gave posns of their Hqs and these in turn were engaged as Victor targets. The third Sqn 2 Derby Yeo move into Bde area this morning andcame u/c of 152 Inf Bde.
VLEUT near EINDHOVEN 11   Early in the morning 5 Camerons made a str recce to rly at 362280. Egain they met no enemy. The rest of the day was occupied in recce for further raids and the usual intimidation tactics. Another raid was made by 5 Camerond as a result of infm gained from deserters. No Pw were taken by 5 Camerons but at least three enemy were killed for patrols. see appx.
VLEUT near EINDHOVEN 12   Bde Comd called conf of Unit Comds at 0915 hrs and immediately afterwards went to a conf at Hq 51 (H) Div accompanied by Bm. The remainder of the day was not without incident and fair amount of enemy mov was observed on the Bde front. There was some mortaring on 2 Seaforth & 5 Camerons causing some cas to former. Units were asked to keep an especially sharp lookout during night 12/13 Oct as a certain Vip was travelling behind the Bde front. The night passed quietly.
VLEUT near EINDHOVEN 13   At 1000 hrs 5 Camerons raided an enemy posn about a mile from their own Fdl's. Four tks of 'C' sqn 9 Rtr were in sp of the raiding party. The raid was completely successful it being estimated that as well as spreading consternation amongst the enemy in close proximity to the raid, about eight were killed and one Pw was brought back. Lifebuoys were used by raiding party and were well and truly blooded. Light mortaring and shelling landed on Bde front spasmodically during the rest of the day with the main conc on the BEST br.
VLEUT near EINDHOVEN 14   The day started well with four deserters giving themselves up to 2 Seaforth. This however was the only event of note which happened during the day which culminated in units reporting Ntr in the evening. For patrols see appx. Appx. I - 2.
VLEUT near EINDHOVEN 15   5 Camerons started off the day with a silent raid in enemy posn at wood 370287. The raid was not entirely successful as the enemy greeted the blackened raiders with ill directed grenades and mortar bombs before running away. No Pw were taken, no claims for scalps were registered and no cas were sustained by 5 Camerons. At 1230 hrs 2 Derby Yeo raided another enemy posn. Four tks were again in sp. Enemy were seen running away as tks flushed woods with Mg fire so that when the inf arrived they found no enemy to deal with. The score of the raid turned out even - no cas either side. Those two raids stirred the enemy into some reaction and a good deal of shelling was put down in Bde area during the rest of the day. For patrols for night 15/16 Oct see Appx.
VLEUT near EINDHOVEN 16   At 0645 hrs the enemy shot a few shells at Church Tower in BEST during which some hits were obtained on the tower. Pw had stated that they did not like said tower being used as an Op against them. In actual fact it never had been so used - Op parties always using the church itself. The enemy were fairly active during the day, now being observed on Bde front generally. The daylight activity of units of the Bde was slight during the day but recces and plots were being hatched for further raids and nuisances. 'C' Sqn 9 Rtr left Bde area and in its place came 'C' Sqn 144 Rac. Co-operation between the inf of the Bde and 'C' Sqn 9 Rtr had been developed to a very high stage and the mutual confidence of the two arms was very great. No patrols operated as such during night 16/17 Oct but 5 Camerons had several parties out to destroy the enemy's rest and get on his nerve. These parties shot Lmg's and Verey pistols into enemy lines.
VLEUT near EINDHOVEN 17   at precisely the same hour as yesterday the enemy Sp gun began to shell BEST Church again. This time the gun succeeded int bringing down the tower. More mov was seen on Bde front during the day particularly on the 2 Seaforth sector where enemy vehs were engaged by arty. More than ever before snipers have been active since the Bde moved into the BEST area. The total snipers bag since "D' day must now be upwards of a hundred. It is not simply that the enemy is poorly trained which explains the snipers recent successes for 5 Seaforth's snipers have been pitted against paratps with great success. Late in the evening an Op Instr came in from Hq 51 (H) Div setting out plan of reliefs prior to future offensive ops. According to said Op Instr 152 Bde Gp were to be relieved by some part of 15 (S) Div on 20 Oct. The night passed quietly enough with patrols out hunting from 5 Camerons. Appx. D - 3
18   A further Op Instr was received from 51 (H) Div setting fwd relief by 24 hrs and arrangements were set in train to give effect to this. The situation continued to be vague as no one knew which bns would be relieved and when. Matters were further complicated by contradicting orders being successively received relating to nature of relief i.e. whether by night or by day. The Bde public address aparatus was utilised in giving a short broadcast to the enemy on 2 Seaforth front. In order to ensure that the enemy what was being said the amplifier was taken to within 250 yds of his Fdl's. The Belgian Liaison Officer did the actual talking. Towards evening a trace was reveived of new Bde conc area. O Gp at 1430 hrs.
19   At 0900 hrs a short conference was called by Bm dealing with veh mov before and after relief. Harbouring parties from Bde Gp went off to recce Bde conc area. Area was eventually extended to provide cover for tps. The relief was eventually complete by 1700 hrs when vehs started mov by a most tortuous route. Marching tps mov via ZON to bn areas and were eventually settled in by 2200 hrs.
20   Spent entirely planning Op Colin. Oo No 9 went to press night ( continued on 21) Appx D - 4
21   20/21 Oct and to signals morning 21 Oct. Appx G - 1
22   Bde Hq mov at 1030 hrs just South of EVERSE 4332. 5 Seaforth were to revert to Comd 152 Bde at H hour, Tac Bde Hq was est at 443365 at 2300 hrs. Fragmantation bombing of wood in which 2 Seaforth were directed was cancelled and Bde Comd asked that a hy arty conc should be put down instead. Op Colin was to take place on the second anniversary of El Alamein. This does not mean so much now as it would have a year ago for there are not so many still serving with the Bde who were with is at Alamein but in a strange way that night two years ago is revered by those who have followed. Appx I - 3
23   5 Camerons went off on time and at first all went well. The left fwd coy went straight to its objective without a great deal of trouble. The right fwd coy met hy Mg fire on the line of the rly which rendered every offr in it a cas. This coy was pinned down on very open ground and unable to move. Another coy was put in on the left of the right fwd coy but it too came under hy Mg fire and the coy comd was killed. Time was getting short if 5 Camerons were to be ready to get off on phase II to schedule. Accordingly a second coy was ordered to get round the right flank of 'A' Coy and this attack finally succeeded in rolling up the enemy in the line of the rly ay 0525 hrs once this was done 5 Camerons fairly steamed on to their Fup for phase II, married up with their sqn of E R Yeo u/c and got off on phase II on time. Little trouble was encountered during phase II, bounds being reported regularly until at 0823 hrs. 5 Camerons reported Hearts complete. Bde Comd seeing that 5 Camerons attack would soon be complete had ordered 2 Seaforth to start Thunder at 0830 hrs. 2 Seaforth did so. The arty conc on 2 Seaforth objective was timed to be put down and 2 Seaforth debouched from the area secured by 5 Camerons. 2 Seaforth encountered no opposition at all and by 1010 hrs were nearing Stiletto, their final bound before clearing the large wood known for the op as Spectattor. This clearing was carried out and by 1200 hrs was complete. meanwhile Bde Comd launched 5 Seaforth against OLLAND at 1130 hrs. The attack by 5 Seaforth proceeded slowly against very little resistance the enemy not being possessed of a great deal of fight. This progress was maintained throughout and by 1706 hrs all objectives had been taken and the area South of the rly cleared by 5 Seaforth as far West as R Dommel. Contact between 2 & 5 Seaforth was est at rly 378353 about 1550 hrs. 5 Cameron cleared from main rd SCHIJNDEL - ST OEDENRODE South of the rly to link up with 5 Seaforth on the 39 Easting. 2 Seaforth having completed mopping up Spectator were ordered to area Sketch where they found no enemy and the br blown. 5 Camerons were ordered to move to area X rds 374367, Bde Hq moved to 385367. For the time being the Bde had lost contact. During night 23/24 Oct no patrolling was done except by 2 Seaforth who sent a patrol to br 347352. Bde Comd attended conf at Hq 51 Div at 2100 hrs.
24   2 Seaforth were ordered to cross SCHIJNDEL DYKE in Sketch area and est a br head there so that a class 40 br could be erected. When 2 Seaforth made to do this they came under fire from a few Mgs. Accordingly arty sp was laid on to assist 2 Seaforth in their crossing after which the enemy Mgs disappeared and 2 Seaforth occupied MUNSEL 3336 with no opposition. Res started working on the br but it was estimated that it would take 18 hrs to build. Meanwhile 51 Div was moving fast and in order to fill out another part of the Div front 5 Seaforth were ordered to area Ne of ST MICHIELSGESTEL and came direct under comd Hq 51 Div. 5 Seaforth moved at 1830 hrs to new area 1 E R Y were withdrawn from u/c 152 Bde and in its place one sqn 144 Rac was expected first light 25 Oct. This sqn was ordered to be in sp of 2 Seaforth.
ST MICHIELSGESTEL 25   Bde Comd went to conf Hq 51 Div at 0645 hrs. Orders were there received that 5 Seaforth would revert to Comd. 2 Derby Yeo would come u/c forthwith and Bde Comd would be responsible for clearing area Se of S'HERTOGENBOSCH, and if possible get into Southern end of the city. 5 Camerons were ordered to move to conc area 365402. It was not possible to move them further North as main rd SCHIJNDEL - ST MICHIELSGESTEL was being used by 7 Armd Div. 2 Derby Yeo on axis ST MICHIELSGESTEL - PETTELAAR 3344 cleared towards S'HERTOGENBOSCH whilst 5 Seaforth did likewise via DUNGEN 3643 as far as canal at br 362451. 2 Derby Yeo met no enemy until PETTELAAR when they came under fairly hy mortar fire which was thought to come from own tps in S"HERTOGENBOSCH whilst a patrol of 5 Seaforth was fired on about 1000 yds East of that town on the Willems Canal. Both 2 D Y and 5 Seaforth contacted 53 Div in the late afternoon in or near S'HERTOGENBOSCH, but Bde Comd was ordered to withdraw all tps 1500 yds out of the town to prevent any mix up. 2 Seaforth moved to br 328363 and est a br head at 1730 hrs. Bde Comd went to conf with Comd 51 Div. It apparently transpired there that 7 Armd Div required more room in order to launch itself, and 51 Div had to make the required space. 153 Bde was ordered to do this and 2 Seaforth with one sqn N.Yeo was put u/c 153 Bde for this operation. The night 25/26 Oct was uneventful as none of the units u/c were in contact.
GROENENDAL 26   In the morning of 26 Oct 51 (H) Div were to adv in two thrusts one West from EVERCHE and the other North from HALS towards VUGHT and the Southern part of S"HERTOGENBOSCH. Enemy remnants were still in VUGHT on the West side of R Dommel and 152 Bde was ordered to est itself astride the main rd VUGHT - TILBURG between VUGHT and Reservoir. 5 Camerons were ordered to do this and with u/c one sqn N Y 5 Camerons crossed R Dommel at HALS and mov Sw into an assembly area around GROENENDAL. They were delayed somewhat by crowded roads but eventually the adv to cut said road began at 1630 hrs. No opposition was encountered until main rd VUGHT - TILBURG was reached when 5 Camerons came under a good deal of Mortar & Mg fire. This was cleared up by 2100 hrs and all objectives were taken by 2200 hrs. Meantime 5 Seaforth mov into area in woods to South of main rd VUGHT - TILBURG. Bde Hq move to area GROENENDAL at 1600 hrs. During night 5 Camerons killed a good few Bosche and captured two 75mm A Tk guns. At 1810 hrs Bm was called to conference at Hq 51 (H) Div the outcome of which was that 152 Bde were to relieve units of 7 Armd Div in UDENHOUT area and were to be clear of HELVOIRT X rds by 1000 hrs. At Bde 'O' Gp at 22 hrs Bde Comd ordered Bde Gp to adv on two rds the North rd through HELVOIRT - UDENHOUT and the Southern the main rd VUGHT - TILBURG.
GROENENDAL 27   The mov was scheduled to start from X rds immediately South of HELVOIRT at 0730 hrs but again all rds teemed with vehs of 7 Armd Div which in fact blocked any adv West by 152 Bde. Accordingly move by 152 Bde was postponed and Bde was placed at 2 hrs notice. Meantime 'C' sqn 2 Derby Yeo u/c for move succeeded in forcing its way through 7 Armd Div concs to patrol Nort of North route towards Afwaterings Canal and reporting such areas as were found clear of enemy and locations of such enemy as were still offering resistance. Movement problems were legion but eventually the Bde was able to shake itself out as follows. 2 Seaforth area X rds one mile se UDENHOUT, 5 Seaforth area SCHOORSTRAAT 1939 and 5 Camerons in LAAR 2440. Bde Hq moved to 233388. 5 Camerons were ordered to send one coy to protect a regt of medium arty the safety of which was feared for by 7 Armd Div. 5 Seaforth only were in contact and patrols from this bn brushed enemy during night. This was in fact in front of 7 Armd Div at this time.
UDENHOUT AREA 28   7 Armd Div adv cautiously Westwards but were unable to dislodge enemy from LOON OP ZAND 1540. The presence of the enemy here appeared to disconcert 7 Armd Div somewhat and 51 (H) Div was asked to cope with them. 152 Bde role in attack on LOON OP ZAND was to attack due North about 1500 yds to the East of the town as far as 41 Northing then pass through one bn to cut the road running North from LOON OP ZAND through HORST 1443. At an O Gp at 1115 hrs this general plan was given concrete shape and dimensions. Bde Comd ordered a two bn attack 5 Seaforth right directed on area 179408 with zone of exploitation East thereof and 2 Seaforth left directed on gen area 169414 with zone of exploitation to North and Ne. 5 Camerons were to pass through 2 Seaforth and est themselves on said rd between 41 & 42 Northings. This was phase II. 'H' hour for op was fixed for 151 hrs. The preliminary moves to get assaulting bns on to their respective Sls were effected. The attack was started and at first bns reported everything going well. 5 Seaforth kept on going well and by 1700 hrs were on final objective taking on the way there some 70 Pw and two A Tk guns. 2 Seaforth attack slowed down owing to close country and difficulty in maintaining contact. By 1630 hrs 2 Seaforth had two coys on first objective and the remaining two coys had passed through them. These two coys soon got out of touch with bn and no progress could be had from them. Bde Comd asked 2 Seaforth to make all possible speed in order to allow of 5 Camerons being passed through with as much daylight in hand as possible. The country in front of 2 Seaforth proved to be too thick to permit of quick progress and darkness fell without their being est on final objective and indeed with a mild confusion as to exactly where fwd coys had reached. Bde Comd accordingly postponed attack by 5 Camerons until first light 29 Oct with the additional rider that the attack would not start without his express orders. This was done in consultation with Goc 51 (H) Div. 2 Seaforth did not reach final objective but finished up some four hundred yards South of it. 5 Seaforth meanwhile exploited and cleared as far East as 217411. 5 Camerons moved to HOLENSTRAAT 174398 during attack by 2 & 5 Seaforth. Appx I - 4
UDENHOUT 29   Contact was gradually lost during night 28/29 Oct as enemy beat a hasty retreat Northwards. During the op Bde took about 100 Pw though exact numbers could not be counted as some were passed back direct to Div Pw cage. During morning 2 Seaforth took up their adv where they had left off the previous night and occupied all objectives. They also exploited as far as objectives which had been given 5 Camerons. Only three live enemy were met though a few dead ones were encountered. 5 Camerons moved to EFTELING 1341 without opposition. 5 Seaforth carried out active patrolling during day and succeeded in tracking down and engaging with arty about 100 enemy who were trying to cross Canal. A furter adv was planned and orders for it were given by Bde Comd at a conference at 2115 hrs. For detail see log sheets 29 Oct. The plan was left fluid pruposely until the enemy intentions could be properly gauged. 2 Seaforth wre to patrol to LOONSCH HOUKJE during night 29/30 Oct. If patrols found LOONS HOEKJE unoccupied then 2 Seaforth were to occupy it as soon as possible 30 Oct. If LOONS HOEKJE were found to be occupied then 2 Seaforth were to attack and for this attack an arty fire plan was laid on.
30   Patrols found LOONS HOEKJE unoccupied and 2 Seaforth began to occupy it about 0930 hrs. The rest of the plan was left flexible until enemy movs could be finally ascertained. By morning the enemy except for broken down straglers had completely disengaged on Bde front and the days ops consisted in occupying vacated territory. During the morning the area for which the Bde was responsible for clearing was extended Westwards to 12 Easting. 5 Seaforth were accordingly ordered to occupy BESOIJEN 1446 and as far West as 12 Easting and 5 Camerons WAALWIJK 1546 as far East as Afwaterings Canal. About 100 hrs 5 Seaforth and 5 Camerons started moving to occupy the areas indicated and did so without incident. 5 Seaforth were completely settled in by 1600 hrs with tpt up and 5 Camerons likewise about 1530 hrs. Enemy shells and mortars were landed in small numbers in WAALWIJK and BAARDWIJK during afternoon and evening. 2 Seaforth zealous to gain sight of R Maas took up posns rather North of where they had been ordered on rd LOONS HOEKJE - WAALWIJK with two coys on the rly immediately South of the latter. In the late afternoon civilians reported that some twenty Ss tps were in area PLANTLOON 1744. 2 Seaforth were asked to deal with them but despite diligent patrolling no such tps were in fact discovered. Patrols from 5 Seaforth produced nothing of interest but those of 5 Camerons discovered about fifty enemy in are 1648. These were angaged by arty and nothing more was of them but further patrols est that enemy was digging in and mov about on other side of Canal.
31   Enemy were again seen digging in on other side of Canal. Such effrontery in broad daylight was chastised severely by snipers whose bag for the day was ample. Persistent rumours floated around Bde Hq during morning of impending move but nothing definite could be ascertained until Coc 51 (H) Div visited Bde Hq around 1200 hrs and outlined future plans to Bde Comd who spent the afternoon making a recce of the various approaches to Afwaterings Canal. Reps from 131 Inf Bde visited Bde area in prelude to relieving 152 Bde which after a month of hard campaigning seemed to be bound for immediate ops towards R Maas. The months total of Pw was 289.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Pim van Gelder.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.