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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 5 E Yorks
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. T.L.G. Charles
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
1   FRANCE 1/100000 Sheet 14 & 10
1 0730 Bn. continued pursuit of retreating enemy and moved to PET CAGNY SOUTH of AMIENS, later pushing on to WARFUSEE ABANCOURT 3054 with "B” Coy on bridges over SOMME at SAILLY LAURETTE 3258. B/1
2 1400 Bn moved to fresh concentration area RIVIERE 4093 arriving 1930 hrs in heavy rain. Rfts 3 Offfrs and 156 ORs arrived.
3   a.m.: Bn left RIVIERE and moved to ARRAS arriving 1330 hrs. Bn at short notice to move on. Several reports of enemy stragglers investigated by carrier patrols without result. Percentage of bn allowed in town during evening. Fine day.
4   BELGIUM Ref Map 1/100000 Sheet 7, 8 and 3
4 0630 Move forward to TOURNAI where bn concentrated with possible role of defence of town or further move. 1330 hrs bn continued as advance guard to Bde Gp via NINOVE to ALOST where tumultuous welcome given by civilians. Bn took up positions covering approaches to ALOST from North and North-West and sent “B” Coy gp forward to TERMONDE to seize bridges over SCHELDT. Some enemy still about but no trouble caused and bridges area occupied. "D" Coy later moved to TERMONDE area. B/2
5   Bn continued occupation of area HOFSTADE – GYSEGEM – TERMONDE patrolling North and West. Enemy contacted at ZELE and engaged. Carrier patrol to BRUGSCHEN surprised approx 250 enemy with H.T. resting. Carriers killed 4 and took 147 P.W. Further 85 enemy incl one offr who ran away were later rounded up. Other isolated gps of stragglers were collected by local resistance personnel and handed over. Total PW 326 incl 5 ofrrs. Prisoners handed over incl one agent carrying collection of passports and identity documents as well as complete German offr’s uniform. Fine weather.
6   CO took control of local resistance movements in TERMONDE area, co-ordinated work of O.F., Armee Belgique, and local gendarmerie. No contact with enemy. Fine weather continued. Carrier patrol to WILLEBRUCK - no contact.
7 1730 Bn moved to WESTERLOO 024808 arriving 080300 hrs.
8   Orders for assault crossing of ALBERT CANAL to widen bridgehead already made against considerable opposition by 6 & 7 Green Howards. Bn to cross canal on left flank of other Bns and to clear up enemy strongpoints in village of HET PUNT. Bn moved to assembly area 029884.
8-9   Assault crossing of ALBERT CANAL. Complete surprise achieved and operation successful. 2 offrs and 48 ORs PW taken and 10 men of Green Howards recaptured from enemy. Bridgehead extended to West during morning. Bn HQ 042861. C, E
10   Little enemy activity on bn front except for snipers and small parties of infantry. Quiet night. B/3, B/4
11   Enemy counter-attack to right of bn sector was repulsed. Enemy on bn front more active and shelling increased. Capt. E.J. Crews died of wounds. B/5, B/6
12   Fine day. Enemy inactive. 2130 hrs bn relieved by 7 Seaforth and withdrew over canal to area 0874. B/7
13   BELGIUM Ref Map 1/100000 Sheet 4
13   0830 hrs bn moved to BEERINGEN 2375 to take over close protection of ALBERT CANAL bridges from 1 Dorset of 231 Bde. No enemy activity except for two bombs dropped 2030 hrs. Fine day. B/7
14-17   Bn remained same location - reorganisation and rest. Bde Comd inspected three coys. Baths, theatre and cinema arranged.
19-20   Bn remained in assembly area. Weather fine. Plans for move forward and final task completed. B/9, B/10, B/11
21   Sheet 1/100000 HOLLAND Sheet 5
21   Move 1600 hrs made very slow progress until Bde given priority on road and bn finally arrived NIJMEGEN area at 221400 hrs.
22   Bn took over task of close protection of NIJMEGEN bridges from bn of 43 Div. Bn HQ 710635. B/12
23   Enemy aircraft active in bridge area at 0930 hrs. Showery. B/13, B/14
24   1130 hrs bn ordered to attack through Welsh Guards to capture BEMMEL. B/15
25   Attack timed for 1600 hrs. Little information about enemy. Two coys "B" & “D” forward met considerable opposition on southern outskirts of village and advance was held up. Active patrolling and local fighting during night and plans made for fresh attack a.m. 25 Sep.
25   0700 hrs attack on BEMMEL was renewed from the West with “C" and "A" Coys forward. "C" Coy successful and attained objective with help of tanks of Welsh Guards. 84 PW taken and many casualties inflicted on enemy. "A" Coy met stronger opposition and were assisted by “D” Coy moving up from South. By 1800 hrs bn was established in BEMMEL. B/16, B/17, B/18
26   Bn remained in BEMMEL with enemy active on North and East. Positions reorganised slightly for better defence. Enemy shelling of village continued throughout day and night. B/19, B/20
27   1500 hrs “A” Coy attacked East to clear enemy as far as 744 Easting. Attack successful and 9 PW taken. 233 Fd Coy came under comd to assist in holding the increased bn area. B/21, B/22
28   Bn remained same locations. Enemy shelling increased and some SP guns were active. Own patrolling established presence of enemy to East in some strength. B/23, B/24
29   Bn HQ moved to 730676.
30   No change change in locations. Enemy attack on "A" and "C" Coy fronts was preceded by extremely heavy artillery preparation. Enemy repulsed with heavy losses and own positions remained intact. Quiet night. B/25, B/30, B/31, D

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.