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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 7th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. P.M. Hunt
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
LIESEL 1   Bn holding dug-in positions at LIESEL 6614.
1 0800 C.O. held 'O' Group. Bn to attack and clear area SNOERTS 6814 to CANAL. Two Coys up - 'C' Coy Right, 'D' Coy Left, 'A' Coy reserve.
1 0930 Advance started supported by arty and 4.2" Mortars. No enemy were encountered and Coys reached their objectives and started digging in. Spasmodic shelling by the enemy continued during the adv and some mines and booby traps were encountered. These were dealt with by the Bn Pioneers.
1 1315 Bn HQ at SNOERTS 668144, 'A' Coy 683138, 'C' Coy 692143, 'D' Coy 691137.
1 1700 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
1   During night recce patrols went to Canal and to X Tracks 694131. Carrier Sec Patrol to Foot bridge 706131. Enemy posts were located at 698126-685112. 75 m.m. gun at 692118.
1   Bn Casualties: 4 ORs wounded.
SNOERTS 2   Bn holding positions area SNOERTS 668144 - to stop any infiltration of enemy WEST of Canal.
2 0200 A' Coy - Fighting Patrol to destroy all enemy in area Track 705130 and Houses 706128. 'D' Coy Standing Patrol to prevent any Enemy using Footbridge 697144.
2 1200 Div Comd visits Bn HQ.
2   Enemy shelling Bn Area at intervals, otherwise quiet.
SNOERTS 3   Bn holding positions area SNOERTS 668144 to prevent any enemy infiltration this side of Canal.
3   'D' Coy - Standing Patrol - To deny use of footbridge 697144 to enemy. Contact Patrols: 'D' Coy to contact Carrier Pl - 'C' Coy to contact 'D' Coy.
3   'C' Coy Standing Patrol - To watch and give warning of any enemy coming from area Track and Canal Junc 706131.
3 1030 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
3   Occasional Enemy Shelling throughout the day - Casualties 1 OR wounded.
SNOERTS 3   Bn holding positions area SNOERTS 668144.
3 1915 C.O. held 'O' Group.
SNOERTS 4   A quiet day. There were Standing and Contact Patrols as for last night. No enemy were contacted.
SNOERTS 5   Bn holding positions area SNOERTS 668144.
5 1300 Bn relieved by 'A' Sqn Recce Regt 15 (S) Div. Bn moved to reserve positions 691112 for the night.
5   C.O. held 'O' Group. Bn comes under Comd 44 Bde for clearing OPs tomorrow. Bn to clear area 7009 and Eastwards to Canal and clear marsh area. On clearing area Coys to send forward strong Patrols of fighting strength.
5   Occasional enemy shelling today. Bn casualties: 1 OR Killed, 2 ORs Wounded.
6 0800 Bn starts adv to clear area 7009 to Canal. 'A' Coy Right, 'C' Coy Left, 'D' Coy reserve in firm base. Advance made under Arty Cover. One small post only was encountered this side of the Canal and some small arms fire came from East bank of Canal with occasional shelling. Advance was successfully made and positions consolidated and dug in. A patrol from 'C' Coy under 2/Lt Creighton suffered some casualties. Bn A/Tk guns engaged the posts located with good effect.
6 0900 Coy positions - 'A' Coy 707091, 'C' Coy 708095, 'D' Coy 703094.
6 1200 Bn HQ at NEERKANT 703093.
6   Sgt Bennett, Pioneer Pl Sgt killed whilst removing Teller Mines.
6   Bn Casualties: 4 ORs Killed, 4 ORs wounded.
7   Bn holding positions area NEERKANT 703093 to stop any infiltration of enemy WEST of Canal. Anti personnel mines found at Track 711089, Tellermines 711088. Pioneer Pl clearing area.
7 1900 C.O. held 'O' Group.
7   Contact Patrols and Standing Patrols during night.
7   Occasional enemy shelling but no enemy were contacted.
7   Bn Casualties: 1 OR killed, 1 OR Wounded.
8   Bn holding positions area NEERKANT 703093.
8 1100 Recce parties from 2 Gordons, 227 Bde, 15 (S) Div, look over area.
8 2100 Bn relieved by 2 Gordons. Bn proceeds to Camp SOUTH of DEURNE 655170.
8 2330 Bn arrives at Camp DEURNE 655170 (M.T. Move).
9   Bn at Camp DEURNE 655170.
9 1145 Bde Comd visits Bn and inspects billets.
9   Bn reverted to under Comd 46 (H) Inf Bde, 15 (S) Inf Div.
10   Bn at Camp DEURNE 655170.
10 1130 Div Comd visits Bn and inspects Camp.
10 1600 Bn leaves Camp for FAA prior to taking over from 9 Cameronians.
10 1800 Bn takes over from 9 Cams. Bn HQ HUTTEN 682129, 'A' Coy 694113, 'C' Coy area 694126, 'D' Coy area 695122.
10   Standing Patrol in area of Bridge 708123. O.P. 698119.
11   Bn holding positions area HUTTEN 682129 to prevent any infiltration of enemy WEST of Canal.
11   Bde Comd visits Bn HQ and proceeded on recce of Bridge 708123.
11   Patrols: Standing Patrol area Br 708123 to prevent any enemy crossing and to detach recce patrols NORTH and SOUTH along Canal Bank to find out if enemy is still holding positions on EAST Bank. Standing Patrols by day to relieve Night Patrol.
11   No enemy were observed on Bn front.
12   Bn holding positions area of HUTTEN 682129.
12   Patrols: 'C' Coy Standing Patrol: 1 Offr, 12 ORs to lie up area Br 708123 and prevent any enemy crossing br. 'C' Coy Recce Patrol 1 NCO & 2 ORs to find out if enemy are in area 711116. Carrier Standing Patrol at Cross Tracks 694131.
12   No enemy patrols were reported this side of Canal but our Recce
12   Patrol reported enemy occupying posts on EAST side of Canal at
12   705128 with M.G. Enemy sentries seen at Br. 708122.
13   Bn holding positions are of HUTTEN 682129.
13 1230 Div Comd visits Bn HQ.
13 1300 C.O. held conference on future Ops and training.
13   Standing and Recce Patrols as per previous night. Some enemy were encountered at 708124 and were engaged. Two enemy were wounded.
14   Bn holding positions area of HUTTEN 682129.
14 1000 C.O. went on recce of HORIK 6302 with 'D' Coy Comd. 'D' Coy to move to HORIK on 15 Nov and will come under command of 2 Gordons, 227 Bde, 15 (S) Div. Under Comd 'D' Coy one Recce Assault Troop.
14 1230 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
14 1700 Bn relieved by 2 Glasgow H. Bn moves to Camp SOUTH of DEURNE 655170.
14 1815 Bn arrives at Camp S of DEURNE 655170.
15   Bn at Camp S of DEURNE 655170.
15 0845 D Coy leaves for area of HORIK 6302, comes under comd of 2 Gordons, 227 Bde.
15 1130 8 Corps Comd visits Bn HQ and inspects Camp.
16   Bn at Camp S of DEURNE 655170.
16 1300 Bn leaves Camp.
16 1530 Bn takes over positions from 9 Cameronians. Bn HQ at 695101 SOUTH of HEITRAK, 'A' Coy area 697107, 'C' Coy area 698099.
16 1930 C.O. leaves for 'O' Group at Bde H.Q.
16 1945 D Coy returns to Camp S of DEURNE 655170.
16 2130 C.O. held 'O' Group.
16   Patrols: Standing Patrol; 1 Offr & 11 ORs to lie up area 711105 from 1800 hrs to 0630 hrs. No enemy reported in Bn Area. Quiet day - weather terrible.
17   Bn holding positions S of HEITRAK 695101 to prevent any enemy crossing Canal.
17 1130 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
17   Patrols: Standing Patrol 1 Offr & 11 ORs to destroy any enemy crossing Canal. To send out small det of 1 NCO and 2 ORs to look for any enemy this side of Canal and to visit area of Br. 715100 to try and draw enemy fire and gain information of enemy's strength and positions. MG fire was drawn from posts at 715107 and 717100. Small calibre mortars fired from area 717100. An SP Gun 77 m.m. fired from 725109. Flares observed area 706108.
18   Bn holding positions S of HEITRAK 695101 to prevent any enemy infiltration West of Canal.
18 1400 C.O. to 'O' Group at Bde H.Q.
18 1600 Div Comd visits Bn HQ.
18   Patrols: Standing Patrol - to lie up area 710104 and to destroy any enemy patrols crossing Canal. Recce Patrol - to be detached from Standing Patrol and move NORTH and SOUTH along Canal Bank. Fighting Patrol: on information from Recce Patrol to go forward and destroy or capture any enemy area 715100.
18   A quiet day. Very little shelling on Bn area. Enemy still on EAST of Canal.
19   Bn holding positions S of HEITRAK 695101.
19 1045 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
19 1145 46 (H) Inf Bde crossed Canal. 9 Cams one Coy Bridgehead 711116, 713123, 707128, and one Coy area 720120. One Pl of C Coy crossed canal at 713103 to protect footbridge at 715100. Recce Patrol from 'C' Coy located enemy posts 731114 and 728121. Enemy mortars firing on to Br Head. Rds and tracks in very bad condition with mud and craters.
20   Bn holding positions at HEITRAK 695101.
20 0830 Pl of 'C' Coy withdrawn from area footbridge 715100.
20 0900 A Coy take up positions to protect bridges over Canal at HOOGEBRUG 7012 and relieve Coy of 9 Cameronians.
20 1000 D Coy move into positions vacated by 'A' Coy.
20   C Coy maintain Standing Patrol on EAST Bank of Canal at 715100.
20 2300 Recce Patrol went to area of HELENAVEEN to get infm on state of bridges 737107 and 736105.
20   Recce Patrol bumped enemy near canal bund 736105. Bridges at 737107 and 736105 blown.
21   Bn holding positions at HEITRAK 695101.
21 1345 Bn leaves HEITRAK to follow up after 2 Glas H who are passing through 9 Cams. Roads are in a very bad state.
21 1645 Bn reaches area 786123 and assembles for night.
21   F Echelon vehicles managed to get through marshes with difficulty owing to mud. "Weasels" were used to convey up some stores after tracks became impassable to wheeled vehicles.
21   Occasional enemy shelling.
22   Bn in area Woods 786123.
22 0700 D Coy moves NORTH to give right flank protection to Bn of 11 Armd Div advancing towards AMERIKA.
22 0930 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
22 1100 Bn advances to area VOORSTE HESSE 8014.
22   Roads and tracks in very bad condition - weather conditions appalling - only limited number of vehs managed to get through.
22 1255 Bn in area VOORSTE HESSE 8014, Bn HQ at FARM 805144, 'A' Coy area 808142, 'C' Coy area 802147, 'D' Coy area houses 809146. Road Recce Patrol reports Rds SEVENUM-HORST clear of mines and in fairly good condition. Church in SEVENUM blown and road blocked.
22   4 Allied airmen - 2 RAF and 2 USAAF met in VOORSTE HESSE. They had escaped from Germany after being shot down and had been in hiding for almost two months.
23   Bn in area of VOORSTE HESSE 8014.
23 1045 Div Comd visits Bn HQ.
23   Platoon 'B' to area Br 8214. Br blown and mines on Rd. Rly cratered. Weather conditions still very bad. Main Admin routes have had to be changed to enable stores and vehs to get through to Bn. Weasels and Lloyd Carriers only vehs to manage through rd in Peile.
24   Bn in area of VOORSTE HESSE 8014.
Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
C.O. visits Bde Comd, 227 Bde at HORST.
Carrier Pl to act as screen to adv of 227 Bde on Right Flank area MELDERSLO 8519.
Bn to adv to MELDERSLO 8519 via HORST tomorrow.
25   Bn in area of VOORSTE HESSE 8014.
25 1315 Bn leaves VOORSTE HESSE.
25 1415 Bn at HORST 8317. Bridge 844181 blown. RE building br. Bn to cross when ready.
25 2115 Bn crosses br 844181 and enters MELDERSLO.
25 2230 Bn Positions MELDERSLO - Bn HQ 853194, 'A' Coy 855192, C Coy 857195, D Coy 857197. No enemy were contacted.
26 0800 Bn leaves MELDERSLO 8519 adv to capture HOUTHUIZEN 8917 - little enemy opposition was encountered during the adv. Enemy post was located at 905174 and road block covered by MGs at 903187. Patrols contacted enemy near LOTTUM 9019 and exchanged fire. Posts were dealt with by Recce.
26   Bn dig in area HOUTHUIZEN on WEST bank of R. MAAS. Bn HQ at 888174, 'A' Coy 892173, 'C' Coy 885174, 'D' Coy 898174. Today was the first time the majority of men were able to see Germany (across the MAAS).
26 1530 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
26   Forward OPs were established and good observation was obtained. Enemy diggings and earthworks were seen in progress on EAST Bank of R. MAAS. These were being continually harassed by our arty and mortars. Occasional enemy shells landed in Bn Area.
26   Patrols: Contact Patrols with 9 Cams on our left in LOTTUM 9019. Recce Patrols along bank of River MAAS.
27   Bn at HOUTHUIZEN 8917.
27 0845 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
27 1215 Coys reshuffled and posns are Bn HQ at RLY Station 884167, A Coy 886173, D Coy 895177, C Coy 886156.
27 1630 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
27   Patrols: Contact Patrols to NORTH and SOUTH during the night. Recce Patrol along R MAAS drew fire from EAST Bank.
27   Enemy digging parties were busy on EAST bank and a lot of movement was observed from forward O.P. Arty engaged targets during day - own Mortars kept up harassing fire on enemy work parties. Bn Casualties: 2 wounded.
28   Bn in area HOUTHUIZEN 8917 WEST of R. MAAS.
28 1630 Bn positions taken over by Herefordshire Regt, 11 Armd Div.
28 1845 Bn moves to conc area SCHADIJK 8020 for the night. Weather conditions terrible. Heavy rain. Tracks almost impassable to wheeled vehicles.
28 2100 C.O. holds 'O' Group.
29   Bn at conc area SCHADIJK 8020.
29 1100 Bn leaves conc area SCHADIJK 8020.
29 1600 Bn arrives at ROOTH 8409 WEST of the R MAAS. Took over posns from 4 Lincolns Regt 49 Div. Bn HQ at ROOTH 850092 WEST of the R. MAAS. 'A' Coy N.W. of HOUT BLERICK 878081, 'B' Coy area of Wood 864086, 'C' Coy area of tracks and houses 875087, 'D' Coy area of road and tracks 868094. 1 Coy of 9 Cams under Command at BOEKEND 874100. Carrier Pl edge of WOOD 870084. Area the Bn is now in has been mined by the enemy and paths cleared can only be used. Patrols confirm that enemy are still strongly entrenched opposite us in BLERICK and that he is patrolling "No Mans Land" by night.
29   Contact patrols made during night with 9 Cams Coy. Occasional shelling by enemy in Bn areas. Coys have standing patrols in Coy areas.
29   Capt R.N.C. Hills, Carrier Pl, wounded by shoe mine.
30   Bn holding posns WEST of the R. MAAS at ROOTH 850092.
30 1700 Bn relieved by 9 Cams. During relief enemy shelled area inflicting cas on 'A' Coy.
30 1830 Bn arrives at rest area NORTH of ACHTERSTE HEES 7914. Bn HQ at 797150. Bn Casualties: 1 OR Killed and 3 wounded.

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.