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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 2nd Bn K.S.L.I.
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.-Col. C.G. Millett OBE
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
VENRAY 1   Shelling and mortaring instense during first hour of daylight. Our patrols were active during the night with no response from the enemy, other than in one instance when shots were exchanged. No casualties.
2   Further shelling and mortaring during early hours. Small parties were sent out from our positions with a view to “shooting up” the enemy. They were successful and drew retaliatory fire from various positions.
3   A quiet day with a lessening of enemy mortaring and shelling. During the night minefields were laid on our left flank. Our patrols again active.
4   Some increase in mortar and shellfire.
Our patrols out again during the night and minefields laid on our right flank.
4 2130 Rocket projectile was reported. Reliable witness said that initially there was a red yellow flash through the sky, necoming a pinpoint at great height by the time it was over the Bn area.
5   Long range shelling in early hours. Spasmodic mortar and shell fire during the day. During the hours of darkness Verey lights were fired over the enemy lines, but there were no further developments. Patrols were unproductive of significant information.
6   Apart from normal shelling and mortaring of the Bn area there was nothing to report. The RMO, Capt. J.W. Thompson, RAMC, and the Padre, Capt. Rev. A.E. Goodman, RAChD, left to take up new appointments.
7   Capt. P.A. Robinson, RAMC and Capt. Rev F.A.O. Sanders, RAChD joined the Bn. Patrolling during the night was continued, but no incidents of note were reported.
8   Considerable increase in shelling and mortaring.
Bn HQ received a direct hit, but no casualties.
9   Further shelling and mortaring on a reduced scale. 1 OR of 'W' Coy killed as a result of this activity. Patrols active but nothing to report, with no response to provactive fire.
10 0420 Enemy patrol fired on; one casualty reported in Carrier Pl and one enemy believed killed.
10 0800 Body of dead German found forward of right hand Company.
10   Heavy shell and mortar fire. RAP received direct hit. 3 killed and 8 wounded, including Capt. P.A. Robinson, RAMC, who died of wounds.
Major J.D. Sale, OC 'Z' Coy, and Lieut. H.R. Aldridge, OC Pioneer Pl, also received light wounds from other incidents.
11   Shelling and mortaring continued heavy. 3 ORs wounded.
Patrolling was continued during the night.
12   Capt. N. Grist, RAMC, reported for duty with the Bn. No reduction in enemy mortar and shell fire. 'X' Coy received a direct hit, though no casualties were reported.
12 2330 Reports were received from Companies of a rocket projectile fired from 3 or 4 miles away.
VENRAY 13   Mortar and shell fire continued intermittently. 4 casualties were reported during the day. Our patrols were active, but had nothing to report, and had made no contact with the enemy.
14   Heavy shelling and mortaring throughout the 24 hrs. 2 ORs were killed.
14 0930 A Flying Bomb (V1) passed over Bn area moving North.
15   Shelling and mortaring of Bn area continued with undiminishing intensity.
'X' Coy (left rear Coy) were relieved by a Coy of the 1 Norfolks and moved to area of 'A' Echelon at MR 705323.
'Z' Coy, similarly, were relieved by a Coy of 2 Warwicks and moved to Bde area, their task being to guard bridge over the Loobeek at MR 755273.
16   Enemy activity was on a somewhat reduced scale.
Out patrols were again active, with little response from the enemy.
17   Provocative fire parties brought response from the enemy. No casualties were caused to our troops, though the operations served to confirm that the enemy still held his positions.
Mortaring and shelling was on a somewhat reduced scale.
18 0600 The two forward Coys (W & Y) were relieved by X & Z. Heavy enemy shelling and mortaring of the Coys on route.
18 1400 Two civilians were brought in by the forward Coy suspected of contacting the enemy. They were passed back to Bde HQ for further interrogation.
19   The Bn made alterations in its dispositions and was then deployed on a much wider front on a line drawn from the East to the South of VENRAY.
19 1430 PW was brought in by Z Coy (left forward Coy). He had deserted to our lines.
20   Enemy activity was on a still yet more reduced scale. Patrols were ineffective in drawing response from the enemy.
21   One wounded prisoner was brought in by 'X' Coy (right forward Coy). Otherwise nothing to report.
22   During the night provocative patrols were sent out, but no response was made by the enemy after midnight.
23   The Bn was ordered to move forward with object of establishing whether the enemy had any troops West of a line from WANSSUM to MEERLE. The plan was to send out strong fighting patrols to ascertain whether the enemy held any one position in any strength, and on receipt of their report to move forward a Company as a reinforcement. A further patrol then being sent through that Company to be joined later by another Coy. Weather conditions were very bad. Heavy rain fell all day and the ground was soft and muddy.
23 0750 Z Coy reported no enemy in BRUKSKE.
23 0910 Y Coy completed occupation of BRUKSKE and Z Coy patrol returned to its own area. Two casualties reported by Y Coy due to A.P. mines, which were found to be buried to a depth of some nine inches. This had the effect of nullifying the affect of the explosion, and injuries sustained were of a lesser nature than is normal.
VENRAY 23 0945 Patrol of Pl strength from W and X Coys moved up to area of Z Coy; held in that area whilst movements by 1 Norfolks were completed on our left.
23 1026 Patrols moved forward.
23 1216 Patrols reached line of railway. Were fired on by enemy MG's and three shells fell in their vicinity. No casualties were caused.
23 1308 W and X Coys moved forward to join their patrols, OOSTRUM having been found clear of the enemy.
23 1510 Tac HQ established in OOSTRUM at MR 787264.
23 1610 W and X Coys reported that positions were occupied.
23 1615 Z Coy moved forward passing through W Coy and taking up positions forward of large wood, an operation completed at 1735.
23 1800 Patrols found that OORLOO was clear of enemy.
24 1400 Patrols of Z Coy moving towards MEERLO were fired on, one being killed and two wounded. Z Coy under Major T.H. Read, with under command one section Carriers and an A.Tk gun detachment attacked the enemy position and killed ten of the enemy and captured one wounded prisoner without loss to themselves.
24 1550 W Coy patrol reported bridges blown at MEERLO.
24 1900 Bn HQ removed to ZANDHOEK 814250.
25   Standing patrol of 1 Pl and 1 Sec Carriers was established at MEERLO.
Bn was not established over a wide front in marshy country.
Evacuation of civilians from OORLOO, ZANDHOEK and MEERLO was commenced, and operation completed on the 27th.
26   Standing Patrol was relieved.
27   Standing Patrol was relieved by RUR, and the Bn became Rear Bn with no immediate contact with the enemy.
28 0945 Tactical Recce Party left for new area at RIJKEVORT, BEUGEN and OEFELT.
28   No enemy activity.
29   Recce party returned. NTR in the Bn area.
30 0832 Bn moved in Bde column to new area.
RIJKEVORT 30 1000 Bn took up positions in new area. Two Coys forward and two in reserve. The country to the Bn front was flooded and an expensae of water (including the R. Maas) of some ¾ mile separated our forward elements from the enemy.
30   The Bn were accommodated in private houses, all men being under cover.
HQ was established at MR 717413.
30   Casualites for the month of November were: 1 Officers and 14 ORs killed. 2 Officers and 25 ORs wounded.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com.

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