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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 7th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders
Month and Year: August 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. P.M. Hunt
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
Hill 309 1   Bn held objective, heavily shelled and mortared during morning. See Appdx 'A'
1   In afternoon enemy counter attack dispersed.
1 1130 Bde Comd visited Bn HQ.
Hill 309 2   Quiet day, men rested. Bde Comd visited Bn HQ. Several of the enemy gave themselves up. See Appdx 'A'
3 0800 Bn left Hill 309 to take up posn as reserve Bn. Bn under Comd 44 Bde.
3 1130 Bn arrives at new location 681465. C.O. attended conference at 44 Bde HQ.
4   Bn near LA POULANICE as reserve Bn to ward off counter attack.
4 1245 C.O. to Bde for 'O' Group.
4 1400 C.O. held 'O' Group.
4 1715 Bn left LA POULANICE.
4 1910 Bn arrived at LA BUJERE.
LA BUJURE 5   Bde Comd visited Bn HQ. C.O. to Bde and Recce.
5   Bn ordered to move - time unspecified.
6 0600 Bn left LA BUJURE to F.A.A. for an attack on LASSY.
6 0845 C.O. held 'O' Group.
6 1200 Bn left for attack on LASSY. C.O. badly wounded, enemy much stronger than expected. Objective not reached and Bn took up defensive posns. Major JHG Black took over command of Bn. See Appdx 'C'
7 0130 Bn took up defensive posn at CAVERIE. Bde Comd visited Bn HQ.
CAVERIE 7 2130 21 Rfts arrived at Bn HQ.
7   Enemy shelled area of 'D' Coy who suffered no casualties.
CAVERIE 8   Bn in defensive posn.
8 1130 2 Mk. IV tanks attacked forward posns and were destroyed by 17
8   Pdr A/Tk. One wounded PW of tank crew.
8 1945 Bde Comd visited Bn HQ.
CAVERIE 9   C.O. attended conference at Bde HQ. Area heavily shelled and Bn suffered a few casualties.
CAVERIE 10 0500 'B' Coy sent out patrol to LASSY which was found to be held by enemy. 1 PW brought back.
10 1045 Div Comd visited Bn HQ.
10 1430 Fighting Patrol went out and took 1 PW. This patrol was undoubtedly a great success and the best carried out by the Bn since it went into action. See Appdx 'B' Patrol Reports.
10 2030 Recce Patrol returned with infm.
CAVERIE 11 0310 Smoke seen in Bn area but no sign of enemy.
11 0300 Recce Patrol returned after contacting enemy.
11 1115 C.O. left for 'O' Group at Bde HQ.
CAVERIE 12 0730 5 PWs captured by 'D' Coy.
12 1030 Bde Comd visited Bn HQ.
12 2000 C.O. held 'O' Group.
12   Lt Col P.M. Hunt arrived to take over command of the Bn.
13 0515 Bn left CAVERIE for harbour area. 4 PWs captured by Carriers in area just before moving off.
13 0715 Bn arrives at CATHEOLLES Harbour Area.
13 1430 C.O. held 'O' Group.
13 1500 Bn left CATHEOLLES.
13 1900 Bn arrives at FEUGUEROLLES-SUR-ORNE.
13 1930 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
13 2030 C.O. held 'O' Group.
FEUGUEROLLES 14 1830 Div Comd visited Bn HQ and spoke to all ranks.
15 1030 Bn arrives at FRESNEY-LE-VIEUX.
FRESNEY-LE-VIEUX 16 1845 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
16   Bn resting.
17   Bn resting.
18   Bn resting.
19 0630 Bn left FRESNEY-LE-VIEUX.
19 1030 Bn arrives at ST MARTIN-DE-MIEUX.
19 1430 C.O. held 'O' Group.
19 1500 Recce Patrol went out but contacted no enemy opposition, brought in 7 PWs. Carrier Sec patrolling village of CORDEY brought in 12 PWs.
ST MARTIN-DE-MIEUX 20   Carrier Sec Patrol bring in 3 PW.
21 0830 Bn leaves ST MARTIN-DE-MIEUX.
21 0900 Bn arrives at concentration W of FALAISE.
22   Bn at concentration area W of FALAISE.
23   Bn at concentration area W of FALAISE.
23 1530 Bn left Concentration Area.
23 1615 Bn arrives at previous concentration area at ST MARTIN-DE-MIEUX.
23 1930 C.O. held 'O' Group for advance to River SEINE.
24 1740 Bn arrives at GUPREI, Harbour Area.
GUPREI. 25 0715 C.O. leaves for 'O' Group at Bde HQ.
25 0900 C.O. held 'O' Group.
25 1045 Bn leaves GUPREI.
25 2000 Bn arrives at L'ORAILLE.
L'ORAILLE 26 0630 C.O. held 'O' Group.
26 0800 Bn leaves L'ORAILLE.
26 0930 Bn arrives at LE AUTHIEUX F.A.A.
26 1215 Bn leaves LE AUTHIEUX.
26 1315 Bn arrives at EMANVILLE defensive posn.
EMANVILLE 27 0900 C.O. proceeds on recce of R. SEINE.
27 1100 C.O. held 'O' Group.
27 1330 Bn leaves EMANVILLE.
27 1830 Bn arrives at VIEUX VILLEX.
27 1900 C.O. held 'O' Group.
27 1940 Coy Comds proceed on recce of R. SEINE.
27 2130 Bn leaves VIEUX VILLEX.
28 0030 Bn arrives at VENABLES.
28 1030 Marching Tps crossed R. SEINE between LA MARE and MUIOS [MUIDS].
28 1130 " " arrive at RUE-DE-VOIE harbour area.
RUE-DE-VOIE 28 1245 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
28 1700 Bn 'F' transport arrives in harbour area.
28 1800 Bn leaves RUE-DE-VOIE.
28 1930 Bn arrives at F.A.A. in WOOD, EAST of LA ROQUETTE.
28 1930 C.O. held 'O' Group. Occupied Gd Roucherolles.
29   C.O. went on recce to Pt 149 overlooking Les Andelys. Contacted 9 Cameronians at Noyers and La Vacherie.
29   Bn left Gd Roucherolles for Les Andelys via Le Thuit and La Vacherie. Bn entered Les Andelys at 1830 hrs. Met no opposition. 4 POWs.
LES ANDELYS 30 1130 Div Comd visited Bn HQ.
30   5 POWs.
LES ANDELYS 31 1030 Bde Comd visited Bn HQ.
31   Casualties during August, 1944. Killed: 1 Offrs and 11 O.Rs.; Wounded: 9 Offrs and 81 O.Rs; Missing: 3 O.Rs.

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.