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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 9th Bn The Cameronians (S.R.)
Month and Year: December 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt Col Sir EMA Bradford Bt
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
MAASBREE 1   Situation unchanged. Night patrols report enemy holding general line of A/TK ditch in front of BLERICK. APP E/1
1 1830 46(H) Inf Bde - OP. JACKSON. 9th Cameronians NOT required for patrolling. Only protective patrols required.
1 0600 46(H) Inf Bde Adm ORDER NO 13. OP. GUILDFORD. APP. G/1.
1 1300 C.O. to Bde 'O' Gp. APP. E/1.
1 0330 Disposition of Bn as shown on attached MAP. APP J/1.
2 0500 Situation unchanged. Bn area subject to shelling and mortaring, particularly in BRIDGE AREA.
2 1035 C.O. 'O' Gp at Bn HQ. Ref. 46(H) Inf Bde OP instr No 21. Bn not required to take part in this OPERATION except for giving sup fire if required. MORTARS to fire SMOKE SCREEN on Right flank. 'B' Coy be prepared to withdraw to safety zone for our ARTY fire. APP E/2
3   'B' Coy commenced withdrawing for OP GUILDFORD. APP E/2
3 1310 ARTY barrage opened up on targets APP E/2
3   Attack on BLERICK by 44(L) Bde going according to plan. 'B' Coy commenced to occupy old positions, in doing so they sustained 1 off and 2 OR Killed and 3 OR wounded by enemy shelling HOUT BELRICK AREA. During this part of operation enemy shelling was heavy, but it was unobserved and purely D.F. tasks and into smoke screens laid by Bn MORTARS.
3 1400 46(H) Bde by telephone informed C.O. that Bn (less 1 Coy) will withdraw night 3 DEC to area BERINGEN being relieved by 8 Bn ROYAL SCOTS. Coy to remain would be right hand Coy ("B"). HOUT BLERICK. 2 casualties in BN HQ, shellfire.
3 1815 44(L) Bde attack going very well, leading Coys half way through BLERICK, opposition very light. 7 SEAFORTH leading Coy on objective.
3 0700 Prisoners commenced arriving Bn area at this time and up until Bn was relieved a total of approx 65 passed through Bn HQ.
3   Bn started moving to area BERINGEN 751085.
3 2025 Bn was "B" Coy and skeleton BN HQ arrived in area BERINGEN. Troops carried in T.C.V's. for new location APP J/2
BERINGEN 4 1030 8 Bn The Royal Scots arrived Bn HQ and 'B' Coy under comd of them. "B" Coy to be relieved by one Coy of 8 Bn The ROYAL SCOTS at 1300 hrs. This did not take place as it was considered that this area was under enemy observation during daylight. Remainder of Bn engaged in administration and cleaning weapons etc.
4   B Coy arrived area BERINGEN by T.C.Vs.
BERINGEN 5 2030 Bn recce parties to ASTEN to recce Rest Area occupied by 227 Inf Bde, returning same day.
5   Bn still engaged in general cleaning and adm.
5   C.O. to Bde Comd Conference. H/1
BERINGEN 6   C.O. conference with Coy comd at Bn HQ, ref. APP H/1
6 1300 Bde COMD conference 5 DEC
6   Bn still engaged in general cleaning and Adm.
7   Bn engaged in administration etc. To leave 7 day rest completely free for training.
7 1910 Bn Harbour party moved off to occupy billets at present occupied by 2 GORDONS, 227 Inf Bde.
7   46(H) Infantry Bde Adm Instr No 7 APP. H/2
7 0930 Movement order received from 46 Bde for move to relieve 2 GORDONS, 227 Inf Bde B/1.
7   Move to ASTEN issued to Coys. APP D/1
7   46(H) Inf Bde Adm instruction No 6. " H/3.
BERINGEN 8   Bn commenced moving from BERINGEN and leading tps embussed arrived ASTEN. Bn in new location 1510 hrs.
8   All troops under cover in ASTEN area in houses.
ASTEN 9   Inspection and General Admin by coys.
9   Capt Muir detailed to proceed to ROULERS to collect rfts from 50 DIV.
ASTEN 10   Training for all Coys as shown on Coy training programmes.
10   Entertainments for troops, in HELMOND, DEURNE & EINDHOVEN.
10 0900 Capt Muir returned from ROULERS with 1 officer and 72 ORs from 50 DIV.
ASTEN 11 1400 Training as per programme.
11   C.O. inspected Rfts and adj. detailed them to Coys.
11 1615 Battle GROUP formed Lt HEENAN and 1 pl attached to SUPPORT Coy.
11   Commanding Officer, 15(S) Div conference on leave to the U.K.
11 1000 Points discussed 1 Balloting first Group on 1 JAN 44. 2 ELIGIBILITY after six months service in this theatre. 3 Travelling time for personnel whose journeys take longer than 12 hours or where destinations be NORTH of a given line.
11   Brig R.M.L. Villiers D.S.O, visited Bn and addressed Rfts from 50 Div.
ASTEN 11   Relief of 44(L) Inf Bde on 16 DEC 44. APP E/3
ASTEN 12 1030 Div Comd visited Bn and addressed Rfts from 50 Division.
12   Instructions for Presentation of Medal Ribbons by Commander in Chief 21 Army Gp on 13 Dec 44.
12   Commanding Officer on Recce of area to be taken over on 16 DEC 44 with particular reference to Pl located at BERCK CLOISTER and Coy locality to be sited at OP-DEN-HERT. The ground in this area is very open and CHURCH towers and water Towers on EASTERN Bank of MAAS have good observation on this area. The difficulty is in supplying this Coy as the only good road leading to it is under constant observation. Supplies could be brought in from the WEST under cover but that part was flooded approx one week ago and the ground is unsuitable for M.T. A further recce to be made on the 13 DEC to occupy other Coy areas, as all tracks in area leading to BLERICK are in very muddy condition.
ASTEN 13 1930 Coy training as per programme.
13   Presentation of medals took place as per instructions. APP J/3.
13   C.O. and 2 I/C attended address to Senior Officers by C.IN.C.
13   46(H) Inf Bde Op Instr No 22 received from Bde. APP E/4
ASTEN 14   Training as per programmes.
14   Operation Instrs issued to Coys for move to relieve 44(L) Bde on 16 Dec. APP D/2
ASTEN 15   Move to relieve 44(L) Bde now cancelled.
15   C.O. and Coy comd would recce area of 158 Bde on 16 SEP. C.O. to meet BRIG R.M.L. Villiers D.S.O. at HEIJTHUIZEN at 1300 hrs on 16 SEP.
15   46(H) Inf Bde Adm Order No 14. APP H/4.
15 1100 Training carried out as per programme.
15   Bn walk run in afternoon 3 miles.
15 1400 46(H) Inf Bde OO No 16 received for relief of 158 Bde 53 WELCH DIV. APP. E/5.
ASTEN 16 1520 C.O. and Coy comd recce area 1 E.L.R. (EAST LANCASHIRE REGT. For dispositions see APP. J/3. APP. J/3.
16   Bn engaged on training.
16 1715 Bn Ballot for leave commenced. Lt J.A. Werth, Dutch L.O. 15(S) Div, drawing places.
16 1130 Moderator Church of Scotland visited Bn.
16   46(H) Inf Bde Adm Order No 15 received APP H/5.
16   C.O. to 46(H) Bde conference.
ASTEN 17   Bn commenced leaving ASTEN area. During the morning a number of enemy planes passed over ASTEN. No action took place in this area.
17 1630 During the move a number of enemy planes passed over the column, No bombs dropped on the Bn column.
17   At 1310 hrs the Bn arrived area ROGGEL and debussed. Transport went straight to locations. All Coys could be relieved in daylight, with the exception of 1 Pl of "C" Coy in area HANSSUM. Coy representatives 1 officer per Coy and 1 NCO per pl remained with 1 EAST LANC Regt on night 16/17 DEC.
17   All Coys in position as shown on AP J/3. No enemy action took place during this change over. One O.R. in "A" Coy wounded by "SCHU" mine 300 yards before entering Coy area.
17   Patrol being carried out on night 17/18 to include Contact between Battle Group and 'A' Coy, B Coy and 2 GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS. 'C' Coy & 'B' Coy to carry out fighting patrol in area SOUTH of HANSSUM. SEE APP. J/4(1).
17   This part of River flooded to a large extent which rendered observation on the far bank very difficult. 'B' Coy to recce burnt Houses in area 791956 to establish a daylight O.P.
17   This patrol was unsuccessful.
NEER 18   During night enemy A/C active over Bn area and a number of flares were dropped, and one bomb in Bn area. No casualties.
18 1930 At 0520, an enemy patrol penetrated up Canal between A Coy and 2 GORDONS approx 15 strong. It came fairly close to 'A' Coy Right hand pl, and was heard to say several words in English. No further action was taken by 'A' Coy and shortly afterwards this pl was fired on by S.A. and Grenades. Nothing further was heard or seen of this enemy patrol.
18   During remainder of day OP. were manned in all Coy areas and remainder of Coy allowed to rest.
18 0630 2 I/C Mjr P.L. Hendricks and Q.M. to recce area OULEN, SOUTH of TURNHOUT.
18   Patrols for Night 18/19 DEC 44. APP J/4(2)
NEER 19   For patrol reports see APP J/4(2).
19   Enemy Arty shelled Bn area from 0640 - 0710. No casualties.
19   The weather was very misty which allowed patrols to recce up to banks of MAAS. A Coy formed an O.P. in WAIJE 794981 but owing to mist good observation was impossible, but remained in that location until dark. B Coy had forward O.P. in area of houses 790956. The remainder of day was very quiet and no enemy activity.
19   This continued until 2230 when two flares went up just forward of Battle Group. This was later identified as being set off by pigs.
19 0600 At 0030 hrs the enemy commenced machine gunning area 791960 and mortaring area 784956, this continued until approx 0235 hrs, when the area of the machine guns was brought under our artillery fire. The enemy fire stopped at 0235 hrs.
19   The remainder of night was quiet.
NEER 20   For patrol reports see APP J/4(3) J/4(3)
20   The weather was again very misty, and forward OPs still manned during daylight.
20 0600 C.O. and 1 rep from each Coy attended Flame throwing demonstration at HELMOND.
20   Bn being relieved during daylight 22 DEC 44 by 7 SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS and would move into Bde reserve at ROGGEL 7397.
NEER 21   Patrols report very quiet, no enemy casualties on this side of RIVER MAAS.
21 1330 2 GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS patrol did not contact B Coy Forward Pl.
21   Weather misty.
21 1520 Enemy patrol reported at 785967 about 12 strong moving in direction of 'B' Coy.
21 1550 C.O. detailed fighting patrol to area stream 787967, if misty will move fwd to HO. 791956, where they had withdrawn from. If not misty will do so when dark. When 'B' Pl reach 787967, carriers will commence clearing HO. 782968 and HOUSES 786968.
21   Area 787967 and 792968 will be mined with 75 grenades.
21   All the area searched by carriers and nothing found.
21 0600 Forward OP back in position.
21   Brig R.M. Villiers DSO visited this forward O.P at the time as it was in position accompanied by the C.O. This area now to be a pl locality; to move into this area when dark.
21   Reps from 7 SEAFORTH recce Bn area for take over on 22 DEC 44.
NEER 22 1400 During the remainder of night no enemy activity on this side of River, although one trip flare was set off at A/TK area. This was later identified as being animals.
22   A certain amount of enemy tpt movement was heard on far bank which was later shelled by our artillery. Results unknown.
22   7 SEAFORTH commenced arriving in Bn area and proceeded to Coy areas.
22   Relief complete, Bn now in ROGGEL 7397, billeted in Houses in area.
ROGGEL 23   Training carried out in area close to ROGGEL, including firing all weapons and PIATs.
23   The weather changed at this time and hard frost set in.
23   Arrangements going ahead for Xmas dinner on 25th December. Lt Q.M. Bunce had collected from R.A.S.C. all necessary supplies.
23   C.O. lectured to all Officers and N.C.O. of Bn on necessity of rigid sentry orders, when Bn was covering such large defensive positions.
ROGGEL 24   Training carried out in areas around ROGGEL. During the morning L/cpl Marandolla, Post Cpl, whilst getting mail from ASTEN, was STRAFFED by enemy planes. The 15 cwt truck was set on fire. L/cpl Marandolla, and the driver escaped without injury, and all the mail was saved. APP. E/6
24   46 (H) Inf Bde OP Instr No 23
ROGGEL 25   Bn Holiday.
25   Coys had Xmas dinner in the Regimental style with the Commanding Officer, second in command and Adj. visiting each Coy.
25   Bn officers in afternoon played Basketball, by areas.
ROGGEL 26   Training carried out. APP.
26 1330 9 Cameronians will relieve 2 GH on 28 DEC. On relief 2 GH move to ROGGEL. Cameronians will carry out patrolling night 28/29. Reps will stay night 27/28 in 2 GH location. Cameronians will take over when possible by daylight between 1500 and 1630. Relief complete by 1900.
ROGGEL 27 1630 Bn demonstration of Wasp & Lifebuoy equipment.
27 1715 C.O. and Coy comd recce 2 GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS location. For locations see attached map J/3.
ROGGEL 28 0800 Bn commenced moving off to relieve 2 GLASGOW HIGHLANDERS.
28   Relief complete all coys in position
28   All standing patrols in position in areas as shown on J/3. To lie up in this area until 0720 then commence withdrawing to A Coy to be in before first light.
HAELEN 29   Patrols returned to A Coy. No enemy encountered on this side of MAAS. Nothing unusual reported. The weather at this time was very misty and visibility was about 50 yds. The patrols got down to the line of MAAS, at two points. The banks being only two foot high, most of this patrol area was flooded one week ago and now it was mostly covered with ice.
29   The patrols were out for 14 hours in this extremely cold weather, and special clothes and self heating foods were asked for.
29 1800 The weather again very misty and the C.O. ordered 'S' Coy & 'C' Coy to R.V at 'A' Coy HQ to take over same patrol areas as for night. They would NOT go out until ordered by HQ.
29 0630 During the morning the weather improved but by 1300 it deteriorated and at 1500 hrs the C.O. ordered it to move off. It remained in position until relieved by the night Standing Patrol on the evening 29 Dec.
29   Observation posts had very little to report as the mist stopped observation.
29 0700 All night patrols in position, one patrol with DUFFLE COATS, remainder not yet supplied. Patrols of 2 NCO, 8 men.
HAELEN 30   Night activity nil. From patrol reports at 0800 hrs 3 sector had fired on figures in their area, they were later identified as being No 2 patrol who had moved out of their area No casualties. No 1 patrol claimed having fired at these figures but owing to mist and dark, no hits observed on targets.
30   The C.O. ordered the Standing Patrol from 'C' Coy to R.V at "A" Coy HQ to be prepared to move into areas 2 & 3 to cover, during thick fog. "S" Coy patrol ordered to STAND BY in "A" Coy area to be prepared to cover remainder of patrol areas.
30   C.O. then ordered that if weather clear 2 snipers would occupy a position in the centre of patrol areas and cover by observation the area of EINDE & ASSELT during the hours of daylight, until relieved by night Standing Patrols.
30 1750 If slightly foggy, either 'S' or 'C' Coys would supply one patrol of 2-8 to cover area.
30 1755 If very foggy both companies would be prepared to supply one patrol of 2-8. C Company to cover areas 3 & 4. 'S' COMPANY areas 1 & 2.
30 0800 During day, a number of enemy were observed moving about on far bank.
30   'C' Coy patrol returned to A Coy HQ with information that SPANDAU located in area of EINDE fired three bursts during day.
30 2359 All patrols night standing in position.
HAELEN 31   Patrols report very quiet night, nothing to report. During remainder of day enemy shelled area of BUGGENUM occupied by A Coy. This lasted for periods up to 20 minutes, No casualties. This shelling continued up till 1810 hrs, with No casualties to Bn.
31   ARTILLERY and M.M.G. opened up with NEW YEARS GREETING on known enemy positions.

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.