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Army Form C.2118
Unit: No. 3 Indep MG Coy NF
Month and Year: September 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Major W.E.N. Davis
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
Field 1   We set off to cross the SOMME. When we reached the SOMME there was slight opposition and we harboured temporarily at 888595 and crossed during the night to the area 0664 where we again harboured.
2   We moved to area FREVENT 1299 where we were made responsible for the protection of the village. Coy HQ was set up at 123996 but in the afternoon we decided to move into FREVENT to the Chateau at 129997. We arrived here at 1750 hrs and were shelled by two SP guns until 1820 hrs when we decided to clear out very quickly. Unfortunately, Fus. Watson, the CO's batman was killed, two 15 cwts destroyed, three other vehs punctured and 1 M/C destroyed. We cleared out to 123996 and stayed the night there.
3   We spent most of the day mending punctures, etc, and at 1930 hrs we moved to 373148 south of BARLIN. During the night we had a complete Stand-To as enemy were reported approaching us from the north but nothing came of it.
4   We moved to concentration area near MAZINGARBE at 442189 where we spent the night. A most terrific welcome was given us.
5   At 1600 hrs we moved and crossed the BELGIAN frontier. We harboured for the night at 0200 hrs about 10 miles west of OUDENARDE. 15 Pl were with the 1/7 and 13 Pl the 1/5 Queens.
6   We set off again at 0700 hrs. Opposition was bumped in OUDENARDE and 14 PI was given a task to protect a portion of the CL. The Centre Line was changed and we arrived at 1200 hrs at WALSEGEN 2463 where we harboured temporarily and at 1600 hrs we set off to OOSTERZILLE 2467 where we harboured for the night.
7   14 Pl rejoined us and we remained in the same locality.
8   We moved off and at 2000 hrs arrived in GHENT. We parked our tpt outside the Hotel de la Poste inside which the officers all had a very comfortable bed. The enemy decided to shell us most of the night from the north of the Canal.
9   1/5 and 1/6 Queens were given the job of getting the enemy out of the town north of the Canal. 13 Pl who were with 1/5 had a rather sticky time, as they were given the task of firing down the streets to give covering fire to the inf. As soon as they ceased firing they became easy targets for snipers and they suffered 1 killed and 4 wounded. Cpl. Pepper, killed and Fusiliers Park, Sohman, Brown & Powell wounded. Powell was only grazed on his neck by a bullet and was able to remain at duty. 12 Pl - See App “A”.
9   Considerable shelling during the night.
10   Remained in GHENT. 13 and 14 Pls came back for a rest. The night was again rather disturbed by enemy shelling.
11   At 1600 hrs we moved outside GHENT and harboured at 268721 for the night. All Pls rejoined us.
12   At 1400 hrs we moved to WAVRE NOTRE DAME 7978. Here the men were all in billets, some in the school and the remainder in the Dance Hall. We had the most terrific welcome all along the route.
13-17   Remained in the same place and sent liberty trucks daily to MALINES and BRUSSELS. On the 16th, 14 PI and 13 Pl reported to 1/6 and 1/5 Queens respectively to occupy positions along the ALBERT CANAL, east of ANTWERP.
18   We moved again once more! We were supposed to move off at 0700 hrs but did not move off until 1300 hrs. The Bde’s task was left flank protection to 53 Div who were to push on over the ALBERT CANAL. We arrived at 1600 hrs at 032834, where we remained for the night. It was originally meant that we should be the other side of the canal but owing to the number of troops already on the ground, we stayed this side.
19   Remained in same locality. 12 Pl were with 1/7 Queens and took up a position at 013889 with OPs in churches at St. JOSEPH COLEN 0291 and DOFFEN 0089. 14 Pl remained with Coy HQ. 15 Pl were with 1/7 Queens also and had positions in the factory area in square 0190. 13 Pl were with 1/5 in square 0490. The task of the Bde is to prevent the enemy infiltrating through the triangle formed by the main road running through GHEEL between the ESCAUT and the ALBERT canals with HERENTHALS which was occupied in strength by the enemy as the apex.
20   Remained in same area and 14 Pl joined the 1/6th and took up a position in 0691. No enemy were south of the ESCAUT but it was not wise to show one's self on the south bank as one would have soon been picked off by a sniper.
21   Coy HQ moved across the ALBERT canal and harboured at 038869. The Mortar PI was extremely active and shot up enemy targets all day in the area of the woods in 0191 and 9991 and 0091.
22   Remained in same locality. By an unfortunate accident, Sgt. Pickering was shot just below the heart by a shot out of a revolver that had fallen on the floor of his Pl HQ. During the night the enemy pulled out and on the morning of the 23rd it was obvious that he was no longer occupying positions on the northern bank of the ESCAUT. Civilians also reported that he had pulled out of HERENTHALS.
23   We moved to 148897 where we had no operational responsibility and all got a good nights sleep. 21 reinforcements joined us.
24   We set off at 0930 hrs and we harboured again for the night at 362099 near RIETHOVEN where we again had no operational responsibility. 14 Pl and the Mortar PI both rejoined us. Owing to an unfortunate carrier accident, Sgt. King, Fus. Holton and Fus. Redpath were all badly injured in their carrier.
25   We moved off to clear the CL which had been out on the 24th between OUDENRODE 4232 and VEGHEL 4737. In order to do this it was decided to attack with one bn up the OUDENRODE – VEGHEL road and another up the OUDENRODE – SCHINDEL road (4138) and to put a block on the OUDENRODE – OLLAND 3834. 1/7 Queens with 15 Pl went up to VEGHEL road and 1/5 with 13 PI up the SCHINDEL road. Coy HQ harboured temporarily at 448312 and then moved to 430435 where we remained the night. Fus. Swift of 13 Pl together with his M/C was reported “Missing”.
26   The road from OUDENRODE to VEGHEL was cleared and traffic once more able to get through and get supplies up to the Guards Armd Div, 43 Div and the Airborne troops in the NIJMEGEN area, but the road was under continuous shell-fire. Sgt. Grimmer of 13 Pl was badly wounded in the neck and Fus. McCabe who remained at duty was also slightly wounded. The attack on SCHINDEL was not a success and the enemy there was in far greater strength than had at first been thought. We remained in the same area. 11 Reinforcements arrived.
27   We remained in the same area and 12 PI joined the 1/6 Queens and shot off 200 bombs. The enemy continued his shelling of the CL and made life very unpleasant in the area between the two roads. This proved to be an unfortunate day as Fus. Jarman who only joined us as a reinforcement the night before was killed and Fus. Lannon got a nasty wound in his shoulder. Fus. Russel and Fus. Scott also were slightly wounded but remained at duty. By a Sten gun falling to the ground Sgt. McLellan and Cpl. Slater of the Mortar PI were both wounded and had to be evacuated.
28   We moved off at 0600 hrs to an area just south of VEGHEL where we harboured temporarily at 468338 and had breakfast, the idea being to put an attack in on the north and south side of the Canal towards HERTOGENBOSCH which was held in strength as an escape route for the enemy from south to north. This was cancelled and another plan tried. The enemy was found to be south of the canal and not north and DINTHER was occupied by the 1/5 and it was decided to cross the canal from north to south during the night with the 1/6 Queens. Coy HQ moved to 500366 with 12 and 14 Pls. 13 Pl remained with 1/5 at DINTHER and 15 Pl with 1/7 who remained in their same area on the left of the OUDENRODE – VEGHEL road. The crossing of the canal was tried by night but was not a success.
29   Remained in same locality. 1/5 Queens pushed a further 4000 yds beyond DINTHER towards HERTOGENBOSCH, and 1/6 remained in their positions on the northern bank of the canal.
30   Remained in same locality. 1/7 Queens were relieved by 158 Bde and 15 Pl rejoined us. See Appendix “D” for remainder of days ops.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes,, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.