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Army Form C.2118
Unit: No. 3 Indep MG Coy NF
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Major W.E.N. Davis
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
Field 1   Most of the enemy have now withdrawn to a line behind the R. MAAS. There are still some to the East of the AFTWERINGS CANAL in 51 (H) Div area.
1   12 Corps job is protection of the south bank of the R. MAAS and 131 Bde have the sector between 10 Easting and the AFTWERINGS CANAL. The method is to hold the main road running west through BAARDWIJK and WAALWIJK with patrols out to the R. MAAS. 1/6 Queens responsible for area 10 Easting - 13 Easting, 1/7 Queens 13 Easting to 16 Easting, 1/5 Queens 16 Easting to AFTWERINGS CANAL. 14 PI covering an arc from 100494 to R. 148494 in the 1/6 area. 15 Pl covering an arc from L.110498 to R.180486 in 1/7 Queens area. 13 Pl covering an arc from R.190477 in L.190433 in 1/5 Queens area. The 1/5 Queens have arranged to cover the gap between 13 Pl left of arc and 15 Pl right of arc. 12 Pl is under command 1/5 Queens. 5 men from each pl attended a cinema in TILBURG at 1400 hrs and another cinema in KAATSHEUVEL was open to as many men from HQ and A.2 who cared to go. Appendix E 1 & 2
2-3   Coy remained in same positions. Appendix J 1, 2 & 3
4   The Bde was given the task of supporting an attack by 51 (H) Div with the object of clearing up the enemy on the eastern side of the AFTWERINGS CANAL. In order to give the necessary support the operation was split up into various tasks. See Appendix
4   The tasks ware sub allotted as follows in the Coy. 13 Pl who shot from their present positions did tasks 1-3 incl, 10-12 incl. 15 Pl 4-6 incl and 7-9 incl shot from 175466. 12 Pl shot from 169469 tasks as laid down in Appendix E 3. 12 Pl reverted to command 1/5 Queens immediately their task was completed and returned to their former location. 15 Pl returned to their former location immediately their task was completed.
5   The Highland Div did not ask for any further support and their attack was a complete success. The fire brought down on DRUNEN reduced it to flames. Pls remained in their same positions.
6   The Bde with the exception of 1/6 Queens was relieved by the 5th Royal Tanks and the Nederlands Brigade and moved to take over the area east of the AFTWERINGS CANAL, to the ENGELEN CANAL from 51 (H) Div. This was done by 1/7 on left, 1/5 in the centre and 1/6 to come into positions on the right on the 7th. Pls came under command of bns.
7   1/6 Queens and 14 PI moved up.
8   A Bde Guard commenced at B Ech for prisoners. Got notice at 1400 hrs to move south of AFTWERINGS CANAL. Moved at 1600 hrs.
9   Recce parties departed at 1100 hrs to area west of ROERMOND to recce MG positions to be occupied on 10th and taken over from 53 Div. Bde pulled out of the line and was relieved by the Canadians. 12, 14 & 15 Pls passed to under command of 1/6 Queens and 13 Pl remained with 1/5 Queens. All Bns concentrated for move on 10th.
10   Moved off 1000 hrs. Early part of move very slow owing to traffic of Canadians moving up to take over, consequently never arrived into positions until well after dark. Appendix E 4 & 5
10   Took over from 1st Bn Manchesters who left their positions without even handing over. Bde responsible for area right where 84 Northing cuts R. MAAS to left where 90 Northing cuts NEDERWEERT WESSEM CANAL. 1/5 Queens on the left and 1/6 on the right, 1/7 in reserve. See trace for areas of fire of Pls. Appendix J 4 & 5
11   Remained in same positions. Enemy Arty and Mortar fire very active during the early evening. Appendix J 6
12-13   Remained in same positions. Appendix J 7
14   Op Windsor took place and was successful.
15-16   Remained in same position.
17   1/6 Queens took WESSEM. 12, 14 & 15 Pls changed locations to WESSEM. See Appendix A
18-19   Remained in same locations.
20   15 PI was pulled out of the line for a rest and so that they could get on with maintenance.
21   It rained all day and the condition of the track up to our harbour area is getting impossible.
22   Remained in same locations.
23   Owing to the condition of our track we were forced to move today. - To stay any longer would just mean being bogged and a hurried move would be impossible. The 1/5 and 1/7 Queens also moved to take over HEEL and BEEGDEN. 15 Pl joined 1/7 Queens and 12 Pl was placed at the disposal of 1/5 and 1/7 when they needed them. 12 Pl was under canvas as they were unable to find billets in the only area from which they could do their job. The 1/7 Queens would not allow them to take up a position behind BEEGDEN owing to the stuff that would be thrown back on them.
24   Remained in same locations.
25   Remained in same locations. A majority of the Coy have got nasty colds.
26   Remained in same locations. Coy HQ played football against the local population of NEERITER and beat them. We received warning orders that 12 Pl might be needed for ops with 49 Div in the near future. 7 men on 48 hrs leave to BRUSSELS.
27   Remained in same locations. Half the Coy officers were addressed by the GOC 7 Armd Div at BREE.
28   Received warning order of a probable move to take over from the Guards Armd Div in the area south of MAESECK. Appendix E 8
29   Remaining half of Coy officers were addressed by the GOC at BREE. Discussed past and present operations and future. Stressed necessity for training and mental alertness - war would not end this year - might finish with early spring offensive. Ended by announcing that leave was starting to the UK on 1 Jan. Appendix E 9
29   Coy Comd attended an O Group at Bde HQ at 1430 hrs and held an O Group at Coy HQ at 1630 hrs. We move off tomorrow to concentrate south of MAESEYK for three or 4 days. Bde alterations as below to take place during the period of concentration. 1/6 and 1/7 Queens being disbanded and replaced by two bns from 50 Div - 9th DLI and 2nd Devons. Brigadier Cox handing over Bde to Brigadier Sperling and going home with 50 Div which is to be a home training unit. 14 Pl to be allotted to 9 DLI and 15 PI to 2 Devons. 13 Pl to remain with 1/5 Queens. 7 Armd Div to pass to command 30 Corps and after concentration period to provide left flank protection to 30 Corps. 30 Corps job to provide left flank protection to Ninth US Army.
30   See Appendix E 10. Moved. All pls joined Coy in new location.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes,, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.