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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 4th Tk Bn Grenadier Guards
Month and Year: April 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. H.R.H. Davies
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
WELBECK 1 1500 Sqns carried out Infantry/Tank co-operation with the 9th Bn the Cameronians to-day. Otherwise routine training and maintenance for remainder of Bn. From to-day on duties and the mobile detachment mount at 1900 hrs.
2 1500 Sunday. Voluntary church parades at HOLBECK for C. of E. personnel. Roman Catholics in the Quiet Room.
3 1500 The Bn took part in an exercise with the 9th Cameronians on the golf course to-day. This consisted of a combined assault on three objectives, and also passing through a minefield before the final objective. WS/Lieut. J.B. Currie is promoted A/Captain to date 19 Mar ’44 and is posted to No 2 Sqn. Lt M.G.R. Harvey is posted to Guards Armoured Training Wing to date 19 Mar ’44.
4 1530 Sqns were at the disposal of Sqn Leaders to-day for normal training and maintenance parades. Lecture to No 2 Sqn by catering adviser. 8 Corps Training films were shown in the quiet room at 1400.
5 1530 Drill parade under the Adjutant this morning. Otherwise same training as usual. WS/Lieut. A.F.S. Sugden REME is promoted acting Captain to date 2 Mar ’44.
6 1500 No 2 Sqn carried out firing at TOTLEY ranges to-day. The Commanding Officer inspected the White scout cars of Nos 2 and 3 Sqns this morning. Otherwise normal Sqn training and maintenance.
7 1500 No 1 Sqn carried out firing on TOTLEY ranges to-day. Personnel paraded for a service in HOLBECK Church at 1000 hrs. Wireless silence from to-day for four days.
8 1600 Nos 1, 2 and HQ Sqns carried out firing at MIDHOPE to-day. Firing 75 mm and 95 mm. HQ Sqn also fired 37 mm and Browning machine guns. Sqns fired 75 mm HE as well as AP ammunition. No 3 Sqn was at the disposal of its Sqn Leader. Unit censorship came into force at 1200 hrs to-day.
9 1750 Sunday. Voluntary services. No 3 and HQ Sqn carried out firing 75 mm and 95 mm at MIDHOPE to-day Easter Sunday. Remainder, normal Sqn training under their respective Sqn Leaders.
10 1200 Free day. No work.
11 1500 Sqns at disposal of Sqn Leaders to-day. The undermentioned 2/Lieuts are promoted Lieutenant to date 3 April 44: 2/Lieut A.J.K. Edmondson, 2/Lieut R.J. McCallum.
12 1500 Sqns carried out normal training and maintenance parades under direction of Sqn Leaders.
13 1500 Nos 3 and HQ Sqns paraded for drill to-day. Remainder at disposal of Sqn Leaders.
14 1500 The Bn adopted a closed postal address as from 0001 hrs today. Normal Sqn training. No 3 Sqn will fire at TOTLEY Ranges this afternoon.
15 1500 Ususal Sqn training and maintenance, including gas training.
16 1500 The Bn paraded for church at CUCKNEY to-day Sunday.
17 1530 Sqns were at the disposal of Sqn Leaders to-day.
18 1500 Sqns carried out normal training and maintenance to-day under their respective Sqn Leaders.
19 1500 The Bn paraded for drill to-day under the Adjutant. The Commanding Officer held a conference. Otherwise normal training and maintenance.
20 1500 HQ Sqn fired on PLAIN PIECE Ranges to-day. Other Sqns normal training. No 2 Sqn fired at TOTLEY in the afternoon. Maximum wireless activity to-day. Duties now mount in beręts.
21 1500 No 1 Sqn fired at TOTLEY this morning. All de-restricted tank moved to the Guards Armoured Training Wing to-day. Sqns otherwise at Sqn Leaders disposal. Training films were shown to the Bn in the afternoon.
22 1500 The Commanding Officer inspected billets this morning. Otherwise normal Sqn training, and interior economy.
23 1200 The Bn paraded for church at CUCKNEY to-day Sunday.
24 1500 Sqns at disposal of Sqn Leaders. Telegrams exchanged between the Commanding Officer and H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth on the occasion of Her Royal Highness’s Birthday.
25 1500 Normal training and maintenance within the Squadrons to-day.
26 1500 All drivers and officers taking part in the road move tomorrow were given a lecture by Major C.M.F. Deakin who is to be in charge of the move. Last stages of packing up, before early move tomorrow morning.
En route to new area 27 2100 The Bn moved to the new area to-day by road. The total journey will be approximately 200 miles. The Bn harboured near STEVENAGE for the night 27/28 April.
OTTERDEN 28 1900 The Bn arrived in the new area to-day at 1545. Sqns went to their respective areas and prepared to unpack.
29 1500 Normal Saturday. Unpacking etc. carried on.
30 1500 Normal Sunday. Voluntary church services. Settling in to new billets.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.