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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 1 S. Lan. R.
Month and Year: September 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt-Col. J.H. Orgill
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
AMIENS 1 0930 HQ moved.
CHAPELLE-AU-MOINE 1   Bn on baths and general admin. during day.
1 1300 Warning Order. No move expected before 0100hrs Sept 3rd.
2 0900 Bn "O" Group. Orders for move.
2   A.M. Bn prepared for sports and visit of Blues Band. Cancelled owing to inclement weather.
2 1430 (Onwards) Bn prepared for move.
2 2200 Bn tpt concentrated and got ready for move to new location.
LEOMESNIL Map Sheet 1/50,000 9F/2 3 0102 Head of Bn tpt left marshalling area.
3 1600 Arrived new location East of LES ANDELYS.
3 1730 All coy’s in position in farm buildings forming a very good concentrated Bn area.
4 1015 Bn paraded for C.O’s inspection prior to route march.
4 1100 -1815 Bde route march.
4 2000 Foot inspections and admin.
5 1000 Re-adjustment of coy localities owing to inclement weather and lack of shelter.
5   Coys on Section training.
5   Arrangements made for Bn Cadre Course to commence on 6 Sept.
5 1800 Mobile cinema arrived. Two performances given to Bn in the evening in CORNY.
6 0200 Block draft of 20 men arrived from 59 Div – now disbanded.
6 0800 Bn Cadre course commenced under Capt Wood.
6   Bn on company training during day.
6 1930 Mobile cinema gave two performances to the Bn in a large barn in CORNY.
7 0530 Reveille.
7 0715 Formed up ready for route march.
7 0730 -1130 Bn Route march.
7   Route:- CORNY – X rds 4595 – ESCOUIS – VILLEREST – FRESHNE – L’ARCHEVEQUE – Bn. D.P. Distance 10 miles.
7   A & B Companies both suffering discomfort from inclement weather in open. Obtained permission from Bde for them to move to CORNY.
7   Bn continued Coy training in afternoon.
8   Bn continuing training programme.
8   Route selected for Bn route march on Sept 9th.
9 0415 Reveille.
9 0515 Breakfast.
9 0615 Form Up.
9 0630 -1430 Bn Route march – Route – LES-ANDELYS – LA-VACHERIE 3892 – LE-THUIT 3692 – HEQUEVILLE 3595 – HOUVILLE 3697 – ECOUIS 4298.
9   Distance 20 miles.
9   Bn on baths and cinema in CORNY for remainder of day.
10   Bn rest day.
10 1100 Divine Service.
10   Bn Football match v 76 Fd Regt R.A. Bn won 8-3.
11 0900 -1500. Officers on TEWT for defence exercise – area CORNY – ESCOUTS 4195.
11 1100 Remainder of Bn on drill under RSM in preparation for G.O.C’s visit.
11 1530 Full scale rehearsal of march past for G.O.C’s rehearsal.
12 0845 -1200. "I" Sec and Sigs on Div. counter mortar exercise "Ethelred" on SEINE. S.W. of LES-ANDELEYS.
12 1100 G.O.C. inspected Bn, saw them at work and took the salute. Bn was commended on its appearance and turnout.
12   Bn on coy training in afternoon.
12   Preparations made for defence exercise.
13   Defence exercise Pt. I on Section and Platoon level in area CORNY – ECOUIS – 4195. subsequent to Officers TEWT in same location.
14   Defence exercise Pt. II Continuation of exercise on Sept 13th in same area on Coy and Bn level. Skeleton Bn.HQ established and communication with Bde throughout night. Each coy sent out two recce and one fighting patrol during night.
14 1630 Warning Order for advance parties to stand by for Sept 13.
15 0630 Advance party moved off.
15 0730 Defence exercise ended and personnel returned to Bn area.
15   Remainder of day spent on preparation for move.
15 1530 Lightning for Adjt.
15 1830 O Gp for move.
15   Preparation for move completed.
16   Marshalling of T.C.Vs and tpt.
16 1500 Bn head of column passed. Bde S.P. at RICHEVILLE CHURCH (Ref 4994).
16   Remainder of day spent on move. Route – CISORS – BEAUVAIS – BRETEUVIL – MOREVIL – ALBERT – BAPAUME – CAMBRAI – VALENCIENNES – MONS.
17 0845 Arrived HAUTEFOLIE area SOIGNIES 4427.
17   Remainder of day spent on resting and maintenance in preparation for next stage.
17 1330 “Lightning” for Adjt at Bde.
17 1830 Bn passed S.P.
17   Route:- SOIGNIES - LOUVAIN – DlEST – by-pass HASSELY – PEER.
PETIT BROGEL Location 41988 Ref Map Sheet 1/50,000 18 0930 Arrived new area East of PETIT BROGEL.
18 1115 Bde Comdr arrived with orders for C.O.
18   East Yorks and Suffolks have commission to patrol forward to canal bank on either side of main rd WEERT – 5397 – PETIT BROGEL – 4088. East Yorks left; Suffolks right. 1 S Lan R to move forward through them and dominate line of canal from wood 472908 to incl br at 455930 by 1930 hrs, and patrol outwards. 9 I.B. meanwhile, to make main br head at LILLE ST HUBERT – 4294.
18 1330 Bn O Gp.
18   Bn to advance on on 3 Coy front. Start line track junc 445915 – rd track junc 445905 – rd track junc 451901. C Coy right: D Coy centre; A Coy left; B Coy in reserve.
18 1700 Coys moved from area to start line.
18 1800 Coys crossed start line.
18 1805 C.O. East Yorks met C.O. and informed him that 2 East Yorks were in general area ACHTERTEN HOSTIE – VOORSTEN HOSTIE 4391, with patrols already on canal line from 445944 – 465919.
18   C.O. therefore ordered fwd coy’s to move fwd and relieve these patrols as quickly as possible. “B” Coy were ordered to posn i.e. bend of canal 445944 to screen right flank of 9 I.B. br head.
18 1930 All coy's in posn and patrolling outwards with the exception of “B” who reached posn some little time later.
18   No active enemy opposition encountered in this stage of procedure. A little M.M.G. and small arms fire from far bank area wood 469928.
18   Bn H.Q. established at tr junc 451909.
18   Bn dug in and patrolled vigourously.
18 2130 3 enemy patrols encountered by "A" Coy area 4493 and inflicted slight casualties (1 offr killed and 1 O.R. wounded). Enemy apparently escaped into thick woods under cover of darkness.
18   Situation generally quiet throughout night. Several enemy planes overhead from 2200 hrs to 2300 hrs - 1 stick of seven bombs dropped in "D" Coy area.
18   Intermittent small arms fire from area of far bank opposite "A" Coy.
18   Casualties:- 1 Offr killed, 1 O.R killed, 1 O.R. wounded.
CAULILLE Location 541909 1/50000 26/36 19   Salvo from 3 guns on far bank (105 mm ?) continued intermittently for next hour. Shells dropped in rear of "D" Coy and fwd of Bn H.Q.
19 0400 R.E. rep arrived with assault boats for Bn. Mandate from Bn Commander to utilise them to patrol far bank. This considered impracticable owing to difficulty in transporting boats to fwd coy's through thickly wooded areas during mist and darkness.
19 0500 C.O. conferred with Bde Commander. It was decided to utilise boats during daylight, taking advantage of mist. Transportation to be effected by Jeeps.
19 0600 9 I.B. br head successfully launched and by 0730 hrs Lincs and RUR were across and 500 yds in depth encountering opposition from enemy held houses in thick woods.
19   Class 9 bridge under construction at 427946.
19   Class 5 raft operating on Lincs front - KOSB about to cross.
19 0900 KOSB across and approaching final objective on deepening br head.
19 1030 Mortar fire from far bank 8.1 cm at irregular intervals - bombs dropping in rear of "D" Coy and in front of Bn H.Q.
19 1100 9. I.B. have crossed the ESCAUT CANAL at LILLE-SAINT-HUBERT and hold area 4295 - 4395. KOSB are in area X rds 427961.
19 1200 Information received from "C" Coy to the effect that an 88 mm gun is in position at house map ref 477909 and also mortar at 479908.
19 1205 Message received from "A" Coy that South end of bridge at 455930 is fortified also mortar at corner of wood 459930.
19 1230 After investigation the suspected 88 mm gun at 476909 was found to be a dummy.
19 1425 C.O. ordered movement to be reduced so as to allow maximum of troops to obtain rest at the same time keeping strict vigilance.
19 1630 2 IC returns from Bde H.Q. with orders.
19 2300 Adjt called to Bde HQ for orders.
20 0220 "B" Coy ordered to cross canal.
20 0245 C.O. had phone conversation with Bde Commander ref this.
20 0305 "A" & "D" Coy’s to cause disturbances and to watch re-action.
20 0500 Bn ordered to be ready to move by 0600 hrs.
20 0720 Move developed.
20 0800 Arrived new location. Map ref 444963.
20 1015 "O" Group.
20 1130 Arrival of Bde Commander to give orders.
20 1140 "O" Group - orders for move.
20 1200 Bn moved to new location.
HAMONT 4697 20 1630 Bn in posn area HAMONT 4697.
20   Liaison with C.O. 1 Suffolk. 1 S.Lan.R. to defend North Arc excl.
20   1 Suffolk to complete perimiter of defence.
20 1700 "O" Group called Rd Junc 469970.
20 1830 All coy’s in posn. Contact patrols during night.
21 0830 C.O. to Bde for orders.
21   Plan - 8 I.B. to move on track from 476973 to br 558972 towards WEERT 5896. Order of march - 1 Suffolk - 1 S.Lan.R. - 2 E.Yorks, and take up right flank defensive posn area WEERT, disposition to depend on state of canal bridges.
21 0930 Bn "O" Group.
21 1230 Bn moved past S.P. in rear of 1 Suffolk. Advance continued smoothly. Bounds A (X track 496983) B (ride 518931) and C (ride 534978) reported clear by 1 Suffolk with no opposition encountered.
21 1400 (approx) Advance halted. Enemy apparently holding line of rly running NW from Br 566966 with MG’s area Br 555976, br 559969 and rly fork 562967 1 S.Lan.R. in area 519986.
21 1600 1 Suffolk probing enemy line with one coy.
21 1830 Arty engaged targets br 556977 and rly junc 564967.
21 1925 Intercept from 1 Suffok. Held up by heavy fire along rly embankment. First attack failed owing to unlocated MG on right. 2nd attack on way now.
21 2115 Suffolk have one coy on rly and second coming up on right.
21 2210 Suffolk astride embankment with 2 coy's fwd. Only enemy activity since 2130 was LMG which fired on patrols on right flank. 3 loud explosions heard, which were believed to be demolition of canal bridges. 1 Suffolk now moving fwd to Canal North of WEERT.
21   Radio contact lost with 1 Suffolk and Bde.
WEERTER HEIDE 530979 1/50000 Sheet 26/36 22 0100 Still no wireless communication with 1 Suffolk or Bde.
22 0200 C.O. summoned "O" Group. Announced his intention of following up 1 Suffolk and establishing Bn in area West of WEERT.
22   Coy's were allocated areas temporarily as follows:-
22   "A" area 561970. "B" 558969. "C" area 571969. "D" area 569971.
22 0230 Bn moved off and contacted rear of 1 Suffolk at 550175 where they were held up until 0430 thence they moved across rly and were in areas allotted by 0600.
22 0630 "C" Coy found br at 566966 destroyed but crossed by boat.
22 0755 "C" Coy established far bank and "B" & "D" Coy's ready to move across and pass through Suffolks on canal north of WEETR, with 1 Pl across each br at 562975 and 590979.
22 0800 Bde Commander orders "C" Coy only to form tight br head on far bank. Remaining 3 companies to consolidate nr bank and patrol East through "C's" br head. Carriers to patrol area to North as far as rly-rd junc 540010. These tasks set in motion.
22 1030 Coy's in posn. Bn H.Q. established at 565973. Carriers reported area allocated to them clear of enemy.
22 1205 Odd rifle shots from woods North of HELTENBOSCHBRUG (5791). No signs of enemy.
22 1530 "A" Coy patrol sent to search area fwd of canal from UZERENMAN 560956 to MOESEL 5995. No signs of enemy.
22   Nothing further to report for remainder of day. Normal contact patrols during night. Contact made with 1 Suffolk at STATION 583962.
BOSHOVEN Map Ref. Sheer 1/50000 26/36 23 0500 Nil report from "C" Company patrol.
23 0525 "D" Company patrol contact 1 Suffolk.
23 0545 "B" Company patrol fail to contact 1 Suffolk.
23 0550 Nil report from "A" Company patrol.
23 0930 "O" Group. General situation and routine in posn explained.
23 1030 Carriers patrol to cover area up to pts 54020 – 594922. No enemy found. No trace of digging or earthworks.
23 1130 Brigadier came with orders. Suffolks to take over responsibility of holding bridgehead. 1 S.Lan.R. to pull back from canal to area REAKER 570979.
23 1400 "O" Group to implement these orders.
23 1430 Coys commence move.
23 1800 "A" Company report on German equipment found in barracks. Map ref 570960 including 3 - 75 A/Tk guns (2 complete) 1 minus breach block and a considerable quantity of SAA.
23   Coy's in posn in new area. Contact made with local interior forces and interpreters attached to unit. Patrols from interior forces recce wood BEAUCHAMPS 5394 and wood VOORHOEVE 5494, also woods North of HELTENBOSCHBRUG 5791. Civilians say that 7 Germans had moved from woods A to woods B during the afternoon and had then gone right out of area.- otherwise no sign or news of enemy.
23 2130 Numerous British planes heard overhead.
23 2230 Burst of MG fire from plane heard over E. Yorks area. During night 3 Recce patrols with subsidiary task of contact. Also one contact patrol to Suffolks. No contact made with 3 Recce on right. Contact made with Suffolks on left, otherwise nothing to report.
23 2335 Contact patrol from "B" Company Suffolks reported to Command Post.
24 0025 "B" Company standing patrol on br. 560967 sent up 2 Red Vereys (Signal that enemy where in vicinity) and fired 2 shots. "B" Company "Stood To" and sent forward a patrol to investigate. This patrol established that it was a false alarm and that no enemy were about.
24 0525 Nil report from "C" Company patrol.
24 0540 "B" Company made no contact with 3 Recce.
24 0830 "D" Company went out on patrol task in area South of canal.
24 1030 Officer from Interior Forces arrives with information concerning enemy armed groups area ELL 6423.
24 1115 "D" Company patrol at Map Ref 548936. Nothing to report.
24 1630 "D" Company patrol returned. Area covered included pts 562951 – 549936 – 553927 – 565933 – 574944 – 579951. No enemy seen and no signs of enemy activity.
24 1700 One platoon "A" Company and sec carriers enroute to R.V. at 614960 to relieve patrol of Suffolk operating in area Zwartbroek 6394.
24 1800 C.O. to Bde.
24 1900 "O" Group. Orders given to move South of canal 25th area South of SCHOORN on axis rly and main rd East - West.
25 0630 "A" Company as advance guard move to area ZWARTBROEK to join up with patrol sent at 1800 hrs 24th.
25 0800 Coy's commence move to new location.
25 0915 "A" Company report enemy at X rds 632938 and 4 - 88 m.m. at each bridge.
25 0940 Second report. Patrols have been to pts 639959 and 635945. No signs of enemy. Advance Bn.HQ. moved to 614960.
25 1015 Br at 637934 report intact and clear of enemy.
25 1020 Short "O" Group. Coy's allotted areas and told to move there.
25 1130 Bn in position. Bn HQ in PENSIONAAT ST LOUIS 619954. Coy's at 629942 – 626950 – 821955 – 622951.
25 1200 Following infm re enemy established. 1 A/Tk gun seen at 645954 and one at 656951. Enemy MG - hedge-track junc 639951. L.M.G. area rly 633957 and also area 642948. Enemy dug in at 645949 – 647947 – 647949 – 649947.
25   3 German prisoners (two wounded) handed over to "A" Coy by civilians at ELL 6493. They reported having been without food for 10 days.
25 1245 Message from L.O. - enemy have left line of canal from NEDERWEERT North.
25 1300 "O" Group. Patrol orders to Coy's.
25 1316 Contact made with 1 Trp of Belgian Bde Recce in ELL. 2nd Trp in STEENWEG 6591.
25 1345 2 Platoons "A" Company advancing along line of rly and main rd respectively. 2 enemy riflemen with automatic rifles in copse 538949.
25 1415 Message from Bde Commander to establish Bn towards SCHOOR 6298 as soon as possible using Arty heavily if needed.
25 1445 Visit from Bde Commander.
25 1500 Civilian reports that when he reached br 64490 he was fired at from area house 644955 and also from area 648948. Fwd elements right hand platoon of "A" Company in house 639949.
25 1520 Carrier patrol returned from area ROEVEN 6198. Drew fire from post at 629981 – track junc 50 yds East of canal and from wood 6349740. Patrol to return to same area with F.O.O. at 1600 hrs.
25 1720 Own O.P. in church at ZWARTBROEK 6294 saw enemy troops approaching canal on far bank approx area 645956. Our own patrols who were advancing to canal area 638957 observed withdrawing enemy engaged by Arty.
25 1730 Approx 30 enemy reported by FOO on far bank - area rly br. 76 Arty are still engaging enemy, with a sec of 2 Mx MG in support.
25 1735 Body of enemy with some tpt following reached canal on far bank and turned East.
25 1800 Sitrep 1800. Carrier Sec patrol left 1600 hrs for SCHOOR 6298 to secure until arrival of "C" Coy who left at 1615. Pl's of "A" Coy at 634957 and 635949 being withdrawn to area PENSIONAAT ST LOUIS 6195 before dusk. Pl's of "B" & "C" Coy's and "D" Coy who left on patrol at 1545 hrs still en-route but so far nothing to report. Communications difficult. 1 Sec MMG Mx now selecting site to cover ground East of br 642956. Own mortars also active on same target.
25 1830 2 vehs seen to follow enemy on far bank. Whole 76 Fd Regt now firing.
25 1945 Patrol from "D" Coy went to br 638934 and thence turned left along line of stream. North of bend in road at 642942 they came under fire from unlocated automatic weapons on far bank. No casualties. Patrol then proceeded North East along track towards canal.
25 2030 "C" Coy now established over area SCHOORN 6298.
25 2200 "C" Coy have been in contact with patrol. Enemy located on far bank. Movement restricted area 2225. "C" Coy ordered not to cross canal tonight.
25 2230 White verey lights seen in direction of canal to left of main road.
25 2340 "D" Coy patrol report - reached line to right of canal. No enemy encountered. Movement of track vehicles heard on East Bank area 647949 about 1930 hrs. Civilians report enemy digging.
PENSIONAAT ST LOUIS Ref. Sheet 1/50000 27/37 61995 26 0100 "C" Coy report enemy posns along canal bank 637984 – 628983. Enemy seen in buildings 633987 – 633988. Enemy located West of canal in wood at 631975. Estimated MG and 1 Sec riflemen. MG located at 635965.
26 0630 Further report from "C". Enemy seen to have left line of canal from 629979 as far as wood 936907 on West side. Considerable body seems to occupy bldgs in 6398. Wood 634979 also still held.
26 0630 "O" Group. Plan for clearing West bank of canal in 3 phases. Phase I. "C" Coy from SCHOOR to wood. Phase II. "D" Coy from ELLBORG 644944 to br 647948. Phase III. "B" Coy. Any enemy remaining in area br 643956 and 637967.
26 0650 Carrier Pl patrol report contact made wih Belgian Bde in ELL who report Germans to be in quarry area 661914. During night 2 German patrols approached to within 50 yds but withdrew when fired upon.
26 0815 1 Suffolk report patrol crossed canal area 619009 and penetrated as far as OSPEL 6401 before making contact with the enemy. 1 Horse drawn vehicles, 1 truck and 10 men reported approaching br in area 657937 engaged by Arty.
26 0835 Warning order from Bde. 8 I.B. to be relieved by 11 Armd and proceed to concentration area MAARHEEZE 5203.
26 0900 "O" Group. Owing to probable move only phase I of plan to be carried out. "D" & "B" Coy's to carry on active patrolling each with 1 pl. Zero hour not before 1030. Arty and Mortar support programme to be laid on.
26 0945 "D" Coy patrol confirm presence of enemy - area rly br 647948. MG positions pin pointed at building 649947: track - rd junc 647947 where voices were heard, and also located area 647048 in triangle formed by track, main rd and grid line 64.
26 1100 Zero set for 1115.
26 1200 Sitrep. "C" Coy moved 800 yds from start line. Left hand Pl held down by fire from far bank. Other 2 Pls right flanking. Pl "D" Coy working down line of main rd held up on 64 Eastings. 1 Pl "B" Coy working down line of rly reached pt 639957.
26 1215 Mortar stonk laid down to assist "C" Coy.
26 1230 C.O. KRRC arrived to liaise for take over.
26 1300 "C" Coy ordered not to penetrate beyond 97 Northings.
26 1330 "B" Coy Pl patrol confirm posns around rd - br 643956.
26   Two enemy dug in by second telegraph pole East of br on South side of embankment LMG at 646953. Mortar bombs dropping 200 yds forward of FDL’s.
26 1345 "C" Coy report furthest pl now forming firm base. Original posn at SCHOORN still held firm. Centre experiencing some trouble from one small post.
26 1440 "C" Coy report fire from posns on far bank which they are returning. Only opposition remaining this side is in wood at 636975. PI now dealing with it.
26 1450 Progress of "C" Coy through wood, slow, owing to sniping. C.O. ordered company to desist and RV br at WEERT.
26 1530 Bn HQ leave for new location with "A" Coy.
26 1640 "C" Coy extricating themselves slowly. Disengagement difficult. "D" Coy awaiting return of PI on patrol.
26 1702 "B" Coy on move complete.
26 1750 "D" Coy on move.
26 2000 "C" Coy Lifted from br at WEERT.
26 2100 Bn in posn area MAARHEEZE 5134.
26   Relief completed - food and rest.
MAARHEEZE 1/50000 26/36 27 0600 Orders for move from Bde.
27 0915 "O" Group. Order to move to BAKEL 6124.
27 1000 Advance Pty left to recce new area.
27 1200 Bn move to new area. Route:- MAARHEEZE 5103 – LEENDE 4708 – HEEZE 4911 – GELDROP 4816 – HELMOND 6124.
BAKEL 27 1330 Bn HQ established at Post Office 615245 Afternoon spent in digging in and admin.
27 2030 Adjt to Bde for orders.
27 2300 "O" Group. Orders given for move to new area WANROIJ 6741.
28 0220 Message from Bde to postpone move to new area.
28 1030 Recce party leaves for new location to survey area.
28   Remainder of day on baths and admin. Salvation Army Van (Canteen) visited Bn.
28 1600 Special patrol orders issued by Bde Comd giving detailed policy in new area.
28 1800 "O" Group to arrange fresh move and implement patrol orders.
28 2015 Move postponed again. 2 IC to Bde for orders.
28 2130 "O" Group. Orders for Bn to move to area MORTEL 5928 to allow American Armd Div to occupy present area.
29 0410 Order from Bde to accelerate move by 1 hour in order to clear axis for U.S. 7 Armd Div. Necessary orders issued to that effect.
29 0600 Vehs passed S.P.
29 0630 Marching tps followed.
29 0715 Bn Hq established MORTEL 5928 with remainder of Bn moving in.
29 1100 Slight re-adjustment of Bn necessitated by arrival of 2nd Army HQ in area. Bn HQ re-established in school 595287.
29 1215 Move effected. U.S. 7 Armd Div now passing through on axis for drive South East from ST ANTHONIS 7138. Remainder of day spent on normal coy routine.
29   Frank Neuerburg, nephew of Lt-Col. Clarke. S.Lan.R. attached to Bn as interpreter.
MORTEL 595287 1/25000 18 S/E 30 0930 "O" Group.
30 1500 Warning order from Bde. 8 I.B. to be prepared to operate North of river MAAS Oct 2nd. No move expected before 1100 hrs Oct. 1st.
30 1630 Second warning order from Bde. C.O's recce group to be ready to move at immediate notice from 1730 hrs. Destination unknown.
30 1745 C.O. to Bde for orders. Bn Commanders to move night 30th Sept/1st Oct when ordered to RV with Bde Commander N.E. of HEUMEN 7054.
30 1830 "O" Group warning order given.
30 1930 Adjt to Bde for "Lightning".
30 2130 "O" Group. Orders for move.
30 2330 LO from Bde. Orders for CO's recce party to move and RV 0930, 1st Oct for orders at br 698538.
30 2350 CO's recce party moved off.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.