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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 1 S. Lan. R.
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt-Col. J.H. Orgill
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
MORTEL Ref. 1/25000 E/SE 5928 1 0930 Bde Commander allocated Bn conc area, and also area to be occupied if necessary as defensive posn - high ground 7252. Area to be recced before dark Oct 1st.
1 1030 C.O. with recce group moved to conc area and arranged Coy disposition.
1 1130 C.O. carried out recce of def area with Coy Commanders.
1 1230 Bn moves to new location. Route - GEMERT VOIKEL 5640 – UDEN 5242 – ZEALAND 5746 – Rd Junc. 580510 – GRAVE-NEDERASSELT 6254 – OVERASSELT 6653 – HEUMEN BR 705535 – D.P. Rd Junc 705535.
HEUMEN 1 1330 Adv BHQ established house 708542.
1 1530 Bn HQ joined Adv BHQ. Bn established in new area.
1 1630 onwards. Pl Cmdrs and Sec Cmdrs out recce of def posns.
1 2200 Intermittent shelling began and continued throughout night. Slight enemy activity.
2 0136 O.P. situated at 708542 (BHQ) reported 3 shells landed in Bn area. Further shells landed in area at irregular intervals up to 0500 hrs. Many landed close but damage and casualties nil. Shellreps were forwarded to Bde HQ.
2 0830 "O" Group. Orders issued for recce of two new def. posns allocated by Bde.
2 0915 Recce parties left under 2 IC for first area. C.O. left to carry out preliminary recce of second area.
2 1400 Counter attack role rehearsed during afternoon.
2 2200 Enemy air activity in Westerly direction. No bombs dropped in Bn locality.
3 0830 "O" Group to confer on recce carried out Oct 2nd.
3 0915 C.O. to Bde for orders. Bn to occupy first defensive posn with slight readjustment.
3 1015 "O" Group to effect this move.
3 1130 Bn HQ moved to new area. Coy's to follow.
3 1200 Bn HQ established house 719528.
3 1500 Coy's on ground and digging in.
3 1700 All coy's dug in and consolidated.
3 1900 Contact made with 1 Suffolk in MOOK 7251 on right flank and with 505 U.S. Regt on left flank at X rds 736532. Contact patrols arranged.
3 2120 Heavy calibre gun (Rly Gun) shelling Bde area. Continued throughout night - no damage or casualties.
3 2330 Contact with 1 Suffolk.
MOOK 1/25000 12 NW/E 720527 4 0200 Contact with 505 U.S. Regt.
4 0330 Contact with 1 Suffolk.
4 0400 2nd contact with 505 U.S. Regt.
4 0500 Intermittent shelling during night. No casualties or damage.
4 0915 "O" Group. Counter attack roles detailed. Coy Cmdrs spent remainder of day on walking over ground and preparing their suggestions. Normal contact patrols during night with Americans and K.S.L.I.
5 0830 "O" Group. Counter attack roles finally tied up. Traces issued to Coy Cmds.
5   Probable relief of Americans within next 48 hrs.
5   Scale of issue of bivouacs discussed.
5   Counter attack role practised throughout day.
5 2130 C.O. to Bde for orders.
6 0830 "O" Group. Outline orders given for relief of U.S. Forces on night 7/8 Oct. Recce of ground to be carried out 6/7 Oct.
6 1030 Preliminary recce by C.O. and 2 IC of area to be taken over from U.S. troops.
6 1430 Coy Commanders taken over ground and shown localities by C.O. Layout of Bn area arranged.
6 1800 Liaison with U.S. Forces, guides provided, detailed recce of area carried out by moonlight down to Pl Commanders.
6 1930 Adjt to Bde for orders.
7 0100 Contact patrol with 2 E.Yorks and 1 Suffolks.
7 0345 Contact patrol with 1 Suffolks.
7 0500 Contact patrol with 505 U.S. Regt and 2 E.Yorks.
7 0830 "O" Group. Orders given for relief of Americans commencing 1430 hrs and to be completed by 080430A.
7 0900 Reps from 9 K.O.S.B. 15 S. Division arrived to take over present area.
7 1030 Liaison with Americans to check up minor details of take over and obtain latest infm.
7 1130 "Stand Fast" order from Bde. No take over to be effect night 7/8 Oct.
7   Bn returned to normal routine and baths.
7 1600 Bde Commander arrived with instructions to carry out further recces necessary. Also, to arrange working parties for 8 Oct to disperse dump of aerial bombs in U.S. localitity.
7 1930 Shelling of Bde and "A" Echelon area by heavy calibre (rly gun?). One ammunition lorry 67 A/Tk hit and set on fire. K.S.L.I. personnel in area injured. Shelling continued for approx 2 hrs.
7   Normal contact patrols with K.S.L.I. 1 Suffolk and 505 U.S. Regt during night.
8 0830 "O" Group postponed owing to further orders from Bde.
8 0900 Fresh reps arrive from 5 Wilts. 43 Div to take over Bn area.
8   "Q" recce parties on 1 hrs notice to move.
8 1015 Recce party ordered to RV – X rds 666430 at 1215 hrs. Bn not to move until relief completed.
8 1400 Adjt to Bde for movement orders.
8 1430 "O" Group. Orders for move.
8 1515 Bn commenced marching to embussing area.
8 1630 Head of Bn column crossed HEUMEN br.
8 1800 Arrived new area WANROIJ 6741.
8   Bn HQ established house 675417.
8 1900 All Coy's in position and vehs reported in.
WANROIJ 675417 1/25000 12 SW West 9   Bn on P.T. and drill by coy’s during morning.
9   Div Concert party and football match in afternoon. OR's dance in evening.
9 2130 C.O. to Bde for orders.
10 0900 "O" Group. Orders for commencement of 8 Corps drive to straighten out VENLO salient. 3 Div to clear OVERLOON – VENRAIJ 7727.
10   8 I.B. objective OVERLOON. E. Yorks and 1 Suffolk to carry out initial attack with 1 S.Lan.R. in reserve.
10 1000 C.O. and recce party left to recce conc. area for Bn 743331. Bn expected to move there 1500 hrs and begin attack AM 11th.
10 1130 Adjt to Bde for “Lightning”.
10 1135 Rep from 1 Norfolk - 185 Bde arrived to recce present Bn area for take over.
10 1250 Order from Bde. Only "F" vehs not needed for use in present area to move. Marching personnel to stand by. Move expected early am 11th.
10   C.O. to Bde for orders at 1500 hrs. Unconfirmed report that 159 Bde are making surprising advance area OVERLOON 7631.
10 1315 "O" Group "S" Coy vehicles and one carrier per rifle coy ordered to move now. Remainder of Bn to stay present area. Move expected early am 11th.
10 1530 "S" Coy's vehs moved out to new area.
10 2100 24 hrs postponement of "Operation Aintree".
11   Owing to postponement of Operation Aintree day spent on drill and P.T. and on rest and cleaning up. Preparation made for move 12th.
11 1500 C.O. to Bde for coordinating conference.
11   2 E.Yorks and 1 Suffolk to be committed first - 1 S.Lan.R held in reserve. Bn to move on the 12th so as to be in conc area 7434 by 1100 hrs.
12 0700 Head of marching tps passed S.P.
12 0900 Bn in conc area 7483.
12 0915 C.O. to R.V. with Brigadier for final tie-up.
12 1000 Short "O" Group. Coy Cmdrs given latest details and possible role of Bn.
12 1100 C.O. joined Brigadier at Bde to await orders.
12   Zero hour for Op Aintree.
12   2 E.Yorks directed on DOG wood 7532 - 7533. 1 Suffolk on OVERLOON.
12   Very heavy barrage preceded attack.
12 1500 Both Bn's on objectives with some mopping up still remaining to do. C.O. received orders from Brig.
12 1530 Bn moved to conc area West of pt 23.0 7432. Bn "O" Gp. Bn directed on clearing 7430 – 2 coy’s up - A & D. B & C in reserve. One tp 3 Gren Gds in support each forward coy. One in reserve.
12   Zero hour 1700.
12   Coy's advanced against very little opposition and by dusk were in posn on fwd edge of clearing. "B" Coy South of main OVERLOON – OPLOO rd area ORCHARD 742318. "C" Coy uncommitted. Bn HQ at farm 747325. Bn dug in and consolidated for the night.
12   Contact made with 1 Suffolk and 1 Lincs during night.
ST ANTHONIS 1/25000 19 NW Eastern half 13 0030 "C" Coy given orders for op. commencing 0645 hrs to secure oblong wd 749311.
13 0130 Small minefield discovered in "D" Coy’s area. Jeep with rations blown up. "A" Coy report sound of fire to their front.
13   Arty conc put down on area indicated.
13 0600 Heavy Nebelwerfer fire on Bn area.
13 0645 Zero hr for "C" Coy's attack.
13 0710 Leading tks with "C" Coy encountered minefield.
13 0720 "C" Coy reported at 750314.
13 0739 "C" Coy on objective.
13 0800 Coy ordered to stand fast and consolidate in present posns.
13 0830 Typhoons down on enemy mors in area 746301.
13 1030 C.O. KOSB visited Bn HQ to get dispositions of Bn prior to passing his coy's through.
13 1100 Mines being encountered by fwd coy’s but "A" Coy now in contact with C and D.
13 1105 "D" Coy lost carrier on minefield. Request for sapper assistance.
13 1130 Typhoons on area 7731 where weak counter attack Bn was reported.
13 1300 9 Bde passed through Bn area to attack woods to West.
13 1400 "B" Coy patrol sent out to area 7330.
13 1740 Report from "C" that small pocket of enemy - 1 MG and riflemen - still remain at 754305. R.U.R. are dealing with it.
13 1800 "A" Coy report all quiet, except for occasional fire front SE.
13 1920 C.O. to Bde for orders.
13 2210 "O" Gp. Orders given for move NE of OVERLOON.
13   Contact during the night with 1 Suffolk.
14 0730 C.O. moved off on recce and established advanced Bn HQ in house NE of OVERLOON 764317. Rest of Bn moved up to conc area East of OVERLOON.
14 0830 Heavy Nebelwerfer and Mortar fire on Bn area.
14 0900 "O" Gp. Bn to be launched by Coy's. D.A.C.B to secure control of area around x rds 774327 - HALFWEG 7833 and patrol eastwards from there towards rly. 3 Sqd Grd Gds in support.
14 1000 "D" Coy directed on SCHAARTVEN 7732 with 1 Tp tks in support. Some small arms fire encountered and one 88 mm area 786325 which damaged 3 tks but by 1200 hrs "D" Coy firm with several PW taken.
14 1200 "A" Coy then launched on area X tracks 778329 with one tp of tks in support. "C" Coy to follow closely and pass through on to HALFWEG 7833.
14 1515 "A" Coy in posn but under heavy small arms fire, and encountering mines.
14   "C" Coy pass through.
14 1600 "B" Coy directed on to square wd 771329.
14 1645 "C" Coy report in posn and enemy withdrawing. 83 PW taken by "C" Coy.
14 1700 "B" Coy in posn. Very little opposition.
14 1717 "D" Coy instructed to close North on to area bldgs 775326 to tighten Bn locality.
14 1800 Orders given for Bn HQ to move closer to remainder of Bn. Site recced at ROUW 7732.
14 2030 Move completed. Bn HQ established 769323. Total, P.W. taken 102.
14   Major Waller MC assumes command of the Bn.
15 0250 Lone aircraft dropped one bomb fwd of Bn HQ.
15 0700 Written orders from Bde. 11 Armd to operate on left flank of Div and take over left flank protection from 1200 hrs. 159 Bde to pass through 1 S.Lan.R on axis x rds 773327 – rly 799319. 1 S.Lan.R. to remain in present position except "D" Coy who are to move North of rd for Arty reasons.
15 0800 Arty barrage to enable "D'' Coy to comply with this order. Move effected with no casualties.
15 1030 11 Armd Arty barrage to enable them to pass through area 1 S.Lan.R.
15 1100 2 IC to Bde for orders. 8 I.B. to put in an attack through BEEK 7527 on to VENRAIJ 7726 - am 16th. 185 Bde complying on left via BRABANDEN 7727. 8 I.B. to move with 1 Suffolk and 2 E Yorks up 1 S.Lan.R in reserve. Bde to conc in wood 7430 in preparation.
15 1530 "O" Gp. Orders given for move to conc area 752309.
15 1730 Move commenced.
15 1900 Bn in posn in new area. HQ established 751362.
15 2100 I.O. to Bde for orders.
15 2355 I.O. returned with orders. Zero hour 0730 hrs. 2 I.C. to Bde at 0730 hrs to await orders.
15   Nothing to report througout night.
16 0230 Change of plan. 1 Suffolk to cross MOLEN BEEK first followed by 2 E.Yorks.
16 0730 2 IC to Bde.
16 1000 Progress slow owing to mines and Arty DF with MG fire from right flank. Tanks unable to cross MOLEN BEEK owing to lack of fascines. 1 Suffolk have 1 Pl across and half a second and have been ordered to push on without the tks.
16   185 Bde going well and nearing BRABANDER.
16 1100 Progress still slow. Suffolks have two pls definitely across. No move 2 E.Yorks.
16 1115 Tks transferred to 185 Bde front.
16 1145 Bn put on 15 minutes notice to move. 2 IC to 165 Bde under – under command for orders.
16 1300 2 IC ordered to move Bn up to area 764304 on to axis. 185 ready to swing right and rejoin 8 I.B. under command.
16 1500 Bn now in conc area 764304. 2 IC formulates plan to attack Mustard (M de BERG 7626).
16 1630 2 IC ordered to stand by in present area and be prepared AM 17th to operate either u/c 185 or 8 I.B. according to situation.
16 1730 Bn HQ established 708299.
16 2000 2 IC to 185 Bde for further orders. Told to retain plan for Mustard but at the same time be prepared to operate u/c 185.
16 2115 O Gp to pass these orders.
VENRAIJ 1/25000 19 SW Eastern half 768299 17 0215 Information received no move to be expected before 0730 hrs.
17 1100 1 Suffolk have fought their way into HIEPT 7627 and 2 E.Yorks into NW outskirts of VENRAIJ.
17 1110 2 IC received orders from 8 I.B. Bde Commander to move fwd behind 2 E.Yorks and to still retain plan for attack Mustard.
17 1150 Bn "O" Gp.
17 1200 2 IC and IO went to contact C.O. 2 E.Yorks and arrange new conc area for Bn.
17 1400 Bn moved to new area at BRABANDER 7727.
17 1430 Bn HQ established at farm 774283.
17 1735 2 IC to Bde for further orders. "Mustard" plan cancelled. 1 S.Lan.R. now to seize Southern portion of VENRAIJ with 3 Sqn Gren Gds in support.
17 2100 "O" Gp Orders for attack.
17   Commencing 180645A. "A" Coy to seize firm base area 778270. C and B to follow through on either main axis through town and consolidate on Southern edge. "D" to pass through and consolidate are x rds 781261.
17   Contact with 2 E.Yorks and Warwicks throughout night.
18 0645 "A" Coy passed S.P.
18 0730 "A" Coy have seized firm base with no opposition and apparently without attracting any attention from the enemy.
18 0830 Advanced Bn HQ moved to area 778272. C and B pass through on their two axis. Very heavy Arty conc on x rds 778271 with air bursts – 88mm’s. Major Johnson and Captain Young - Company Commander and 2 IC "C" Coy both injured. Some casualties. Slight check to "C" Coy but by
18 0920 0920 hrs C and B on final objective though under small arms fire and some high velocity shelling from right. "C" Coy tks held up on their axis by bomb crater. Some mines being encountered on southern outskirts of town.
18 0930 "D" Coy pass through and "A" Coy told to move up.
18 1000 "D" Coy reported fire from left but pushing on.
18 1020 "B" Coy under heavy mortar fire from left.
18 1030 "C" Coy also reported mortar fire.
18 1045 "D" Coy called for fire on 785261 and advanced to capture final objective. One 75 mm taken intact.
18 1130 Coys consolidating and digging in. Tks recalled.
18 1430 Bn HQ moved to new location 779266.
18 1545 Report from "D" Coy that they have patrolled and cleared as far as tr junc 782256. Enemy still hold milk factory 782255. Coy now concentrating around x rds.
18   Recce patrols night 18/19 Oct.
18   "D" Coy report factory 782255 clear.
18   "B" Coy report x tracks 78564 clear, but believe rd Tellermined.
18   "C" Coy report 1 or 2 riflemen at rd junc 774259 and LMG in VELLUM 7725.
19 0730 Fighting patrol from "C" Coy report VELLUM clear. 1 PW taken in fields to NW.
19 0800 "D" Coy made contact with 23 Hussars in factory at 782255. Their main force at LEUNEN 7724 and pushing East.
19 1100 2 IC to conference with Bde Commander.
19 1300 2 IC returned with orders for slight re-adjustment of coy dispositions. In the main, whole front now to face East instead of South East.
19 1605 Bn HQ moved to 778264. Re-adjustment of coy’s effected by 1900 hrs.
19   Spasmodic shelling continued throughout day.
19   Contact with 1 Suffolk, 2 E.Yorks and 23 Hussars in factory 772252 throughout night.
20 0925 Dutch Liaison Officer arrived reference civilian population.
20 1610 "O" Gp. Admin problems settled. Contact timings for patrols arranged.
20   Day spent on admin and cleaning up.
20   Large allotment sent to Div Club.
20   "B" Coy patrol found no enemy along track 790265 - 805268. Sounds of movement from 805268.
20   "D" Coy report no enemy along track from 784256 – x track 793260 and no enemy in woods 794259.
21 1000 Civilian brought report reference mines in LUL 7927.
21   Patrol from "A" Coy out during morning in BRUKSKE area 7926.
21 1400 Infm from Dutch underground ref German posns East of MEUSE.
21 1500 "A" Coy patrol reported woods at 794258 clear. Patrol fired at from 800261.
21   "B" Coy patrol sent out to penetrate beyond BRUKSKE.
21 1830 Patrol returned with one dead and two wounded from snipers approx area 793268. MG located area 798263 and engaged by 2" mortar but not silenced.
21   Intermittent high velocity harassing shelling of VENRAIJ throughout day with occasional Nebelwerfer fire. Particularly heavy stonk at 1910 hrs area just forward of Bn HQ.
21   Contact with 2 E.Yorks and 23 Hussars during night. Recce patrol from "C" Coy to area x rds 793263 drew fire from bIdgs 793261.
22 0625 Nebelwerfer stonk "D" Coy area. 3 Fld Regts and 2 Med replied.
22 1215 "D" Coy fighting patrol left to operate against enemy in house 796261.
22   Official Nederland interpreter attached to Bn.
22 2100 Recce patrol from "B" Coy went along line of track from 790200 - enclosure 797266 and found no trace of enemy.
23 0100 Patrol from "C" Coy reported orchard 792260 clear of enemy.
23 1400 "B" Coy patrol attacked enemy held houses at 79352610. Some casualties believed inflicted on enemy. Patrol forced to withdraw under heavy mor fire with one killed and four wounded.
23   Assistance given to patrol by member of OD in VENRAIJ.
23   Very little harassing fire throughout day.
24 0100 Patrol from "C" Coy went out through Inns of Court standing patrol in factory 782256 to pinpoint enemy in area track junc 792253 - twin woods 794258. Patrol came under very accurate and persistent mor fire from area twin woods and was forced to withdraw. No casualties.
24   Some intermittent shelling throughout day mainly on X rds 781261 and X rds 775265.
24 1800 Platoon from "A" Coy left on fighting patrol in BRUKSKE area. Infm received from civilian in BRUKSKE re German posn in 3 houses 794261. PI Cmdr made plan to attack area 3 houses but owing to premature encounter with sentry plan failed to develope fully. Patrol withdrew without loss.
25 0345 First-light - fighting-patrol to area house and enclosure 798266 delayed owing to failure to contact 2 E.Yorks standing patrol in BRUKSE. Patrol was only able to reach track junc 795264 and had to return owing to shortage in hours of darkness.
25 1015 Advance party 2 Warwicks came to recce area for take over.
25   Some intermittent harassing shelling throughout day especially 1700-1715. 2 casualties.
25   Normal contact patrol during night.
25 2130 Platoon from "A" Coy established firm base at BRUKSKE and from there sent out offensive patrols to area orchard 792260 and three houses 794267 where they threw grenades and fired shots. No reply from the enemy and no contact made.
26 1000 Relief by R Warwicks commenced in order C. A. B. D Coy's.
26 1200 Relief effected w/o incident.
26 1400 Bn in posn area OVERLOON.
26   Bn HQ established 763318.
26   Bde Commander injured on mine during move of Bde HQ.
OVERLOON Sheet 19 MW Eastern half 763318 27   Day allotted to Coy Commanders for make and mend, checking of weapons and equipment etc.
27 1435 Long range, high velocity shelling from single unlocated gun. This continued for approx 45 minutes at the rate of 2 shells every 5 minutes. One shell landed in "A" Coy area causing some civilian casualtles.
28   2 E.Yorks now u/c 11 Armd and 1 Suffolk moved to 2 E Yorks previous area to counter German thrust to MEIJEL. No move for 1 S.Lan.R. No incidents throughout day.
29 1000 Recce carried out by Coy Cmdrs and C.O. of MOLEN BEEK for defensive posn in case of German counter attack.
29   Route march carried out by all coy's daily until further notice.
29   Football and recreational films arranged.
30   Route march and recreational training for coy's.
30   30 yds range practice carried out by Coy's.
31   Normal routine day.
31   Some shelling of Bn area at 2355 by 88 mm's or SP's. No damage or casualties.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.