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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 4th Bn The Dorset Regt.
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Major J.S. Eyre
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
662722 1 0645 Bn stood to against threatened enemy attack from North side of river. Reported from 7th Hamps that 11 enemy assault boats had landed near their front and some enemy had succeeded in gaining a foot-hold. Bn area shelled by enemy. No casualties.
1 0740 Bn stood down but O.Ps. to be manned all day.
1 0930 Patrol from ‘B’ Coy sent out to try and locate enemy who might possibly have infiltrated on our front.
1 1130 Patrol returned no enemy found.
1   Bn area shelled intermittently all day. No casualties.
2 1200 Alternative Bn positions recced in view of enemy threat from the East.
2   Repeated enemy shelling throughout day. No casualties.
2 2210 Enemy aircraft over Bn area. 1 Bomb dropped in vicinity. No casualties.
3   Enemy shelling during early hours of the morning.
3 1400 Recce parties of 501 Rgt (101 U.S. Airborne Div) arrived in Bn area. Probable that tomorrow 130 Bde would be relieved by this unit.
3   Considerable less enemy shelling during day.
4   Bn to be prepared to move by 1400 hrs.
4 1100 Advance parties of American Airborne Forces arrived in Bn area.
4 1610 Bn vehs commenced to move singly to conc area 6669.
4 1830 Marching tps arrived conc area.
4   Intention is that 130 Bde will come under Comd 82 U.S. Airborne Div and that the Bde will be in Divisional Reserve. Area to be approx 7259 and Bn will be at 4 hrs notice in the event of counter-attack on either of the other two American Bdes.
4 2015 Tpt and marching tps moved off - successfully crossed R. WAAL and concentrated for the night area 7259.
728593 5 1330 Bn HQ moved to 728593. A Coy 725592. B Coy 729592. C Coy 723596. D Coy 727595. S Coy 728593.
5 1615 103 Refts posted to the Bn.
6 1115 Jettisoned bomb from Typhoon dropped 200 yds from Bn HQ – no casualties. Windows blown in by blast.
6   Day spent in cleaning up and sorting of eqpt.
7 1130 Civilian reported that 3 Gestapo in civ clothes were hiding in nearby woods equipped with a wireIess set.
7 1340 Patrols from A Coy and Car PI sent out to look for the Gestapo men.
7 1635 Patrols returned having found no trace of enemy agents.
8   Lt Col W.Q. Roberts posted to the Bn and assumed Comd.
8 1100 Church Service held by Padre.
9 0830 C.O. and I.O. proceeded on recce of new area. Bn to relieve 505 Rgt tomorrow night in area South of GROSBEEK 7554.
9 1400 Coy Comds met C.O. at 505 Rgt HQ and viewed new Coy Areas.
9   1 Offr 10 O.Rs. posted to Bn as Rfts.
728593 10 0900 C.O. and I.O. went to Bde for orders.
10 1200 C.Os. 'O' Gp at Bn HQ. Orders are that Bn with remainder of Bde will relieve 505 Rgt. Bn to be right fwd on Bde front. Vigorous patrolling to be carried out in new area.
10 1600 O.O. No. 1 and Movement table issued. APPENDIX C
10 1745 Marching Tps moved off.
10 1800 Tpt moved fwd to new area.
10 2315 Bn arrived at new location and Coys guided to their respective posns.
753538 11 0100 Relief by Bn completed. A quiet night. Nothing of importance to report. Bn improved its posn, located as follows: Bn HQ 753538. A Coy Area 764536. B Coy Area 752538. C Coy Area 762528. D Coy Area 728523. Car Pl in Area 756520.
11 1345 C.O. visited Bde.
11 1625 Four patrols warned for tonight.
11 2015 1 P.W. taken. A Pole attempting to give himself up was wounded by the Gemans. Evacuated through C.C.P.
11 2110 Suspicious civilian loitering near Bn HQ sent back to Bde.
12 0600 Quiet night on Bn front. 3 of the patrols report finding enemy at their objectives. 4th patrol nothing located.
12 0745 C & D Coys report enemy digging in South of houses 761525.
12 1040 D Coy report enemy in occupation and an S.P. Gun at houses 783527.
12 1110 Arty fire brought down on houses 783527 - good results observed.
12 2030 8 Middlesex MMGs and Mortars put down 3 mins harassing fire on DF tasks.
13 0020 Hy mortar task at 767523 fired on.
13 0025 3 mins rapid arty fire brought down on 764525 to assist ambush patrol of C Coy.
13   Patrols during night report enemy dug in in area DE KLOK 764526.
13   Quiet day on Bn front.
13 1510 IOP reports enemy tpt and men seen on road from 869559 to 877561.
13 2100 Slight mortaring on fwd Coys positions. No casualties.
14   Fairly quiet day on Bn front. Movement reported from fwd O.Ps. Arty fire brought down on selected targets.
15 1140 Div Comd visited Bn HQ.
15 1230 Typhoon attack on houses at 772517 and good results reported from O.P.
15 1535 Second Typhoon attack on same target.
15   Intermittent mortaring all night in Coy areas.
16   Quiet day, visibility bad for observing.
16 1615 C Coy report enemy activity around area 764521. No action taken.
17 0250 Fighting patrol of B Coy (Platoon in strength) started off with MG and Arty support. Capt McDermott was wounded before the S.L. was reached and the Pl Sjt not being sure of route returned to base. Patrol ordered not to continue operation. Intentions were that patrol should destroy enemy in houses 763527.
17 1000 Officers from 5 DCLI visited Bn HQ. Tomorrow night 18/19 Oct 44 214 Bde will relieve 130 Bde who will go into Div Reserve.
17 1740 2 enemy with tpt seen at 779532. Arty brought to bear on target.
17 1800 Coy guides and reps etc from 5 DCLI shown around Coys by guides.
18 0030 Patrol from B Coy bumped enemy near houses 763527. 1 Offr and 1 O.R. wounded, casualties inflicted on enemy before patrol withdrew. 1 man missing from this patrol.
18 0900 First party from the Bn - 4 Offrs and 28 O.Rs. went to the Wyvern Country Club at VEGHEL to spend 48 hrs leave. Bn spent day in preparation for change over tonight. Main body of HQ Coy and D Coy moved out during afternoon. Fwd Rifle Coys to be relieved after dark.
18 1600 Adv parties of 5 DCLI arrived at Bn HQ and commenced to move in.
18 2350 All Coys reported take over complete and rear Bn HQ moved out to rejoin Bn in new area.
719527 19   Bn HQ new location 719527. A Coy 720526. B Coy 716525. C Coy 723522. D Coy 719511. S Coy 719512. Bn spent day in cleaning up and sorting of eqpt.
19 1400 Demonstration by 4/7 Dragoon Gds for officers and Sjts of 130 Bde area 718537. Div Comd was present. Demonstration showed fire power of the tank and 2 ways of co-operation with the Infantry.
20 0800 Offrs and Sjts of the Bn attended a lecture by the Corps Comd Lt Gen Horrocks at HATERT 6858. The Comd talked of operations taken place through HOLLAND and congratulated 43 Div on its fine performance. Future operations were mentioned and all men were to take full advantage of the approx 3 weeks that lay before us before a big offensive was likely to take place, in training and preparing for the 'Battle of Germany'.
20 0900 E.M.Es. inspection of Bn instruments.
20 1100 Second party left for Corps Comd's lecture.
20 1530 ENSA Show for a percentage of the Bn.
21   Bn spent day in training with further allotments of an ENSA and Cinema show.
22 0900 The C.O. and I.O. went on recce of new area 7351. Tomorrow (23rd) Bn will relieve 4 Som L.I. and take over counter-attack role for Bde area.
22 1030 Q.Ms. inspection of Bn’s G.1098 eqpt.
22 1330 All Coy Comds and Pl Comds went on recce of new area.
22   2 Offrs and 11 O.Rs. from the Bn left for 48 hrs leave in BRUSSELS.
23 0900 Advance paties of the Bn moved to new area for preliminary take over.
23 1400 First marching tps of the Bn moved off to the new location followed by remainder at irregular intervals.
23 1630 Bn took over from 4 Som L.I. complete with locations as follows:- HQ 725517, A Coy 737513, B Coy 737518, C Coy 737516, D Coy 734520, S Coy 726517, Mors 742521.
24 0700 Patrol reports that houses 739492 are in ruins. Enemy standing patrol seen in hedge at 738492.
24 0930 Master air photo received from Bde HQ. This will be used mainly for patrol infm and will be handed over complete to relieving Bn.
24 1000 C.O. visited neighbouring Bns of Bde for co-ordinating counter attack plan.
24 1445 C.O. and I.O. visited all Coy posns.
24 1900 4th Dorsets to supply 1 Offr and 10 men to cover 12 Amplifying Unit at 737477 which gave propaganda talk to enemy.
25 1400 Coy Comds and specialist Pl Comds recced new area.
25 1430 Corps offr visited Bn HQ ref accommodation and numbering of houses.
25 2000 COs conference for all Coy and Specialist Comds at Bn HQ ref move tomorrow.
26   Bn spent morning in packing kits in preparation for move.
26 1400 Bn commenced to move into new area and thus relieved 5 Dorset in fwd posn.
742517 26 1600 Take over complete locations as follows:- HQ 742517. A Coy 743514. B Coy 747518. C Coy 738519. D Coy 744518. Mor 742521.
26 1645 Slight enemy mortaring near Bn Area. No casualties.
27 0915 C.O. and 2 i/c visited Coy posns.
27 1215 Pte soldier in A Coy shot up 5 enemy sawing wood in area 743508, killing two and wounding two. 20 enemy then put in an attack which failed completely.
27 1800 Coy Comds conference at Bn HQ.
28 1000 2 snipers report two casualties inflicted on enemy at 744509. 2 snipers then wounded by mines or booby traps.
28 1120 Brigadier visited Bn HQ.
28 1530 Suspected enemy machine gun posn on edge of wood 746512 engaged by MMGs.
28 1610 Patrols sent out to ascertain if enemy are in North edge of wood 749517 - 753513. Find recently used trenches in this location.
29 1000 Enemy mortars suspected in area 753512. Engaged by arty and mortars.
29 1600 B Coy O.P. 74935172 reports enemy excavations at 764524.
29 1935 Enemy horse drawn vehs at 753513 engaged by mortars.
29 1110 Brigadier and Bde L.O. visited Bn HQ.
29 1630 Enemy mortar located by sound in area 75051 O. Engaged by our 3" Mortars.
29 2000 Houses at 757517 strongly held – reported from Bde.
31 0700 German patrol approximately 4-6 in strength crossed in front C Coy patrol at 743507 and threw grenades at C Coy left platoon. C Coy harassed them with 2" Mortars and enemy withdrew.
31 0900 C.O. visited Coy areas.
31 1120 Brigadier visited Bn HQ.
31 2230 Number of red flares seen at approximate bearing of 120°. Bde informed.

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Source: Joris Nieuwint, The Battlefield Explorer, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.