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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 2nd Northamptonshire Yeomanry
Month and Year: July 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt-Col. D.A.R.S. Cooke
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
FRANCE 19   0663. Cdns reported in CORMELLES factory and in south part of CAEN.
19 1715 (about) Regt attacked BRAS from NNW with "C" Sqn right and "A" Sqn left.3 R Tks and elements of 8 RB attacked HUBERT FOLIE and BRAS at same time.
19 1800 BRAS occupied and 8 RB clearing up enemy inf. A tk fire from 054616 and from HUBERT FOLIE. One A tk gun concealed on south side of BRAS KO'd some of our tks.Accurate enemy arty fire periodically on our tks near and N of BRAS. Major G. PECK killed and Majors STANCOMB and McGILLYCUDDY wounded by this fire.
19 2000 (about) Regt made demonstration NW of HUBERT FOLIE to assist 29 Armd Bde attack from another direction.
19 2200 Withdrawn to 083660. Part of 159 Inf Bde took over at BRAS
19 2230 Sqns ordered to withdraw to area 082658
19   Cas:
Offrs - Killed: Major G.F. Peck, Lt S.J. White
Offrs - Wounded: Major Stancome, Major J.P. MCGillycuddy, Lt Kirby, Lt Bromehead, Lt Hall.
Offrs - Missing believed killed: Lt R.A.C. Boucher

ORs - Killed: 9
ORs - Wounded: 14
ORs - Missing: 9
20 1330 Regt moves to area 1067.
21-22   Maintenance and refitting.
23   Regt moves to area 9772 as per 2 N YEO Mov Order Appx 8
24, 25& 26   Maintenance and refitting, baths; some personnel spend day at Rest Camp.
27   Regt as Div res as per 11 Armd Div Op Instr No 4 Appx 9
28   Maintenance.
29   Maps : 1/50,000 Sheets 7F/1, 6F/2, 6F/4 and 6F/6.Regt move on commencement of Op "BLUECOAT".
29 0330 Tracks move off to new location 6567. Arrives 0830 hrs
29 0830 Wheels move off to new location 6567. Arrives 1900 hrs
30   Maps : 1/25,000 34/14 NE and SE
30 0900 Regt moves off on 11 Armd Div right CL acting as Div res.
30 1030 Location 663643
30 1900 Regt moves to take up right flank posns. Two Tps "B" Sqn leave to clear up enemy inf pocket at LE VIONNIERRE 658579 and one Tp to contact US Tps at br 657573
30 2020 "A" Sqn move to line excl 657573 - 664547. Rest of Regt moves to LA BAISELIERE 667565.
30 2100 One Tp "A" Sqn holding br at 657573 against possible attack from N and W.
30 2135 "C" Sqn go to LA BAISELIERE, "B" Sqn and RHQ to 682585.
30 2210 "B" Sqn tks at LA VIONNIERRE run into minefield on the rd and lose two tks. They are remaining ther over the night in observation of the village. One Tp at x rds 663587.
30 2320 RHQ harbouring 677572.
30   Cas: Wounded 2 ORs
31 0700 "A" and "B" Sqns report no enemy activity. "B" Sqn reports no contact with US Tps yet. "A" and "B" Sqns to remain in posn but be prepared to move south. "C" Sqn moving south to link up with inf of 159 Bde on high ground 655508 and then to push on west and south.
31 0900 "C" Sqn on high ground with inf.
31 1000 Two Tps of "C" Sqn across rly at 655507, but remainder unable to cross owing to a tk gun fire now covering the crossing. One tk hit by bazooka at 645506. Progress West and South therefore impossible.
31 1200 "B" Sqn at 6751."C" Sqn looking for crossing of rly further west. Ordered to send their two leading tps to br at 638437 to support patrol of 2 HCR which is said to be there.
31 1240 "C" Sqn still held up, but two leading Tps have now penetrated to 647488."B" Sqn held up by traffic moving E to W.
31 1320 "C" Sqn leading Tps report LA FERRIERE clear of enemy and are pushing S to rly.
31 1340 "C" Sqn shoot up German track at 634464.
31 1405 "C" Sqn leading Tps reach br, find no tps of 2 HCR, taking up posns to hold the br against enemy attack.
31 1445 "B" Sqn cross rly at 665508 and swing W along main rd.
31 1455 "C" Sqn get crossing at 640505, move over to take up line 625500 - 620485 against enemy attack from the N and W.
31 1600 Both Sqns held up by traffic congestion.
31 1612 One of "B" Sqn's tks KO'd by A tk gun in area 635507.
31 1614 "C" Sqn report enemy still at 640505; are shelling to clear it up.
31 1621 "C" Sqn two Tps 645505 and two still at br 638437.
31 1700 Traffic still holding up "B" Sqn.
31 1702 "C" Sqn report contact made with US Inf Div on the right. This is the first contact we have made with US Tps. Trying to get them to take over our commitments in that area.
31 1735 "B" Sqn covering SE on line 649472 - 667493."A" Sqn covering SE on line 660643 - 649472.
31 1800 Recce Tp on left flank observing on rd running SE from ST MARTIN DES BESACES to 675503.
31 1811 "C" Sqn party at Br. 639437 capture PW from 21 Pz Div complete with wireless Code List and Signs and destroy German lorry, staff car and M/C.
31 1845 "C" Sqn to remain in present posn and liaise with US Tps but will be prepared to move to high ground at 646507.
31 1912 "B" Sqn report 29 Armd Bde moving over br. at 638437.
31 2030 "B" Sqn 650497 still held up by traffic.
31 2145 Recce Tp report enemy strong points at 625472 and 633473.
31 2200 Recce Tp recalled.
31 2245 "A" Sqn moving up to take up def posn on the line of the river 653487 - 647470."B" Sqn moving up to take up def posn on the line of the river 647470 - 655456."C" Sqn in posn at 650495.RHQ at 663537
31   Cas: Killed: 4 ORs, Missing: 2 ORs.
31   Lieut. Colonel,Comdg. 2nd Fife & Forfar Yeomanry, R.A.C.

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Source: 11th Armoured Division.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.