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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 13/18 Hussars (QMO)
Month and Year: September 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. V.A.B. Dunkerly
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
ORESMAUX 1 0830 Regt moved off behind S.R. Yeo., leading on one route and 4/7th D.G. on the other, trough AMIENS and Northwards. Progress slow and leading elements S.R. Yeo. met enemy tanks and Inf just North of AMIENS. These were by-passed and pinned and advance continued slowly.
1 1200 Regt crossed River SOMME. Advance continued slowly Northwards and Regt deployed across country and then back onto road again and through BEAUVAL. Enemy were withdrawing hastily towards DOULLENS and horse-drawn transport and Inf were effectively fired on.
1 1500 "A" & "C" Sqns and R.HQ were ordered by Corps Comdr to make a hasty right flank hook to catch the Bosche withdrawing from DOULLENS to ARRAS.
1 1700 Regt reached the main ARRAS road but no signs of any Bosche about. "B" Sqn followed on behind S.R. Yeo. into DOULLENS, where several hundred PW were taken. The rest of the Regt continued on Northwards towards IVERGNY. F.F.I. reported 300 enemy in wooded area of LUCHEUX. This proved to be partly true, but they offered no resistance and the wood was cleared quickly, produced 65 PW of a Battery of 1252 Army Arty Regt. The advance was continued towards IVERGNY in search of Germans, and the PW were marched down to BOUQUE MAISON to the hilarious joy of the villagers. Other Bosche joined the column and by 1930 hrs the bag totalled 90. These were handed over to the F.F.I.
1 2100 The Regt having patrolled around and meeting no further enemy in the vicinity moved to final objective IVERGNY and harboured for the night, "B" Sqn joining them later. A1 and A2 Echs moved up and joined us later. The Guards and the 11th Armd Divs have taken ARRAS and beyond to DOUAI and LENS.
1   Lieut. H.D. Jennison accidently killed during day by 17 pr shell from another tank.
IVERGNY 2 1000 Patrols sent out by "B" and "C" Sqns and Recce Tp to villages round about to mop up enemy. Very little was seen however, and only 15 PW taken. Another 9 PW from 1252 Arty Regt came in, and a car with the Commander and Adjutant of an Arty Regt 272 Div was caught at BOUQUE MAISON. 5 PW of 17 G.A.F . Div were captured by Recce Tp at REBREUVIETTE including 2 in civilian clothes and one wounded. F.F.I. had killed about 30 at the same place.
2 1500 Patrols returned.
2   The form is now that 30 Corps continues the advance Eastwards to-morrow or the next day with Guards Armd Div directed on BRUSSELS - 11th Armd Div directed on ANTWERP and 50 Div with 8 Armd Bde under Comd on ALOST. 3 Airborne Div are supposed to be dropping in BELGIUM to-morrow morning. No move for us before 1300 hrs to-morrow. Maintenance and repairs carried out.
3 0800 Orders received to be at ½ hrs notice to move. C.O. to O Gp 151 Bde.
3   The march on BRUSSELS is to begin to-day. The Regt is to move with 151 Bde behind the rest of 8 Armd Bde to ALOST via ARRAS – LOOS – South of LILLE – OUDTNARDE. "B" Sqn to move with 6 D.L.I. in front.
3 1115 "B" Sqn crossed start line. Advance delayed owing to late start of 4/7th D.Gds.
3 1400 Regt passed through ARRAS and North to the Coalmining district of LENS.
3 1600 Advance continued slowly. Great welcome in LENS from local population. Pockets of enemy resistance delayed advance between SECLIN and LILLE and 8 Armd Bde were sent into LILLE where confused fighting was going on between F.F.I. and the Bosche.
3 1830 Regt harboured in area BENIFONTAINE.
3 2100 Orders received for no further move until 0700 hrs to-morrow.
3   Capt. J.A. Stancomb MC rejoined Regt and posted to "A" Sqn. Capt Walker transferred to "B" Sqn as 2nd Capt. Capt. Gale to "C" Sqn. Lieut. Jamieson and Lieut. Townsend Green posted to Regt from Westminster Dragoons and "C" and "A" Sqn respectively. Lieut. Coker rejoined from England and posted to to "B" Sqn. Lieut. Denney transferred to "B" Sqn. 2/Lieuts. Belcher & Booth posted to Regt and to "C" & "A" Sqns respectively. The Guards Armd Div are in BRUSSELS.
BENIFONTAINES 4 0700 No move before 1000 hrs ordered. Numerous reports of enemy in the area. 50 Div and 8 Armd Bde are halted and made to protect the axis facing West and North. 151 Bde Gp between the areas LESQUIN and CARNIN with "C" Sqn at TEMPLEMARS with 9 D.L.I. "B" Sqn with 6 D.L.I. at ANNOBULIN and "A" Sqn in reserve, except for 2 Tps patrolling with a Section of Carriers in LA BASSEE to clean up some prisoners with the F.F.I. and returned by 1300 hrs.
4 1300 R.HQ and "A" Sqn moved to CONDECOURT. Slight mortaring and shelling by enemy during the afternoon.
4 1600 "C" Sqn had 2 tks hit by A/Tk guns and 2 ORs wounded. 2 German A/Tk guns were destroyed. "B" Sqn did considerable shooting up of enemy in area BLAUVAIN and PW were taken. The enemy consisting mainly of 712 Division from the Coast near OSTEND plus elements of many other Divs with SS Tps from NORMANDY are being contained in the industrial area West of LILLE and North of the BASSEE Canal. They may consist of up to 30,000, and it is anticipated that they will attempt to break out to the South in a direction where 8 Armd Bde and 151 Inf Bde are, piquettting the Southern approaches and patrolling Northwards.
4   11th Armd Div are in ANTWERP and MALINES. 60 Inf Bde are in ALOST, so our task has been completed for us. Meanwhile we shall remain here till 12 Corps come up on our left to LILLE, which has already been cleared by F.F.I.
CONDECOURT 5 0600 Regt stood to. Nothing to report. Day was spent in clearing the area Northwards to the Canal at La BASSEE. Some bridges have been blown by the enemy.
5 1400 R.HQ and "A" Sqn moved slightly Southwards to CHEMY. "B" & "C" Sqns remained in observation. Many PWs coming in. "C" Sqn destroyed 2 more A/Tk guns and captured 6 intact.
5   We are now only 6 miles from our old 1940 Billets at LA VERDERIE and parties went over in the evening and received an enthusiastic welcome from the population.
CHEMY 6 0600 Regt came unter Comd 8 Armd Bde again.
6 0615 Regtl harbour party set out for our new concentration area, North of NINOVE, 15 miles West of BRUSSELS.
6 0800 Orders received for this move. Sqns are to be withdrawn from their present tasks. Leading elements of the Bde cross SP just East of Belgium frontier at 1245 hrs.
6 1330 Regt moved off "C" Sqn leading.
6 1445 Regt crossed Belgian frontier.
6 1900 Regt arrived at NINOVE area and harboured for the night. Warning order came to be prepared to move next day in the direction of ANTWERP.
NINOVE 7 0900 Regt put at 6 hrs notice.
7 1300 Orders to be prepared to move at 1430 hrs
7 1400 O Gp 8 Armd Bde. The Bde is moving via BRUSSELS and LOUVAIN to area AERSCHOTT preparatory to a right flank hook in the ALBERT Canal.
7 1700 Regt passed through BRUSSELS. Great welcome from the local population.
7 2030 Regt harboured at GELRODE.
7 2130 O Gp 8 Armd Bde. Operation Comet starts early to-morrow. The Guards Armd Div have met resistance from 719 Coastal Div on the ALBERT Canal, but have forced a small bridgehead, which they are extending to-night at BEERINGEN. 8 Armd Bde's task is to cross there and attack the three main bridges to the West of it from the rear simultaneously with a frontal attack by 50 Div.
AERSCHOTT 8 0430 Regt moved off via AERSCHOTT and DIEST - "A" Sqn leading.
8 0800 Regt reached PAEL and pulled off the road. Plans have been changed slightly as the Regt's objective – the Easternmost bridge – has already been secured by the 50 Div. Guards have enlarged their bridgehead Northwards and are now bypassing enemy resistance and turning South East to the River MEUSE. 8 Armd Bde are to pass through and capture GHEEL and thence TURNHOUT.
8 1100 Regt continued on Bde centre line, but made little progress and were held up for 3 hours on the road.
8 1500 Regt crossed ALBERT CANAL at BEERINGEN. Considerable opposition was met in wooded area North of coalmines, including shelling and mortaring and reported tks which were probably SP A/Tk guns of 559 A/Tk Regt. Some two or three hundred PW have been rounded up.
8 1630 Progress in front still very slow and Regt had to "curl up" just North of BEERINGEN.
8 2030 Regt received orders to harbour a mile Northwards for the night.
8 2130 All Sqns completed harbouring in area BEVERLOO.
BEVERLOO 9 0645 Regt stood to. Nothing to report except some shelling during the night on the canal.
9 0730 Regt stood down.
9 0800 Heavy enemy counter-attack was put in from the East along the Canal onto A1 Echelon (brigaded) area. Initial assault appeared to be by about 200 determined infantry, but PW stated that force consisted of 300 men from 723 Regt of 719 Division. 15 of our ammo and POL lorries were hit and brewed up by SAA - 5 ORs wounded, 1 killed, 6 missing, probably PW.
9 0830 2 Tps of "C" Sqn and later a third tp were sent out to restore the situation and came across considerable small pockets of infantry infiltrating through the woods North West of BEERINGEN.
9 0900 1 Tp of "B" Sqn was sent to the road junc one mile west of BEVERLOO to protect left flank and encountered more enemy. Confused fighting continued all morning and the attack petered out, the enemy withdrawing North East after suffering heavy casualties and losing 100 PW.
9 1030 Elements of 11 Armd Div began to appear on the scene, and on enquiry it was found that one Armd Regt with a motor company had been ordered to clear the bridgehead up to BEVERLOO, not knowing that we were already there. Some anxiety ensued lest they should proceed to clear us from the bridgehead. However contact was made and the situation sorted out with 3 RTR.
9 1600 8 Armd Bde were placed under Comd Guards Armd Div. The latter have been held up all day and have not captured BOURG LEOPOLD (in spite of the B.B.C.). On the left 50 Div also have a bridgehead over the Canal South of GHEEL but have met stiffening resistance. It is the intention of Guards Armd Div to break out to-morrow and form a bridgehead over the ESCAUT MEUSE Canal at NEERPELT and DE GROOT BARRIER. We are to hold a firm base protecting left flank East of BOURG LEOPOLD at GEEMEENTE BOSCH with 4/7th D.G. at BEAU MARAIS, while 11 Armd Div protect right flank. Meanwhile minor adjuistments of our position will be carried out to hold BEVERLOO.
9 1630 Stragglers from the morning’s counterattack came in incl some wounded - altogether 1 Offr and 20 men from 6 Para Regt. They stated that their task had been to blow the bridge at BEERINGEN.
9 2000 "A" and "C" Sqns took up defensive positions around BEVERLOO for the night - the motor coy is again under Comd - also 3 F.O.Os from Essex Yeo. "B" Sqn and R.HQ moved to area of the Railway Stn and Slagheaps. The Dutch Bde are also in this area.
10 0630 Stand to. Nothing to report. A quiet night except for some sporadic shelling and our own bombing in BOURG LEOPOLD Area. Enemy appear to have withdrawn slightly in anticipation of our further advance.
10 1100 "A" and "C" Sqns remain in posn. The importance of holding BEVERLOO has now been apprciated by Higher Comaand, and it is our task to hold it until relieved by the Dutch Bde this evening.
10 1330 BOURG LEOPOLD has been reported clear of enemy. "B" Sqn movd to recce it and hold the main western communications centres (if clear) while the motor bn pass through northwards. 4/7 D.G. are carrying out the same task in eastern half.
10 1500 The plan has been modified, as it is not considered that the house clearing operation can be undertaken by one bn infantry. "B" Sqns made some progress with their patrols and met anti tank opposition which they overcame, destroying 2 enemy 75 mms and 1 small anti tank gun. Their patrols reached the station and western half of the town and were ordered to withdraw westwards killing as many Bosche as possible.
10 1700 Patrols returned to harbour without casualty, bringing 9 PW with them. PW came from a mixed force from 723 Regt with 2 from 6 Para Regt and were in general domoralised and low grade tps. They stated that BOURG LEOPOLD was only held by 60 men with a few anti tank guns taken over from previous garrison.
10 2000 Dutch Bde are taking over X roads at BEVERLOO. "C" Sqn have withdrawn slightly to CORSPEL. Guards Armd Div have reached the bridge at DE GROTE BARRIER and are making a bridgehead. The bridges at NEERPELT have been blown.
11 0630 Stand to. Nothing to report.
11 0915 C.O. to O Gp 8 Armd Bde.
11 1200 Numerous civilian reports have been coming in last night and this morning about enemy in and around BOURG LEOPOLD, which was formerly the Belgian Army School of Artillery and has more recently been housing up to 1000 political prisoners, under the supervision of the Belgian and Dutch Gestapo (Very low types). It is apparently 30 Corps earnest wish that the town should be ours.
11   The plan consists of an Armd Regt and Motor Bn attack by ourselves and K.R.R.Cs at 1400 hrs followed up by the Belgian Bde who are to sweep it from South to North.
11 1230 More recent civilian rumours and reports from Dutch Bde say however that the Bosche have cleared out of the town. "B" Sqn is therefore sent off hurriedly with a Motor Coy to recce in force and hold.
11 1400 BOURG LEOPOLD has been entered without difficulty and the infantry began house clearing bringing out 6 PW incl 2 marines in civilian clothes. By 1500 hrs O.C. "B" Sqn reported that he considered he had done all he could do, and that from observation, there were a considerable number of enemy in the woods to the NW of the town. OPs were estabished and concs of arty fire were put down. Meanwhile we waited for the Belgian Bde to take over.
11 1730 The relief by Belgian Bde began but there was no sign of the Sqn of 4/7 D Gs who were supposed to be accompanying them.
11 1830 Sqn 4/7 D.G. arrived and "B" Sqn were relieved and began to return to harbour. Capt. Akers-Douglas reurned from England and is posted to "C" Sqn as 2IC. Capt W. Wormald MC to "B" Sqn as 2nd Capt. Capt. Walker to "C" Sqn as 2nd Capt, and Capt. Gale to 1st Rfts but remaining with A1 Ech as Assistant to Major Cordy-Simpson, who commands the brigaded A1 Echelon.
11   During all this period and since our arrival in 8 Armd Bde, the Regt has had a Bty of Essex Yeo affiliated to it with Major Gesling as B.C. and Capt. Lyon and Capt. Taylor MC as F.O.Os. In addition the Motor Coy of 12 K.R.R.Cs which has been working with the Regt has been "B" Coy under Major Deeds.
12   No move. Nothing to report on our front. "A" Sqn were relieved by "B" Sqn, and given 24 hrs maintenance and rest.
13   An attack on OOSTAM by "B" and "C" Sqns in sp of 231 Bde was going to be launched to clear the woods but a general enemy withdrawal appears to have taken place to the North of the ESCAUT CANAL, and the attack has therefore been cancelled.
13   "C" Sqn came into reserve, leaving only "B" Sqn to watch on front at BEVERLOO.
14 1300 8 Armd Bde is to concentrate in area BOURG LEOPOLD to carry out 3 days rest and maintenance. The Regt is remaining in area of BEERINGEN Coalmines and is going under cover with "A", "B" & "C" Sqns in the School and R.HQ at the Station.
14   The general picture now is one of a short pause before the next breakout due to start on 17th or 18th. 12th Corps are now level with us on the EASCAUT CANAL facing North, with 15 Div having taken over the GHEEL Bridgehead. 50 Div are containing the Bridgehead and all armour is resting. To our right the Americans are at HASSELT and further East pushing on to the Siegfried Line and into Germany.
BEERINGEN 15   Rest and maintenance continue. Trips to DIEST, LOUVAIN, and BRUSSELS are arranged.
16 1000 C.O. attended Lecture by 2nd Army Comdr and 30 Corps Comdr on coming Operation "Market Garden”.
16   Rest and maintenance continue.
HECHTEL 17 0830 C.O. attended O Gp 8 Armd Bde.
17 1100 C.O. and Os.C. "B" & "C" Sqns attended O Gp 129 Bde of 43 Div.
17   The Regt moved to a concentration area just North of HETCHEL.
17 1300 Op "Market Garden" commenced with the dropping of 3 Airborne Divisions - the 1st British at ARNHEM - the 82nd U.S. at NIJMEGEN and GRAVE - and the 101st U.S. (later to come under 30 Corps) in area EINDHOVEN all under command of Lt.Gen Browning. The object of the Operation is to secure and hold the crossings over the MEUSE and RHINE and their subsidiary canals, in preparation for the advance by 2nd Army with 30 Corps as the spearhead, directed on the Dutch Coast North West of APPELDORN. 8 Corps secure the right flank by the capture of WEERT and HELMOND and 12th Corps the left flank by the capture of TURNHOUT and an advance to the MEUSE.
17 1300 The land Operation "Garden" of 30 Corps consists of a breakout of the Bridgehead over the ESCAUT CANAL at DE GROOT BARRIER with Guards Armd Div leading, followed by 43 Div with 8 Armd Bde in sp, followed by 50 Div. The whole of 30 Corps is then to advance up our axis (via EINDHOVEN – UDEN – GRAVE – NIJMEGEM – ARNHEM and APPELDORN) to secure the high ground from NUNSPEET, on the ZUYDER ZEE to ARNHEM. Meanwhile the 1st Cdn Army, still with 1st Br Corps under Comd, is to advance Northwards from ANTWERP directed on UTRECHT taking in such places as ROTTERDAM and mopping up the 100,000 Germans, who are supposed to be there, whence 2nd Army stops their escape into Germany. Meanwhile the American 1st, 3rd and 7th Armies are continuing to push on into Germany and test the defences of the Siegfried Line, with a view to cutting off the RUHR from the rest of Germany. The objective of the 2nd Army will thereafter be directed on BERLIN via MUNSTER & OSNABRUCK. The smaller picture is that we are to sp 129 Bde, and advance along the axis and take over the area of the bridge over the River IJSSEL at DEVENTER, ZUTPHEN and DOESBURG, the latter with "A" Sqn in sp 12 K.R.R.Cs under Comd 43 Recce Regt.
17 1700 Weather broke and heavy rain came down. No move for us to-night.
17 2100 Guards Armd Div are apparently meeting quite strong resistance at VALKENSWAARD. The Paratrpop landing at MIJMEGEN has been reported successful and the bridge intact.
18 0900 Guards Armd Div are reported to have overcome resistance at VALKENSWAARD incl elements of 9 SS and 10 SS reconstituted in Battle Groups with SP Guns, and to here taken many PW. They are now being held up at AALST but 101 Para Div have EINDHOVEN intact. The Bridge over the MEUSE at GRAVE was captured intact by 82 Para Div end 1 Br Airborne has made a crash landing at the ARNHEM Bridge.
18 0930 A possible small change of plan is envisaged, in that the Regt may be switched over to move with 130 Bde.
18   A Dutch interpreter is atteched to R.HQ for liaison purposes.
18   No move all day.
18 1830 Bde Comd 129 Inf Bde visited R.HQ. It is still undecided whether the Regt goes with his Bde or 130 Bde.
18 1930 Considerable enemy air activity overhead, apparentiy in aid of the ESCAUT CANAL bridge, but some bombs were dropped in our vicinity. No damage reported.
19 0900 The Regt was put at 2 hrs notice to move.
19   The Guards have had a stiff fight round EINDHOVEN, where resistance by the SS Battle Groups was strong, but they have now cleared it up after 2 attempts at bypasaing it and have advanced and reached GRAVE on the MEUSE, where the bridge is intact. No further news of NIJMEGEN or ARNHEM, except that TAC R report the bridge still intact.
19   It appeared now unlikely that we shall move to-day as there are still the AA Bde and various picquitting groups to pass through before us.
19 1600 The Guards have attacked the bridge at NIJMEGEN but have been forced to withdraw. They are putting in a second attack to-night.
20 0630 O Gp 130 Bde, with whom we are now to move. Guards second attack on bridge failed and they are to try once again to-day. If this fails we are to make an assault crossing.
20 0715 Recce parties set off for NIJMEGEN via EINDHOVEN and GRAVE crossing the Dutch frontier South of AALST. Progress was held up at EINDHOVEN, where some enemy tks and Inf had infiltrated back onto the Corps axis.
20 1000 The Regt crossed SP on ESCAUT CANAL into HOLLAND.
20 1130 Recce parties reached the Bde concentration area 5 miles South of NIJMEGEN and accross the MEUSE. The Guards are now hammering at the enemy on the WAAL Bridge.
20   The Regt reached ZEELAND and "curled up" for the night. 82 U.S. Airborne Div are in process of making an assault crossing West of NIJMEGEN.
NIJMEGEN 21 0600 The Regt continued the advance. The NIJMEGEN bridge has been captured intact at last and the Guards are advancing towards ARNHEM to link up with 1st Br Airborne Div, who are being pressed by the enemy, who now hold the bridge there over the NEDER RIJN.
21   We are now to patrol into NIJMEGEN and mop up anything left behind South of the WAAL.
21 0900 Patrols from "B" & "C" Sqns set out but no enemy were encountered. "C" Sqn patrol later crossed the bridge.
21 1800 R.HQ moved up into NIJMEGEN. The Regt's role for to-night is the defence of the bridges from both sides of the river in sp 130 Bde. A counterattack is expected from the East.
22 0900 No further developments in NIJMEGEN. The Guards have get held up at ELST and are unable to get through. 43 Div with 8 Armd Bde in sp is to pass through and capture ARNHEM. We are in sp 129 Bde.
22 1000 "A" Sqn still in sp 12 K.R.R.C. who have been sitting around EINDHOVEN in case they were required, have moved up to this area.
22 1230 "B" Sqn in sp 4 Wilts crossed the bridges and advanced up the axis towards ELST. They met opposition South of ELST and made no progress beyond the Guards. One tank was destroyed - 1 OR killed and 1 OR wounded.
22   Meanwhile 214 Bde with 4/7 D.G. in sp went round the left flank and made good progress, knocking out 3 tks and reaching the river at DRIEL with one Bn and a Sqn.
22 1600 A Plan was laid on for "C" Sqn to sp 5 Wilts in a further push up the axis to ARNHEM, but it was dark before it could be put into operation.
23 0600 We are now in sp 130 Bde again, and are going to continue the advance and meet up with Airborne on the River West of ARNHEM, which is strongly held by SS tps. "B" Sqn in sp 7 Hamps, "C" Sqn in sp 5 Dorsets, "A" Sqn now under Comd again in sp 7 Dorsets in res.
23 0800 "A" Sqn and R.HQ crossed the Dutch Rhine or WAAL, but were held up for some hours while some regrouping was carried out.
23 1030 Advance continued - "B" Sqn going via VALBURG and HOMOET to the NEDER RIJN just East of HETEREN - "C" Sqn diverting at VALBURG and up to DRIEL. No opposition was encountered and Sqns were in position with their infantry at 1700 hrs.
23 1800 R.HQ harboured with 130 Bde south of HOMOET.
23   Various plans were hatched for getting the POLISH Para Bde across the river to re-inforce 1st Airborne but few of these were carried out, except a small crossing by 200 Poles.
23 1900 4/7 D.Gs are attacking ELST to the East of R.HQ and things are considerably noisy and the enemy appears to be rather near. Nothing untoward however happened during the night.
HOMOET 24 0600 Stand to. Nothing to report.
24   Slight enemy shelling, probably from an SP 88 mm, continued at intervals throughout the day.
24   "A" Sqn is in posn watching the flanks and "B" and "C" Sqn are remaining in situ for the moment.
24   Weather extremely wet and cold. Things are not going so well with the British Airborne and the enemy are making determined attempt to cut the Corps axis round VEGHEL. This they appear to succeed in doing at intervals and parties have to be despatched to restore the situation.
24 2000 The Airborne Bridgehead over the NEDER RIJN is to be reinforced to-night by the 4 Dorsets from 130 Bde plus the balance of the Polish Para. The story goes that there are about only 1000 Airborne tps left in the bridgehead which is about 4 miles West of ARNHEM, that about 2000 have been captured, and the remainder out of a possible 8000 killed except for about 350 wounded. The enemy is in occupation of ARNHEM itself (mostly SS Tps, Marines and German Home Guard) the bridge which is still intact, and the dropping zone. The tps are therefore running very short of amn and supplies.
24   The remainder of 130 Bde less 7 Hants who are going to ferry supplies, and the Regt are to keep up continuous offensive action all night until 0430 hrs., firing at opportuniyy target, in order to keep the enemy occupied while the relief is carried out.
25 0130 Above operation carried out with partial success.
25 0600 Stand to. Nothing to report from forward Sqns except fairly heavy shelling from "C" Sqn at first light. "A" Sqn have been released from sp of 4 Dorsets but remain at HOMOET except for switching one tp to the East to watch possible enemy lines of approach from East and the ARNEM – NIJMEGEN Railway. The constant rain is making the roads almost unserviceable and deployment across country quite impossible.
25   Our lifeline has again been cut somewhere North of EINDHOVEN, but no one seems to worry much, and 8th and 12th Corps are making steady, if slow, progress Northwards.
25 2000 The bridgehead at ARNHEM is to be evacuated - a decision apparently taken by the C-in-C and not a surprising one really, if, as reports go, there are only about 600-700 Airborne tps left. This is to be effected to-night by assault boats, ducks etc., and a deception plan in which the Regt is involved has been laid on to induce the enemy to believe that the operation is in effect a further reinforcement.
25   One PW from 503 Marsch Bn gave himself up to A Ech. He was not well informed but gave his opinion of general conditions in Germany which were of interest.
26 0600 Last night's operation was successful and (surprisingly) over 2000 Airborne Tps were ferried bask. A few remain the other side and the bulk of the Dorsets have not yet been found. Further efforts will be made to-night.
26 1600 An SP gun started a persistent effort to shell Bde HQ but fortunately most of the shells were duds, otherwise they would have been unpleasantly near.
26 2100 Further patrols were sent across the river area again to locate the remainder of the bridgehead. This had some success but it would appear that 250 of the Dorsets will not come back.
27 1300 The Regt less "A" Sqn has been released from sp of 130 Bde and are moving back to a maintenance cum rest area in OOSTERHOOT. "A" Sqn remain at HOMOET. Some tanks of "C" Sqn were bogged en route, which necessitate some rather unpleasant recovery work by night in close proximity to the enemy. On the way back a tp of "B" Sqn was directed to RANDWIJK to deal with an unexpected crossing of the river in that area by some old men of the Home Guard (encouraged by some 50 odd SS tps). It appears however that many different parties from various formations have been detailed to carry out the same task, with resulting confusion and non-elimination of the old men. "B" Sqn tp however patrolled the area round about RANDWIJK for quite a time and was ordered back at night to rejoin the Sqn.
OOSTERHOUT 28   Nothing to report. The advance of 8th and 12th Corps continues and our axis is becoming slightly more secure. A determined attack was put in from the area of the REICHSWALD during the day by the enemy infantry, and made some headway towards NIJMEGEN, but was beaten back by 82 Airborne Div and the S.R.Y. with some success.
29 0700 "C" Sqn were put at one hours notice to operate with 4 Wilts of 129 Bde in a counterattack role on ELST. This however appears an unlikely event unless something very untoward occurs.
29   A major diversion took place during the night, in the form of 6 determined Germans who swam downstream from the East towards NIJMEGEN and proceeded to blow up both bridges - the road only slightly but the rail one very successfully. This has naturally cut our axis once again, but rather nearer where we can feel it. Repairs are however being carried out.
30   Nothing to report.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.