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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 13/18th Royal Hussars (QMO)
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. The Earl of Feversham
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
OOSTERHOUT 1 1000 A flap is on. Enemy have crossed the river just East of DRIEL and South of ARNHEM and are infiltrating. In addition a threat is developing in the area of BEMMEL. "C" Sqn has gone forward to join 4 Wilts at ELST with 2 Tps and then brought the remainder of the Sqn up with it.
1 1200 "C" Sqn reported that everything was quiet and tps had been stood down.
1 1400 O.C. "B" Sqn was sent to contact HQ. 69 Bde West of BEMMEL and later sent for the Sqn to come up to him in that area.
1   "A" Sqn remain in posn in sp 130 Bde., one tp in action against enemy infiltrating in area East of DRIEL.
1 1800 The threats in the North have been dealt with although the enemy still shows signs of activity towards ELST. "B" Sqn are having difficulty in inducing 69 Bde not to make their deploy across country at night.
2 0900 Nothing to report.
2 1030 Harbour parties went off to area South of NIJMEGEN to recce area for Bde concentration prior to future operations.
2 1500 Lieut. Townsend Green killed by direct hit on Infantry R.A.P. near DRIEL.
2 1630 "B" Sqn was called in to OOSTERHOUT and put in reserve, prepared to sp 5 DCLI of 214 Bde in counterattack role. Whole Regt is now therefore under Comd 43 Div. Elsewhere preliminary moves for future operations are taking place. The US 1st Army has started its attack on Siegfried Line.
3 0900 Nothing to report.
4 0845 The Greys began to arrive to take over from the Regt, Sqns handing over in turn posn with their infantry Bde. 101 US Airborne is taking over from 43 Div. Guards have already concentrated South of the WAAL. Considerable shelling in "A" & "C" Sqn area came down during handover.
4 1400 O Gp held at R.HQ for move back. At the moment we are required to go to a rest area at MALDEN six miles South of NIJMEGEN. Another recce is to be made to try and procure a better place and get the men under cover.
4 2220 The Regt began to cross the NIJMEGEN Pontoon Bridge, and move to WEURD about 3 miles to the West, and harbour for the night.
WEURD 5   The Regt settled into its billet. It appears that we have moved into the 5 Wilts area and may have to turn out. This was however avoided by finding additional accommodation for the Wilts.
6   Nothing to report.
7 0900 Lt.Col. Dunkerly flew back to Engiand via EINDHOVEN to be admitted into Base Hospital to receive treatment for his wrist. Struck off strength. Major The Earl of Feversham assumed Comd. Major Rugge-Price 2nd-in-Comd. Capt. Stamcomb to Comd "B" Sqn. Capt. Walker to "A" Sqn as 2nd Capt. Capt. Gale to "C" Sqn as 2nd Capt. Lieut. Coates to HQ Sqn as LO & 2IC A1 Ech. Lieut. Edwards to HQ as R.HQ Tp.Ldr.
8 1700 C.O. recced area East of NIJMEGEN and reported to HQ 82 Airborne Div under whom we are now to be in sp.
8   The situation now is that 12 Corps are taking over the "Isle of Wight" and the left flank guard and 30 Corps are manning the front facing the Forest of REICHSWALD and the Siegfried Line. Any largescale offensive ops on 2nd Army Front have been postponed for about a week owing to supply difficulties.
8   O.C. "A" Sqn recced area for operational role with American Para Regt taking over from Armd Grenadier Guards.
9 0900 Recce Party 4/7th R.D.Gs who are taking over this rest area for handover of billets.
9 0945 Regtl O Gp. Orders for move and coming Operational role.
9 1030 Regtl Harbour Party set off for new Area DEKKERSWALD.
9 1300 Regt moved to DEKKERWALD with A1 Ech. A2 & B Ech remained at HATTERT brigaded under 8 Armd Bde.
9 1800 "A" Sqn under Comd 504 American Para Regt moved into posn in the in area West of ERLOKOM without incident. "B" & "C" Sqns remained harboured in DEKKERSWALD.
DEKKERSWALD 10   Considerable enemy arty action during the night - no damage or casualties. Very wet. "B" & "C" Sqns are at hours notice to move fwd in a counter-attack role. Nothing to report from "A" Sqn.
11 0900 505 Para Inf Rgt relieved 504 Para Regt in Northern area of sector and a general reshuffle took place on the front. "A" Sqn reverted to under Comd 505 Regt. Nothing to report.
12   Nothing to report beyond slight enemy arty activity.
13 1800 "B" Sqn relieved "A" Sqn in fwd area. "A" Sqn returned to harbour at DRIEHUIZEN.
14 1000 C.O. attended conference 8 Armd Bde on future Ops.
14 1200 Enemy shelling in "B" Sqn area. One OR wounded.
14 1430 Conference held in Regt with reps of 79 Armd Div Flails, AVREs & Crocodiles on the use of special devices on a deliberate attack on prepared defences.
15 1000 Nothing to report. C.O. visited Comd 129 Bde to discuss future Ops.
15 1615 C.O. gave outline of Op Gatwick to Sqn Ldrs.
16 0845 Tp.Ldrs from "A" & "B" Sqns met reps from 129 Bde at HQ 4 Dorsets to visit OPs in area of GROESBECK before patrolling after dark for future Ops.
16 1130 First of a series of lectures by Comd 30 Corps took place - attended during next few days by C.O., 2IC., Sqns Ldrs and Captains.
16 2230 Demonstration at GRAVE of use of Crocodile, AVREs etc by night attended by Tank Comds. Orders received to move next day back to the "Island" to take over temporarily from 3 Regts of 4 Armd Bde. We are to be relieved in this area by 2nd Armd Irish Guards.
17 0930 Recce parties from 2nd Irish Gds arrived to take over area. Recce parties from Regt (C.O. & Sqn Ldrs) went to HQ 101 US Airborne Div & 50 (N) Div to take over from 4 Armd Bde.
17 1500 2nd Irish Gds arrived to take over area.
17 1530 Regt moved off and crossed the WAAL again at NIJMEGEN and moved into posn. "C" Sqn under Comd 502 Para Regt and 327 Para Regt with 2 tps up in area ZETTEN. "A" Sqn in sp 501 and 506 Para Regt in area HERVELD with no tps committed but at 3 hours notice to move. "B" Sqn in reserve in sp 50 Div at OOSTERHOUT. R.HQ at OOSTERHOUT.
17 1630 Regt arrived and got into posn. 4 Armd Bde not moving to-night, as area very congested.
17   Very wet.
OOSTERHOUT 18 0900 Very wet. Nothing to report. Small leave party went off to BRUSSELS to 21 Army Group Rest Camp.
19   Nothing to report. Orders received from 8 Armd Bde to recce area WINSSEN as rest area. ' Armd Bde consisting at the moment of 12 KRRC and 43 Recce with 147 Fd Regt., and some Dutch Patriots are guarding the Western approaches to NIJMEGEN. S.R.Y. are resting and 4/7th R.D.G. are in sp 43 Div in REICHSWALD area. A2 Ech moved from GRAVE to BERGNAREN in Bde area.
20 0630 Small party went off the Bde Leave Camp at LOUVAIN.
20 0900 Lecture by Corps Comdr at HATTERT. General situation at the moment is that 2nd Army offensive has had to be further postponed, until the 1st Canadian Army clear the SCHELDT Estuary, thus enabling ANTWERP to become useable as a Port for supplies and also for further U.S. Reinforcements. This Operation is going slowly. 30 Corps meanwhile are holding the "Island", the REICHSWALD front and the Western approaches.
20 0930 Recce parties from S.R.Y. arrived for their takeover next day from us in this Sector. Major Lord Feversham appointed O.C. 13/18 Royal Hussars and granted acting rank of Lt.Col.
21 1000 Take over by S.R.Y. was carried out by Sqns. 2 fwd Tps of "C" Sqn remained in position and were relieved after dark. Regt moved to WINSSEN with "B" Sqn at DEEST for 5 days rest.
WINSSEN 22   Second party left for Bde Rest Camp at LOUVAIN with a subsidiary party of "C" Sqn to Corps Rest Camp at ANTWERP.
23   Major A.A.K. Rugge-Price appointed Second-in-Command. Lieuts. Hunt, Bethel & Aichison posted to the Regt from 265 Fwd Dely Sqn and posted to "A","C" & "S" Squadrons respectively. Bde Concert Party (in which we are represented) and Football Matches (in which we were beaten by 147 Fd Regt R.A. in the Final) are being raised and recreation "laid on" extensively during this period. The AFV Gunnery Circus visited the Regt to discuss problems with Tank Commanders.
24 0900 A Cadre of Infantry tactical training began for A1 & A2 Eches personnel, run by Instructors from 1st Welsh Guards.
24 0930 Brig. Prior Palmer inspected Billets and Regt training.
24   Capt. T.G. Cameron RAMC Attached awarded immediate award of the MC.
25   Balaclava Day was celebrated in the Regt with Officers v Sgts Hockey Match, with Sqn knockout Football Competition and a Dance held at NIJMEGEN.
26 0930 Recce parties went off to recce area of MOOK in the REICHSWALD Sector prior to takeover from 4/7th R.D.Gs., who are moving to rest in this area.
27 1200 The Regt took over from 4/7th R.D.G. in area MOOK under Comd 43 Div, "B" Sqn in sp 130 Bde in area BISSELT with 1 Tp fwd with an Advance Coy, "C" Sqn at 1 hours notice and "A" Sqn at 12 hours notice, with R.HQ at MOLENHOEK.
MOLENHOEK 28   Nothing to report.
29 1200 "A" Sqn relieved "B" Sqn in fwd area.
30   Immediate Awards made to the following:-
30   Major Sir D.J.A. Cotter Bart. D.S.O., Capt N.N.M. Denny MC, Lieut. H.D. Jennison MC (since killed in action), Tpr. MacDonald 07. MM.
31 1400 "B" Sqn sent 2 Tps to area of CUYK - South of the MEUSE to be at immediate notice in sp 2 H.C.R.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.