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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 4th Bn the Wiltshire Regt
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. E.L. Luce, DSO, TD
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
HOLLAND 1   Bn relieves 5 Wilts in area GROESBEEK (7555) occupying forward posns in areas 768542, 767548, 76055, with 4 Som Li and units of 82 US Airborne Div on left. Relief carried out in darkness as movement in all forward posns by day could be observed by enemy . Contact patrols with flanking units carried out during the night.
2   Situation quiet owing to limited movement by day, during which time both our tps and the enemy remain under cover inside houses. Own arty fire on selected houses thought to be occupied. Recce patrol sent out during te night reported houses in area 774547 occupied.
3   No change in the situation . a Arty and mortars continue with harassing fire on areas likely to be occupied. Night patrol reports houses in area 777554 occupied and digging in garden.
4   No channge . Patrol attempts to cross German border to recce area ELSENHOF (7955) but fails to negotiate MG posns ecountered on the way. Also bright moonlight night made going very difficult.
5   Heavy arty and mortar fire on houses believed occupied by and several of which were set on fire. Patrol reports houses in area 774544 occupied by strenght approx 15 - 20.
6   Deserter walks into B coy lines. On interrogation by IO he states that he states that his coy occupies a large cellar of house previously reported clear by night patrol in area 773557. He also stated that ELSENHOF (7955) was occupied by his Hn HQ and Adm area. Both these areas were very heavily shelled by arty during the evening. At about 1930 hrs the e on fired approx 60shells in Bn area. Two hit the RAF building but there were not cas. 776554 Cas believed inflicted as some en were caught out of their trenches. All our own tps returned safely. At approx 2300 hrs two men of D Coy were taken prisoner by an patrol as they were leaving their trench to fetch their food.
7   Bn relieved by 7 Hamps and move to MOOK (719509) in reserve area.
8   Recce party proceeds to new area NE of MAASTRICHT to relieve 102 US Div. Administration carried out within bn in preparation for move.
9   Bn moves by MT en route for new area NE of MAASTRICHT. Coln starts of at 1600 hrs and travels through the night.
10   Bn arrives at new locn at 500 hrs and concs in area KLING (7563). Remainder of day spent in resting and adms.
11   Bn stil in conc area. Preparations made for relief of unit of 102 US Div.
12   Relief of US Bn (102 US Div) carried out. Coys posns in areas 833676, 843677, HATTERATH (8467), 836662 (1/25000 sht 5002)
13-17   During this period the bn was holding rather a long front . The en showed no signs of offensive action except for intermittent shelling all along the front. Bn provided a lot of inf for 130 and 124 Bdes for their forthcoming attack by and means of partrols and OP's, of which there were fourin the Bn area. The en were very careless made no attempt at concealment. the Pnrs searched for and cleared many mines on ground over which the attack was to pass.
18   Attack by 214 Bde, objective NEIDERHEIDE (861659), TRIPSRATH (870677), BRUGGERHOF (885663).These attacks could be viewed from OP in HATTENRATH (8467), all of which were succeful. The succes of these attacks removed the threat on the right flank. During the attack fire support was given by C coy, 6 pdr A Tk firing HE and 3"mortars who fired 3,000 rds.
19   Increase shelling on C coy and A coy. En counter attackson recently ained objectives, 5 Dorsets broughtin to clear WOOD, E and NE of HATTENRATH,which finally removed the threat s to C coy except from heavy shelling.
20   Bn relieved by 7 Hamps. Relief difficult owing to many vehs getting bogged in the woods. Bn moves to colliery BRUNNSUM (7663). Colliery found to be very unhealthy and crowded.
21   Bn moves to new area at KLING (7563)
22   Recce party moves to PANNENSCHOPP (8264) for relief of 4 Som Li.
23   Move to PANNENSCHAPP cancelled. Bn moves instead tp WOOD NE of HOCHEID (8766) to relieve in fwd line.Coys at 878664, 884676, 879676, 882679 (1/25000 = 5200). Weather and ground conditions very bad, trenches verry wet and muddy. En shelling fairly heavy in Bn area.
24   Heavy shelling of fwd coy areas in WOOD 8867, and TRIPSRATH (8767) occupied by 5 Wilts. OC C and 2 IC C coy wounded. Capt Price 2 IC A coy takes over comd C coy. B coy have approx 8-10 cas during the day. Later learned that 2IC C coy ( Capt Crisp)died from wounds in chest. Ground conditions still very bad, some trenches almost 12" deepin water. Despite this three of the coysremain in good spirits, the other one still feeling shaken from shelling. Two deserters ( 1 Rumanian and 1 Urkranian) walk into the D coy line s belonging to 3 coy - 21 SS PGR, this being a new identification on this front. Deserters gave inf of relief to take place, time not known, but increased en movement during the evening was engaged heavily by arty.
25   Shelling continues during the day but slackens off at night. UTTERATH (8770) dur Northof this locn is attacked by Typhoons alonf fwd edge of village . The church which was believedto be used as OP was hit andalso a amn dump which continued to burn during the night,
26   Shelling of whole Bn area continues. Relief of Bn by 4 Som LI held up owing to 5 Wilts on left, clearing remaining from buildingson northern sideof TRIPSRATH (8767). This action was supported by a large arty conc. the day. The attack by 5 Wilts was succesful and the relief of own Bn was carried out after dark,concentrating in area of GEILENKIRCHEN (8664) with B coy at NIEDERHEIDE (8665) and A coy 879655.
27   Bn in res area. Mostof this time spent in adm.
28   Bn relieves 5 Wilts in area TRIPSRATH (8767) and TISCHDEN (8666). Coys change over at intervals owing to frequent shelling. One stonk landed in D coy area after relief causing two cas (1 killed and 1 wounded). Otherwise relief carried out without further trouble.
29   Large amount of en shelling during the early morning all alongthe front. Many bearings (shellreps) were given to RAs a result from Coys and Ops. During this period reports were received of trackedvehs moving in an easterly direction , this going on for approx 2 hrs and thought to be moving to the American front. Occasional stonks fall in Coy areas. causing no cas, tps mostly occupying cellars of houses.
30   Bn relieved by 4 Dorsets commencing at 1400 hrs relief of coys carried out at staggered intervals, the last one moving out at approx 2300 hrs. Coys moved independetly to embussing point area BAUCHEN, movingfrom therein TCVs to res area SCHINVELD (7664). Commanding officer attends a investiture by Field Marshall Sir Bernard L. Mintgomery, KCB, DSO.
30   WEATHER - excessive rain at period during month, otherwise normal
30   BM STRENGTH - Officers = 28 Ors = 750

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Source: Joris Nieuwint, The Battlefield Explorer, transcribing: Theo Vervoort.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.