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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 2nd Northamptonshire Yeomanry
Month and Year: August 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt-Col. D.A.R.S. Cooke
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
1   Maps 1/50.000 Sheets 7F/1, 6F/2, 6F/4, 6F,6.
FRANCE 1 0615 All Sqns report quiet night and nothing seen of the enemy.
1 0800 All Sqb report odd enemy inf infiltration; are dealing with the situation.
1 0900 Still no enemy activity other than odd inf.
1 1300 "C" Sqn leading tps at the br report no enemy activity.
1 1845 RHQ moving to 650498.
1 1900 Throughout the day numerous reports had come in from other fmns of enemy mov but none was seen on our front.
1 1940 "C" Sqn leading tps report all quiet - posns 637437 and 638438.
1 1945 "B" Sqn report contact made with inf of GAD who are on their NE.
1 2040 RHQ and "C" Sqn moving to area 6442. "C" Sqn to pick up their two tps on the way down.
1 2330 RHQ and "C" Sqn harbouring 642429.
1   Cas: Wounded 5 ORs
2   Maps 1/25,000 Sheets 34/14 NE and SE and 34/12 NE
2 0530 "C" Sqn moving to recce further S.
2 0620 "A" Sqn moving S.
2 0630 "B" Sqn moving S.
2 0645 "C" Sqn report leading tp over stream at 644422 and no enemy seen.
2 0650 "C" Sqn report leading tp at 647403.
2 0655 "C" Sqn leading tp send foot recce to rly at 647403. Civilians here report that German tps withdrew from the area 48 hrs ago.
2 0710 "C" Sqn ordered to observe E in the direction of RECULEY 6639.
2 0730 "C" Sqn over rly at 647403.
2 0810 "C" Sqn moving to observe ETOUVY 6337.
2 0830 "C" Sqn's tps at 643383, 651328 and 659383.
2 0920 "C" Sqn fired on from ETOUVY.
2 0925 "C" Sqn KO 8.8 cm a tk gun and shoot up inf at 639377.
2 0940 "C" Sqn HQ 646387.
2 0945 ETOUVY being shelled to destroy a tk guns which are in posn 100 yds W of Church.
2 1020 "C" Sqn report enemy inf dug in at 6835 and 692362.
2 1030 "B" Sqn 640454.
2 1050 "A" Sqn crossing br at 637437.
2 1100 "B" Sqn crossing br at 637437.
2 1120 "C" Sqn report ETOUVY clear.
2 1135 "A" Sqn move to 6637 to relieve "C" Sqn who are to puch down S.
2 1210 "C" Sqn report enemy strong point at 654357, A tk guns, SPs and inf.
2 1220 "C" Sqn contact civilians who say that VIRE 6331 is clear and that Germans pulled out S and SE.
2 1310 "C" Sqn pushing down to VIRE between the two rds running SW and SE into the town.
2 1425 One tp "C" Sqn moving to 646372.
2 1520 "C" Sqn send one tp to LA GRAVERIE 6437 to clear up tk gun and inf there.
2 1530 "B" Sqn 664376."A" Sqn on rd 663377 - 664373.
2 1630 "A" Sqn fired on by A tk gun from rd running SW into VIRE.
2 1634 "C" Sqn report enemy movement at X rds area 647348. Calls for arty barrage on these X rds.
2 1642 Recce Tp report MG and snipers in area 6836.
2 1710 "A" Sqn recce down track to within 1/4 mile of X rds, 647353, and encounter no opposition.
2 1730 Arty barrage going in on X rds.
2 1804 "A" Sqn fired on from X rds direction.
2 1830 "C" Sqn report X rds clear and one tp in posn there.
2 2000 "C" Sqn report no opposition yet, pushing on to VIRE. Regt not allowed to enter VIRE; this town is incl to US Army.
2 2100 Two tps "C" Sqn reach 633319 and 636318 but are fired on from the town and withdraw to the X rds 646347 because they are short of amn.
2 2300 RHQ and "B" Sqn 664376."A" Sqn HQ at 665374 and tps on rd at 666375."C" Sqn HQ at 665374 and leading tps at the X rds 646347.
2/3   Night "A" Sqn replace "C" Sqn in order that the Sqn can replenish.
3   First Light "A" Sqn withdraw from the X rds because they are being observed and shelled from the high ground to their W.
3 0600 "A" and "B" Sqns move out, "A" Sqn to recce down rd running SW from 380356 to VIRE and "B" Sqn to push down main rd running SW into VIRE as far as the X rds 646347. Regt still not allowed to enter VIRE."C" Sqn to block rd running E from ETOUVY to 668367 ans to observe S of this rd. RHQ remain at 664376.
3 0730 "B" Sqn in posn with HQ at 664376, tps astride the rd and one tp at the X rds 646347.
3 0915 "C" Sqn in posn with HQ at 659382 and tps at 645377, 647377, 355377 and 663377.
3 1100 "A" Sqn had pushed S through LA BISTIERE 667376 - LE BAS 668372 - X rds at 671362. HQ at MONTISANGER 672252.No opposition other than odd enemy and shelling had been met by Sqns.
3 1110 "B" Sqn contact representatives of Resistance Group in VIRE, who confirm that the town is clear. They are brought back to RHQ for interrogation and then passed back to Div HQ.
3 1145 Two deserters from the German Army are brought in by Recce Tp. These are interrogated and sent back to Div HQ.
3 1200 "A" Sqn HQ at 669343 with tps guardings rly brs at 667327 and 674326, leading tp reached LA PEVELLIERE 669323. Sqn in observation S to rd running due E from VIRE. Sqn had linked up with US Tps on the right and "A" Sqn with Inf Bde on the left.
3 1500 "B" Sqn report Tiger tks coming up rd from VIRE. Sqn engage tks but their 75 mm guns are no match for the Tiger Tk armour. They lose three tks.
3 1600 "B" Sqn were ordered to block the rd from X rds 646347 running NE. They were shot y a Tiger tk coming over the high ground from 661355 and lose three tks. Three more of their tks were KO'd at 653355. Though the Tigers were engaged at short range, shells from our guns seemed to have little effect on the Tigers."A" Sqn from it's HQ, which had pulled bach to MONTISANGER, wanted to give corrections to an arty barrage wich was going in on the Tigers, which were moving up the main rd. This was not alowed because Arty Air OP was operating. This aircraft was shot down and "A" Sqn's correction to the barrage was too late to have any effect on the Tigers.
3 1640 The Tigers, mostly deployed, were pushing up towards RHQ and "C" Sqn's posns. "A" Sqn were ordered to withdraw a litthle and take up posns as follows :- HQ at 672363 and tps at 663306, 669356, 673357 and 684389.
3 1645 RHQ destroy Tiger at 665373. RHQ and "C" Sqn subject to a very heavy and concentrated enemy arty barrage. RHQ withdraw, after suffering cas, to 657387.
3 1700 "C" Sqn tp on rd at 665377 shoot Tigers at 667383, 668377 and 667376, but Tigers withdraw with apparently only slight damage.
3 1800 The Tigers had apparently withdrawn, but many odd inf were present and there were signs of infiltration by further enemy inf. Sqns were now very seriously depleted.
3 1900 Sqns in observation and subject to much shelling; enemy inf still infiltrating
3 2000 "B" Sqn at 660360 observing main rd. "A" Sqn observing S from their posn and "C" Sqn covering rd running dur E from ETOUVY.
3 2200 RHQ move to 653395.
3   Cas:
Offrs - Killed: Capt M.A. Cooke-Hurle, Lt A.H. Ehronfeld
Offrs - Wounded: Lt Howes, Lt Wordsworth
Offrs - Missing believed killed: Lt Dolby
Offrs - Missing: Lt Wilkins, Lt Rabbitts, 2/Lt Osborn

ORs - Killed: 8
ORs - Wounded: 10
ORs - Missing: 14
3/4   Night "B" Sqn report inf movement and small arms fire, but suffer no further cas."A" Sqn suffer heavy cas during the night through enemy inf and bazookas. They lose their right hand tp and their two centre tps except one tk.
4 0600 "A" and "B" Sqns report inf moving up from the S. Sqns ordered to withdraw.
4 0900 "A" Sqn withdraw to 670365.
4 1000 "B" Sqn withdraw due E and reach LE BRIEN 679364.
4 1030 "A" Sqn send foot patrol to find out if there are Tigers on the rd at 665373 and one tp S. Both patrols get shot up and retreat with cas.
4 1100 "B" Sqn move to 689358 and contact 159 Inf Bde.
4 1130 "A" Sqn withdraw to LE BRIEN the to "B" Sqn and contact 159 Inf Bde.
4 1430 "A" and "B" Sqns ordered to area 676388, one tp "B" Sqn to come u/c "A" Sqn. This left "B" Sqn with only two tks.
4 1600 "A" and "B" Sqns were sniped at from the Church at 673384. "A" Sqn shell the Church spire and no more sniping occured.
4 1900 "A" Sqn, with u/c four 17-pdr a tk guns, ordered to block the main rd running NE from 668377 and the secondary rd running from the same reference to 676383. One tp, each with two 17 pdrs in support, were positioned at 674389 and 678382. "B" Sqn in res at 676390. this was done in order to destroy any Tigers that may push NE resultant on an attack being put in by our inf on LA BISTIERE are 667376. This inf attck was unsuccessful. No mov was observed by eitheir Sqn during the night.
4   Cas:
Offrs - Killed: Lt P.J. Manton, 2/Lt R.C.B. Wyman

ORs - Killed: 4
ORs - Wounded: 3
ORs - Missing: 21
5   Sqns still in same posns and no mov observed.
5 1200 Inf out in another attack on the LA BISTIERE area and found that the enemy had withdrawn.
5 2200 All Sqns recalled to area 652393.
6   Refitting and maintenance.Regt moves to area 6839. RHQ location 687393.
7 8 9   Refitting and maintenance. Baths and rest.
10   Maintenance.First Challenger arrives and is allotted to "B" Sqn.
11   Maintenance.
12   Maintenance.
13 1030 Regt moved to area 7536. RHQ 748399.
14   Maps: 1/50,000 Sheet 7F/5: 1/25,000 Sheets 37/12 NW and SW
14 0530 Regt moves off on commencement of op. Acting as recce and support of 159 Inf Bde."A" Sqn left, "C" Sqn right and "B" Sqn in res behind RHQ.Centre Line: ESTRY 7437 - THEIL 7635 - High ground 7733 - VASSY 7932.
14 0720 "A" Sqn reach br at 754366 and find it undamaged.
14 0740 "A" Sqn reach THEIL 762358 and find it clear.
14 0743 "B" Sqn ESTRY.
14 0800 "C" Sqn report A/T and Inf at 776378 and 777375.
14 0825 "A" Sqn ordered to wait in THEIL until relieved by "B" Sqn and then push SE.
14 0855 "B" Sqn reach THEIL and take up observations posns.
14 0955 "C" Sqn report A/T and Inf at 779371.
14 1020 "A" Sqn still clearing mines on br.
14 1030 "C" Sqn leading tp 764375. RHQ 757364
14 1055 "A" Sqn report that they have cleared the br and the area is being shelled.
14 1200 "C" Sqn leading tp 768361.
14 1210 "B" Sqn ordered to recce down rd SE from THEIL to high ground 7733.
14 1245 "C" Sqn leading tp 772359; they are ordered to conc there and follow RHQ.
14 1300 "B" Sqn fired on from 771347.
14 1310 "A" Sqn fired on from 759347 and by MG from rd sides.
14 1340 "A" Sqn tk KO'd by 8.8 cm gun but it was impossible to locate the gun.
14 1400 "A" Sqn approaching defilade which is apparently covered by enemy inf and that adv not possible until our inf can clear up the posn.No inf available yet so "A" Sqn ordered to wait there and keep obeservation.
14 1430 Both "A" and "B" Sqns held up by And and inf, they call on arty barrage on the area.
14 1435 "A" Sqn destroy a Faustpatrone and kill the inf manning it.
14 1445 "C" Sqn locations: HQ 767361, leading tps 764354 and 770358
14 1450 "B" Sqn leading tps 767355 and 770351.
14 1500 Whole Regt being shelled and mortared.
14 1630 Regt still being shelled and adv still held up. Sqns had made good progress during the morning but left and right flank fmns had not made such good progress, the Regt was therefore ordered to remain in present posn and keep observation and try not to get committed.
14 1702 "B" Sqn report SP at 772348, calling arty fire on it.
14 1730 "C" Sqn being fired on by AP shells, pulling back slightly.
14 1740 "B" Sqn report smoke being dropped in their area. The whole Regt is under shellfire, but it is thought to be purely a harrassing barrage. Shelling experienced all the afternoon and evening but the Regt had suffered no cas.
14 2045 Regt ordered to harbour in area 7636. RHQ 764365. "A" and "B" Sqns to come in as soon as released from their present commitments.
14 2105 "A" and "B" Sqns ordered to attack high ground at 7733 to support inf attack going in.
14 2205 Sqns reach objective and the inf consolidate. MG at 764346 destroy by "A" Sqn.
14 2309 "A" and "B" Sqns return to Regtl harbour.
14   Cas: Wounded 2 ORs
Night 14/1   No task other than personal preotection. Again shelled but no cas.
15   Maps: 1/50,000 Sheet 7G/1. 1/25,000 Sheets 37/12 SE, 37/10 NE and 40/10 NW
15 1330 Regt receives orders that it is to be disbanded to supply personnel reinforcements to 7 Armd Div.
15 1600 Regt ordered to guard brs and left flank.Sqns ordered to posn as follow :-"A" Sqn"B" Sqn"C" Sqn
15 1700 Recce Tp patrol ordered to try and contact our right flanking fmn the Gds Armd Div at 7435 and 7436, but no trace of our friends found. Patrol clears br at 744352, which is mined reports that br at 747364 is blown.
15 2200 No enemy of any kind seen by Sqns.
15 2230 RHQ 764365.
16   Sqns report quiet night; no sign of the enemy.
16 0745 Sqns recalled to RHQ. Regt ordered to act as Div res and to follow Div on their CL.
16 1630 Regt ordered to do right flank as follows:-"A" Sqn 866244 - 899228"B" Sqn 846227 - 866224
16 1700 "B" Sqn ordered to round up PW reported to be in area 8522 and 8523.
16 1800 Recce reports rd from 847227 to 866224 clear and OK for tks.
16 1830 "B" Sqn being shelled and mortared.
16 1850 One recce sc car KO'd by aat at 873233.
16 1900 "A" Sqn report bty of enemy guns at AUBUSSON 878246.
16 1930 "B" Sqn cannot find any PW.
16 1935 "A" Sqn report one tk KO'd by at at 873233 and 50 enemy inf at 859232 and that the area between the village 860230 and FLERS is being shelled.
16 1945 "A" Sqn report many civilians considerably hampering mov, trying to get rid of them and many enemy inf in their area, some aggressive and some non-aggressiv, therefore impossible to take PW.
16 1955 "B" Sqn thinks there is an OP in the Church spire at 868209 and is shooting it up. Both Sqns are held up by mines rds and narrow tracks.
16 2120 "A" Sqn ordered to probe towards AUBUSSON.
16 2210 "B" Sqn on the outskirts of FLERS, report no enemy there.
16 2300 Sqns recalled for the night, inf take over our posns.RHQ 843243.
16   Cas: Killed: 1 ORs, Wounded: 1 ORs
17   Regt to recce through FLERS and ESE to BRIOUZE 0014, "C" Sqn leading. One Coy of the 1 Herefords to lead until Regt through FLERS then to follow in support if necessary.
17 0740 "C" Sqn on the outskirts of FLERS.
17 0800 "C" Sqn through FLERS and at 885209.
17 0830 Wireless comns bad, step up sent out.
17 0915 "C" Sqn clearing mines.
17 0920 Contact made with Chief of Resistance Movement FLERS who reports that town and S and SW of it is clear. This has not yet been checked by us.
17 0945 "C" Sqn ordered to 902211 and to wait there until RHQ and "B" Sqn arrive.
17 1000 "C" Sqn clearing mines on Y rds at 873209.
17 1010 "C" Sqn report camouflaged tk and some enemy inf in area 8921.
17 1020 "C" Sqn ordered to clear up this area before proceeding to 902211.
17 1120 "C" Sqn reach 895213.
17 1140 "C" Sqn consolidating at 902211.
17 1145 "C" Sqn ordered to push on to the high ground 935202.
17 1215 RHQ FLERS.
17 1230 "C" Sqn 927203.
17 1235 "B" Sqn ordered to recce rd SW from FLERS running parallel to the Regtl CL and then join the CL at 934196.
17 1240 "C" Sqn hit mines at 928203. One tk disabled and blocking rd.A/P mines hindering clearing.
17 1250 "C" Sqn still clearing up mines.
17 1420 "C" Sqn rounding up PW.
17 1425 "B" Sqn reach 919181, clear so far, now moving to X rds 934196 to await Regt.
17 1445 "C" Sqn capture PW (15).
17 1450 "A" Sqn ordered up CL to 950190 then to recce N to the river.
17 1520 "A" Sqn reach 950189 and are pushing N.
17 1545 "A" Sqn in contact with enemy inf at 9620, brassing them up.
17 1600 "C" Sqn reach 985181.
17 1610 "C" Sqn ordered to go to briouze 0014.
17 1630 "A" Sqn shooting up enemy inf at DURCET 962202.
17 1715 "C" Sqn start for BRIOUZE accompanied by inf.
17 1720 Comd 159 Inf Bde orders "C" Sqn to halt since enemy opposition to their NE, the responsibility of our flank fmn, has not yet been cleared up. "C" Sqn had been fired on by ant at 9719.
17 1730 "C" Sqn ordered to go to 984167 and to deal with the ant if possible.
17 1800 "A" Sqn under shell and mortar fire.
17 1810 "C" Sqn report ant at 967183 which is covering X rds over which they want to adv.
17 1820 "A" Sqn still shooting up inf at 961200, it is apparent that the enemy have a few strong points on the SW of the rivers.RHQ 925206.
17 1915 Inf are going to attack and clear up these pockets, "C" Sqn ordered to give fire support where possible, but now to move from their present posn.
17 1930 "C" Sqn report that rd at 964181 is blocked by trees. "A" Sqn report that their supporting inf have left them.
17 1935 "C" Sqn still trying to get the ant but the close country makes it almost impossible, except by risking exposure.
17 2000 "A" Sqn still being shelled and mortared.
17 2030 "B" Sqn withdraw to harbour area 918203
17 2050 RHQ Sqn withdraw to harbour area 918203
17 2200 "A" and "C" Sqns withdraw to harbour area 918203
17   Cas: Wounded 4 ORs
18 0030 CO 15/19 H arrives. This Regt is going to relieve us and take over our place in the 11 Armd Div. Most of our tks and crews are being transferred to the 7 Armd Div, Humber Sc Cars and most of the "B" vehs are being transferred to the 15/19 H.
18 0933 RHQ 15/19 H arrives and takes over.
18 1000 The Regt has now been completely relieved by the 15/19 H.Tks load on transporters for journey to new location.Regt going to 2 ARG just N of BAYEUX and under comd Second Army.
19 1315 Tks and crews leave for 7 Armd Div.Location 784816
24   Major J.A. Stancomb, MC and Lt W.F. Ryde rejoined unit from England.
26   Sgt Tait rejoins unit. having escaped form German PW Camp
28   Major J.A. Stancomb, MC, posted to 13/18 H.Major J.P. McGillycuddy, Capt A.B. Venner, Capt H.T. Pierson and Lt W.F. Ryde posted to 8 H.
31   Location still 784816.

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Source: 11th Armoured Division.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.