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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 1/7th Bn The Queen's Royal Regt.
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. W.D. Griffiths, MC.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
EVERSE 1 0545 -0630. Stand To of rifle Coys and Sigs.
1 0700 Recce party left for new area.
1 1000 Bn relieved by 1/5 Queen's. Coys moved independently to conc area West of LOOSEBROEK 4644. Route: Rd tr junc 434327 – VEGHEL rd junc 483373 DINTHER rd junc 439413 – rd and tr junc 461448 – Bn HQ at 459449.
1 1300 Bn HQ at 459449.
1 1500 Bn HQ moved to Schools at 463448.
1 1700 Coys moved from conc area to take up posns.
1 1815 All Coys reported in posn. Trace attached.
1   Bn Layout. "A" Coy. HQ. 430462. Pl posns in areas 432468: 428460: 433458.
1   "B" Coy. HQ.418466 & then one pl was around that area. They had a patrol out by day at X-trs 408464 and a day and night patrol at X-trs 413472. Snipers u/c "B" Coy.
1   "C" Coy. HQ.426464 and pl posns in areas about 422463: 422466 and 422472.
1   "D" Coy. HQ. 427456 and pls in areas about 423455: 422452: 428455.
1   Carrier. Standing Patrol at 441459, one with "C" Coy and Pl HQ at 453454.
1 1920 Patrol sent from "B" Coy to investigate a report of 14 enemy at 412465. Patrol returned with NTR.
1   Bagrep nil.
2 0700 2 i/c recced new posn for Bn HQ.
2 0800 Lt. Wilson’s patrol from "B" Coy ran into enemy posns at 407473. The patrol got split up, one part returning under Sgt. Golding to "B" Coy leaving Lt. Wilson, one Bren gunner and one sniper behind. Patrol sent back to investigate.
2 0900 Bn HQ in new posn at 436456.
2 1000 "B" Coy reported enemy post at 407473.
2 1200 A successful Mortar shoot was put down in area 4047.
2 1430 CO's 'O' Gp. Patrol programme planned for night 2-3 Oct. See Appx. A
2 1500 The sniper left with Lt. Wilson, returned with a bullet wound in his stomach. He had crawled back. He could supply no further information about Lt. Wilson.
2 1530 "D" Coy reported 20 - 30 enemy infantry in area 421457. Arty DF Task was called for. The RA OP in VINKEL CHURCH 429477 reported enemy patrol in area 428477. The officer in charge of the OP came down from the church tower and chased the enemy away in his armd OP. A Section of Carriers was sent to area of VINKEL Church.
2 1550 "D" Coy reported that the DF fire had been successful and the DF Task was moved 100x to the right.
2 1610 "D" Coy reported 40 enemy in the same area and the DF fire was called for again.
2 1620 The Carrier Section sent to VINKEL was ordered to remain there as protection for the Flash Spotting unit which had moved to the church.
2 1630 The Bn front was quiet.
2 1655 "B" Coy patrol reported enemy LMG fire coming from both sides of canal at 412473 and 411471. 2 Sections of Carriers were moved to areas at 450478 and 458474. Patrols sent out to search area of "B" Coys patrol at 407473, came back with no further information about Lt. Wilson or his Bren gunner.
2   The Snipers bagrep was, 5 killed, 3 possib1es and 1 PW.
2   The total PW taken during the day was 3.
2   For reports on the Fighting Patrol u/c Lt. Lawrence "C" Coy sent to discover if the enemy was in area of X-trs 406473 and the Standing Patrol u/c Lt. Bevan, Carrier Pl protection of Flash Spotting unit in VINKEL Church. see Appx A
3   The night passed fairly quietly except for enemy action in the area of VINKEL. The Carriers were attacked and forced to withdraw by a strong enemy patrol. Lt. Bevan and his batman were on their own in the Section HQs for some time but managed to withdraw with the rest of the section and the Flash Spotting unit. One of the enemy was killed, we suffered no casualties. A full report of the action is contained in Appx A
3   During the afternoon there was some enemy movement and SA fire on the Bn front.
3 1545 A German CSM and a private were found dead at 420457. These were casualties from the previous days shelling.
3 1825 A successsful shoot was reported by Mortars and Tanks in wood in front of "B" Coys posns. The night passed fairly quietly with slight enemy SA and arty fire. The Snipers claimed 5 killed and 2 possibles.
3   For reports of an ambush patrol in area 395467 u/c Lt. E. Reed and a Recce patrol u/c Lt. Harley which went as far as 393466 see Appx B
4   The day was quiet with occasional enemy shelling. Enemy guns and Mortars were in the general direction of those reported on the previous day.
4 1650 A Carrier Sec posn at 428446 was reported in posn. The Carrier PI layout was Sections at 420440: 420442: 428446 and 428447.
4   For reports of a patrol u/c Lt Harley which went out to find if enemy were in houses in S edge of wood 393466 and a second patrol u/c Sgt Hart lay up in area of tr junc 402458 to ascertain if enemy were established along the line of the dyke. Bagrep - nil. see Appx C
5 0430 )
5 0450 ) "C" Coy reported mortar and rifle fire on their fwd posns.
5 0540 Shells were falling in area 423457 from approx the same direction as reported on previous days. At the same time "C" Coy reported enemy mortar fire.
5 0605 A "B" Coy sentry reported an enemy patrol at 418466. At this moment the advent of "B" Coy Ration Truck made the enemy halt and form a perfect target for the Bren. 1 NCO and 1 Pte were killed and 1 PW taken.
5 0630 "D" Coys first light Sitrep contained reports of flares to NW in the early evening and an SP gun firing well to their left.
5 0820 An SP 75 mm was reported firing from area 409467.
5 1015 An enemy veh was seen behind houses at 408478.
5 1020 2 enemy seen "digging in" area 417458. They were engaged by mortars and two casualties were inflicted and a vehicle was seen withdrawing.
5 1315 Carriers reported that at 1235 hrs six 88 mm shells landed in area 424436. During the afternoon civilian reports stated that BERLIKUM 3745 contained SS troops who had no guns but MGs. The main street was reported mined with suspected anti-personnel mines.
5 1820 HERTOGENBOSCH was reported held by the enemy.
5 1900 Mortar bombs landed at 418466. Mortar fire was being engaged by our arty. More mortar fire was reported landing area 419452 moving NE to 426458. Information was received from Bde that an enemy tank attack might develope on 22 Armd Bde front and it was appreciated that when this failed the enemy might try to cross our front via the bridges across the water course at 424473 or at 389471. Sappers would therefore have to be included in any patrols to these areas during the night.
5   For reports of a fighting patrol u/c Lt. AEB Beveridge to establish the truth or otherwise of the information from Bde earlier in the day and to booby trap the br at 389471 and secondly a Recce patrol u/c Lt. P. Greenall to find if enemy were occupying houses at 388450. Bagrep 2 killed. 1 PW taken. see appx D
6 0420 A Fighting Patrol under Lt. Beveridge of "A" Coy reported enemy dug in posn astride the rd area 392456. Enemy was reported astride the rd at 394453 by Lt Greenalls ("C" Coy) Recce Patrol. Full reports of these patrols are reported in Appx D
6 1130 "C" Coy reported shelling of their area.
6 2055 Three large fires were reported to the West of Bn fwd posns.
6 2143 Two explosions due North of the Carriers right fwd section was reported. Apart from these reports and some SA fire well to the West of Bn fwd posns it was a quiet 24 hrs.
6   Bagrep nil.
6   For reports of a recce patrol u/c Sgt Ralph who reported enemy post area 398465, secondly Lt Burrell’s patrol which reported enemy Standing patrol at 402458 and an enemy line along rd DE ESBURG to houses 392465 and thirdly a standing patrol of Cpl. Stapleton's section which had an engagement with an enemy recce patrol at 424478 see Appx. E
7   The night and morning was quiet.
7 1125 -1200. Shelling and mortaring of general area 423442 to 422445 and the area in the rear of "D" Coy. There were two lots of guns firing co-ordinated fire from the SW and NW of the Bn front.
7 1950 The medium artillery were due to put down a shoot on houses at 400449 as 200 enemy were reliably reported to be moving into these houses. The CO was concerned about the patrol which was moving up to that area and he stated that if it did not come down within ten minutes it must be cancelled. The shoot was put down in time and was successful.
7 2120 Spandau fire from SE and a large fire in the direction of MIDDELRODE (3943) was reported. There was nothing to report for the rest of the night except occasional gunfire to the West of the Bn posns.
7   Bagrep nil.
7   For report on 1. Lt Reed’s fighting patrol which engaged an enemy patrol of approx 12 men in area 407465 and secondly a Recce Patrol u/c Lt. Burrell which reported an enemy defended locality in area DE ESBURG, the Fm bdgs 400456 and the rd and dyke crossing 394458 and thirdly Sgt Hearst’s Recce patrol which reported a large amount of enemy in the farm buildings at 400456 see Appx. F
8 1112 A Patrol of 4 men was reported in area 413472. They were wearing British hats. Visibility was bad, it was very misty and as there was some doubt Bde was informed and asked to give us information concerning the possibility of our own tps being in the area. It was finally decided that it might be a patrol from the RB's on our right, which might have got lost. They were to be treated as friendly tps. Later in the evening Bren gun fire was heard in that area, which did not come from any of our FDL’s. Early the following morning a patrol was sent out to investigate and found bloodstained enemy equipment, enemy steel helmet pierced with bullet holes and the marks of bodies having been dragged away. The inference was that two distinct enemy patrols at least one of which was carrying a bren gun, had contacted and fought each other by mistake.
8 1615 Heavy mortaring and SA fire on area 412438.
8 1630 "B" Coy reported enemy digging in area 407465 and constructing a rd block at 407463.
8 1650 "B" Coy patrol was warned to be clear of area 407465 by 1720 hrs as this area was going to be shelled.
8 1815 The shelling appeared to be suecessful as there were sounds of shouting and crying.
8 1940 Enemy MG fire was heard in area 419454 by both "C" & "D" Coys.
8 2050 Four rifle shots were heard in the direction of "A" Coy. On investigation no light could be thrown on the reason for some time. Eventually an explanation was forthcoming. One man in "A" Coy used his MG against an animal which was interfering with him. The rest of the night passed quietly.
8   Bagrep. Lt Reed’s patrol claimed enemy casualties – killed: 3 possibles. Wounded: one possible. Our casualties were - one wounded, one missing. For reports on patrols by 1. Lt Bevans recce patrol which found the enemy at X-trs 400450 and patrolling fwd from 400450 2. Sgt Puncher MM with a recce patrol found enemy in the farm 407443, the Fm at 403445 and it appeared that the area 404444 was occupied by the enemy. see appx. G
9 0420 An observation patrol Serial No. 21 should have gone to house in area 408454. As Patrol Serial No. 22 reported the presence of enemy at X-trs 400450 the observation patrol did not go out.
9 1520 "B" Coy reported horse drawn transport, digging and tree felling was heard at 405466. Up to midnight there was NTR.
9   The snipers claimed 1 enemy killed.
9   For reports on 1. A Fighting and Ambush patrol u/c Lt. Greenall which reached X-trs 405463. They found the enemy well dug in with good fields of fire. One enemy was killed. 2. Lt Bevan with a similar patrol reached their objective at 409454 but contacted no enemy. see appx. H
10   From midnight onwards the front livened up and there was much enemy activity.
10 0055 Carrier Standing Patrol at 409445 was withdrawn on the approach of enemy, who were later engaged by 3" Mortar.
10 0115 An enemy patrol estimated 30 strong approached "D" Coys right hand platoon area 422458.
10 0125 Arty DF fire was called for and the enemy patrol was beaten off.
10 0400 The Carrier Patrol reported to its original area.
10 1105 Two men of "B" Coy were shot up in the area of 412465 by a party of 4 enemy who ambushed them on the South side of the tr at that pt. The Germans said "Hands up! British Tommy". Both the men tried to get away but one was shot in the back and killed. The other though wounded succeeded in getting away.
10 2000 )
10 2100 ) There was considerabe enemy activity in the area 417438, 416437.
10 2140 An enemy patrol 20 strong was seen going North from 417461.
10   For a report on Sgt. Best's Observation Patrol to house in area 408454 which reported no enemy movement observed see appx I
11 0100 One or two enemy penetrated into "B" Coys area at 417467.
11 0800 An enemy patrol of 5 men moved from 411462 to 412461. Sounds of sawing were heard 1 hr later.
11 1600 "A" Coys Standing Patrol at 413463 was outflanked by a small party of enemy. They withdrew with 1 man killed and 3 missing.
11   Bagrep 1 PW. 3 killed. 1 wounded.
11   For reports on 1. an engagement between Cpl Hayward's outpost which attacked an enemy patrol 12 - 14 strong. One PW was taken and 4 or 5 enemy were killed. Cpl Hayward was wounded. 2. A Recce Patrol of Sgt Davey and 1 OR which passed through 409466 at 0900 hrs, but which has never been heard of since see appx. J
12 0615 )
12 1000 ) Sounds of wheeled vehicles in area 4045 was reported by several Coys. 5 RTR reported earlier in the day having seen tracked vehs in this area.
12 1400 Following a civilian report of 2 enemy snipers in the house at 420453 an ambush patrol u/c Lt Beven was sent out to investigate. After an exchange of automatic fire in the house itself during which Cpl. Fillery was wounded, Lt Bevan helped the Cpl out to where the rest of the patrol lay in ambush and the house was shelled by an M.10. Sgt Page (18 Pl) who had apparently been shot and captured between 1000 1100 hrs, came out when the house was on fire but the enemy did not escape. Cpl Fillery died of his wounds in a few minutes. Fuller report in appx. K
12 1800 Sgt. King MM and 2 ORs went on a recce patrol. They were informed that an enemy patrol was in the wood at 409464, this they found to be true. They moved to area 408467 and located more enemy. The patrol was trying to get to area 405466 but after several attempts in different directions they decided that it was impossible to get through due to the number of enemy in the area. When the patrol returned to the outpost at 409466, the patrol Commander ordered them back to 414466 as with enemy patrols North and South of them they were liable to be cut off. for complete report see appx. K
13 0915 "D" Coy reported the sound of tracked vehs in the same area (4045) as the day previous.
13 1200 "C" Coy HQ Bdg at 426464 was accidentally burned down.
13   There was a certain amount of enemy activity throughout the day.
13   Bagrep - nil.
13   A Recce party of Lt AE Lawrence and 1 OR which went as far as the X-trs at 400449 and definitely established the presence of some enemy in thet area, also found a tank track in the area of 414457 which confirmed the previous days reports of the noise of tracked vehs in the area. Full report at Appx. L
13 1215 OC "D" Coy reported that there was no trace of the Standing Patrol u/c Sgt Hart which went to area 413463 at 0600 hrs. Nothing has been heard of it since and it must be presumed they are either killed or captured.
14   There was very little enemy activity throughout the day. Bagrep nil.
14   Mines were laid by the Pioneers between the left hand fwd pl of "C" Coy and the right hand fwd pl of "D" Coy. For full details see trace at appx. M
14   Lt. Burrell and 20 ORs reached their objective at the tr junc 410460. The enemy in this area were very active and it was impossible to carry out the ambush planned. The patrol put harassing fire along the tr running NW to tr junc 406463 and the Southern edge of the wood from 412413 incl the tr junc 407465. The enemy replied with spandau fire. A full report of Lt Burrell’s Fighting Patrol is at appx. N
15 1915 Teller Mines were discovered on the North bank of the canal at 413473 by a Coy of 1 RB operating to the right of the Bn, these were subsequently lifted by 1 RB.
15 1030 Sounds of horse drawn veh and stakes being driven in 300 x West of trs 400466. The arty were due to engage this target in 15 mins but it was actually done at 1115 hrs.
15 1355 "B" Coy engaged a small party of enemy 200 x East of X-trs 409466.
15 1515 The enemy were driven off and everything was quiet again.
15   Bagrep nil.
16   From Midnight until 0500 hrs there was NTR.
16 0455 )
16 0515 ) Spandau fire was heard at intervals between the Carrier posns and the left hand fwd pl of "D" Coy.
16 0520 "D" Coy sent out a patrol towards the Carriers. A Carrier Patrol arrived at "D" Coys left hand pl with NTR.
16 0535 A small patrol of the enemy's reached the hedgerow at 419444. They were fired on by the Carriers, grenades were thrown and the action then finished.
16 0630 Two enemy were seen in the same area, one of them was definitely killed. The Carriers claimed one killed and five believed wounded.
16 0700 1 PW was brought in. He was found lying in the area where the Carriers had previously engaged the enemy.
16 1200 Reports came in about the casualties inflicted on the enemy in an engagement at X-trs 407465. The battle was between a fighting patrol of 20 ORs and Lt Harley and probably three enemy patrols, one of which returned the fire with SA and 2" Mortar. The patrol withdrew under fire and movement until "B" Coys Standing Patrol at 413469 was reached when both patrols engaged the enemy. The two patrols withdrew to allow the arty fire to come down. This proved successful. At least 12 enemy dead or wounded were claimed. We suffered no casualties. A fuller report of this engagement is at appx. O
16 1935 "D" Coy reported that the patrol at 416461 were fired on by small arms fire and also engaged enemy movement from time to time.
16   Bagrep, 12 enemy killed or wounded, 1 killed, 1 PW, 3 wounded. 2 Schmeissers. 2 rifles and spandau amn.
17 0635 A dog, possible leading an enemy patrol was blown up on a booby trap at 424473.
17 1445 Two mines in the minefield of 418465 were blown up by an Alsatian dog. The dog was fired at but ran away, it is thought that it was killed. A search was made for the body.
17   Enemy shelling to the West of the Bn front was reported at intervals throughout the day.
17   Bagrep nil.
18 0350 One PW a deserter was brought in. The rest of the night and morning passed quietly.
18 1200 The Bn was relieved by 1/6 Queen's and moved to the area evacuated by 1/6 Queen's. Coy locations - "A" Coy HEESWIJK on the river 4340 covering the left flank of the salient North of the ZUID WILLEMS canal. "D" Coy in reserve area 446422. "C" Coy u/c 8 Hussars on the line of the rly from level crossing 478386 to canal at 462378. "B" Coy in reserve 466400. Bn HQ 468398.
19 1100 )
19 1500 ) Bn relieved by 8 Royal Scots. Bn moved to conc area BEDAF 4942.
19 1630 Bn HQ established at 507434. The Bn prepared for the 12 Corps operation Alan.
20 0900 Brigadier's conference at HQ 131 Bde. The outline of the final plan for the operation Alan was given. This operation was part of a large plan to clear the area of HOLLAND West of the NIMEJEN salient and South of the river MAAS. The general plan for 131 Bde was as follows:-
20   Phase I. 1/7 Queen's to attack and capture MIDDELRODE 3943 and subsequently to protect the left flank until relieved by 1 RB.
20   Phase II. 1/5 Queen's to attack and capture LAAR 3944 preparatory to a further advance to the area DOORNHOEK 3844.
20   Phase III. 1/6 Queen's to move up on the right of 1/5 Queen's to the area DE ESBURG 3945 and LANDLUST 3946.
20   Phase IV. 1/5 and 1/6 Queen's to attack Westwards as far as the line of the rd from exclusive SANATORIUM 3657, BERLIKUM 3745, BEEKVELD 3744. This conforming with the attack to be made by 53 Div North of the line of the stream from 423473 to SANATORIUM 364473. The enemy occupying area of the woods 4156, 4046, 3956 would thus be isolated and it was a possible task for 1/7 to mop up this area from West to East after the conclusion of Phase IV.
20 1100 In order to facilitate the initial attack to be made by 1/7 Queen's the Bn moved to a new conc area at 4342. Bn HQ was in the buildings 444436.
20 1400 CO gave preparatory orders for operation Alan and subsequently to Coy and Specialist Pl Comds on a recce to area of br 414433.
20 1500 Bn HQ was moved to a more suitable area 425424.
21 1430 CO issued final orders at Bn HQ for operation Alan.
21 1530 CO visited Coys and addressed the men on the subject of the future operation.
21 1600 '"B" Coy (consisting or approx 50 men) left the conc area and moved fwd to establieh a Standing Patrol on the Bn Start Line and thus secure it against enemy interference.
21 1830 "B" Coy Standing Patrol established as ordered at tr junc 405437 with line communication to "A" Coy 1/5 Queen's area 4243.
21 2345 An enemy fighting patrol attacked "B" Coy Standing Patrol. The enemy were equipped with small arms and a Panzefauste. They were driven off but not before they had inflicted 4 casualties. As the enemy withdrew they put up a red verey light and enemy arty defensive fire was brought down on "B" Coys posn. This did not cause any casualties. "B" Coy called for DF fire which was brought down but no results were seen.
22 0400 )
22 0600 ) The Bn moved fwd without incident to Bn Assembly area in accordance with Bn Operation Order. During this period arty concentrations were brought down according to plan. This helped to mask the noise of tanks and other tracked vehicles moving fwd to the SL.
22 0635 "A" and "C" Coys crossed the SL. Progress was slow, this was partly due to extensive mining by the enemy mostly with A/Tk mines. One AP minefield was located at approximate area 401437.
22 0700 Tac HQ established bend in track 413432. Casualties in "D" Coy were caused by enemy DF fire brought down in area 415434 and on the S edge of wood from 413435 to 411435.
22 0815 "C" Coy located Spandau post at 398436.
22 0820 Enemy opposition encountered by "A" Coy 400433 was engaged by arty.
22 0900 "A" Tp of 8 Hussars with detachments of "A" Coy reached the approx area 400432.
22 0905 Four spandaus were located area 398436 by "C" Coy. Opposition was stiff.
22 1000 Fwd elements of "A" Coy had reached the main rd in the approx area rd and track junc 398431 and were dealing with enemy in this area.
22 1015 2 Pls of "C" Coy were by this time held up by spandau posts at 398436. It was not possible to engage these posts by arty fire as the 2 pls were pinned down too close to the enemy.
22 1050 By this time the pace of the advance had slowed down to such an extent that the CO told OC "A" Coy that unless he could get into MIDDELRODE in 45 mins under his own fire support he was to draw back to enable the arty to give a fresh concentration on the objective.
22 1150 Enemy at 399429 barring the progress of "A" Coy were engaged by arty.
22 1210 The whole area of MIDDELRODE was engaged by further arty concentrations to enable "A" Coy to get fwd. "C" Coy was still held up by the enemy post at 398436.
22 1315 "D" Coy was ordered to move round to the North of "C" Coy with Carriers in support in order to liquidate the enemy post which was holding up "C" Coy. By this time "A" Coy had got one platoon into the approx area 401429 but was still unable to push into MIDDELRODE.
22 1445 The second pl of "A" Coy were now in area 398431 and at this time "C" Coy had withdrawn it's 2 pls to enable arty to engage the area of the spandau posts prepatory to the attack by "D" Coy.
22 1515 "D" Coy advanced on the enemy posns and found It occupied. These posns were elaborately dug and it was subsequently discovered this posn was connected by a deep communication trench with the main defenses in MIDDELRODE. It is assumed that the defenders of this post had made use of this communication trench in order to conduct their withdrawal. "D" was ordered to form a firm base in the area facing South & West.
22 1545 "A" Coy were ordered to pull back to a firm base posn 403433 and 404431.
22 1700 Tac HQ moved to area or track junc 405437 where it was joined by the ACV brought fwd from main HQ.
22 1830 By this time the 1/5 Queen's advancing on the right of 1/7 Queen's had established themselves on the rd MIDDELRODE - DOORNHOEK West of LAAR 3944. It was essential that 1/7 Queen's should capture MIDDELRODE at the earliest possible moment, in order to protect the left flank of 1/5 Queen's. Consequently the CO decided to put in an attack with 2 pls (1 pl "C" 1 pl "D") at 1930 hrs. The object was to cut the rd at 396434. One pl to go NW and one SE from this point.
22 1930 The attacks by pls from "C" & "D" Coys was delayed by arty support being concentrated on a DF task.
22 1935 The assault was ordered to take place. The assault was successful and it was found that the enemy had withdrawn from MIDDELRODE.
22 2315 By this time the two fwd pls had been contacted by their respective Coys and 2 more pls were sent fwd. Eventual posns were approximately "D" Coy 1 Pl at 393437, 1 P1 394436. "C" Coy 1 P1 396433, 1 Pl 397432. "A" Coy 403433 and 404431. "B" Coy 405436. One section of Carriers at 413432, one at 4074, 2 secs at 398439.
22   Bagrep 2 PW. 10 or 20 enemy killed.
22   Bn casualties were - 8 killed, 2 Officers and 30 ORs wounded, one missing.
23   The night passed quietly.
23 0700 The Carriers reported that the br of 406429 was not mined but partly demolished and fit for infantry only.
23 1005 The rd at 394435 was blocked by fallen trees.
23 1030 Main Bn moved up to Tac HQ.
23 1100 CO's 'O' Gp. Owing to considerable casualties during recent operations "B" Coy was once more disbanded and the men sent as reinforcements to "A" "D" & "C" Coys. The CO reviewed the situation. The area up to s’HERTOGENBOSCH was clear with the exception of the woods between LOOVAART 3846 and KATHOVEN 4246. The Bn was to be relieved by 1 RB for the purpose of clearing these woods.
23 1200 The relief started but the proposed wood clearing operation was not to be carried out by this Bn. Orders would be issued later for a new task.
23 1400 The Bn was ordered to return and concentrate around HEESWIJK 4341.
23 1500 Bn HQ established at 435424 again.
23   Bn casualties - 1 wounded.
24 1500 Bn came under comd 22 Armd Bde.
24   CO was to attend Bde Comds conference at 22 Armd Bde at 1900 hrs.
24 1900 CO went to 22 Armd Bde.
24 2100 CO's 'O' Gp. In the Corps attack, the Bde task was to cut the escape routes from TILBURG at LOON-OP-ZAND 1539: UDENHOUT 2038 and OISTERWIJK 2334. The last named was to be the Bn task. The Bn was to cross the br at HEESWIJK at 0730 hrs the next morning on the HEESWIJK-SHINDEL rd and wait until called for.
24   Order of March Carriers. Tac HQ. "C" "A" "D" Coys. A/Tk Pl. Main HQ. Tp A/Tk. Fd Sec ADS. Bn SP 432420.
25 0700 Bn ready to move.
25 1515 "C" Coy ordered to follow behind 1 RB. The Coy Comd to report to 22 Armd Bde when this was done. Appx Q
25 1530 "C" Coy moved.
25 1700 Bn moved off. Route SCHINDEL 4137 - BOXTEL 3235.
25 1900 The Bn concentrated North of BOXTEL in the area 3226. Bn HQ 329365. The tactical role was to guard the br over the DOMMEL.
25 2000 CO went to Bde 'O' Gp.
25 2100 CO's 'O' Gp. There was still some resistance on the West of the River DOMMEL. 51 HD were to build a bridge at ESCH 3037. 8 Hussars were to pass through and establish a bridgehead on the other side. After that the original plan would carry on as before. The Bns task was to help the tanks over obstacles. No large or deliberate attacks were planned.
26   All ranks were warned that the area of operations, 3726, 4251, 3234, BOXTEL contained many mines.
26 0830 "C" Coy returned to the Bn from 1 RB.
26 1225 The Bn was ordered to be ready to move at 1345 hrs.
26   During the morning information was received that 15 Scottish Div had cleared OISTERWIJK which was our objective.
26 1345 The Bn moved to area HELVOIRT 2640. Order of March – Carriers, Tac HQ, "C" "A" & "D" Coys. A/Tk Pl. Main HQ. Tp A/Tk. Fd Sec ADS.
26   Route - 329365 - X -rdS 425384 - tr junc 301379 NW to HELVOIRT.
26 1800 Bn locations - a Coy from 267406 to 262403, the second from 262397 to 263392 to 267393, the third from 272393 to 273400.
26   There was slight harassing shelling of the X-rds 271398 by the enemy. We suffered 3 casualties.
26 1810 2 PW were brought in by "D" Coy, one of them was the Adjt of 744 Gren Regt. Bagrep 2 PW: Casualties 2 wounded.
27 0900 3 PW were brought in and later one by the local resistance organisation.
27 1000 Bn moved off. Route - HELVOIRT SW to UDENHOUT - rd junc 198372.
27 1300 Main HQ and veh park was established at HOUTCHESSTRAAT. From there the Coys marched fwd. "A" Coy to area 168385. "C" Coy 172382. "D" Coy 173385. Tac HQ was established at 171384.
27 1530 CO’s ‘O’ Gp. The Bn was to attack and capture LOON-OP-ZAND 1539. Arty targets were prearranged and given names. The SP was at 167386. The CL was the tr running NW from this point.
27   Phase 1. "C" Coy to attack and capture KASTEEL 158396.
27   Phase 2. "A" Coy to pass through "C" Coy and take the Eastern part of the town.
27   Phase 3. "D" Coy to pass through "C" Coy and take the Western part of the town.
27   A Sqn of 8 Hussars to give support. The Carriers to give left flank protection.
27 1700 The Carrier Sec. protecting the SL in the area 165388 brought in 3 PW who were identified as 256 Div.
27   Phase 1 started and "C" Coy come under DF and MG fire when they arrived in the area 164389. "A" Coy advanced to the SL. Our arty was brought down on these posns and some of them were silenced. The advance continued slowly. Darkness was falling rapidly and there were still 8 MG posts which could not be located in the thick woods. In view of this the attack was called off for the night and the Bn consolidated on its gains and patrolled fwd.
27   Pl posns were located at:- 165388, 164386, 167386, 166389, 169390, 168386, 169383, 171385, 173384, 174391, 164383, 158383.
27 2300 The Bde Comd arrived with the CO of 3 RHA to discuss the next days attack on LOON-OP-ZAND. Arty tasks were arranged.
27   During the night the Bn area was mortared and shelled and the movement of enemy tpt was heard in LOON-OP-ZAND. Bn casualties 2 wounded.
28 0330 "C" Coy reported the movement of enemy tpt in the direction of LOON-OP-ZAND.
28 0410 2 PW were brought in from "C" Coys fwd pls. The enemy were located in the SE corner of the wood 161393 and spandau fire was coming from 152397. The movement of tpt was still heard in the town.
28 0530 COs 'O' Gp. 'H' hour was scheduled for 0715 hrs.
28   Phase I. "C" Coy were to advance along the same route as the previous day, attack and capture the KASTEEL 158396.
28   Phase II. "A" Coy were to pass through "C" Coy and take the part of the town East from Church at 156398.
28   Phase III. "D" Coy were to move across to the tr and take the Western part of the town from the Church at 156398 to 153400. One tp of tks to be used as right flank protection and one tp in support of each coy.
28 0630 'H' hour was postponed from 0715 to 0800. The reason was that enemy guns firing at the same time as our own arty were ranging, made it impossible to observe the effect of our fire. "C" Coy asked for arty to cease fire as shells were falling in their pl areas, causing 8 casualties. It was later found that these were caused by enemy shell fire.
28 0815 The attack started.
28 0837 "C" Coys fwd tps had reached 162390.
28 0846 A spandau was firing from the right at 164395 and enemy shells were falling in the area of 161390. The Carriers took 2 PW.
28 0856 Spandau fire was reported from the left in the area 159394. Another PW was taken by the Carriers.
28 0907 5 PW were taken by "C" Coy from the area 161593.
28 0910 Enemy were shelling area 157387.
28 0912 The enemy mortared the South end of the KASTEEL. "C" Coy were engaged in mopping up operations in the area of the woods at 169393. "C" Coy by this time had reached a communication trench system which started from this area and in a rough semi circle went West and North to the KASTEEL. One pl charged in at the double and got into the trenches. Close quarter fighting began with the enemy occupying one part of the system and ourselves the other. The enemy were eventually thrown out by the energetic use of hand grenades and 10 PW were taken.
28 0928 Fwd tps of "C" Coy had reached 159395.
28 0930 3 more PW were taken.
28 0953 Fwd elements of "C" Coy had reached the South end of the KASTEEL.
28 1010 One 50 mm A/Tk gun was captured at 160394.
28 1042 Two more PW were taken.
28 1110 Enemy dug in at 157397 were engaged by arty.
28 1135 Two pls of "C" Coy advanced through the KASTEEL to take up posns in the NW and NE corners. Coy HQ and one pl were in the KASTEEL. "A" Coy were ordered to advance through "C" Coy to carry out phase II. The area from the KASTEEL to LOON-OP-ZAND was thickly wooded and had been subjected to severe arty fire. 3 Broken branches and trees completely obscured the tracks. The platoon which should have established itself on the NW corner overshot the mark and reached the main rd at 157398 and there engaged the enemy moving along the rd.
28 1225 2 A/Tk guns were captured.
28 1245 "A" Coy had reached the KASTEEL and Major Corbett investigated the rd block at 157396 and found it surrounded by shoe mines. "C" Coy's left hand pl was pulled back to its correct posn and two pls of "A" Coy slowly fought their way fwd until they were established on the main rd at 157398 and 162399. Here they engaged the enemy who were dug in 80x North of the rd and inflicted much damage. The RHA OP who had moved up by then saw a German doubling along with a spandau and used his MG to good purpose. In the meantime "D" Coy had moved across country and formed up on the SL West of the main TILBURG rd from 151387 to 154387. From here they sent a patrol to 153395 where they were engaged by MG fire. 2 pls were pushed up to this post and engaged the enemy running along the rd towards the Church. At 157398 a SP was immobilised, the enemy with it were dealt with. The country from here Northwards to the main rd was very open and "D" Coy Commander decided that it would be better to find another route probably through "C" Coy.
28 1600 At this pt bad news was received. The Bn was to withdraw clear of the rd to enable an attack to be made from the East by 51st HD. Everybody was greatly disappointed. They had fought a hard slogging battle all day and had fought for every yard. Our casualties had not been light but we had inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy and at the very moment when the fall of the town was imminent we had to stand aside and let someone else take it. When the attack was made by 1st Gordons they got into the town with practically no opposition and with no casualties and collected 45 PW. During the fighting in the afternoon by 1/7 Queen's more PW were taken, the total was 34. Three A/Tk guns and 2 half tracks complete with kit and spare parts were taken and an SP was disabled. A considerable number of MGs and small arms were captured including three of the latest types of bazookers. Bn casualties were 1 killed, 21 wounded.
28 1700 Coy locations were as follows:- "A" Coy took up posns in the area 162594. "C" Coy were in the area of the KASTEEL. "D" Coy around 155388.
28 2000 The I.O. went to the 1st Gordons as Liaison officer.
28   News was received that the CO had been awarded the DSO. Major Corbett, "A" Coy received the MC. Cpl Pethick of "A" Coy had DCM and Pte Took the MM.
29 0310 "A" Coys right hand pl captured 9 PW.
29 0745 A Flying Bomb flew over the Bn area at about 2000 ft travelling in a NW direction. There was spasmodic MG fire on the fwd Coys posns. When the 1st Gordons left LOON-OP-ZAND the Bn was to secure the main rd going West out of the town, which was to [CE?] the Centre line for the 22 Armd Bde.
29 1620 Orders were received for the Bn to move and protect DONGENSCHE VAART 0842, u/c 1 RTR.
29 2000 The move had taken place without incident. Bn locations were as follows:- "A" Coy 083422: 078428: "C" Coy 084419: "D" Coy 074416: Carriers 088414. At this time orders were received from Bde that the Bn must send two patrols to find tank crossings across the river DONGE at 059427 and at 058407. "D" Coy sent a Recce patrol to 059427. If they found the br to be intact, they were to return and take a strong fighting patrol to capture and hold it. "A" Coy were to go to 058407 with a similar task.
29 2145 2 PW were captured in the Bn HQ area by the MO.
29   The days PW total was 19. Bn casualties were 1 killed 2 wounded.
30 0045 "D" Coys recce patrol u/c Lt. Bevan returned with the information that enemy were found between 067430 and 067435 - an enemy patrol of 6 men moving South. An arty stonck was brought down on this area and kept up till 0600 hrs, when the fighting patrol were to go and capture the br.
30 0300 "A" Coy reported the br at 058407 was unfit for anything except jeeps. It appeared to be clear of the enemy.
30 0600 "D" Coys patrol on their way to the br 059427 had heard an explosion and on reaching their obtective found it had been demolished. They broke up a German patrol estimated strength 25 men and established themselves in the area. Enemy casualties 4 killed, 1 wounded. 1 RTR established a scissors br at this point and the tanks crossed over.
30 1000 The CO crossed the br to meet 22 Armd Bde Comd at OOSTEIND 0442. The tanks were pushing on towards OUSTERHOUT 0042 and had met some opposition from A/Tk guns. "A" Coy and the Carriers were to cross over immediately and concentrate in the area of OOSTEIND ready for a task.
30 1100 The scissors bridge was taken down and the RE's started to build a Bailey br.
30 1530 "A" Coy were ordered to adv and concentrate in the area 0243 on the rd running North to RAAMSDONKSVEER 0247 to support the 11 Hussars. The remainder of the Bn crossed the br at 059427 and concentrated in the area of OOSTEIND.
30 1600 The 1 RB were established in OUSTERHOUT. 1/7 Queen's were ordered forward to occupy and hold the Western end of the town. 22 Armd Bde had a similar task in the Eastern end.
30 1700 'O' Gp moved fwd and recced areas.
30 1900 The Bn arrived having been held up on the rd by tank supply colns.
30 2000 Bn locations were:- Bn HQ 008422. "C" Coy 008426. "D" Coy 004426. Carriers 005416. "A" Coy were u/c 11 Hussars.
30   The Carriers brought in 4 PW and 8 Italian workers.
30 2200 A pl "D" Coy in the area of the canal at 999426 encountered an enemy patrol 20 strong going South to North from the East side of the canal. The enemy were engaged with 2" Mortar, SA fire and grenades. They replied with spandau. 2 explosions, believed to be demolitions were heard - a scream, then all was quiet. Total PW taken were 39 Germans and 8 Italian workers who had been forced to work for the Germans and were exprisoners of war. Bn casualties were 1 killed 3 wounded.
31 0725 Orders were received to rejoin 131 Bde.
31 0730 Recce parties were ordered to stand by from 0930 hrs.
31 0900 CO attended 'O' Gp at 131 Bde. 7 Armd Div were to hold the line of the R MAAS from AFWATERINGS CANAL (running South from the MAAS at 1649) to the WILHELMINA CANAL. The Bn task was to hold the line between the 16 and 13 Easting.
31 0930 The Bn was ordered to concentrate in the area 0841. 'O' Gp to RV with the CO at WAALWIJK 1546. The area had been recced when news was received that the Bn would not move for 24 hrs to WAALWIJK. In the meantime the bn was to concentrate in the area of DOGENSCHE VAART for the night.
31 1000 Bn HQ tpt was ready to move when the enemy shelled the square 008422. Padre McIntosh and Sgt Hancock (Assault Pioneers) were wounded. A medical jeep and ambulance were damaged.
31 1130 The Bn arrived at DONGENSCHE VAART.
31 1828 Two buzz bombs passed across Bn area going in a Westerly direction. Bagrep nil. Bn casualties 1 Officer end 1 Sgt Wounded. The total PW taken by the Bn during the month of Oct was 110. Enemy casualties claimed by this Bn were 34 definitely killed or wounded and 7 possibles. These last two figures do not take into account the action at MIDDELRODE and LOON-OP-ZAND. The Bn casualties for the month were 15 killed, 73 wounded, 15 missing.

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Source: Joris Nieuwint, The Battlefield Explorer, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.