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Instructions regarding War Diaries and Intelligence Summaries are contained in F.S. Regs., Vol. 1. and the Staff Manual respectively Title pages will be prepared in manuscript.

Army Form C.2118
Unit: 2nd Bn The Cheshire Regiment
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. S.V. Keeling, DSO
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
SLIJK EWIJK 1 1100 Coy Comdrs Conference re Defensive Fire Tasks on the Divisional front and alterations in the F.D.L’s.
1 1245 Conference ends.
1   Quiet day. Nothing of interest to report. Some enemy shelling and mortaring. Enemy air activity slight over NIJMEGEN Bridge.
2 1100 Usual morning conference of Coy Comdrs.
2 1200 Conference ends – no changes.
2 1530 The C.O. leaves to contact Major L. Abel O.C. “C” Coy and proceeds with him to visit his Pln Posns.
2 1730 Returns to Tac HQ.
2   Enemy shelling during the evening – shells landing in the vicinity of SLIJK EWIJK.
3 1100 Usual morning conference at which changes in the F.D.L’s and D.F. Tasks are discussed also Harrassing Fire Programme from 1600 hrs today until 1600 hrs tomorrow is arranged.
3   Conference ends at 1200 hrs.
3 1800 Commanding Officer and Captain Peck leave to visit 11 Pln “C” Coy commanded by Lt. Kershaw. Object to test out the method and time taken to bring down D.F. Fire on receipt of a call from the inf. Time taken by Pln 2 mins 7 secs. This time can be reduced to 1½ mins by several minor adjustments.
3 1930 C.O. and L.O. return to Tac HQ.
3   Lt. C.S. Dupre leaves to attend a MMG Course at the SAS Netheravon – duration 5 weeks.
3   Enemy air activity slight – one FW 190 shot down over NIJMEGEN Bridge by Ack-Ack fire. Some enemy shelling of F.D.L’s this evening.
4 1100 Conference of all Coy Comdrs re Harassing Fire tasks from 1600 hrs 4th - 1600 hrs 5th Nov.
4 1230 Conference ends.
4   508 U.S. Para Regt relieved 231 Bde this evening. 231 Bde come into reserve in NIJMEGEN and take over the close defence of NIJMEGEN Bridge.
4   Some slight enemy air activity over NIJMEGEN Bridge this afternoon – bombs dropped in NIJMEGEN.
5 1100 Usual morning conference re harassing programme D.F. Tasks and F.D.L's.
5 1235 Conference ends.
5   Inter Pln reliefs in NIJMEGEN Bks take place today.
5   Some enemy air activity this afternoon - no bombs dropped. Slight shelling and mortaring throughout the day.
5   Rugby match this afternoon between Bn and 50 (N) Div HQ – Bn lost 13 pts - 5 pts.
6 1100 Coy Comdrs conference attended by 2/i/c “A” and “B” Coys and O.C.’s "C" and “D” Coys.
6 1200 Conference ends.
6   Coy and Inf Localities as under: reading from North to South -
6   69 Bde with in sp "B" Coy and 1 Hvy Mortar Pln.
6   151 Bde with in sp "C" Coy and 1 Heavy Mortar Pln.
6   508 Para Regt with in sp "A" Coy and 1 Heavy Mortar Pln.
7 1100 Usual morning Coy Comdrs Conference re D.F. Tasks and F.D.L’s.
7 1215 Conference ends.
7   Nothing of interest today – day quiet. Some slight shelling and mortaring of our FDL’s during the day.
7   231 Inf Bde relieves 69 Inf Bde tonight - 69 Bde comes into Div reserve in NIJMEGEN.
8 1100 Coy Comdrs conference re D.F. Tasks and F.D.L's.
8 1230 Conference ends.
8   “B” Coy now in sp of 231 Bde in the Northern part of the Div sector.
8   Inter Pln relieves take place tomorrow.
8   Enemy air activity over NIJMEGEN bridge this evening.
9 1100 Coy Comdrs conference re Harassing Fire Tasks F.D.L’s etc.
9 1235 Conference ends.
9 1400 Adjt and 2/i/c visit Rear HQ 50 Div re welfare etc.
9 1630 Return to Tac HQ.
9   Some enemy air activity this afternoon - no bombs dropped.
9   Slight shelling and mortaring of the F.D.L’s this afternoon and evening.
10 1100 Usual morning conference.
10 1230 Conference ends.
10 1400 Commanding Officer leaves to visit "C" Coy's platoon posns with Major Abel O.C. “C” Coy.
10 1530 Returns to Tac HQ.
10 1730 C.O. visits "B” Coy Pln posns.
10 1930 Returns to Tac HQ.
10   Some enemy air activity this evening.
11 0930 C.O. visits 231 Bde re advisiability of putting one of “B" Coy’s secs in the F.D.L’s.
11 1100 C.O. returns “B” Coy section not take up posn in the F.D.L’s.
11 1100 Coy Comdrs conference re D.F. Taks, Harassing Fire, F.D.L’s etc.
11 1200 Conference ends.
11   69 Bde has relieved 508 Para Regt of 82 US Airborne Div. All 3 Bdes of 50 (N) Div are now in the line holding the Eastern flank of the NIJMEGEN bridgehead.
11   Heavy enemy shelling during the day.
12 1100 Usual morning conference which ends at 1220 hrs.
12 1345 Major Moon 2/i/c and Capt Cutler Adjt leave to visit Rear HQ 50 (N) Div and also “B” Echelon.
12 1445 Return to Main HQ.
12   “B” Echelon personnel evacuated from the "Island" leaving an enlarged Tac HQ behind. Total pers 4 Offrs and 21 O.R's and 7 vehs.
12   Tac HQ is now at four hours notice to move from the “Island".
12   The possibility of flooding the island by the enemy blowing up the dykes is a distinct possibility.
13 1100 Coy Comdrs conference re D.F. Tasks and F.D.L’s Capt. Kelly 2/i/c “A” Coy and Capt Handford 2/i/c “B” Coy attend owing to the absence of their Coy Comdrs on leave in BRUSSELS.
13 1215 Conference ends.
13   Quiet day N.T.R. Some enemy shelling during the morning. Enemy air activity slight.
14 1100 Coy Comdrs Conference re D.F.s F.D.L’s etc.
14 1315 Conference ends. Some slight alterations in D.F. Tasks and F.D.L’s necessary owing to the withdrawal of the Hamps to more suitable ground. Previous area is completely waterlogged.
14   Slight enemy shelling and mortaring during the day increasing during the early hours of the evening.
15 1100 C.O. to Div HQ to attend a G.O.C.’s conference.
15 1230 Returns to Tac HQ.
15   Quiet day N.T.R. Usual shelling and mortaring during the early hours of the evening.
16 1100 Coy Comdrs conference during which some new D.F. Tasks were arranged.
16 1230 Conference ends.
16   Qiet day. Slight enemy shelling during the day.
17 1100 Coy Comdrs conference.
17 1200 Conference ends.
17 1330 C.O. to “C” Coy and 151 Bde HQ.
17 1530 Returns to Tac HQ.
17   Some enemy shelling of the bridge area otherwise front fairly quiet. Enemy air activity – two fighters over this afternoon awarded a warm reception by our Ack Ack and made off in a Notherly direction.
18 1100 Usual morning conference attended by Coy Comdrs.
18 1135 Conference ends.
18   61st Recce Regt relieved by 151 Bde less 9 D.L.I. Bde boundaries lengtened to include Coy locn on left and right.
18   231 Bde take over Coy locality of 151 Bde.
18   69 Bde take over Coy locality of 151 Bde.
18   61st Recce being left holding a narrow front with 2 Sqns fwd and 1 in res.
18   Slight enemy activity during the day some shelling and mortaring.
19 1100 Coy Comdrs conference.
19 1230 Conference ends.
19   Plns in NIJMEGEN relieved today after a 5 day rest.
19   Increased shelling of the bridge area today some hits scored on rd leading to bridge and also roundabout in NIJMEGEN.
20 1100 Usual morning conference.
20 1230 Conference ends.
20 0930 C.O. to Div HQ to attend a conference re the relief of the Div.
20 1200 Returns to Tac HQ.
20   Slight enemy shelling of the F.D.L’s today. Enemy air activity nil.
21 1100 Coy Comdrs conference.
21 1200 Conference ends.
21 1345 C.O. to Div HQ to see Maj General Graham re relief of Div.
21 1530 Returns to Tac HQ.
21   Increased enemy shelling of the F.D.L’s. Some bombs dropped in NIJMEGEN by
22 1100 Usual morning conference at which company comdrs attend. See Appendix G
22 1130 Conference ends.
22   151 Inf Bde are relieving 231 Inf Bde this evening. See Appendix G
22   Advance party left for ISEGHEM in Belgium which is to be the Bn concentration area when the Div is relieved. Ref 2 Cheshire Admin Inst No 6.
22   Some enemy arty stonks on ELST and BEMMEL during the early hours of the morning.
23 1100 Usual morning conference. Ends at 1230 hrs.
23   101 Airborne Div HQ are moving into SLIJK EWIJK their HQ having been shelled. Tac HQ will have to move into OOSTERHOUT tomorrow morning. Some shelling this morning.
24 0900 I.O. and Sigs Officer recce new area in OOSTERHOUT.
24 1100 Tac HQ moves to new locn in Vicarage in OOSTERHOUT – all Tac HQ are billetted in houses.
24   Day spent in settling in in new locn.
24   Some enemy shelling of NIJMEGEN bridge this afternoon.
25 1100 Coy Comdrs conference and lecture on Meteor Telegrams and method of correction for same.
25 1300 Lecture ends.
25 1430 C.O. to 124 Field Regt re Meteor Telegram.
25 1530 Returns to Tac HQ.
25   STRASBOURG captured by 7th US Army.
25   Quiet day N.T.R.
OOSTERHOUT 26 1100 Usual morning conference.
26 1230 Conference ends no changes reported.
26   231 Bde relieved by 69 Bde today. Bde dispns reading from North to South now 151 Bde – 61st Recce Regt – 231 Bde. 69 Bde in res in NIJMEGEN.
26   Enemy activity on front today very slight.
27 1100 Usual morning conference. Ends at 1200 hrs.
27 1430 C.O. to Div to attend G.O.C’s conference.
27   Slight enemy air activity over NIJMEGEN bridge this afternoon.
28 1100 Usual morning conference.
28 1150 Conference ends.
28 1200 Enemy dropped a few shells in the village – no damage caused.
28 1400 Adjt and I.O. to rear Div to arrange accomodation for Coys being relieved during the next 2-3 days. A Coy and 3 Hvy Mor Pls to be accomodated in Empire Bks, NIJMEGEN. “B” and “C” Coys conc in area North of WYCHEN.
28 1700 Return to Tac HQ.
28 1800 C.O. of 2 Kensingtons 49 Div who are relieving 50 Div in the island to see the C.O. re handing over of Posns, D.F. Tasks etc.
28   Eenemy air activity nil. Enemy stonked OOSTERHOUT village this evening at 2400 hrs about 30 shells – no damage or casualties caused.
29 0600 Enemey stonked OOSTERHOUT village S.P. guns ? Some 40 shells landed fortunately no casualties caused.
29 0930 O.C. 2nd Kensingtons 49 Div MG Bn to see C.O. D.F. Task Trace and Pln Posns handed over.
29   O.C. 2 Kensingtons leaves.
29   Quiet day. Very little shelling and mortaring on Div front today.
30 1100 Usual morning conference.
30 1230 Conference ends.
30 1600 Coy Comdrs conference re future of the Bn.
30   Quiet day. Bn is moving off tomorrow for new area in ISEGHEM in Belgium. Pln Posns have now been handed over to the 2 Kensingtons 49 (WR) Div.
30   During the period 1-30 Nov 3 MMG Coys and 4 Hvy Mor Plns were deployed on the Divisional front, with the following tasks:
30   (a) Immediate retaliation. (b) Harassing Fire Programme. (c) Defensive Fire Shoots.
30   During this period one Pln from each Coy was resting at NIJMEGEN bks for a period of 5 days at a time, so that each pln in turn had a short period of rest. Mor O.P’s were established on each Bde front and on three of four occasions good opportunity shoots were carried out against enemy who were baling out their slit trenches. On average each Mor Pln fired 100 bombs in a 24 hr period. Enemy mortar activity was slight.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.