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Army Form C.2118
Unit: HQ 2 Army Troops RE
Month and Year: September 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer:
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
SONGEONS (Oise) NOTRE DAME DU HAMEL 1   CRE and FE1 recced area for possible new Army Dump.
2   CRE visited Cmd 11 Agre and learned that:
(a) 2 Army Troops RE consisting of 92 Army Tps Coy RE
23 Stores PI RE, and 23 B.D.Coy RE had been given permanent Rdhead constr role with HQ Second Army
(b) Fmn to revert to 10 Agre
71 E & M PI ceased to be u/cmd and reverted to L of C.
NOTRE DAME DU HAMEL 3   CRE held 'O' Gp and informed 661 669 A.W.Coys RE and 117 and 810 Rd Constr Coys RE that they were to revert to L of C.
Plans in hand for Cushion Rdhead in ARRAS area and possible Army Rdhead area TOURNAI (Belgium).
HQ moved to BUICOURT (Oise) 719203 a distance of 137miles East.
BUICOURT 4   CRE and FE1 recced new Cushion area region of ARRAS.
Planning conference held by Comd Second Army Tps / Adjt attended for CRE and reported:
(a) CRE to leave for BRUSSELS with Comd Second Army Tps
(b) Fmn to move to area BRUSSELS 6 Sept 44.
5   CRE accompanied Cmd Second Army Tps to BRUSSELS. On recce of new Army Rdhead.
5 1830 Orders received for HQ to move to BRUSSELS
5 2300 HQ left location.
6   Adm difficulties experienced due to change of Army Tps RV while units were on route. Adjt, FE1 and IO became detached from HQ (u/cmd FE2) and set up temporary HQ with 92 Army Tps Coy RE. Main body harboured for night at QUENAST Belgium.
7 0900 HQ less CRE (still with Cmd) established at FLAMENT.
7 1030 CRE rejoined HQ.
BRUSSELS 8   Org of rdhead work and intercom Recces of Engr resources.
FLAMENT 9   CRE ordered to take over temporary cmd 10 Agre / Major P.T. Cox RE OC 92 Army Troops Coy RE to be A/CRE.
11   Warning order recd for establishment of No 8 Army Rdhead.
12   A/CRE on recce of new Rdhead area with Comd Second Army Tps.
14   FE 2 recced new stone dump at BOURG LEOPOLD with Sore (Stores) Second Army. Plans were made to establish dump of 2000 tons of stone from QUENAST quarries for use in possibled future Br ops..
15 1200 FE2 established Stone Report Centre at BOURG LEOPOLD.
16 2330 Comd 10 Agre ordered FE1 forward to assist him
17 0400 FE1 left location. Considerable difficulties now experienced in Adm of HQ due to the splitting off of 3 parties with CRE FE1 and FE2.
18   FE1 reported having been machine gunned by ME 109 at HECHTEL K. 342845.
FLAMENT 23   A/CRE and Adjt recced Engr work in area DIEST.
Decided to move HQ and 92 Army Troops Coy to that area forthwith.
24   IO proceeded with 21/c 92 Coy on recce for new location area DIEST K. 1268
25   HQ moved to KLOOSTERBERG K. 121688
27   Orders received for 92 Coy to carry out/rehabilitation of BOURG LEOPOLD Barracks. FE1's work marshalling br columns for 10 Agre now finished.
28   CRE rejoined HQ and reassumed cmd.
29   FE1 and FE2 returned to HQ. Appendix 'H' I Afs W.3009 3010 List of Coys u/cmd J CRE's Tech note

Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Mia Litjens.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.