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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 1st Bn The Herefordshire Regt.
Month and Year: January 1945 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. G.R. Turner Cain.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
BAEXEN 1   Bn in reserve area. Bde Cmd visits coys during training.
BAEXEN 2-7(incl)   Bn in reserve area. Training carried out by pls. Training included range firing. W.T., and fire and movement.
WEERT 8   Bn moves to Barracks at WEERT for training period of approx 14/17 days.
WEERT 9-20(incl)   Bn training period. Training included Inf/Tk co-operation, boating drill and river crossing, night patrols, elementary mine trg, weapon trg and firing, including a demonstration by "wasps".A.Tk Pl at practice range for three days. Support Pls and Specialist trained under individual programmes. Carrier Pl re-inforced to four secs - full strength for the first time since August. Bde Cmd inspected trg on frequent occasions.
WEERT 20   Orders to move to HEEL area 7188, tomorrow - patrols to be established tonight. The following (1) and (3) standing patrols manned as from last light.
HEEL 21   Bn relieves 2 K.S.L.I. (3 Br Div) and takes up the following positions:- A 714884, B 718895, C 719666, D 729894, S Coy with three sec Carriers 724886, Atk Pl defending Bridge 682886 in infantry role. Bn HQ 717884.Standing Patrols at (1) POL 714870 (1 sec by day and 1Pl by night) (2) 721875 (1 sec by day and 1 pl by night) with one sec patrolling WEST of river bank to incl POL and one sec EAST to incl ORCHARD 728877. (3) LOCK FORCE at 733789 (Pl throughout the 24 hrs) and during the hours of darkness (4) Recce patrols along river bank 734884 to 737890. Area SANTFORT 6888 to PANHEEL 6988 patrolled throughout the 24 hrs: Change over completed without incident. Standing patrols ordered to fire as mush as possible to draw enemy fire and to keep a check of their presence.
21 2000 Enemy replied throughout the night. Enemy patrol of approx six to eight men seen NORTH of BEEGOEN. No action taken and not seen again.Approx 20 enemy seen in River Bulge NW of MERUM carrying straw etc: HQ of some kind indicated at DRIFT 750877, during day.
HEEL 22   3" Mortars fired at men seen yesterday NW of DRIFT, Not so many seen today. The Island 7387 and 7467, still occupied and spandaus still active.
HEEL 23   No enemy seen all day. Patrols at POL 714870, and from SANTFORTBR: cancelled owing to 7th Armd Div advance along EAST bank of R. Maas. Section from Standing Patrol 722875 patrols POL at intervals throughout the night.
23 1930 A Coy fire at movement seen at 735896,. This was found later to be a food carrying party of 9th Bn Para Regt: 6th Airborne Div: who suffered one casualty - wounded.
HEEL 24   7th Armd Div advanced to WEERD 7386 and SOUTH of LINNE 7485. To provide strong defensive positions at BEEGDEN, A Coy moved to NORTH of village with positions centered on 733895. ATk Pl from SANTFORT BR: 682886 to SW of HEEL 714882. SANTFORT BR: taken over by strong sec of B Coy. Very little enemy activity seen in area DRIFT, and NW. LOCK FORCE 733879 suffer one casualty-wounded by premature from 2" mortar. Martar Pl suffer one casualty-Killed who fell on his own Sten Gun. Slight enemy shelling in Bn area during the night. Spadaus still active on Island.
HEEL 25   B Coy moved from reserve area to position in WEST half of HEEL centred on 715884 to strenghten HEEL defences. LINNE captured by Commandos u/c 7th Armd Div: No firing from own LOCK FORCE owing to expected friendly patrol on Island which did not take place. Spandaus still active.
HEEL 26   Expected Commando raid on Island again did not take place.Spandaus again active and engaged by LOCK FORCE and 3" Mortars.Bde LO whith Commando Force in wireless commn with this Bn.
HEEL 27 2130 Commando raid Island. LOCK FORCE temporarily withdrew for operation and returned when Island reported clear. Other patrols remained firm on ground during operation. The Island was in fact not cleared & the Cdo force (withdrew with one PW
27 0320 RE clear path to LOCK 733879 and clear the "Cat Walk" of wire and booby traps, thus making a sage route to NORTH side of Cat Walk.No enemy interference. LO with SS Bde netted to our wireless for the operation for the Island.
HEEL 28   Day and night quiet. The Commanding Office appointed A/Brigadier during the absence of (the Brigadier whilts on leaveRoad 724886 to Corner 731876 found clear of mines by Pioneers but found to be mined North of that point. Area also mined. No attempt to pull owing to frost but path cleared 4' wide and taped. No enemy interference. Enemy on Island quiet.
HEEL 29   Enemy on Island by all pl weapons by Lock Force. No return fire.
29 1830 Small Bosche patrol in ORCHARD 735895 fire at forward sec post, slightly injuring one man. They then made off and no further contact was made, although the ground was immediately searched.
HEEL 30   Similar activity on the Island. Two enemy seen and engaged by small arms fire.
HEEL 31 0950 Proposed handing over to 4 KSLI cancelled. Expecting relief from other formation within 48 hours.
31 1300 "Deceiving" attack on Island with 2" Mortar and SA used, to draw enemy fire and observe movement. Three enemy seen and one killed (claimed). No answering fire, enemy seemed to be completely dominated by our LOCK FORCE.
31   Turner Cain Lt. Col.Commanding Officer.1st Bn. The Herefordshire Regiment.

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Source: 11th Armoured Division.

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