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Army Form C.2118
Unit: Civil Affairs Staff, HQ 8 Corps
Month and Year: June 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Col. G.H. Phipps-Hornby
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
WORTH HALL 1   Corps Comd (Lt.Gen Sir R.N. O'Connor KCB, DSO, MC) visited WORTH HALL and after addressing all officers stayed for lunch.
2   Loud Speaker apparatus collected from LONDON.
4   All ranks of CA Staff and Dets paraded at WORTH HALL for address by Corps Comd followed by Church Parade.
5   SCAO (Col G.H. Phipps-Hornby) visited O2E and rear HQ 21 Army Group.
7   Major W.L. Brown (SO2 Exec) handed over his duties as OC A Gp Corps.
7   Residue to DADS (Major Palmer).
8   SCAO visited O2E.
9   1st Party warned to be ready to move on Sunday 11th Jun.
10   1st Party (SCAO, SO1 Exec (Lt.Col. A.W. Crawford) SO2 Adm (Major A.G. Puttock)) left at 0600 hrs for Marshalling Area.
13 0945 Conference for all 2nd Party vehicle leaders at Main Corps HQ.
17 1300 2nd Party left for Marshalling Area.
19   1st Party disembarked and arrived at Corps HQ LANTHEUIL at 1800 hrs.
23   Lt. St Leger French LO reported.
24   Cmdt Merlin French LO reported.
25 1300 223 and 224 Dets reported, under comd 8 Corps. Briefed for op Epsom, 223 to 15 (S) Div HQ, 224 to 11 Armd Div for mov and adm.
26 1530 223 Det ordered forward to ST MAUVIEU.
26 2100 2nd Party arrived at Corps HQ near LANTHEUIL.
27 1500 223 Det relieved by 218 Det at 924711.
27 1800 224 Det relieved by 217 Det at Main HQ 11 Armd Div. 223 and 224 Dets held in reserve at Corps HQ.
27 2115 SCAO, SO1 (Exec) and SO1 (Adm) (Lt.Col. R.S. Manley) visited 129 Bde HQ and arranged for 217 Det to lift 150 Refugees in Det tpt from 917682 (near ST MAUVIEU) to CRTA. This was completed by 0600 hrs 28 Jun.
28 1800 SCAO visited Refugee Collecting Point at 917683. Refugees were being transported to CRTA by 218 Det.
29 1430 SO1 Exec visited Refugee Collecting Point. 218 Det had evacuated 85 and a further 36 were waiting. Refugees mostly from GRAINVILLE - TOURVILLE area.
29 1830 SO1 and SO2 Adm visited 202 Det at BAYEUX and arranged for 25 civilians to be employed on 1st Jul in burying dead cattle in the CHEUX district.
30 1130 SCAO visited 2nd Army at BANVILLE (946831) and discussed the question of tpt for evacuating Refugees. It was decided that until the arrival of the residue party the 3 ton lorries of 223 and 224 Dets would be used. On arrival of residue the 3 ton and 15 cwt lorries of Increment would be retained as a Pool. It was also arranged that personnel of Increment not required would be returned to 2 Gp HQ immediately on arrival at Corps HQ.
30 1500 SO1 Adm visited 202 Det at BAYEUX and in consultation with Major Luis (OC Det) and Major Gerry (OC 957 Adm Unit Civil Labour) it was decided to cancel the arrangements for the supply of 25 civilians to bury cattle in view of the battle situation at CHEUX. In future all labour requirements can be asked for direct from 957 Adm Unit Civil Labour and authority for employing Civil Labour and rations required must accompany demand.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.