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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 1st Bn The Herefordshire Regt.
Month and Year: February 1945 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. G.R. Turner Cain.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
HEEL 1   Day and night quiet. No incidents reported by patrols during the night.
HEEL and WEERT 2 0930 Unit handed over area to the 46 Marine Cdo. Change over completed by mid-day without incident, with the exception of LOCK FORCE, who were relieved at last light. Unit moved to WEERT Bks: for a period of training. LOCK FORCE was relieved by 0130 hours 3 Feb: One deserter (Paratrooper) came over from the Island and was handed over to the Cdo:
WEERT 3   Maintenance, baths, and entertainment.
WEERT 4 1000 Bn Church Parade in the Barracks. Innoculations and baths.Training commenced by Coys including firing on the 30x range by 'A' and 'HQ' Coys. Entertainments.
WEERT 6/7   Companies training.
WEERT 8   Bn moved out of the Barracks to make room for the 6 AB Div: and billeted in the town over a wide area. This presented difficulties of administration and in training space.
WEERT 9   Bn settled in. Concentrated on administration.
WEERT 10   Morning spent on training. Football match arranged in the afternoon with the K.S.L.I., which the Bn won 2 - 0.
WEERT 11   Day of rest. Church service in the morning.
WEERT 12   Serious training commenced again. Representative of the Hereford Times staying with the Bn for seven days to collect material for articles on the Bn's acheivements so far.
WEERT 13/16   Normal training, administration and entertainment.
WEERT and TURNHOUT 17 0800 Bn leaves Weert for Thurnhout.
17 1300 Bn arrives in Thurnhout and is billeted in the Station area.Normal training continues for its future commitment in the battle for the Rhine.
TURNOUT 18/20   Normal training including inf/tank co-operation on a coy basis.
TURNOUT 21   The commanding officer resumes command of the Bn.
TURNOUT 22   Company training continues.
TURNOUT 23   Bn leaves Turnhout for area SE of CLEVE 9051, to take part in operation "Blockbuster"
SE of CLEVE 24 0200 Bn in position in concentration area.
24 2100 Division intention to break through the HOCHWALD line as Fourth phase of operation "Blockbuster" and to capture the high ground north of SONSBECK 0635. Operation to commence on the 26th. 4th Armd Bde (Scots Greys, 3/4 CLY and 44 RTR) u/c 11th Armd Div in place of 29th Armd Bde who are still refitting.
SE of CLEVE. 25   Bn remains in concentration area.
SE of CLEVE 26   Bn remains in concentration area.
SE of CLEVE 27 0430 Bn ready to move.
27 0800 Bn moves to forming up area 9744, preparatory to going through UDEM, (captured by Cdns last night) One 15cwt truck blown up on mines, one OR wounded.
27 1100 Fresh orders, as opposition is stronger than expected. The Bn with 3/4 CLY u/c will capture GOCHFORT feature 000400.Leading tanks encountered difficulty in crossing A/Tk dotch 982414 owing to gap in road, but at 1300 hrs the advance continued.4th Armd Bde moved across from 977412 to 988402 clearing south of this CL whilst we advanced to GOGHFORT feature. Very difficult going with many vehicles bogged, and combined with heavy enemy opposition, shellfire and mortar fire made the going operation slow.
27 1900 GOCHFORT feature captured with 'A' Coy at 998402, 'B' 988397, 'C' 995400, 'D' 996397, Bn HQ 993400. Very heavy enemy shelling during the night in the Bn area. PW's taken during the day:-One officer and 58 OR's from 84 Div, 2 and 8 Para Divs. (NB Several more PW's possibly 40 passed through other PW cages)
SE of UDEM 28 0001 3 Mons with 15/19th Hussars u/c pass through to capture BRIDGE xxxxx at 004393 and form bridgehead.
28   0400 hrs., 'B' and 'A' Coys relieved by two Coys of the R Winnipeg Rifles
28 0430 Bn prepared to move forward through the 3 Mons. The latter, however are held up and eventually we received orders for a night attack to commence at 1955 hrs.
28 1955 Bn now with 15/19th Hussars u/c in place of 3/4 CLY advanced through Mons bridgehead and reached 02 Easting. SP's and 88mm's plus heavy small arms fire including panzerfausts prevented any further advance towards the enemy dug defences. Bn consolidated 'D'017387, 'C'019384, 'A'018382, 'B'014380, Mor and MMG Pl vehicles only could pass over bridge as only fascines had been laid. The CO commanded from a tank, and only his carrier accompanied him, forming tactical Cmd Post forward. Remainder of Cmd Post remained in old location, for collection of PW's.Cas: to the unit for the two days (27th and 28th) were as follows:-
28   Feb: 27th. Killed: Offrs NIL OR's 11
Wounded: " 4 " 40
Feb: 28th. Killed: " NIL " NIL
Killed: " NIL " 12
28   Turner Cain Lt. Col.Commanding Officer.1st Bn. The Herefordshire Regiment.

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Source: 11th Armoured Division.

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