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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 1st Bn The Herefordshire Regt.
Month and Year: March 1945 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. G.R. Turner Cain.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
ESE of KERVENHEIM 1 0645 0140 Bridge completed at 004393 enabling the remainder of tks (which had been prevented from crossing as the fascines had collapsed) and necessary wheeled vehicles to join their sub-units. Hy NBW fire and shelling experienced throughout the whole area during the day. Bn holds firm the ground which had been gained.
1 1500 Bn HQ moved to House 011389, where less shelling was experiencedCasualties for the 24 hours ending 1800 hrs Officers 2 wounded OR's 5 Killed 44 Wounded.
E of KERVENHEIM 2 1000 B' Coy with one tp of 15/19 Hussars attempted to break the enemy dug defences at 027378. Right fwd pl eventually reached a point within 150x of the objective, where they suffered heavy cas: through intense mortar and MMG fire. The enemy allowed them to cross 200x of open country before bringing fire to bear thus making evacuation of wounded and the remainder of the pl extremely difficult. Advance by the pl was impossible under the withering fire, so the Coy Cmd decided to consolidate with two pls at 025382, and 024381, with the remnants of the third at 026397. Three attempts were made to extricate the latter without success, and this was finally achieved during the first hour of darkness. Coy experienced intense and accurate Mortar and shell fire and also sniping during the day. 'A', 'C' and 'D' Coys remainded in previous location.
2 2000 A' Coy assaulted the same objective passing through 'B'. First attempt uncessful, but later left flanking attack was sucessful, and the posn gained. 'A' Coy took 5 POW. The Coy consolidated in area 027378.
2 2300 C' advanced through 'A' with one tp 15/19 Hussars u/c and sucessfully reached the east side of the defence line at 032373 against little opposition. Cas up to 2300 hrs: Officers wounded 1 OR's Killed 7, Wounded 18. 53 reinforcements arrived at 'A' Ech.
ESE of KERVENHEIM 3 0200 B' and 'D' Coys both having suffered cas: and 'B' having no officers and with only one Sergt left formed a composite Coy under OC 'D' Coy, to effect this 'B' returned to 'B' posn at 016387.
3 0800 C' subjected to very heavy mortar and shell fire but being well dug in suffered no cas: Bn maintained positions gained and awaited developements in 3 Cdn Div sector. Cas: OR's Killed 1, Wounded 5.
" 4   Day much quieter and enemy believed to be withdrawing his artillery. 3 Cdn Div continued to clear wooded area North of SONSBECK.Bn remained in same location. 15 Reinforcemetns posted to Bn.
" 5 0930 Bn HQ moved to 026365 and 'D' Coy to area X rds 027367, 'S' in area of BN HQ.
5 1600 3 MONS cleared earthworks and reached rd junc 052361, where they halted and allowed 3 Cdn Div to attack SONSBECK from the north.This objective captured and there the Hereford Gp was pushed out.28 Reinforcements posted to the Bn.
E of KERVENHEIM 6,7,8 0006 Bn remained in same location with the exception of 'D' Coy who moved to Fm 018359 where shelted was provided for all men.(March 8. One Offr posted as reinforcement to the Bn)
" 9 1045 Bn moved to HAACHT MR 826688 Sht 1:100,000 8 Belgium, for rest and refit.
9 2300 Bn Arrived at HAACHT.
HAACHT 10-11   Bn resting and interior reorganisation carried out. 'B' and 'D' Coys seperated to form once more two coys.
" 12   Brig: J.B.Churcher DSO. adressed the Bn giving an account of the last battle.
" 13   Training commenced at Coy level, stress being given to reiforcements and moulding together of sub-units.
" 14   Normal inf: trg:
" 15   Normal inf; Trg: Bde Band played the Retreat at 1730 hrs in the village square.
" 16   Normal Inf. Trg.
" 17 1100 RSM's Parade with Bde Band. Inspection of all tpt by ASM.
" 18   Bn Church Parade with Bde Band in attendance. After Church the Bn marched past, the Brigadier taking the salute.
" 19,20,21   Coys in turn practiced Fd Firing exercises at BOURG LEOPOLD Trg Area.
" 22,23   Coys in turn practiced Inf-Tk co-operation exercises, with 2F&F Yeo: (29th Armd Bde having come u/c 11 Armd Div)
" 24 - 27   Normal inf trg:
" 28   11 Armd Div moved from Belgium to cross the RHINE to a concentration area NE of WESEL, Bn moved at 0740 hrs and arrived in new location MR 2341 (Q1) at 2000 hrs.
NE of WESEL 29   Bn moved from concentration area west of EARLE (Q1)
W of EARLE 30 0740 Bn moved from concentration aera on route to OTTTERWICK 6380 (Pl) and OSNABRUCK 2106 (N2)
30 2300 Bn with 2 F&F Yeo u/c arrived at LEGDEN 5682 (Pl) No enemy encountered all day.
LEGDEN 31 0730 Bn moves. 23 Hussars forward on Div CL.
31 1100 Bn Gp to make firm base in the area HALTERN 6791 (Pl), and LEER 6991 (Pl), 15 Pz Gr: reported by Tac R, to be moving towards us during the night. 42 POW captured, all of varying identifications.
31   Turner Cain Lt. Col.Commanding Officer.1st Bn. The Herefordshire Regiment.

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Source: 11th Armoured Division.

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