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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 102 (Northumberland Hussars) Anti-Tank Regt RA
Month and Year: August 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. A.K. Matthews DSO RA
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
22   […] RHQ moved to area 516472.
22   Heavy rain at night. 73 A Tk Regt HQ moved into area 5047.
22   2200 hrs. C.O. sent for rep from 73 A Tk Regt. Adjt arrived and C.O. told him.
22   99 Bty with 69 Bde Gp.
22   288 Bty with 231 Bde Gp move to area 519462.
22   107 Sty with 151 Bde Gp area CHAMBOIS or later called the “CHAMBOIS Shambles”.
22   289 Bty were sent back for by C.O. during the afternoon and came up and deployed covering left flank between 69 Bde and 231 Bde, from rd junc 5748 to cross-roads 6148 both incl.
23   RHQ move West of L'AIGLE to MR 762446.
23   Wet afternoon - very wet night.
23   107 Bty with 151 Bde move through CHAMBOIS via GACE, L'AIGLE, to area of BOURTH.
23   288 Bty with 231 Bde move to area 523463.
23   231 Bde clear Forest de EVROULT. 20 PW taken.
23   1930 hrs. 231 Bde with 288 Bty move on again.
24   RHQ move to LA JARRIERE 9040.
24   Conference re crossing of the SEINE.
24   231 Bde with 288 Bty in sp arrive area 892410.
25   Warning order to move to take over MANTES Bridgehead but on CRA’s return from Bridgehead it was all cancelled and we were told we were now going to VERNON Bridgehead, probably tomorrow.
26   0700 hrs. RHQ move forward to AIGEVILLE area MR 3964 where we leaguered in a bit of American territory. We got away with it.
26   107 Bty with 151 Bde in area 434657. 288 Bty with 231 Bde in area 892410.
27   99, 107 and 288 Btys caught up.
27   288 Bty with 231 Bde area 390687. 99 Bty with 69 Bde. 107 Bty with 151 Bde, arrived on their own, after 151 Bde who came themselves the previous day.
28   107 Bty no move. 288 Bty no move.
29   Informed that 30 Corps consisting of Guards Armd, 11 Armd, 8 Armd Bde and 50 Div with 1 US Army on right and 12 Corps on left would push on over the SEINE as fast as possible. After much order, counter-order and moisture the river SEINE was crossed by Saul Bridge (other bridges David and Goliath) and RHQ arrived at MR 476738. Starting at 2000 hrs arriving after midnight. 288 Bty no move.
30   Four Btys 73 A Tk Regt came under comd O.C. Northumberland Hussars and relieve 107 Bty with 151 Bde, taking over the protection of the left flank of the Corps.
30   107 Bty come under direct control of C.O. and move in protective role to Div HQ.
30   288 Bty crossed River SEINE and concentrated in area 6484.
31   RHQ moved to near CHAUTOISEAU MR 8398.
31   231 Bde with 288 Bty in sp move to area 8195 and concentrate.

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Source: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.