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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 23 (BR) Field Dressing Station
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Major J.B. Rees Roluds
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
OIRSCHOT 1   Remaining behind to discharge patients, division having already moved over to DEURNE sector. 15 patients ([] sick).
2 1000 Reconnaissance of HELMOND.
3   All patients discharged.
HELMOND 4 0900 Moved to Technical School HELMOND & continued to admit minor sick.
HELMOND 5   Total capacity for 150 minor sick on first floor of school. Ground floor rooms full of heavy machinery. 1600 hrs visit by ADMS.
6   35 cases held.
7   50 cases held. 1600 hrs visit by ADMS.
8   Minor Sick.
9   Minor Sick. Visit by ADMS 1600 hrs. 80 cases held.
10   More furtniture & [] removed from school to make extra accomodation.
11   102 patients held six wards of twenty beds each two officer wards.
HELMOND 11 1600 Visit by Divisional Commander to see unit and patients. The General suggested that beds, if available, should be borrowed locally for the patients.
12   Weather rain.
13   Instructions received for formation of 538 Mobile Dental Unit.
14   Minor Sick. 110 patients held.
15 1500 CO's conference at ADMS office.
16   121 patients held. Rain.
17   122 patients held.
18   120 patients held.
19   100 hospital beds and bedside lockers obtained from St. Annagesticht Asylum, VENRAY permission having been obtained from owners.
20   109 cases held.
21 1600 Visit by ADMS.
22 1200 Visit by DDMS 8 Corps.
23   89 patients held.
HELMOND 24   102 patients held.
25 1430 Church service for patients and unit.
25 1450 Visit by Maj. General Black[...] (Inspectants of Manpower) to see FDS functioning in 'Minor Sick' role. DDMS 8 Corps also present.
25 1900 Accidental fire at 46 Inf Bde WK/shops in HELMOND. Ambulance & first aid squad attended no casualties.
26   98 patients held.
27   85 patients.
28   92 patients held.
29 1200 Visit by DADMS (pers) 21 A.Gp. & DADMS 2nd Army. ADMS attended. No personnel questions raised.
30   Reconnaissance of Technical School made by 34 CCS with a view to taking of over in the near future.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com.

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