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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards
Month and Year: September 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. J.E. Swetenham
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
In the Field 1   Continued the adv via LIGNIRENS – CHATELAIN 7747 as far as CAMPS L'AMIENOIS 8657 (28 miles). 'B' Sqn pushed NORTH to AIRIANCS 8567 with a view to recce the crossing of the R.SOMME. At 1400 hrs the regt was ordered to concentrate in the area NORTH of CAMPS L'AMIENOIS 8657 and wait for further orders. Refuelling and rest: at 2 hrs notice.
2   The adv continued, crossing the R.SOMME one mile WEST of AMIENS 1058. The regt gp being in res. Reached X-rds 1406 three miles SOUTH of ST. POL at 1945 hrs. The regt was then ordered to move round the EAST flank of ST. POL to cut the rd ST. POL – BRYAS 2215. This was acheived by 2315 hrs by 'B' Sqn. Enemy horse-drawn tpt shot up moving out of ST. POL.
3   In posn astride the rd with active patrolling. 70 prisoners taken. In the morning RHQ came under direct shellfire; one shell causing 14 casualties, Lieut. Sedgwick being killed. At 1500 hrs the adv continued direct on LILLE and the regt gp reached NOYELLES at 1700 hrs amid terrific reception from the civilian population. The line of the CANAL DE LA DASSEE was held and it was decided to force a crossing at the br 4625 between BETHUNE and LA BASSEE. 'C' Sqn got one tp over with one Coy 1 RB when the br gave way and had to be repaired. The situation remained like this overnight.
4   'C' Sqn managed to get a tp up to the high ground by the church but one tk was knocked out by a 88mm gun (Lieut. Dickson wounded). 'A' Sqn got two tps over in the early morning and by 1000 hrs we were comding the high ground with tps of 'A' and 'C' Sqns. A patrol from 'B' Sqn was sent to recce LA BASSEE and reported two 88 mm guns NORTH of the village firing SOUTH and SW. 131 Bde ordered to take over the brhd area and mop up the bdgs NORTH of the CANAL. The regt was pulled out of the Canal area at 1800 hrs and continued the adv on a new centre line via LENS direction GHENT. Crossed the Belgian frontier at 2115 hrs at TUFFLERS 8338 and spent the night at COYGHEM 9147.
In the Field 5   The adv continued along the line of the R. ESCOUT through OUDENARDE with the intention of cutting the EAST exits of GHENT. The br at WETTEREN 3075 was found to be slightly damaged but the regt gp was able to cross and acheived its object by 2100 hrs. 'A' Sqn cut the rd GHENT – LOKERAN 3785, 'B' Sqn cut the rd GHENT – OVERMEIRE 3478, 'C' Sqn in res. During the night the enemy put in an unsuccessful attack on 'B' Sqn and one Coy of the 1/6 Queens in an effort to break away to the EAST. 25 prisoners were taken.
6   A' and 'B' Sqns in the same posn. At 1000 hrs the br at WETTEREN was threatened by an enemy counter attack. The br itself at this time only being held by Sappers. 'C' Sqn was despatched at speed to bolster up the defence. They arrived just in time and fierce fighting took place along the street leading to the br NORTH of the river. Later a Coy of the 1/6 Queens were sent to clean up the area. It transpired that the attack was put in by two coys of inf and about 5 guns with orders that the br was to be taken and destroyed at all costs for the safety of the withdrawal of all the German force. By 1200 hrs the attack had been liquidated. A1 Ech who were just NORTH of the br and WEST of the main rd came into action in the ditch along the main rd and Bren guns fired to good effect preventing the enemy from breaking NE. During the action SSM Clayton's tk was “Brewed up” but he and his crew continued the assault on foot with Tommy Guns. SSM Clayton and Tpr Addyman were wounded. In the meantime 'A' Sqn and 'B' Sqn were patrolling WESTWARDS towards GHENT and by 1600 hrs 120 prisoners had been taken. At 2030 hrs 330 Germans and 3 Offrs surrendered to 'B' Sqn. 12 collaborators were also taken and disposed of. During all the operations this day over 900 prisoners were taken. A very successful day.
7   Orders received to clean up the area from present posns WEST converging on GHENT. 'A' Sqn on NORTH rd, 'C' Sqn Centre line, 'B' Sqn SOUTH rd. By 1200 hrs all Sqns had reached the line of the ESCOUT. At 1800 hrs 'C' were sent to the area of the br at WETTEREN where they were shelled for two hours during the night.
8   Patrolling and mopping up EAST of GHENT by 'A' Sqn (4 Offrs and 46 O.Rs. taken prisoner by these patrols). 'B' Sqn in area GONTRODE 2474 watching the SW approaches. 'C' Sqn at WETTEREN br. 1800 hrs regt ordered to move to Div res two miles SOUTH of WETTEREN for rest at MALLBROEK 2972.
9   Regt at MALLBROEK 2972. At 1900 hrs 'B' Sqn ordered to come under comd 1 RB in the area LOKERAN 3784.
10   Regt at the same area: 'B' Sqn at LOCKEREN 3784.
11   'B' Sqn relieved by 'C' Sqn at LOCKEREN.
12   Regt remained in the same area and at 1400 hrs 'C' Sqn was ordered to return from LOCKEREN to the regtl area. Captain J.H. Corckett and Lieut. Chevalier Charles de Selliers sent on recce to a new area on the Eastern outskirts of MALINES 7275. Regt to be ready to move into new area into Corps reserve at 0730 hrs 13.9.44. Lt. Col. J.E. Swetenham temporarily commanding 22 Armd Bde.
13   Regt moved to MALINES and remained their in Corps reserve at the SEMINARIUM ST. JOSEPH until 17.9.44. Refitting and rest during this period.
18   Regt put under comd 53 Inf Div and moved to MOLL 1790 with a view to operating NORTH of the MERSE CANAL.
19   One tp 'B' Sqn in sp of two motor platoons 'A' Coy, 1 RB, sent to the bridge at 2296 between MOLL and LOMMEL to prevent enemy from crossing the bridge and entering the houses SOUTH of it. Tp remained in posn for a tour of 24 hours duty.
20   Regt at MOLL 1690. 'B' Sqn tp at crossing replaced by another from 'B' Sqn.
21   'B' Sqn tp at crossing relieved by a third tp of 'B' Sqn which remained at the crossing until last light. Regtl gp moved at 1700 hrs to HOOGEIND 3417, crossing the frontier into HOLLAND at 1830 hours.
22   'B' Sqn in sp 1 RWF ordered to clear enemy from village of BLISTERVELD 3419. This operation was successfully carried out. Regt under comd 51 Div. Adv on MIDDEL-BEERS 2721 where considerable opposition was met. Regt spent night in area DONK 2817.
In the Field 23   HLI with regt in sp attacked MIDDEL-BEERS with a view to securing the crossing at 269223 but owing to fanatical resistance by SS troops were only able to clear as far NORTH as the X-rds 273218 by last light. Regt spent night in area MEERVEN 2818
24   At 0030 hrs regtl gp received orders to pull out from MIDDEL-BEERS 2721 and to cease to be under comd 51 Div. Regt under comd 15(S) Div and moved at first light via EINDHOVEN 4318 to BEST 3726. Crossed the canal at 289251 at 1800 hrs and spent the night area just NE of crossing 389253.
25   Regt received orders at 0200 hrs to move to the area NE of ST. OEDENRODE 4238 with the intention of clearing the 30 Corps centre line which had been out during the night 24/25.9.44. Moved at 0600 hrs and at 0800 hrs made contact with American Airborne tps one mile SW of ST. OEDENRODE 4238. Combined attack on the cut at 452346 by American Airborne and British tks from the NE and regtl SA fire which was being brought to bear on the road by isolated German snipers.
26   Centre line finally cleared of all obstackles at 1300 hrs and whole day spent endeavouring to clear the area NORTH of the rd by driving the enemy NORTH towards the rly line in sp of 131 Bde. During the days ops 'A' Sqn who were on the WEST flank met considerable opposition SOUTH of the rly and suffered casualties. By evening a firm line had been established facing the enemy who were in posn along the rly line. Centre line again in full use between ST. OEDENRODE 4232 and VEAGHEL 4837.
27   Regt released from under comd 131 Bde and moved at 1130 hrs to harbour area NE of VEAGHEL 4837 at 494377.
28   Regt moved to link up with 22 Armd Bde in area NISTELRODE 5047 and concentrated there at 0945 hrs in Bde reserve.
29   Regt in NISTELRODE area. No action.
30   'C' Sqn sent out to sp 11 H in the area 4350 and at 1430 hrs 'A' Coy, 1 RB, sent out to mop up same area with 'C' Sqn in sp. 31 PW taken.

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Source: Joris Nieuwint, The Battlefield Explorer, transcribing: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.