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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 15(S) Recce Regt.
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer:
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
B.L.A. 1   Locations : RHQ ZOMEREN (Holland Sh 26 NE 1/25,000, MR 598107)
'A'Sqn Concentrated for night OMMEL 6115
'C'Sqn HEUSDEN 6212
In the morning 'A' Sqn relieved 'B' Sqn in the NIEWWE PAROCHIE area, and took over the posn at the sch, on the bdy between 15 (S) Div and 7 US Armd Div. One tp held this posn and the remainder of the Sqn was available for patrolling if necessary. 'B' Sqn moved up to the area S of HEUSDEN and remained at rest the whole day. 'C' Sqn were to patrol down the LIESEL MEIJEL Axis in front of 46 Bde. During the day a call was made on 'A' Sqn for patrols who were to patrol in the area S of the HLI posn, one Tp of 'B' Sqn was put under comd 'A' Sqn to assist them in this patrolling. Patrolling was carried out in this area and in front of 44 Bde posns from WEST to EAST, that is towards LIESEL - MOOSDIJK rd. Generally infm was good; a number of mines and mined areas being discovered and enemy posns pin-pointed at a number of places. A posn of about pl strength discovered at Pt 283 (6507) yesterday, was again investigated prior to an attack by 2 A & SH. During the day the patrol of 'A' Sqn spotted a Panther and acted as OP while Med arty stonked it. A definite hit is not claimed but no further movement was seen from the tank. 'C' Sqn carried out their task in front of 46 Bde, pinpointing two 75mm guns and various inf posns. Mines were also discovered, mostly in the verges and on the tracks leading to the main rd. Later in the afternoon 'A' Sqn reported that their posn at the sch on the inter-allied bdy was engaged by some enemy NBWs and SP guns. A request to Div for arty sup was refused on the grounds that the enemy were over Div bdy. However, a rep was sent to contact the US fmn on our right who were very helpful and used their guns to good effect. At about 1800 hrs 227 Bde enquired if we were holding the posn in the woods S of the HLI (which we had held last night). As the Argylls had attacked during the day towards the pimple (Pt 283) it had not been considered necessary for the Regt to hold the wood posn, but as an insurance 'B' Sqn took over these posns in the dark.
2   RHQ static at same locn. 'A' Sqn continued patrolling in the area S of the HLI and 227 Bde and maintained their posn at the Sch. This was found to be very useful as a means of liaison between ourselves and the Americans. Generally the day was quiet except for intermittent shelling. 'A' Sqns patrols visited the pimple attacked by the Argylls yesterday and found no enemy in that area. 'C' Sqn patrolled on the axis LIESEL - MEIJEL and pin-pointed several more enemy posns S of MOOSDIJK. During the day Comd of this Bde wanted further patrols and it was necessary to put in 'B' Sqn who had been in reserve in the area of HEUSDEN.
3   RHQ static same locn. 'A' Sqn had a very quiet day, still holding their posn at the Sch and patrolling in the area of the pimple to ensure no enemy infiltrated. 'B' Sqn were ordered to patrol in front of 44 Bde during their adv towards MEIJEL. In point of fact very little progress was made as the Inf were virtually in contact before the adv started. However, we were able to flush several 75mm A.Tk guns which were on the E of the DEURNE Canal which could certainly not have been discovered unless B Sqn did this patrol. C Sqn patrolled along the main axis HEUSDEN - MEIJEL and discovered several minefields and one specially good foot patrol by Lt. ROYLE who discovered a crater and sent back accurate infm despite very hy enemy shelling. B Sqn were placed under comd 46 Bde for flank protection to the Div during the attack on MEIJEL, which is to take place tomorrow.
4   The Div attack was postponed for 24 hrs so B Sqn were not needed today. A and C Sqns both remained in their last locns and generally a very quiet and restful day.
5   B Sqn under comd 46 Bde, took up their posns as left flank protection in the area E of LIESEL, facing the canal. The Div attack fizzled out as the majority of tanks were bogged at the commencement of the attack. RHQ, A and C Sqns remained static in same locns.
6   A quiet day. B Sqn remained on left flank protection role under comd 46 Bde. The Regt to arrange our own reliefs of this Sqn in conjunction with 46 Bde. Regt relief plan is: 1 Sqn to be under 46 Bde comd for flank protection role; 1 Sqn in res in the area of HEUSDEN for any immediate tasks and 1 Sqn to rest in HELMOND. This is to take effect tomorrow 7 NOV. Regt harbour rep arranged accm in HELMOND.
7   C Sqn relieved B Sqn and came under comd 46 Bde in the bog area E of LIESEL. They had a very quiet day and had nothing to report. B Sqn moved to HELMOND and took over the rest area. A Sqn in reserve in the HEUSDEN area, but kept their commitments of a standing patrol at the Sch on the inter-allied bdy. RHQ static same locn.
8   A quiet day: all Sqns in same locns. During the afternoon A Sqn were relieved of their commitments of the Sch and RHQ moved into ZOMEREN itself (593116) to allow elements of 51 (H) Div to take over on our rt in the general area as occupied by 7 US Div.
9   A quiet day. A Sqn relieved C Sqn at 1100 hrs. C Sqn to rest in HELMOND. B Sqn into res at HEUSDEN. In the afternoon the Sch suddenly assumed importance in the minds of the staff and a tp was sent back there for the night.
10   A Sqn left flank protection under comd 46 Bde. C Sqn at rest in HELMOND. B Sqn in reserve at HEUSDEN, retaining post at the Sch. RHQ were static in same locn.
11   B Sqn relieved A Sqn and A Sqn moved to HELMOND. C Sqn to HEUSDEN.
12   B Sqn left flank protection of Div. During the night they reported an enemy patrol that approached their posn. This was fired at and withdrew. They had nothing else to report except a slight increase in shelling in their general area. Remainder of Regt no change.
13   B Sqn left flank protection. A, C and RHQ static in same locns. A warning order was received from Div that a Sqn might be needed for an unspecified role on the morning of the 15th.
14   C Sqn relieved B Sqn who moved to HELMOND. A Sqn to HEUSDEN. OC A Sqn attended Div O Gp for role tomorrow with 7 Seaforths.
15   C Sqn in the bog on left flank protection. B Sqn at rest in HELMOND. A Sqns task was cancelled almost as soon as the orders were given and they remained in Regt res at HEUSDEN.
16   Locns unchanged. Nothing to report.
17   A Sqn relieved C Sqn who moved to HELMOND.
18   A Sqn patrolled as ordered by 46 Bde and reached the canal banks at 707128 and made contact with small enemy outposts in that area. They had nothing further to report. During the time the Sqns were resting in HELMOND a small percentage was also sent from RHQ and HQ Sqn.
19   In view of pending ops C Sqn were recalled from HELMOND and ordered to harbour by dark in the MEIJEL area. One of their tps was to be ready to move in the morning under comd of B Sqn over the Canal de DEURNE. The whole of the MEIJEL area was very heavily mined and C Sqn lost two vehs whilst moving into a fwd post where they were to relieve the RSF to enable the Inf to be in posn to follow B Sqn in the morning. No personnel cas. A RHQ harbour rep recced MEIJEL for a likely area for RHQ to move up to. A Sqn patrolled to the canal again for 46 Bde to confirm if possible whether the enemy had moved back from the canal to HELENAVEEN. A Sqn patrol did not make contact with the enemy. Plan for 20 NOV: 227 Bde are to cross the Canal and move up to BERINGEN. 49 Recce holding BERINGEN for the night. Regt task: B Sqn with under comd one tp C Sqn to patrol up the main BERINGEN - SEVENUM axis under 227 Bde, also to patrol northwards towards HELENAVEEN. C Sqn to move over the Canal as soon as practicable after B Sqn and harbour as a Regt res in the BERINGEN area. A Sqn to precede 46 Bde when the necessary bridging has been made and HELENAVEEN cleared.
20   RHQ moved to MEIJEL (709075) and A Ech and HQ Sqn moved to HEITRACK (694108). B Sqn moved over the Canal at first light, and reached the outskirts of HELENAVEEN by midday. They made several small contacts in the woods S of this village but the mines and bad going made movement difficult. In the centre they recced up the main Div axis which was in fact a track across peat. They made best progress possible under very difficult going conditions discovering much valuable infm regarding mines and craters etc., on the route, and also pin-pointing several enemy posns on the centre line and also on the rt flank. By last light the Sqn was half way to SEVENUM and the Inf of 227 Bde moved up and took over from them. The Sqn then drew to the BERINGEN area. C Sqn had moved over the canal as ordered and remained in res all day. B Sqn to be relieved by C Sqn in the morning. On A Sqns front 46 Bde made very slow progress because of bad going and A Sqn did not move at all remaining in the LIESEL area.
21   C Sqn moved out on the main axis at first light and during a day of very good patrolling obtained excellent infm despite the very bad weather and fearful going. By night they had reached BROEK (8011) on the outskirts of VOORSTE STEEG. They made contact in BROEK with SP guns and in the general area they found a fair number of mines. The bridge on the outskirts of VOORSTE STEEG was found to be blown. The proposed Div axis (SKYE route) was fast becoming a quagmire. A Sqn got over the canal at HELENAVEEN at midday and obtained much useful infm regarding the approaches to SEVENUM from the WEST. They encountered one A.Tk gun but again their main difficulties were mines and the bad going on the tracks. This Sqn was withdrawn by 46 Bde to their old area of LIESEL for the night. C Sqn were ordered to remain in the area of BROEK in the open for the night as the rds were so bad that it was not practicable to return to BERINGEN. The main infm of the day was of only slight resistance but mines, craters, and mud in plenty.
22   A Sqn less one tp reverted to comd of the Regt. The one tp did patrols in the area of AMERIKA on the line of the VENLO - HELMOND rly for 46 Bde. Remainder of the Sqn remained at LIESEL. B Sqn remained as Regt res at BERINGEN. RHQ moved over the canal and HQ were established BERINGEN (754058) C Sqn. This was a grand day for this Sqn. By 1000 hrs they were in SEVENUM and reported the town clear apart from demolitions (the Church steeple blown across the rd) and general mining of all the exits from the town towards the R. MAAS. By midday they had reached the rly crossing N of the town at 819157 and reported craters and slight enemy opposition from the area of the rly stn. This was successfully dealt with. At 1200 hrs Div ordered a patrol to investigate HORST (8318) and HEGELSOM. By 1600 hrs the Sqn had completed this and reported both towns clear. A grand day by C Sqn of quick adv, but of mines, demolitions and again, only slight enemy opposition. Nine weasels had been obtained before this op started which we found invaluable for supplying the Sqns. By nightfall today all the Inf were trying to borrow these from us.
23   The Regt was given four priority tasks for today by the GOC which were to be carried out by C Sqn. First, to report on the village of KASTENRAIJ. Secondly, TEN RAIJ. Thirdly, BROCK, and fourthly the Woods just S of BROCK. Despite very hy mining especially on the northern exits of HORST, and demolitions and rd blocks, C Sqn reported the first priority, KASTENRAIJ, clear by 1215 hrs. This enabled the inf of the 3 Div to march down the rd and occupy this village. The third and fourth priorities of BROCK and the woods to the south, were reported clear by 1100 hrs, and on the second priority TENRAIJ they made contact at 1500 hrs with MGs dug-in along the line of the rly. This patrol carried out foot recce about 500 yards from the village itself and reported all that was necessary to Div by 1500 hrs, namely that the village was held; and reported the pinpoints of several enemy posns. Another very good day by C Sqn, who had obtained a vast amount of extraordinarily accurate infm, especially regarding mines, craters, rd blocks, and demolitions.
24   C Sqn were again ordered to patrol to TENRAIJ and to confirm that the enemy was still there. Patrols progressed well despite hy mining and demolitions and without any assistance from sappers or of scissors tk-br, both of which were requested. They made contact about 1,500 yds from TENRAIJ itself which disclosed that the enemy had seeped fwd standing patrols about 1,000 yds during the night. By 1400 hrs the Corps Comd told the Regt that C Sqn patrols could withdraw as they had got all the infm he desired. Patrols withdrew having done another very good job.
25   RHQ moved up to VOORST STEEG (805128) and HQ established there. This was a day of local patrolling by C Sqn mostly on behalf of the inf who had not the experience to really patrol on their own behalf. Our own inf took over in TENRAIJ and the towns of HORST and SEVENUM pushing up behind C Sqn along the line of the rly running into BLERICK. The MAAS pocket has shrunk considerably during the last few days largely due to C Sqn who have done terrific work and is now only a small strip along the river bank with pockets in the riverside villages and in the town of BLERICK which is the western suburb of VENLO. During the day the remainder of the Regt moved up, A Sqn to HORST and B Sqn to ULFERHOEK (825153). Plan for tomorrow. C Sqn in front of 227 Bde to recce the villages of WANSSUM - BLITTERWIJK - BROEK HUIZENVORST, and A Sqn in front of 46 Bde to make a firm base N of GRUBBENVORST and patrol N to BROEKHUIZEL, and flush the hun N so as to leave 49 Div clear to deal with BLERICK.
26   By 1030 hrs C Sqn has reached all three of their objectives and had reported all the infm necessary. A Sqn recced out in front of 46 Bde and by midday the MAAS pocket on our front was only a very narrow strip which consisted of a few strongpoints along the river bank. The Div Inf moved up and took over from the Sqns ready to finish the Hun off during the course of the next day. The Sqns returned to their harbour areas for the night. 49 Div closed in preparatory for their attack on BLERICK.
27   The Regt had no op role today. C Sqn started a much and well deserved rest. Locns. RHQ - VOORST STEEG, A Sqn - HORST, B Sqn - ULFERHOEK, C Sqn - HORST.
28   No change from yesterday.
29   There was regrouping on a Corps level; 15 Div to deal with BLERICK and NOT 49 Div. The Regt was given commitment of one Sqn who were to act as left flank protection to the attack on BLERICK and to dominate the W bank of the MAAS by observation. The Sqn area was S of GRUBBENVORST with posns along the wood (8193) and the rly line running N from VENLO. B Sqn took over this commitment and were in posn by the early afternoon. Sqn HQ was established at 869124. RHQ, A and C Sqns remained in same locns.
30   RHQ, C and A Sqns in same locns. B Sqn in posn S of GRUBBENVORST. They had nothing to report during today except occasional arty NBW fire.

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.