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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 8th Bn. The Rifle Brigade
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. J.A. Hunter.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
DE RIPS 1-4   This period was spent in a semi-operational role at DE RIPS, companies being harboured with their respective Sqns of 23 H. Two platoons were employed each night on standing patrols along the line of the canal from 6829 to 6824. On the other side were the 47 Trng Regiment upon whom a number of casualties were inflicted by our standing patrols. See Appx A.
10   Lieut. A.H. Ball KRRC joined the Bn and went to H. Coy.
12   Lieuts. W.P.G. Clark, B. Keitley-Webb and G.V. Ryan joined the Bn from 9 R.B. and were posted to F. G. & H. Coys respectively.
14   Party of one officer & 15 OR's went to BRUSSELS for short rest period.
15   Active patrolling by H. Coy revealed that 47 Trng Regt had withdrawn from the line of the canal. In consequence H. Coy crossed the canal in the late afternoon and in pouring rain formed a bridgehead on the other side. More mines were encountered at this period that at any other time since our landing in France. Cas: 2 OR's wounded.
16   23 H. group crossed the canal and advanced East. At the same time 3 British Div. advanced from Overloon towards Venray. During the day the main opposition came from mines and mud.
MEERSELD 16   Lieuts. F. Mason, G. Leslie-Melville and T. Swannick joined the Bn from 9 R.B., Lieut. Mason going to F. Coy and the other two to H. Company.
Major J. Holdsworth M.C. who had been attached to the Bn. for 5 weeks left to join 2 KRRC as Coy Comd. During his stay he was employed in many capacities and had proved a most verrsatile officer.
17   Considerable opposition encountered in particular by H. Coy. in the marshy area 7462.
Casualties: Lt. G.V. Ryan killed. Capt Straker wounded (for the third time) and Lt. T. Whitaker wounded, 3 OR's killed. 12 wouned & 1 missing.
HEIDE 18   After the heavy fighting on the previous day, opposition slackened and faster progress was made. By last light the leading Coy/Sqn group had reached HEIDE 7725. During the day 250 prisoners were taken.
Casualties. Major D.F. Cunliffe M.C. wounded. 1 OR missing.
LEUNEN 19   Advance to LEUNEN which was reached in the morning without opposition. G and F Coys occupied LEUNEN with H. Coy to the South, F. Coy later moving to the area of SCHEI 7723.
Casualties: 2 OR's killed, 2 wounded.
20-24   Continious periods of shelling and mortaring on to the village of LEUNEN. Enemy patrols active at night. 2 OR's wounded.
20   Capt. H. Stringer KRRC 2 i/c of E Company killed by a mine. 2 OR's wounded.
21   Lieut. J.C. Dancy, who had filled the post of I.O. for 2 years posted to HQ 2nd Army as I.O. Cas: 1 OR killed. 1 OR wounded.
YSSELSTEYN 25   The Bn, on being relieved by 3 Mons, went into Div reserve in the area of YSSELSTEYN 7222, and came under command 159 Bde. Enemy patrols again active. Two platoons were employed each night on standing patrols. Appx B.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com.

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