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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 193 Field Ambulance R.A.M.C.
Month and Year: June 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: F.W.A. Warren
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
Preston. BRIGHTON 1   Conference at 23 F.D.S. ALL Officers attended. Weather sunny but cold.
2, 3, 4   Weather still cold. Nil to report.
5   Cloth Model demonstration on 'Street Clearing' at 9 Bn Cameronians. 2i/c and One Officer attended.
6   Weather sunny and mild with light breeze.
7-8   Weather fair but dull, light rain evening of 8th. Nil to report.
9   Advance Party (2 Officers 3 Other Ranks) left Unit to proceed to Marshalling Area.
10   Weather warm with sunny spells.
11   Nil to report.
12   Paid out personnel in French currency. Vehicle Party briefed.
13   Vehicle Party (120) moved from Brighton 0500 hours. Alert sounded no enemy action observed. Arrived Marshalling Area - Wanstead 1230 hrs.
14   Vehicle Party in Marshalling Area under canvas. Marching Party left Brighton 1500 hours arrived Haywards Heath (J.9) 1530 hours.
Wanstead 15   Left Marshalling Area (Vehicle Party), 1430 hours, proceeded by bus to Victoria Docks, boarded 'Empire of Rhodes'. Sailed at 2200 hours, Air Raid commenced, heavy A.A. Fire, no damage sustained, but ship put in to King Edward Dock. Marching Party still in Haywards Heath.
16   Raids continued. Enemy Pilotless Planes bombed dock about 0645 hours and at intervals until 1115 hours. One very 'near miss' destroyed shed on wharf, damaged vehicles on deck of ship, also damaged part of ship and believed to have shifted cargo. Slight casualties in personnel sustained, none of serious nature. Ship towed to opposite side of dock and damaged vehicles off loaded. One ambulance completely replaced by V.R.D. Ship lay to, rest of convoy proceeded.
17   Marching Party left J.9., 0730 hours, arrived Newhaven 0900 hours, embarked on L.C.I. (large) 178, 1000 hours, sailed 1800 hours. Vehicle Party slight air attack about 0130 hours, ship sailed at 1230 hrs, hove to off Southend approx 1700 hours. Weather windy, river choppy. Sailed approx 1800 hours in convoy.
18   Passed through Straits of Dover about 0200 hours, no enemy action observed. Fine sunny day, sea calm, very smooth sailing weather no one sick, no enemy interference. Anchored off Beach Head, Mike Red Beach, approx 2130 hours, L.C.T. (4) came along side and proceeded to remove vehicles on deck. Decided to complete unloading in morning. Danger signal from shore. Destroyers laid smoke screen. Marching Party arrived 0900 hours Mike Red Beach. Marched to concentration area Le Manoir, arrived 1600 hours. Move completed without incident.
19 0030 Raids by single enemy planes, ships, including own ship opened fire, no enemy action observed. 0500 hours, C.O. and Capt. Compston left with 2 vehicles as Advance Party. Sea very rough, strong wind, impossible to unload.
19 1400 Steady rain, sea still rough, no more cargo unloaded. Now on ship 4 days. Warships firing periodically. 1800 hrs Pilotless Plane passed overhead very fast in direction of Beachhead. Same type as at Docks, orange flame seen clearly at tail. 'Empire of Rhodes' gunners opened fire, no other guns fired, no explosions seen or heard, sea appears rougher.
Off Shore 20   Raids by enemy aircraft during early morning, bombs dropped but no damage observed. 0900 hrs sea still as rough, several personnel including crew sick. No attempt so far to continue off loading, wind still strong, slight rain, very cloudy all day. Cruisers opened fire at objectives on land. One shell seen landing bay appeared to be fired from shore.
21   Enemy aircraft raided off shore early morning, guns opened fire, no action observed, sea still rough. No sign of change, weather dull and cloudy.
22   Sea still rough, getting calmer, warm day. Allied fighters and bombers in strong numbers seen proceeding in Le Havre direction. Landing Barges came along side 2230 hours, starting to unload with the intention of having all unloaded by 0800 hours 23rd, but still heavy swell on sea. While unloading in operation shells and bombs landed very near ship. Unloading abandoned, raids continue during night. Shells or bombs landed very near ship, heavy A.A. opened fire, no damage sustained or seen.
23   Landing Barges came alongside 0500 hrs and unloaded vehicles. Beaching began at 1145 hours. Route Courseulles sur Mer-ReviersCreully-St Gabriele. All vehicles arrived at Le Manoir by evening where Unit was located, joined Marching Party.
NORMANDY 24   Sunny bright day. Reloaded lorries, completed de-waterproofing. Moved off to new concentration area 2000 hours. Arrived Secqueville en Bessin 2230 hrs.
25 0130 Heavy Artillery Barrage all night. Warm sunny weather. Spasmodic arty fire somewhere in front of location, no shells overhead. 'A' Coy moved to 227 Inf Bde Concentration Area in support (See Appdx 1).
26   A.D.S. opened in Battle Area Putot en Bessin in conjunction with 22 F.D.S. Very heavy Artillery barrage overhead towards enemy. 'B' Coy opened C.C.P. (3 sections) at Les Saullets which was visited by D.D.M.S. 8 Corps in the forenoon. C.C.P. mortared, direct hit approx 1130 hours, 9 casualties to our own Field Ambulance personnel. Evacuated to A.D.S. A.D.S. received 126 casualties up to 1800 hours.
Putot en Bessin 27 0400 C.C.P. now received to date 221 casualties. Visit by D.D.M.S. 8 Corps 0700 hours. Instructed to return to H.Q. on relief
27   'B' Coy closed C.C.P. and rejoined H.Q. 1100 hours. Total casualties received and dealt with at combined A.D.S. and F.D.S. up to 0600 hours - 427. All resuscitation was done in F.D.S. where a team from 31 F.T.U. was also working. H.Q. & 'B' Coy moved off in Unit convoy on relief to M.R. 912680. A.D.S. established, 'B' Coy taking over 'Walking Wounded' Post. 'B' Coy instructed at 2130 hours to relieve 'A' Coy at Colleville. A.D.S. shelled periodically. From 0600 hours to 1800 23 patients evacuated.
28   A.D.S. closed at above location on relief by 194 Field Ambulance RAMC, moved to Les Saullets at 2400 hours. Closed.
29   Opened up A.D.S. at Les Saullets. 'A' Coy establishing W.W.P. 'B' Coy moved out under fire to rejoin
30   A' Coy moved at 0500 hours to Colleville, opened 1400 hours with Light Section of 179 Field Ambulance. Shelled and mortared in vicinity of C.C.P. A.D.S. still open. Total number of casualties evacuated from commencement of Battle from 26th June to 2400 30th June 600.

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.