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Instructions regarding War Diaries and Intelligence Summaries are contained in F.S. Regs., Vol. 1. and the Staff Manual respectively Title pages will be prepared in manuscript.

Army Form C.2118
Unit: 193 Field Ambulance R.A.M.C.
Month and Year: July 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. F.W.A. Warren
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
B.L.A. 1   Unit move 12.00 hrs to Rest Site BRONAY 891720. Occasional spasmodic shelling.
2   Unit resting. Checking & cleaning equipment and personal kit. C.R.S. and M.I. Room opened.
3-6   Unit resting.
7   Weather showery. Fine during evening. Shortly after 21.00 hrs heavy raid by R.A.F. was seen North of CAEN. Much smoke and fires followed the raid. During the night enemy aircraft were heard flying low over the camp area and a number of bombs were dropped within a mile radius. One landed in Field north of camp.
8   Weather unsettled. Impromptu Concert in C.R.S. tent. A.D.M.S. visited camp 21.00 hrs.
B.L.A. 9   Slight enemy air activity at 0230 hrs. No bombs fell in vicinity of camp. Major Russell and Lieut. Davies evacuated to 77 Gen. Hospital. O.C. attended conferences at A.D.M.S. 09.00 hrs and 14.00 hrs and Bde 'O' Group 16.00 hrs. Conference for Bde R.M.Os held by O.C. at 1800 hrs. Two Ambulance Cars dispatched to each Bn at 2000 hrs. C.R.S. closed.
10   Bde HQ pulled out at 0345 hrs followed by "B" Coy 193 Field Ambulance under command of Major Crawford with Capt. Crean. Company ADS set up west of VERSON 962658 at 1100 hrs. One S.B. squad sent to each Bn. Casualties 6 Offrs and 103 ORs. Lieut. Holden joined this unit from 181 RHU. Capt. Giles posted to 2 Glasgow Hdrs.
11   O.C. visited Div HQ at 1500 hrs. Capt. Keith met S/Capt 46 Bde and received new Bde area. Field Amb less "B" Coy moved to area south of SECQUEVILLE 911735. In new location by 2130 hrs. Casualties passed through "B" Coy ADS Offrs 11 ORs 258.
12   "B" Coy relieved by Fd Amb of 2 Cdn Div. Joined parent unit at 1015 hrs. Casualties ORs 19. Unit resting. Slight enemy air activity at dusk and during night. O.C. received letter from O.C. 9 Cameronians recommending Dvrs. Jones CG and Grimwade for mention or decoration for devotion to duty under enemy fire.
B.L.A. 13   Capt. McCardel & CSM Whait went with Bde reps to recce Bde FAA in MOUEN area at 14.30 hrs.
14   Some enemy air activity at midday. During afternoon 1430 hrs 'A' Coy Harbour party under Lieut. Denton proceeded to MOUEN area and harboured in area 932652. Our own guns very active. Fair amount of return fire from enemy. One shell landed in location slightly injuring Dvr. Bird N.
15   C.O. attended Div conference at 0930 hrs and Bde conference at 11.30 hrs. Fd Amb moved to Bretteville L'Orgueilleuse 918727 at 1315 hrs. Remainder of 'A' Coy joined harbour party at 932652 MOUEN at 2130 hrs. Fair amount of enemy shelling during the night.
B.L.A. 16   Unit moved to 913674 ST MAUVIEU together with 23 Lt Fd Amb at 1245 hrs. ADS opened at 2000 hrs. Casualties evacuated 1 Offr 9 ORs. Spasmodic shelling during day. C.O. visited 'A' Coy at 2300 hrs. Air attack in this area at 2300 hrs. Bombs dropped close by. Very heavy barrage from our own guns started at 2330 hrs.
17   Between 0200 and 0300 hrs fairly heavy enemy shelling in vicinity of camp. Shells exploded in and around camp area. Two MAC drivers slightly injured. ADS receiving casualties from 0800 to 1300 hrs. Camp visited by DDMS 12 Corps. Major Russell & Lieut. Davies returned to unit. At 1900 hrs Capt. Gaman went forward with 1 section 'B' Coy as temporary reinforcement to CCP 194 Fd Amb. Fairly heavy enemy air attack at 2330 to 2400 hrs. No bombs in camp area. ADS closed at 2400 hrs. Casualties evacuated 173. 'A' Coy moved to South of COLLVILLE and CCP opened at 15.00 hrs. Slight enemy Artillery activity during day. Sharp air attack between 2300 hrs and midnight. Two bombs landed in Coy area. No casualties in Coy.
B.L.A. 18   Weather fine. At first light large fleet of Allied heavy bombers was seen attacking targets in CAEN area. Fd Amb less 'A' Coy moved to Div Med Area 916737 at 0800 hrs. About 12 shells from enemy landed in 'A' Coy camp area during the afternoon. No enemy air activity at night. Area shelled continuously from 1100 to 0400 hrs - 19 July. No casualties or damage in Coy.
19   Unit resting. C.O. visited 'A' Coy CCP. Slight enemy artillery activity.
20   Unit resting. 'A' Coy rejoined unit at 1645 hrs.
21-22   Unit resting.
23   C.O. proceeded to recce new area 6/F2 709691. Fd Amb less 'B' Coy moved to new location 1715 hrs with 22 FDS. 'B' Coy under command 46 Bde moved at 1400 hrs to ST PAUL DE VERNAY 742703.
24   Unit in reserve. ME 109 fighter was shot down by LAA fire one field from camp area.
25   Nothing to report.
26   Unit visited by DDMS 30 Corps. Lieut. Holden joined 9 Cams and relieved Capt. Gibb. 'B' Coy under Command 46 Bde moved to location LA NALBUMIERE 694628.
27   Lieut. Denton proceeded to 6 RSF to relieve Capt. Orr. 'B' Coy CCP established.
29   C.O. attended Div conferences 0900 & 2000 hrs. Unit moved in tactical blocks to operational site 703652. Move completed by 0145 hrs 30 July. 'B' Coy moved to LE MENUIT 724638.
30   ADS opened at 1100 hrs. Casualties evacuated Offrs 7 ORs 177 POW 30. Lieut Holden returned from 6 KOSB. 'A' Coy moved forward during night to open CCP, casualties evacuated Offrs 5 ORs 114 POW 20. 'B' Coy moved to AUBIGNY 694564 and established CCP at 2300 hrs, casualties evacuated 51. At 2130 hrs Lieut Davies went forward to contact RAPs and did not return.
31   'A' Coy rejoined ADS at 0500 hrs. Casualties evacuated Offrs 11, ORs 137 POW 14. 'B' Coy moved to 682524. Lieut Copp joined in place of Lieut Davies who is presumed POW.

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.