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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 193 Field Ambulance R.A.M.C.
Month and Year: August 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. F.W.A. Warren
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
B.L.A. 1   ADS opened for local casualties. Fair amount of enemy air activity during night. Bombs dropped 1/4 mile radius. 'B' Coy location shelling from 0600 - 0700 hrs. Enemy mortaring & shelling intermittently throughout morning. At 1320 hrs local shelling. Two shells in camp area. Casualties in 'B' Coy 3 killed and 3 wounded. Coy moved out under shell fire at 1600 hrs to area 686546. Three S.B. squads sent from 'A' Coy as reinforcements for 'B' Coy.
2   Fd Amb moved to harbour area 696552. Some enemy shelling during night.
3   Unit in harbour. Lt Copp with Sect 2 'B' Coy detached to 7 Bn Seaforths under Command 44 Bde at 2100 hrs. Lt Copp with Sect 2 returned to above location.
4   HQ moved to operational site 699450 at 1900 hrs. ADS opened at 2230 hrs. 'A' Coy moved to LE TOURNEUR. CCP established at 1600 hrs. 'B' Coy rejoined HQ at 699450. Lieut. Rankin joined unit in place of Lt Davies.
B.L.A. 5   Unit joined by 23 FDS at above location. Visit by DDMS and ADDS Second Army. Lt Rankin joined 'A' Coy temporary in place of Lt Copp.
6   Heavy casualties during afternoon. Offrs 20 ORs 326 POW 2. 'A' Coy moved to area MONT CHARIVEL and established CCP. Casualties evacuated Offrs 6 ORs 74.
7   Very few casualties through ADS. 'A' Coy CCP MONT CHARIVEL casualties evacuated Offrs 2 ORs 18.
8   Lt Copp relieved Lt Rankin at 'A' Coy. Casualties evacuated Offrs 1 ORs 34 POW 2.
9   Visit by DDMS 8 Corps.
10   Uneventful day. Few casualties from shell fire from Bns.
11   Uneventful day. 'B' Coy moved to 704413 at 2045 hrs. 1 Sec 'A' Coy detached to this location at 2100 hrs.
12   Uneventful day. 'B' Coy with 1 Sect 'A' Coy rejoined unit 2100 hrs.
13   Unit moved 1800 hrs to area MALLOT 984604, arrived 2135 hrs. 'A' Coy less 1 Sect rejoined unit in the afternoon at 14.00 hrs.
B.L.A. 14   Unit in harbour, slight enemy air activity during night.
15   Unit moved to harbour area FORET DE CINGLAIS 002496. Arrived 1045 hrs.
16   Unit resting. Capt. Glaister joined from 7 Seaforths and Lt Holden joined in his place.
17-18   Unit resting.
19   Recce party left 0530 hrs. Main body left at 0830 hrs to harbour area NORON L’ABBAYE 106359. 'B' Coy est CCP at railway station 118354. Few casualties including civilians.
20   Nothing to report.
21   Visit and short address by Maj. General Barber, Comd 15 (S) Inf Div at 1600 hrs. 'B' Coy rejoined unit.
22   Weather cloudy. Unit resting.
23   Unit moved at 1730 hrs to 105336. One section 'A' Coy under Capt. Denton joined 7 Seaforths.
24   Unit moved to harbour area 276296.
B.L.A. 25   Bde 'O' Gp Conference at 0730 hrs. Unit moved to harbour area 879750 at 2120 hrs.
26   Unit moved to further harbour area 982708. 'B' Coy detached, CCP est 008728.
27   Unit moved to VIEUX VILLIERS 295838 arriving 1915 hrs. ADS opened. Bde deployed for SEINE crossings. 'A' Coy 1 Sect under Capt. Denton to 7th Seaforths, 1 Sect under Lt Copp to 9 Cams and 1 Sect under Capt Crean to crossings Lt Bank of RIVER SEINE. 'B' Coy est CCP VENABLES 325870.
28   R SEINE crossed and ADS est at MUIDS 310891. No casualties. 'A' Coy river crossings effected without incident 0900 hrs and CCPs est in MUIDS as follows. 1 Sect under Capt Denton 307888. 1 Sect under Lt Copp 317397. Both Sections est joint CCP 317397 at 2200 hrs. Slight shelling near village in morning. 'B' Coy crossed R SEINE and est CCP MUIDS 324897 2300 hrs.
29   ADS open, no casualties. 'A' Coy CCP open. 'B' Coy est CCP LE THUIT 366927 at 1800 hrs.
30-31   ADS & CCPs open but few casualties. Remaining Sect under Capt Crean crossed R SEINE and joined remainder of Coy.

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.