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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 193 Field Ambulance R.A.M.C.
Month and Year: September 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. F.W.A. Warren
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
B.L.A. 1-2   Nothing to report.
3   Unit moved 0915 hrs to area LYON-LE-FORET, arrived harbour area 514150 1315 hrs.
4   Unit moved on in Bde convoy 1055 hrs to harbour area ROMESCAMPS 724407 arr 1405 hrs.
5   Unit moved in Bde convoy to harbour area NUNCQ 1705. 'B' Coy moved on to AUBIGNY 3407. 'B' Coy rejoined rest of unit.
6   Unit forming Med component of LYSFORCE moved across Belgian Frontier to area south of COURTRAI. ADS opened.
7   Unit moved to harbour area QUAREMONT 0449.
8   Fd Amb moved on 2015 hrs to area SCHELDEWINDEKE arriving 2345 hrs.
9   A.D.S. opened light section. 1 Sect 'A' Coy under Capt Denton attached to 2 Glasgow Hdrs. Bn ordered to clear area North of GHENT, GHENT entered 1800 hrs. Intermittent shelling of town throughout evening & night.
10   Unit less 1 Sect of 'A' Coy moved 1825 hrs to Rly Stn MALDEREN. 1 Sect 'A' Coy in GHENT in support of 2 Glasgow Hdrs. Shelling of town continued during night. Sect moved 1600 hrs to join Bn HQ.
B.L.A. 11   Unit on wheels. 1 Sect 'A' Coy in GHENT. Very few casualties.
12   Unit moved in Bde Coln 1240 hrs to est ADS WESTERLOO. 1 Sect 'A' Coy in GHENT. Shelling much less. Bn relieved 1700 hrs by Bn of Polish Armd Div. Sect moved in Bn coln to southern outskirts of town. 'B' moved out to est CCP in bridgehead over ALBERT CANAL 053855. Est by 2030 hrs. Casualties during night incl POWs.
13   ADS opened WESTERLOO Casualties evacuated ORs 38 POW 15. 2 Glas Hdrs moved to harbour LIPPERLOO on way to rejoining Div. 1 Sect 'A' Coy in Bn coln. 'B' Coy CCP at MEULENBERG 053855. Casualties Evac 30.
14   ADS still open at WESTERLOO. Casualties evacuated Offrs 2 ORs 19. 1 Sect 'A' Coy moved in 2 Glas Hdrs coln to rejoin Fd Amb at WESTERLOO. No 3 Sect opened to receive walking wounded. 'B' Coy CCP 053855 few casualties incl civilians.
15   ADS opened WESTERLOO. Casualties evacuated 5. 'A' Coy moved out to est CCP at 035868. 'B' Coy CCP closed. Coy transferred from farm to adjoin field.
B.L.A. 16   ADS closed. Unit less both Coys moved over ALBERT CANAL to harbour in area GHEEL Br 039868 arriving 1900 hrs. 'A' Coy CCP opened 035868, casualties evacuated Offrs 4 ORs 9. 'B' Coy moved to location 034867.
17   HQ in harbour area 039868. 'A' Coy CCP closed, Coy in harbour in same location. 'B' Coy in harbour 034867. At 1300 hrs large formations of allied troop carrying aircraft and gliders observed flying northwards towards HOLLAND. Occasional shelling in ESCAUT bridgehead.
18-19-20   Unit resting in location as above.
21   Unit moved in Divisional coln over Dutch border to harbour in VELDHOVEN. 'B' Coy detached to est CCP North of EINDHOVEN.
22   Unit moved to EINDHOVEN and est ADS in school. 'A' Coy billeted in school. M.I. Room and CRS opened for Div sick and exhaustion cases. 'B' Coy moved to area BEST 392247. CCP established. No 2 Sec under Capt Gaman detached to est CCP BEST Bridgehead 389251. Intermittent shelling of area.
B.L.A. 23   'B' Coy No.2 Sect relieved by 'B' Coy No 3 Sect with Lt Rankin. Spasmodic shelling continued.
24   Remainder of 'B' Coy joined Sect 3 at 389251. CCP in damaged Houses North of WILHELMINA CANAL.
25   CCP 389251, still some shelling in vicinity.
26   'B' Coy CCP 389251. Shelling intermittent.
27   'B' Coy CCP 389251. Bridge shelled 1500 hrs.
28   'B' Coy CCP 389251. Very few casualties. Bridge shelled at 1400 hrs. Visit by ADMS at 1630 hrs.
29   'B' Coy CCP at 389251. Very few casualties. Shelling at 1800 hrs.
30   'B' Coy CCP 389251. Few casualties. Shelling 1000 hrs.

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.