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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 83 Field Regiment
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. R.E.H. Hudson
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
HOOGELOON 282130 1   Regt still in action at HOOGELOON. Sp given to 53 Recce Regt in exploiting forward. Bombards and HF tasks engaged.
3 1100 REUSEL and HULSEL reported clear of enemy.
DIESSEN 260215 4 1000 Recce party prepared posn near ST OEDENRODE 4332 but was cancelled and at 1700 hrs a second Recce party moved to area near DIESSEN 260215.
4 1800 Regt moved to that area in sp 71 Inf Bde with 81 Fd Regt. Arrived 2030 hrs and deployed.
ST OEDENRODE 430327 5 1300 Recce party moved again to ST OEDENRODE 4332.
5 1430 Regt moved to that area. Arrived 1730 hrs and deployed in sp 158 Bde who were under comd 51 (H) Div.
5   An offensive Arty Policy was adopted and numerous V and U Tgts as well as Bombards on HBs were engaged. Considerable HF tasks were also carried out. Sp given to Inf in patrol activity. 158 Bde role was defence of Main axis to NIJMEGEN. Enemy shelled main road particularly near 330 and 329 Bty posns and in village of ST OEDENRODE daily until about 9 Oct. Shelling resumed again 12 Oct.
13   Enemy shelling continued from early morning and at 0830 hrs just prior to an attack launched by the enemy on 158 Bde front, 2 shells exploded in the Comd Post and cookhouse of 330 Bty causing the following casualties: Killed - Lt JGE Holmes (88218), Lt ED Hanley (293889), Pte Knowles, Gnrs Dobie, Lippitt, Moore, and Lockwood. Wounded Capt MB Davies (78818), L/Bdr Harpham. Gnrs Bennett, Lee H, Grindrod, Whitelam, Fore, Wills, Green, Wright, Brown R and Pte Eyles.
13   The Comd Post was moved and re-organised very quickly under Lt Payne and Lt Scholes (Sigs Offr) with the result that the Bty missed no firing during the critical period of the enemy attack.
13 0845 Enemy were reported to be forming up for an attack in area 435376 and 7 RWF reported a good deal of spandau fire on their 2 left Coys. Later on attack developed from 439378 after a diversion on to left fwd platoon of B Coy 7 RWF at 440372. Effective DF and M Tgts were fired by the Regt and took the sting out of what appeared to be a well laid on attack. The enemy arty engaged our OP and gun areas whilst LAA and MGs and smoke were used for more intimate sp. 1 platoon of enemy got within 20 yds of our fwd posns and were then repelled by brens and 2" mortar fire. The retreating enemy were then hastened with a V tgt in their midst at 435376. Casualties in 158 Bde were 1 killed and 3 wounded. Enemy casualties believed to be heavy. Infantry were very pleased with arty sp.
14   Quieter day spent in engaging Bombards and V tgts on enemy locations with HF tasks at night.
15   Engaged HM and HB tasks in the form of fire plans "Toffee" and "Como" in sp of raid by 1 Gordons. Engaged "Rocker" an HF programme.
15 2400 Fire Plan in sp of raid by 1 E. Lancs platoon on 432367. The enemy presumed it was a general attack and withdrew. No PWs taken or cas caused by our patrol who returned safely. Arty fire raised screams and shouts among the enemy.
16   Fired HF programme "Rocker II" by day with more HF tasks at night.
17   Fire plan op "Winkle" in sp 158 Bde. Evidence from deserters having indicated a lowering of morale among enemy tps in WEIBOSCH area (4237) intention of op was to induce as many of the enemy as possible to desert. The op took the form of a HF programme in which all arms gave an impressive display from mid-day rising to a crescendo at tea time. The tea interval taken between 1600 and 1700 hrs was filled with a moving appeal repeated twice through the medium of an amplifier unit and as evidence of good faith the appeal was followed by a very effective and convenient Regtl smk screen designed to afford cover to any of the enemy wishing to respond to our appeal and come over to our lines without being seen by their comrades. There was, however, no response.
17   Lt AM Davies (262404) sick and adm to 79 (Br) Gen Hosp.
18   HF programme "Rocker II" was fired during the day with further HF tasks at night. Capt EW Thompson (62524) attached Regt from X (IV) list - 31 RHU.
HEESCH 459501 19 1400 Recce party moved to HEESCH 459501.
19 1600 Regt moved to same area and deployed 1800 hrs.
21   Lt EV McCormack (277144) and Lt ME Hodgson (204297) posted to WE from 3 Res Regt RA and 15 Med Regt RA respectively.
22 0630 Engaged Fire Plan op "Alan I" in Div advance towards S'HERTOGENBOSCH
HIEKE 423497 22 0700 Recce party moved forward to HIEKE 423497.
22 1020 Regt moved by Btys to same area.
22   Fired V and Y tgts in sp 160 Bde's advance.
22 2145 Engaged fire plan in sp 1 E. Lancs to assist them into area of BRUGGEN. HF task carried out at night.
23 0645 Fire plan in sp of attack by 4 Welch.
KRUISSTRAAT 381508 23 0900 Recce party moved to KRUISSTRAAT area 381508.
23 1530 Regt moved to same area and deployed. Continued to fire Bombards M and U tgts in sp 160 Bde in their push onward to S'HERTOGENBOSCH. Fire plan "Chicago" in sp 6 RWF.
24 0300 The dash towards S'HERTOGENBOSCH by 158 Bde being due to start at 0230, at 0030 Regt joined in a pre zero bombardment programme around the approaches of the town and later fired M and U tgts in sp. The bombardment lasted 2 hrs during which time 180 tons were fired by Div arty.
HEER-EN-BEEK 356477 24 1400 Recce party moved to HEER-EN-BEEK 356477.
24 1700 Regt moved to same area to give closer sp to 158 Bde.
24   By nightfall our tps were along ZUIDWILLEMSVAART CANAL facing the town with a bridgehead over the canal into the centre of the town in area 327462. The attack was mounted speedily when the enemy was still disorganised and achieved great success. The Div Comd was exceptionally pleased with the arty sp given which he stated enabled the Inf to carry out their job with astonishingly light casualties. The 1 E. Lancs reached the town without one cas.
25   A special congratulatory letter was sent to all Nos 1 by the CRA. During a period of 24 hrs covering the final dash to the town over 4000 rds were fired by the Regt and over a period of 5 days 25098 rds. HF programme fired at night.
26   158 Bde made further progress in clearing enemy from town and est bridgehead over canal west of town. Supporting fire given to their operations and retreating enemy encouraged by further arty fire.
26 0900 Recce party moved to area in Eastern outskirts of S'HERTOGENBOSCH 3347 but returned at 1200 hrs as it was decided not to deploy there for the time being.
26 1230 Fire plan in sp of 1 E. Lancs who were bridging the AFTWATERINGS CANAL 310457.
26   HF programme was fired at night and bombarding of HBs was also carried out.
27   The appearance of several tanks or SP guns and the alleged appearance of 150 enemy inf moving east towards the town from area 304466 gave the gunners a mornings entertainment. Arty and mortar fire eventually dispersed the offenders but not before they had reached within 300 yds of our fwd Coy in the area of the railway sta.
S'HERTOGENBOSCH 326472 27 1315 Recce moved to area on E. side of S'HERTOGENBOSCH 326472.
27 1345 Regt moved to same area.
27   The built up area west of the canal was reported clear and the battle for the town was virtually concluded. 53 Div took approx 1750 PWs including 1 Regt Comd, 1 Acting Regt Comd, 2 Bn Comds and the Garrison Comd of S'HERTOGENBOSCH.
27   Bombard and HF programmes carried out, 12 Corps and 30 Corps CB staffs co-operating to knock out enemy guns N of town.
28   Considerable bombarding of HBs throughout the day and night.
28 1845 Fire plan "Alway" in sp 6 RWF 303478.
29 0615 Re-engaged fire pIan "Alway".
29   Bombard and HF tasks engaged and also several U tgts during day & night.
30 2400 Fire plan "Never" in sp 6 RWF patrol 293486.
30 0650 Fire plan "Never" repeated.
30   Further Bombards fired.
30 1400 Harbour Recce party moved off to 158 Bde for orders thence to area BREE 5084.
OVER-DE-BEEK 476856 30 1630 Regt moved to Hide at OVER-DE-BEEK near BREE 476856. Arrived 310015A hrs, under comd 7 US Armd Div until arrival of remainder 53 Div.
31 0845 Preliminary Recce party moved to area KINROY 6084 and later returned.
31 1345 Recce party moved again to area KINROY.
KINROY 601849 31 1430 Regt moved to same area in sp Belgian Bde and deployed.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.