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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. J.E. Swetenham
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
In the field 1   Regt moved to area NW of HEESCH 4851 with the intention of clearing the area OSS 4754 GEFFEN 4352 - PAPENDYK 4350 - HEESCH 4851 with A coy 1 RB. Little opposition was met and the area was clear by 1300 hrs. Regt concentrated in the area 4451 with patrols covering the rly, track running East from NULAND 4050 to RUNROT 4351 and the main s'HERTOGENBOSCH 3147 - HEESCH 4851 rd at 420498. Recce withdrew at last light and posns taken over by A Coy 1 RB.
2   Recce patrols active and very successful all day obtaining the general layout and disposns of the enemy F.D.Ls. Withdrew at last light to the regtl leaguer area.
3   Recce repeated patrolling at first light and confirmed enemy posns as on 2 Oct. Increase of shelling and mortaring by enemy. Withdrew at last light. Sgt. Strickland wounded.
4   Regt relieved by 1 RTR and moved to HEESCH 4851 into Bde res.
5-8   Regt at HEESCH.
9   At 0930 hrs the regtl gp moved out and took over from 1 RTR. Patrols from Recce sent out to confirm enemy posns.
10   Recce patrols at 418516, 425506 and 427499. Slight movement observed on the part of the enemy. Patrols withdrawn at last light.
10   Night 10.10.44 - Enemy attack on GEFFEN. This attack was preceded by mortar and arty stonks on RUNROT 4350 and GEFFEN 4251 between 2200 and 2230 hrs. The assault began at 2230 hrs about 50 Inf approaching the village along the rd from the South towards the rd junc at 429518. Sec 1 RB was forced to withdraw to the rd junc but the tk tp (3rd tp 'A' Sqn) fwd of this rd junc retained its posn. Shortly afterwards another party adv from SW along the South of the rly followed by a 3rd party along the line towards rd junc 429419 opposite the church. Both these attacks were caught by D.Fs and suffered heavy casualties making no impression on the two 1 RB pln posns. Close fighting in the village continued for about 30 mins, after which slight infiltration and movement on the outside continued for about two hours. By 0200 hrs A Coy 1 RB reported the sit fully restored and all quiet. Further investigation at first light resulted in capture of 7 POW, 12 dead and much equipment incl one complete mortar detachment. POW stated the attack was carried out by one Bn of 745 Regt.
11   Recce patrols sent out as before and established posns at 412514, 425505, fwd to 415504 maintaining observation on the area NULAND Church and patrol at 425505.
12   Recce patrols out as usual. NTR.
13   Regt relieved by 1 RTR and returned to HEESCH 4851 in Bde res.
14   Regt at HEESCH. Conference on personnel an trg. Classes in gunnery and wireless of one weeks duration arranged.
15-16   At HEESCH. Gunnery and Wireless classes.
17 0930 Regt took over from 1 RTR with recce patrols out as before.
18-19   Recce patrols as usual.
20   Recce patrols out. Patrol in the South on the main s'HERTOGENBOSCH - HEESCH rd under Lieut. W.J.M. Crocker proceeded dismounted to recce the houses in the area 420498. Lt. Crocker and Cpl. Wiseman were proceeding dismounted and had reached the MILL 416495 without meeting opposition but on continuing the patrol West from the mill they ran into a German patrol at close quarters lying up in the ditch. They were fired on and were both wounded. Lt. Crocker received a severe abdominal wound and Cpl. Wiseman was hit in the leg. The German patrol took Cpl. Wiseman prisoner leaving Lt. Crocker in the ditch. Sgt. Moule who heard the firing came down the rd in his tk and picked up Lt. Crocker who died from his wounds the same afternoon in hospital.
20   Regt less B Sqn under comd 160 Bde 53 Div, C Sqn under comd 158 Bde. Day spent in conference for prospective attack on s'HERTOGENBOSCH 3246. See Appx 'F'
21   Recce patrols out as usual. Final preparations for the attack and tying up with the inf. A Sqn in sp 2 Mon, C Sqn in sp 4 Welch.
22   Attack on s'HERTOGENBOSCH. H Hour 0630 hrs. Fire plan commenced at 2230 hrs (counter bty). A and C Sqns moved in sp their respective bns and crossed the start line at 0630 hrs. 'A' Sqn North of the rly, C Sqn South of the rly. For the first 1000 yds progress was good but shortly after this opposition was met by C Sqn and 3 tks were knocked out as a result of mines. 2 were knocked out by Bazookas. A Sqn made good progress along the North rd via HEECHEIND 398513 and KRUISSTRAAT 383508 and had one tk knocked out by an Anti-tk gun in the woods South of the Dyke but by 1630 hrs had reached KRUISSTRAAT 383508. Equally good progress was made South of the rly by C Sqn who came up level with A Sqn along the line of the KRUISSTRAATSCHE DIJK at the same time. During this adv on the whole front over 400 POW taken including a regtl and bn comd. At 1430 hrs 'B' Sqn in sp of 1 E Lancs were ordered to push fwd along the North rd through the A Sqn and 2 Mon position and exploit to ROSMALEN 3648. This op was held up and orders were given to pull back into posn for the night. During the night 22/23 Oct 1 E Lancs put in an attack on BRUGGEN 370503 and they succeeded in securing the houses at the Eastern end of the village. See Appx 'D'
23   The adv continued. C Sqn South of the rly were held up on the line of the track running North and South from 369493 to 370488 by spandau and mortar fire from the woods on their left flank. A Sqn were able to push fwd with the aid of flame-throwers through the village of BRUGGEN 370503 which had not been completely captured during the night. By 1730 hrs A Sqn and 2 Mon reached the Div objective on a line running North and South through FORT ALEXANDER 353488. C Sqn and 4 Welch were established on a line in the North, 363488 South to wood 365484. The inf established themselves in this posn for the night and A and C Sqns withdrew to harbour areas West and South of the rly. During the days ops over 200 POW were taken.
24   The adv towards s'HERTOGENBOSCH 3246 continued in the North with A Sqn in sp 1 E Lancs and B Sqn in sp 1/6 RWF in the South. During this phase of the adv 7 SP gun posns were over-run, one being captured intact. At 1730 hrs A & B Sqns had reached the line of the SUIDWIELEMS VAART Canal and were occupying the whole of the town on the NE side of the canal. B Sqn supported 2 coys 1/6 RWF while they crossed the bridge at 326462. At dusk the sqns were recalled from s'HERTOGENBOSCH 3246 to ROSMALEN 3549 where the regt spent the night. Later in the evening the regt ceased to be under comd 53 Div and reverted to comd 22 Armd Bde. At 0050 hrs regt ordered to move at first light to MUGGENHOEK 4542. See Appx 'J'
25   Regt moved at 0645 hrs to MUGGENHOEK 4542 where the day was spent in res.
26   Regt moved at 0630 hrs to area one mile NW of BOXTEL 3235. Arrived at 1300 hrs and remained for the night.
27   Regt moved at 0630 hrs to a pt two miles NE of UDENHOUT 2037 and grouped with I Coy 1 RB and G Bty 5 RHA. Regtl gp moved at 1130 hrs directed on DONGEN 0639. Recce patrols were sent to report on the centre line. Adv held up owing to enemy in the woods at 1239 and 135396. Recce lost 1 honey by Bazooka and B Sqn lost two tks. The night was spent in the area FM 157382.
28   Regt continued the adv towards DONGEN 0639, B Sqn leading and reached the wooded area 1034 by 1730 hrs 3 miles North of TILBURG. Any further movement North of this area could be observed from the woods at 1038 2000 yds to the North of our posns. Patrolling by 1 RB at night revealed that the woods at 1038 were held by enemy.
29   Plan laid on to attack the wood 1038. Arty available - 4 med regts and 1 Fd Regt. C Sqn to carry B Coy 1 RB on its tks to the open field to the South side of the wood at 103379 and to sp the inf while clearing the objective. A Sqn to sp with fire from right flank. The initial attack was not successful owing to mines opposite the West half of the wood and the bad state of the ground. C Sqn got 3 tks bogged and 2 knocked out so pulled back to the copse 105373 where they re-organised and in conjunction with A Sqn on their right made a plan to attack the Eastern half of the wood. This attack was successful and B Sqn with A Coy 1 RB moved up and cleared the wood to the West including the wood at 096383. 60 POW taken. The wood was taken over at dusk by 1/7 Queens and the regt moved North to harbour area on the LOONSCHE DREEF at 103407 where it spent the night.
30   Regtl gp moved to DONGENSCHE VAART 0842 with patrols in the s'GRAVENMOER area watching the Northern approaches.
31   Regt moved to the area LOONSCHE DIJK NIEUWE VAART 0945 with orders to watch the Northern approaches between excl CAPELLE 0497 and WISPICK 3047. Two posts per day supplied by Recce at 084473 and 074480. By night sqns finding posts.

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Source: Joris Nieuwint, The Battlefield Explorer, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.