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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 8th Bn. The Rifle Brigade
Month and Year: December 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. J.A. Hunter.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
SWOLGEN E 8722 6   Battalion relieved by composite force of two Coys of Dutchmen and the Inns of Court, and moved into Bde reserve at MELDERSLO
MELDERSLO E 8519 7-12   A certain amount of training carried out, in spite of much mud and incessant rain. Bn strength 36 officers and 796 ORs.
GRUBENVORST E 8914 13   Bn relieved 1 Herefords in the Southern Sector of the 159 Bde front. Bn HQ in GRUBENVORST Station. G in HOUTHUIZEN 8917. (E 885167) F in GRUBENVORST 8914. H in reserve. An inactive period.
14   Awards announced: The Commanding Officer DSO, Lt. T. Whitaker MC.
15   Advance parties left for POPERINGE H. 46.
16   Bn relieved by 2 R. Warwicks (for the third time).
16-17   22 hour drive via DEURNE EINDHOVEN LOUVAIN BRUSSELS ALOST AUDENARDE YPRES to POPERINGE area, to join 29 Armd Bde for refitting. Bn HQ E. and G Coys in POPERINGE H 46. F in WATOU H 4264. H in PROVEN H 4466.
18-19   Maintenance, cleaning up and preliminary arrangements for a festive Christmas. German counter offensive in the Ardennes against the Americans.
20   Bn moved in front of the Bde at very short notice, via YPRES ALOST BRUSSELS to OVERYSSHCE J 7446 arriving at midnight. Rear parties left behind at POPERINGE.
DINANT and GIVET 21-22   Move at first light via GEMBLOUX J 82 to positions along the river Meuse. German drive assumed alarming proportions. Bn HQ to ANTHEE O 8786, F in reserve at ST GERARD O 8798. G Coy under command 3 RTR at DINANT O 9888, H Coy under 23 H at GIVET O 9275. Recce of Bn positions astride the road to Brussels at GENAPPE between QUATRE-BRAS and WATERLOO, and intended as a last man and last round position on the right of 53 Div on the line of the river Dyle.
23   F Coy moved to NAMUR J 91 under command 2 F&F Yeo. All companies were responsible for holding the bridges, which were prepared for demolition. Close co-operation was maintained with the Americans. Bde now under command 30 Corps.
R. Meuse 24   Bn HQ moved to METTET O 8196. Enemy advance still not halted. Regimental groups moved forward 5 miles from the river. G Coy killed three Germans in a jeep dressed as Americans. A Brigade of 53 Div took over the river line behind the Regimental Groups.
25   12 Pl G Coy supported by 3 RTR attacked FOY-NOTRE-DAME P 0486 and took 30 prisoners from 2 Pz Div. Mopping up continued in the area throughout the evening and resulted in the capture of a further 42 prisoners, and much equipment. 1 OR wounded. Bn Strength 36 officers & 811 ORs.
26   F Coy group moved from NAMUR to FALMAGNE 0781. 6 Airborne Div arrived to take over the river line from 53 Div.
28   G Coy group moved to MESNIL-EGLISE P 0177.
29   Bn HQ & E. Coy moved to FESCHAUX O 9876.
31   Preparation of defensive positions as part of Bde plan to oppose any further penetration westwards towards the Meuse by the enemy. Hard frost and some snow.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com.

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