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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 12th Bn K.R.R.C. (Q.W.)
Month and Year: September 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. The Hon. M.G. Edwardes, MBE
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
GRATTEPANCE N 0947 to DOULLENS N 1587 1   8 Armd Bde advanced again on the left of 11th Armd Div and Guards Armd Div with the task of securing DOULLENS N 1587 thus protecting the left flank of 11 Armd Div directed on ARRAS. Motor Coys were all under comd of their respective Armd Regts and the order of march was S.R.Y. Cp, 147 Fd Regt, 12 K.R.R.C. less 3 Mot Coys, 4/7 D.G. Gp, 13/18 H Gp. Route was round the west outskirts of AMIENS across the SOMME at N 0860 thence North to FLESSELLES N 0970 - BEAUVAL N 1481 - DOULLENS N 1587. Bde started at first light. First contact was made by S.R.Y. just south of FLESSELLES. Before that, however, 4/7 DG Cp struck off on another C/L - Rd Junc N 1962 - VIGNACOURT N 0472 - CANAPLES N 0677 - CANDAS N 0982 - DOULLENS. Enemy at FLESSELLES were dealt with fairly quickly. Bn HQ getting off the road S.E. of FLESSELLES at N 0969. Here 13/18 passed through Bn HQ and D Coy. Bde less 4/7 D.G. moved across country from fLESSELLES to NAOURS N 0974 thence TALMAS N 1374 - BEAUVAL N 1481. As Bn HQ reached the latter place, S.R.Y. made contact with a number of enemy in DOULLENS, including some stubborn
DOULLENS N1587 1   A Tk Guns. O Gp was called about 1800 hrs on the high ground south of DOULLENS. At that time S.R.Y. was in DOULLENS from the south and C Coy were cleaning up in the town and 13/18 Gp less B Coy, who were left just north of BEAVAL, were approaching DOULLENS from the N.E., having by passed to the east. The Bde Comd gave orders that B and C Coys would revert to Bn comd, clear up DOULLENS, which C Coy had nearly finished, and that the Bn, less A Coy which would remain u/o 4/7 D.G., would hold DOULLENS until relieved by 50 Div, whilst the Armd Regts were pushed forward onto the high ground north and N.E. about 5 miles from DOULLENS. Meanwhile 4/7 D.G. Gp on the left C/L had been advancing more slowely, having had a little trouble in VIGNACOURT and CANAPLES where two tanks and some A tank guns were met. Bn HQ moved down into DOULLENS as it was getting dark an the Coys were firmly established in the town, D Coy, less 1 A Tk Pl which was put u/c A Coy, being split up all round. Posn of Bn HQ was the southern end of the town at Rd Juno N 1587. 4/7 D.G. then passed through and by nightfall the Armd Regts were established on the high ground, A Coy u/c 4/7 DG in the area BOUQUEMAISON N 1594. There were no incidents during the night 1/2 Sep. The whole day was one of rapid movement against a soattered and ill organised enemy, who were however, fairly determined in places until outflanked. A large number of prisoners estimated at 200 - 300 were dealt with by the Bn during the day and, indeed, there were 80 sleeping at Bn HQ during the night. The prisoners were always a problem.
DOULLENS N1587 to IVERGNY N1996 2   Very little occured during the day. Armd Regts sent out patrols north and north east from Bde posns, but the Bn did not take part. The DOULLENS posn was relieved by 151 Bde during the morning and about midday B and C Coys returned to comd of their Armd Regts and Bn HQ and D Coy moved into the area of Bde HQ at IVERGNY N1996. Warnign order received that there would ne no move before 1300 hrs and that then or soon as XII Corps were in the area of ST.POL H 1612 the Bde would start the march on ALOST N.W. of BRUSSELS Bde would be u/c 50 Div and move again on the left flank of 11 Armd Div.
IVERGNY N1996 to GONDECOURT 3   Orders received early in the morning that the leading Regt would start at 0700 hrs and cross the S.P. in ARRAS H 4700 at 0830 hrs. This was not in fact received early enough by 4/7 D.G. for them to be able to achieve it. Order of march for the move was 4/7 D.G. Gp (A Coy u/c), Gunner Gp (147 Fd Regt and Bty Med Regt) 12 K.R.R.C. less A and C Coys, S.R.Y. Gp (C Coy u/c 13/18 H. Route was ARRAS - BULLY H 4417 - WINGLES H 5322 - GONDECOURT H 6327 thence just south of LILLE and ROUBAIX to RENAIX J 0847 - NINOVE J 3955 - ALOST 4067. The move was fast until head of 4/7 D.G. Gp found the bridge at H 5622 blown; a diversion was made to the south via br at H 5619. 4/7 D.G. first made contact at H 6025 where an anti tank gun and some infantry were found. When th is had been dealt with, B Coy was brought up and put u/c 4/7 D.G. in addition to A Coy. 2 Sqns 4/7 D.G. with A and B Coys u/c Sqns were then sent to recce LILLE in force. The advance was very swift and without opposition, B Coy and their Sqn reaching the centre of LILLE shortly before A Coy and their Sqn. There were no enemy in the in the south of centre of the city, though the F.F.I. reported enemy in the northern suburbs. Progress and the taking up of posns was rendered practically impossible by the mob which surrounded the party. The forces remained in LILLE for about eight hours without interference, at any rate from the enemy, and was withdrawn about 2200 hrs. The Bn had therefore taken part in the liberation of the fifth largest town in France. Bn H Q arrived in GONDECOURT in the afternoon and remained in the centre of the town for the night.
4   50 Div received orders to hold the southern flank of the pocket fromed by 11 Armd Div at ANTWERP. 8 Armd Bde were to hold from RENAIX J 0947 to S.W. of LILLE with S.R.Y. Gp ([....] Coy u/c) area RENAIX AUDENARDE J 0957. 12 K.R.R.C. less C Coy area TEMPLEUSE H 8637 and PONT A [......] H 8937, 13/18 H supporting 151 Bde south of LILLE. Bn moved from GONDECOURT behind S.R.Y. Gp and Gunner Gp. By midday A and B Coys were in posn, B right area PONT A [...] and Rly Station and A left in TEMPLEUVE. B Sqn 4/7 D.G. were up in sp 12 K.R.R.C. and a Tp of 234 S.P. A Tk Bty u/c. One Tp 4/7 D.G. went with each A and B Coys and saw then into posn before returning to their Sqn harbour near Bn HQ. There were no incidents during the day; partrols were sent out by A and B Coys from one to two miles north of their posns and found no enemy. Bn HQ was established at MONT GARNI H 8835 with A1 Ech, D Coy, B Sqn 4/7 DG and the Tp of S.P. A Tk Guns close around.
TEMPLEUVE 5   Same locations. Several F.F.I. reports about the enemy were received, notably one from an armoured train which the F.F.I. were in the habit of driving through the Bn posns as far north as ROUBAIX H 7942 and which had not spotted any enemy laterly. C Coy with the S.R.Y. at RENAIX had an extraordinary day with prisoners; the surrender of about 600 man of a German Artillery Regt was negotiated between their Colonel and het C.O. of the S.R.Y, and C Coy as a result loat nearly two Pls for 56 hrs in guarding and evacuating them. During the afternoon streams of traffic of 7 Armd Div began to across our front and 4 Armd Bde parked themselves north of A Coy. Nevertheless action had to be taken in the evening on an F.F.I. report that 2,000 Germans with a few tanks were approaching the Bn posn. A Tp of 4/7 D.G. was sent to each A and B Coys. This report was in part true though the advancing Germans were stopped by the F.F.I. near COURTAI. Harbour Parties for the move the next day were ordered to be at Bde HQ at 0615 hrs the next moring.
TEMPLEUVE to OULTRE 6   Bn moved at the head of Bde to are ASPELAERE J 3456. Once through TOURNAI progress was rapid along a very good road. Bn arrived about 1650 hrs and harboured peacefully. Bn HQ at OULTRE J 3756, D Coy and A Coy with Bn HQ and B Coy in ASPELAERE in case of enemy infiltration - information about the enemy being rather scanty at the time. C Coy were still out with the S.R.Y. having a busy time with prisoners; there was no wireless communication with them. No incidents to report. Plan for next day not known, except that we might have to do flank protection in the area south of GHENT.
GHENT 7   Same locations untill 1400 hrs. Warning order received at 0100 hrs to be at one hour's notice from 1700 hrs. At approx 1300 hrs orders came to move at 1400 h rs to area AARSCHIT J 9768. Bn moved off at 1400 hrs, leaving the Bde, and have a fairly easy journey, arriving at about 1830 hrs. As the ground allotted was very bad, the Bn harboured in the centre of the town. Bde O Gp 2130 hrs with Bn O Gp afterwards. Plan for next day was for the Bde to pass over the Guards bridgehead at BEERINGH [...] K 2475, turn north and relieve the enemy pressure againt 69 Bde (50 Div) at their bridgehead at GHEEL K 0888. Order of march 4/7 D.G. (A Coy u/c) 147 Fd Regt 12 K.R.R.C. less A Coy, 13/18 H. S.R.Y. were supporting 50 Div at GHEEL. Bn order of march B Coy, Bn HQ, D, C Coys. Bn was ordered to go over the S.P. at 0600 hrs. C Coy had rejoined the Bn from S.P.Y. in the town at about 2030 hrs.
8   Bde moved off well on time and very smoothly, Bn leaving harbour about 0530 hrs. Quitte a good move until head of Bde was a little way short of PAAL K 2074, when there was a long halt as there was still fighting fairly close to the BEERINGHEN bridge. There, the C.O. was unfourtunately knocked down by a moter cycle and was hors de combat for two or three hours. The Bde moved on again about 1200 hrs and moved slowly over the bridge, taking the road north towards HEPPEN K 2482. 4/7 D.G. with A Coy got over first and pushed left towards OOSTHAM K 2181. Just short of OOSTHAM, leading tps of 4/7 D.G. made contact and one of their tanks was knocked out. By vigorous action, however, A Coy with sp of 4/7 D.G. got into OOSTHAM. Bn then received orders to hold OOSTHAM as it was getting late and it was clear that the Bde would get not further that day. B Coy, therefore, was moved up and took up posn to the right of A Coy. At the same time Bn HQ and C Coy moved up to BEVERLOO 235793. The enemy were fairly active all around OOSTHAM and there was several S.P. Guns which made themselves very tiresome. One of them knocked out two tracks, wounding Lts R.A.J. [Al....ck] and D.C.W. Bampfylde, both of A Coy and knocking out one 6 pdr by a lucky direct hit.
9   Fairly quiet in OOSTHAM during the morning but not so quiet south of the Bn, where a fairly large body of Germans, who had been hiding in the woods behind, attacked the Bde A1 Ech. 33 trucks of the Bde were lost in a battle which lasted over two hours. Our own L.A.D. distinguished itself by killing three, wounding three and taking three prisoners; no Bn vehicles were damaged. C Coy sent down to deal with the trouble, but shortly afterwards was recalled and moved up to OOSTHAM where it took up posn o the left of A Coy. During the mopping up Lieut R.C. [Lu..moore] was killed whilst sniping. In the late afternoon the Bn received orders to disengage itself from OOSTHAM and to put A Coy u/c each 4/7 D.G. and 13/18 H who would defend the area BEVERLOO - eastwards. Bn began to move out about 1900 hrs. B Coy went to 13/18 H and C Coy to 4/7 D.G., the former BEVERLOO area and the latter due south of BOURG LEOPOLD K 2783. Bn HQ. A A and D Coys moved to area SVALL 263782 arriving about 2100 hrs, A and D Coys being put down in defensive posns around Bn HQ and Bde HQ. The operation of disengagements was not an easy one and an anti tank gun had to be left behind, the enemy followed up closely on the heels of the last Coy with S.P. Guns and Inf. Thanks to the 147 Fd Regt, however, the operation was carried through without further loss.
SVALL 263712 10   Same locations throughout the day. Very quiet though the Guards were fighting hard to the east. B and C Coys had some patrol activities. C Coy sent a patrol into the east end of BOURG LEOPOLD, which was reported empty and flat frompast bombing.
SVALL 11   Big plan laid on by Bde to capture BOURG LEOPOLD. Recce however revealed that the town was empty and B Coy and C Sqn 13/18 H liberated without opposition, taking 5 P.W. in the process. Tac Bn H Q moved to HQ 13/18 for the day and returned to old location at 1800 hrs, when the Belgian Bde took over the town. There was a little enemy air activity during the night.
OORSPEL 12   B Coy returned to Bn Comd and Bn was ordered to take up defensive pasn on the left flank area HEPPEN immediatly west of BOURG LEOPOLD. Orders were received about 1630 hrs. Posns were B Coy at HEPPEN, A Coy rly station to the south. Tac Bn HQ moved up to CORSPEL 243798 at 1800 hrs. it was later discovered that the operation was not entirely necessary as a Bn of 231 Bde (50 Div) had moved up without opposition into OOSTHAM. C Coy still u/c 4/7 D.G.
13   Bde Comd's conference at 1030 hrs at which 4 days maintenance was ordered prior to the next attack. The Bn was, however, not allowed to concentrate but was ordered to remain as longstop from HEPPEN to BEVERLOO. A and B Coys remained in their same areas and C Coy moved into BEVERLOO. Mail Bn HQ joined Tac Bn HQ early in the morning.
14-16   No incidents to report. Maintencance throughout the Bn, though slightly parpered by the Bn's operational psn, at 1100 hrs on 10th C.O. attended Corps Comd's Conference at BOURG LEOPOLD on the furture operation. Bn O Gp at 1230 hrs in which the big picture was outlined. Orders were received that the Bn would move the following day to the Bde Conc area NW of HECHTEL K 3385. Harbour parties were therefore sent off in the afternoon.
17   Bde O Gp at 0830 hrs. Bn u/c 43 Div Recce Regt (C.C. Lt Colonel Lance Fox); task of Gp to move at the head of 43 Div following the Guards Armd Div through NIJMEGEN and ARNHEM swing eastwards and seize the bridges at DEVENTER Z 9208, ZUTPHEN E 9495 and DOESBURG E 9081. Bn task was to seize the bridges at DOESBURG, an old fortress town on the river IJSSEL. T ps u/c Bn were A Sqn 13/18 H, Sec 168 Lt Fd Amb, R.E. Recce Party. Bn had three FOOs allotted, two from147 Fd Regt and one from 64 Med Regt. One Bty 147 Fd was to come in to sp the Bn as soon as possible after arrival at DOESBURG. Four Dutch interpreters were allotted to the Bn for the operation. Bn started to move about [1100] hrs and were all in by 1230 hrs, Bn H Q being at K 3284. After Bde O Gp, the C.O. visited the C.O. of 43 Recce Regt and discussed the operation. The following order of march was settled on: B Sqn Recce, C Sqn Recce, RHQ Recce Regt, Recce Regt Echelons, 12 K.R.R.C Gp and Echelons, A Sqn Recce Regt (with the task of guarding the Div left flank north of ARNHEM). Bn order of march to be C Coy - A Sqn 13/18 H - B Coy - Bn HQ - A Coy - A1 and A2 Echelons - D Coy (less two A Tk Pls with B and C Coys) the last named to be responsible for protecting the soft tail of the Gp. Earliest time of move was given as early 18th (i.e. D [...] 1) but it was thougth unlikely that the Gp would move before evening 18th or moring 19th. 43 Recce Regt arrived in the afternoon and harboured immidiatly SW of HECHTEL.
18   Bn did not move from the woods near HECHTEL. Last minute maintenance especially on carrier tracks was carried out, and planning and orders completed. A composite pl RASC was attached to the Bn Gp for the operation.
19   Move expected but it did not materialise owing to the bridging of the canal at ST OEDENRODE. Orders received for move the following day on a Divisional march table. 43 Recce Regt and the Bn to be serial K 301. In the afternoon the Adjutant arrived back from a long trip to 33 R.H.U. bringing with him over a hundred reinforcements with three officers, Capt E. Stretton, Lieut E.H. Spooner and Lieut D.T. Wilson.
20   Bn moved off at approximately 1030 hrs, route was, of course, the main 30 Corps route through EINDHOVEN and GRAVE. Order of march was the same as already detailed. The Bn passed over the S.P. about an hour late owing to the congestion on the road and progress throughout the moring was very slow. At about 1300 hrs, when the Bn was halted immediately north of VALKENSWAARD E 4108, the Gp received orders to move to the east of EINDHOVEN to protect the right flank of the centre line from a supposed enemy threat from HELMAND E 5622. Coys were got into motion quickly and the B n took up a posn immediately west of GELDROP E 4916, A Coy right, B centre and C left, D Coy being further east with a patrol in GELDROP. 43 Recce Regt took up a posn behind and to the sougth of the Bn. Bn was in posn by 1500 hrs. Bn HQ at E 4716. It looked at the time as if the Gp might be in posn about 36 - 48 hrs and that, therefore, some amendment to the Gp's plans would be made. There were no incidents during the night. beyond several civilian reports of enemy tanks varying in numbers, form 15 to 100, to the north east of the Bn posn.
21   Liaison with loading elements of 11 Armd Div coming north towards GELDROP and HELMOND was effected during the day and the Bn front was gradually coverd. It was thought that the Bn would move on some time in the evening but the day was one of uncertainty about times. In the afternoon the Gp received order to concentrate preparatory to a move. The Adjutant left immediatly to recce the new area south west of NIJMEGEN. The Bn was lined up on the road leading into EINDHOVEN at about 1800 hrs, but did not move before 2000 hrs. The Bn took about three hours getting clear of EINDHOVEN on account of traffic blocks, diversions etc and began to arrive about 0700 hrs after a very tiring night march, which at one time might have been interfered with by the enemy in the area of VEGHEL E 4838. Bn harboured in the woody country around DE DIERVORT E 6656 and were in by 0730.
DE DIERVOORT 22   At about 1000 hrs Bn reveived order for maximum rest and to be prepared to move from 1300 hrs. The Brigadier visited the C.O. at about 1100 hrs and gave him the details of the plan for the afternoon's operation when 43 Div had captured ELST E 7070 and, if ELDON E 7275 was declared clear or reasonably clear, the Bn would move rapidly to ELST and there make a dash for the bridge at ARNHEM, near which, were the [rem.....nts] of the 1st British Para Bde still fighting. To support the Bn there would be the Sqn of the 13/18 H already u/c, three Fd Regts, two Med Regts and a Heavy Bty and, also, if weather conditions permitted, bomber and Typhoon sp. It was thought that the attack could not take place before 1600 hrs. The Bn plan was to move off from the S.P. in ELST in the following order. Tp of the Armd Sqn and C Coy to move as fast as possibe to the bridge, seize and hold it, A and B Coys task to be the clearing of the factory area immediatly south west of the bridge to a depth of 150 yds. As soon as possible after the seizing of the bridge a Bn of 43 Div was to take over from the Bn. Very shortly before 1500 hrs, the time when the Bn was due to move off down to NIJMEGEN - the transit area - the operation was cancelled, because ELST had not been taken by 43 Div. The Bn therefore had an interrupted evening and a restful night.
DE DIERVOORT to SLIJK EWIJK 23   Bn ordered about 1400 hrs to come u/c 43 Div Recce Regt and, with them, to be left flank protection on the "island" in the area of ANDELST E 6269. G.C. went to recce posns with C.O. 43 Div Recce Regt and the Bn began to move off about 1530 hrs. Progress was very slow, owing to traffic congestion on NIJMEGEN bridge and Coys did not get into posn until dark. Position was that there were three isolated Coy strongpoints each with a Sqn of the Recce who were to use the Coy as a firm base for their recce patrols. A Coy at RANDWYK 6175, B Coy at ANDELST 6269, C Coy at ZETTEN 6173, Bn HQ at SLIJK EWIJK 6568 immediately next door to the Recce Regt HQ. There was no contact with the enemy either during the move in or during the night.
SLIJK EWIJK 24   43 Div's future plan was to make an assault crossing of the NEDER RIJN near RENKUM 6277; to do this the centre line ANDELOT - ZETTEN - RANDWYK was required. The Gp was there ordered to establish itself on the line OPHEUSDEN 5575 - DODEWAARD 5669. Covered by patrols of the Recce Regt the Bn therefore moved forward to the following posns: A Coy OPHEUSDEN 5575, B Coy DODENWAARD 5669, C Coy in reserve for the western part of the island at HEMMEN 6072. B Coy got into posn without incident. A Coy met a little opposition from small outpost or possibly recce posns. Marjor Young-Smith, commanding A Coy, was unfortunately killed - the only casualty of the day. Information about the enemy was rather scanty at the time, though it was thought there were GAF tps opposed to us, holding the approx line OCHTEN 5270 - KESTEREN 5273 with outpost eastwards towards OPHEUSDEN. There had been and continued to be considerable activity on the north bank of the NEDER RIJN. The 43 Recce Regt had a Sqn at RANDWYK, one in reserve and one behind B Coy. All the Recce Regt's assault tps were put u/c, one tp being with A Coy, one as a junc between A and B Coys and one with B Coy. All Coys were in posn by midafternoon and Bn HQ moved up to ANDELST 6269. 413 Bty of 147 Fd Regt was in sp of the Bn. No incidents during the night. Standing patrols were of course sent out.
25   In the afternoon a second MG pl was sent up to join A Coy to strengthen their posn. In the morning the Bn moved to HEIN 5870. Bn at this time u/c 43 Recce Regt. There was little excitement during the day, beyond a little mortaring by both sides.
26   Enemy activity on the northern bank began to increase and the Recce Regt received information that the Germans intended to make a crossing. The crossing was in fact made by a party of some 30 - 40 infantery, but they were promptly engaged by A Coy with complete success. South of B Coy on the southern bank the situation was obscure though it was thought that the area was clear. In general, the enemy in front of the Bn were quiet and unenterprising.
27   Enemy made a sally in strength during the night crossing the river just west of RANDWYK an attacking A Sqn 43 Recce Regt in the early moring. 8th Armd Bde took over comd of 12 K.R.R.C. & 43 Recce Regt. Numbers thought to be between 300 and 400. The Sqn of the Recce Regt withdraw through C Coy, though they subsequently returned to posns immediately in front of C. Coy. Object of enemy uncertain; at the time it was thought that be merely intended to deny the south bank to us for a time, but from interrogation later it appeared that his object was to seize and hold RANDWYK and HETEREN. C Coy moved position alightly to meet this threat from the north and a MG Pl was fitted into the centre of the Coy. The enemy were first counterattacked by Coy of 7 Hampshires with a Sqn of 13/18 H. This attack never really got anywhere and a proper attack by two Bns of 214 Bde and two Sqns 4/7 D.G. was put in about 1600 hrs. This was, of course, successful and cleared up most of the enemy who, begin for the most part very old men, were rather tired out of their activities. A Coy had no contact with the enemy. [..] Coy also had no contact but were sheled a bit by guns on the north bank. The Pioneer Sec of 1 Warc was lent to the bn to go with a patrol of C Coy's down to the ferry at 556739 and booby trap it, as it was thought that the enemy who had escaped the day's slaughter might try to get away over that ferry. Patrol was uneventfjul.
28   Enemy on south bank of NEDER RIJN finally cleared up during the morning by 214 Bde. Bn had no part in this. The weatern flank was strengthened during the morning by the following changes. Bn took over responsibility from the NEDER RIJN to the RLY incl only and 43 Recce Regt took over the ground south of the rly. Bn to be responsible for linking up with 1 Worc on the right. B Coy therefore moved into position immediately west of A Coy in OPHEUSDEN about 1130 hrs. A Coy moved back slightly, strengthening their posn especially to the north. C Coy come into counterattack role for the Bn and for 43 Recce Regt in area HEMMEN STATION 5771 with a platoon [...] 580724. 511 Bty moved back into 147 Fd Regt gun area near ANDELST at 1030 hrs. Bn HQ moved to 597717. Changeover was without incident. In the evening message was received that Junc Pt between 1 Worc and 12 K.R.R.C. would be 857741, contact patrols to meet there at 0200, 0300 and 0530 hrs. Nearest Coy of 1 Worc was at 595750, a considerable distance form A Coy. These patrols done by A coy were without incident. B Coy was mortared a little at dawn and a small number of enemy who came in close seen off.
29   No contact with the enemy during the day, except the little brush with B Coy already mentioned. At 1400 hrs, I.O. representing the mythical mortar officer, went to 214 Bde HQ to get orders for the Divisional mortar harrassing plan. Bn to fire on RD JUNCS 551755, 539751, 541745. A Coy ordered to fire from 1600 - 1700 hrs erratiocally and twice during the night. Allottment of amn, 1st Shoot 60 rds and for the night 36 rds. Brigadier visited C.O. in the morning. B Coy fired 140 H.E. mortar (excl of Div plan) on selected points in front of them. During the night there were three Junction Patrols with 1 Worc abd a Listening patrols near MANESWAARD ferry.
30   Nothing to report during the day beyond continuation of Div harrassing play. During the night 1 Worc were relieved by 7 S.L.I. and B Coy sent out a patrol down the Rly, which discovered some freshly dug, though empty, weapon slits about half a mile west of the Station 5273. Patrol was fired on wildly by rifle fire form the south. A Coy did three Junction Patrols with Bn on the right.

Source: Joris Nieuwint, The Battlefield Explorer, transcribing: Babs Vietje.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.