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Army Form C.2118
Unit: The Hallamshire Bn. The York & Lancaster Regiment
Month and Year: September 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. T. Hart Dyke
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
FIELD 1   The Bn was at rest in VIEUX PORT, when it was ordered to cross the river SEINE and to concentrate in the area of AUBERVILLE 8428 with the object of taking part in an attack on LE HAVRE using the railway bridge at ROUEN for M.T. and the ferry at CAUDEBEC for marching tps. As this meant a long march for marching tps permission was applied for to cross in local boats which had been found and patched up by the Pnrs at VIEUX PORT thus saving 8 miles of marching. Permission was given for one Coy to cross in this manner. This was successfully accomplished in spite of a swift current which meant haulage on either bank between journeys. As a result when the Bn was given the option of moving the rest of the marching tps this way, provided they completed the crossing by 2100 hrs, it was decided to cross only the Comd Post and 'O' Gp with a man-handled 19 set at VIEUX PORT as the time of crossing was so dependent on the tides. After an adventurous journey in leaky boats competing with a fast current, the Comd Post and 'O' Gp moved inland in a charcoal burning lorry which was put at our disposal by the F.F.I. This veh could not climb the steep hill on the direct road and thus the Comd Post and 'O' Gp liberated LILLEBONNE en route after dark, receiving a great ovation. It then joined "C" Coy in the concentration area to wait for the rest of the bn. The rest of the marching tps were placed on the unit and supporting arms vehs while the other bns of the brigade had to march.
2   At 0700 hrs the Bn had not arrived in the conc area. Accordingly, the Commanding Officer went to ROUEN to meet them. It was found that the bridge was an improvised affair built on the ruins of a blown railway bridge. Crossing was very slow, furthermore, the "B" Echelon of all units moved with their unit's vehs, several other fmns were also using the br which had been allotted solely to 49 Div. Although it had started to move at 2000 hrs the previous evening, it was 1300 hrs before the bn's first veh crossed the br at ROUEN 28 miles from VIEUX PORT. The Bn was complete in the conc area 27 miles beyond ROUEN by 1700 hrs having had no sleep. It moved fwd behind 4 Lincolns to take up a posn at ROUTOT 6228, while 4 Lincolns cleared the enemy from their outpost posn at GAINNEVILLE 5928. It would have been much quicker to have crossed all marching tps by ferry at VIEUX PORT although this might not have been completed before dark, or alternatively, to have marched.
3   1/4 K.O.Y.L.I. now moved fwd on the left of 4 Lincolns, both bns patrolling fwd to discover the locn and extent of the LE HAVRE defs. In the afternoon Hallamshires came under comd of 56 Bde, who were advancing on LE HAVRE from the North East. As 56 Bde had only 2 coys of one Bn across the SEINE, the Bn, with one sqn tanks under comd, moved via ROLLEVILLE to probe fwd on the axis FONTENAY 5534 - Pt 685330. The Bn stopped in the farms and copses at 548330 for the night, without having made direct contact with the enemy. During the night patrols were sent to MONTIVILLIERS Sta, X tracks at 542317, LES MURETS Fm, X rds at 535234 and FREVILLE. No contact was made with the enemy and the Pnrs commenced clearing the minefd at X rds 535234 in the dark.
3   The Bn was ordered to continue to probe fwd the following day if this could be done without casualties, preparatory to handing over to 2 Glosters. In the afternoon the Corps Comd issued an ultimatum to the Comd of the Garrison. This was rejected. 8 PW were taken during the day.
3   Cas: O.Rs. wounded 2.
4   2 PW were brought in by a first light patrol from "B" Coy. One pl each from both "A" & "B" Coys moved fwd towards pt 68, each supported by one tp tks. Soon after crossing the Start Line the tps came under observation from the main enemy defs. The enemy DF task was brought down and the tps were ordered to withdraw. The Brigadier subsequently confirmed that no further move fwd was to take place. The Bn then remained in observation locating enemy posts and bringing down mortar and arty concs on them from a perfect O.P. Shelling of the Bn area also took place with shells of heavy calibre. In the evening 2 Glosters took over, and the Bn returned in M.T. to ROUTOT, in the pouring rain, arriving at midnight.
4   Cas: O.Rs. wounded 8.
5   The Bn remained in Bde res at ROUTOT. LE HAVRE was bombed by the R.A.F.
6   The Bn remained at rest in the area at ROUTOT and now had to consider the possibility of carrying out four roles in the assault on LE HAVRE.
6   (a) To pass through a Bn of 56 Bde, who were attacking from the North.
6   (b) To pass through a Bn of 147 Bde, who were attacking from the North East via MONTIVILLIERS.
6   (c) To pass through the fwd Bn of 146 Bde, who were attacking from the East.
6   (d) To carry out a left flanking movement on LE HAVRE, i.e. moving along the low ground beyond the canal along the North bank of the SEINE.
6   In view of the possibility of (d). the Commanding Officer carried out a recce of the area br over the canal to rd junc 614262. The br was found to be blown. Conflicting reports from the F.F.I. who were observing the buildings in area 5726 - 5826 regarding the strength of the enemy in these buildings made it necessary for a recce patrol to be sent out that night. Capt. A.C. Somers commanded the patrol, which crossed the canal by night. The buildings were found to be unoccupied.
6   The following offrs joined the Bn:- Major J.A. Boucher, D.L.I.; Capt. G.B. Murray, D.L.I.; Capt. S.H. Smith. R. Warwicks; Lieut. R.E. Judge, W. Yorks.
6   Major J.H. Mott left the Bn.
7   In view of Capt. Somer's report, it was decided to make a further recce to ascertain if the Schneider Works 5526 was occupied by enemy and obtain infm regarding the minefd surrounding it. This patrol was commanded by Capt. Pearce. It located the enemy on the canal bank 200 yds East of the Scheider Works.
8   Bn recces were made from areas 5331 - 5330 (in view of role 1) 5429 - 5428 (in view of role 2).
9   The Div Comd issued an ultimatum to the Garrison which was refused. 15 Kangaroos were att to the Bn. The Kangaroo is an improvised armd veh for carrying inf into battle. Sherman SP mountings for fd arty which were used in the initial landing operations are used for this purpose. They ensure that the inf advance across the Start Line without being held up by small arms fire. Appx. “A”
9   The Bde Comd issued his orders, whereby Hallamshires were to be in reserve for the assault, but were to be prepared to:-
9   (a) Pass through 4 Lincolns, i.e. West from canal 5227 and adv on LE HAVRE.
9   (b) Pass through fwd Bns of 147 Bde and mop up high ground West of River LEZARDE 5427.
9   (c) To move through 147 Bde into LE HAVRE.
9   One sqn 9 R.T.R. was to be in sp of the Bn.
10   The assault was to be launched this evening after a heavy bombing attack. Appx “B”
10   A Church parade was held in the morning.
10   The attack on LE HAVRE commenced at 1600 hrs with the RAF dropping approx 3,000 tons of bombs on enemy defs, 147 and 56 Bdes advance from the NE commenced immediately afterwards. L.Os had been sent by the Bn to Bns of these Bdes taking the most important part in the attack, with the result that we were able to keep close touch with the operations, which was of great value. The Bn was at 15 minutes to move, but the attack proceeded according to plan and the Bn was not called upon. Overprint Map of LE HAVRE defs at …….
11   The Bn 'Stood To' again at 0500 hrs, but owing to the continued success of 147 and 56 Bdes it did not seem as if the Bn would be used, and it was with disappointment that the Hallamshires noticed that one of their roles, i.e., that of passing through 147 Bde was assigned to the D.W.R. Late in the evening orders were received for the Bn to pass through 4 Lincolns who had reached HARFLEUR and to clear the South side of the town. O.Os at … Appx “C” and “D”
12   Bn moved off in tpt, Route being: Road ROUTOT 6228 – GAINNEVILLE 5928 – HARFLEUR – Rd junc 550276 – Rd junc 503261. The Adv Cd comprised 'D' Coy in Kangaroos - The Carrier Pl - One Sqn 9 RTR - One sec mortars - one sec Pnrs. At approx 550276 all veh movement was held up by obstructions and craters and the Pnrs immediately commenced demolishing road block with explosives and a Bulldozer was sent for. Meanwhile 'D' Coy debussed and pushed fwd on foot with instructions to report on Br 539268 and to est brhead on other side if necessary. 'B' Coy also came fwd pushed along the route. The obstacles being demolished and craters sufficiently filled, the column commenced to move fwd. 'D' Coy then reported that Br 526268 demolished, and were instructed to investigate Br 526263, one pl 'B' Coy to take over Br 539268. The RA reported A Tk gun at 523265 and mortars were ordered to engage, but before they could do so, the tanks reported it had moved back. The Comd Post was at this time at rd junc 539271. It suddenly came under heavy concentrated fire from 2 cm A/A/ A tk guns on high ground 545280 which had previously been reported clear of enemy, and were pinned by fire. Mortars were ordered to engage, but had to cease fire owing to proximity of 4 Lincolns. The tanks, however, immediately commenced stonking posns which were now pinning both 'B' and 'A' Coys. The RSF who had cleared this ridge the previous evening again cleared it with the assistance of Carriers and white flags were soon observed on the posn. However, this was not before a number of cas had been sustained by 'B' Coy, the Carrier pl, and RA personnel with the C.O's Comd Post. The C.O. and Major Newton were also both slightly wounded by shell splinters, but were able to carry on. 'D' Coy by this time were beyond Br 518260 and pushing on. 'B' Coy was at Br 526264 and 'A' and 'C' Coys with the Comd Post advanced to Br 538267.
12   'D' Coy now mopped up the area 5026 and at 1130 hrs the Bn had captured 112 PW. There was some opposition from South side of Canal and 'A' Coy were ordered to cross in boats at 517260. Meanwhile Cpl Ellis Pioneer Pl was able to remove the charges and disconnect the plunger in a nearby Pill Box and thus saved the Br at 503260 from being blown. This enabled 'C' Coy to cross into the docks area, but soon after large demolitions in the docks started taking place. The C.O. who had his Comd Post first over Br 503260 immediately ordered all tps back across Canal and clear of docks to avoid severe casualties. Lieut McNeile had been killed by a sniper in this area. By this time 1500 hrs approx 500 PW bad been captured by the Bn. The Bn was then ordered by the Brigadier to clear the docks on the South bank of the Canal to prevent further demolitions and stated that this was of such importance that casualties must be accepted. 'A' and 'B' Coys crossed in boats with orders to mop up areas 5225 5325 5425 down to and incl Schneider Works, while 'C' and 'D' Coys were to mop up Western end of docks incl the South mole. In order to avoid heavy cas one pl of 'C' Coy crossed the Br at 503260 with the Comd Post and a Tp of Div Recce which was seized upon as being sniper proof as it passed by. Only one man was wounded by snipers and as demolitions had stopped the remainder of 'C' and 'D' Coys were called fwd.
12   The operation was completed in the dark just before midnight. A total of 1005 P.oW, one submarine and three Dorniers were captured and an area including dozens of pillboxes extending 7000 yards from East to West and 2000 yards in width cleared of the enemy. It was fortunate that the enemy […] little resistance.
12   Cas: Offrs: Killed: Lieut H. McNeile. ORs: Wounded: 15 (5 remained at duty).
13   Bn moved out to LA CERLANGUE to refit.
14   Rest day. Capts C.A. Mackillop and L Gill rejoined the Bn.
14   Notification was received that the C in C had approved the following immediate awards: DSO Lt.Col. T. Hart-Dyke, MC Major J.A.H. Nicholson, MC Major L.M. Lonsdale-Cooper, MC Capt. P.G. Griffiths RAMC. These awards were for services at FONTENAY LE PESNIL and VENDES in June 1944. They were celebrated with champagne captured from German barracks at LE HAVRE.
15   Rest Day.
16   Rest Day.
17   A Ceremony was held at the village Church to celebrate the liberation The C.O. made a speech in French in reply to the Maire, who spoke in English. It was learnt at the conclusion of the ceremony that the Maire had been denounced as a collaborator. This awkward situation was smoothed over with a glass of champagne.
18   Rest Day.
19   The Bn began to move with the remainder of the Div to rejoin 1st Cdn Army, on the Belgian - Dutch Frontier. The Bn stayed at BOSCROCOURT 5 miles SW of LE TREPORT. O.O. at … Appx “E”
20   The Bn remained at BOSCROCOURT.
21   The Bn continued to move up to the front, staying at PHALEMPHIN, three miles South of LILLE. Major M.C.K. Halford visited ENNEVELIN, where the HQ of 6 Bn The York & Lancaster Regt were located in 1939-1940. The Bn drums which had been left at this place, could not be found. O.O. at … Appx “F”
22   The Bn made the final stage in the move up, moving into a posn at NYLEN. The enemy were holding the North bank of the ESCAUT Canal thinly, but had been sending patrols across it, principally in search of food. The Bn was consequently tactically dispersed with Standing Patrols fwd. There was nothing however to report. Contact with 8 Cdn Recce Regt indicated that the enemy had nearly completed withdrawal. O.O. at ... Appx “G”
23   2 Cdn Div who were on our left, secured a crossing and erected a Br. The Bn received a warning order to move not before 1000 hrs 24 Sep behind 4 Lincolns through LIERRE and OOSTMALLE and there to cross the TURNHOUT Canal. In the evening a Dance was held in co-operation with the Belgians, it was a huge success as it was discovered that the Yorkshire accent could be understood by the Flemings.
24   The Bn moved fwd and on reaching OOSTMALLE was ordered to come in on the right flank of the Bde, moving through the Woods in squares 93069406, to effect a crossing on that sector. Contact was made with a Bn of the Armιe Secrθte. Their C.O. was att to Bn HQ and guides were provided to lead the Coys through the Woods. The Carrier Pl, followed by 'A' Coy, moved fwd on the left of the Bn's area and reached the Canal bank. Mines were encountered on the bank but the Pnrs were able to deal with these. Both 'A' Coy and the Carrier Pl tried to draw fire from the far bank without success. 'A' Sqn Recce Regt reported that enemy movement had been seen on the far bank. This was confirmed at 1425 hrs when the Carrier Pl reported movement at 953071. 'C' Coy had moved to the Canal bank in the centre of the sector and 'B' Coy on the right. 'B' Coy reported snipers on the far bank. Orders were received from the Brigadier at 1800 hrs. 4 Lincolns were to cross the Canal at 935075 and Hallams were to make a diversionary crossing on the right. The C.O. decided to put 'D' Coy across at 2330 hrs at 955070, through 'C' Coy. At 2330 hrs 'D' Coy began to cross. The crossing place however, was immediately subjected to small arms fire from the far bank at point blank range. It was found impossible to launch a boat across the high bank and Capt D.R. Bell was seriously wounded. Although the enemy apparently had no automatic weapon the boat was riddled with bullets every time it was placed on the bank. The Coy was therefore ordered to desist from the attempt to cross. Shortly after mid-night the I.O. was sent to Bde HQ to explain the situation. The Brigadier ordered that, as 4 Lincolns had crossed the Canal without opposition, there was no need for Hallams to cross the Canal. The diversion was however, to be maintained. Accordingly the bulk of the Bn was withdrawn, leaving a pl of 'A', 'B' and 'D' Coys under Comd of 'D' Coy HQ on the bank to maintain fire. Total PW 2.
24   Cas: Offrs: wounded Capt D.R. Bell. O.Rs: wounded 1.
25   1/4 K.0.Y.L.I. passed through 4 Lincolns to take the village of RYCKEVORSEL 9209. The Bn moved up behind the K.O.Y.L.I. and was ordered to move fwd on the axis MERXPLAS 0010 - POPPEL 1219. 1/4 K.O.Y.L.I. and 'A' Sqn Recce Regt found many enemy to the North East and West of the village and were hotly engaged. It was found impossible to proceed along the axis. Accordingly the C.O. decided to move 'B' Coy along the track 936076 - 951093, and 'A' and 'C' Coys remaining in the area 933093, hoping by this means, to bypass resistance and push on along the axis. 'B' Coy made good progress through the Woods and 'C' Coy were brought round to clear on the East of 'B' Coy. 'B' Coy reached 951093 without meeting opposition, but 'C' Coy encountered enemy in the neighbourhood of BLACK HEIDE 9508 and were counter attacked. They succeeded however in fighting their way through to the main rd after losing Lieut Toon and three ORs killed. 'D' Coy were in the meantime, brought up from the South bank of the Canal. 'A' Sqn Recce reported that the enemy had made off to the East. 'D' Coy were accordingly pushed along the axis after them, being instructed to keep at least 50 yds away from the rd itself. Unfortunately they moved along the ditches on either side of the rd and consequently encountered heavy shell fire, which was all the more effective as the rd was lined with trees, causing the shells to burst in the air. The men were therefore naturally without cover and suffered many casualties incl Capt A. Pearce. The Coy became somewhat demoralised but were led fwd again by Capt J Hall, and pulled together by Major J. Boucher, who was wounded, but had remained fwd and carried on till dark. It was now getting dark, so the Bn re-organised in the area 950094 where a good field of fire could be obtained. Total PW: 15.
25   Cas: Offrs: Killed Capt W.A. Pearce and 2/Lt H.P. Toon, Wounded: Major J. Boucher. O.Rs: Killed 12, Wounded 10.
26   At first light a bicycle Coy attacked Southwards between 1/4 KOYLI and ourselves. The rd was cut but the infiltrating party was mopped up without much difficulty. A pl of 'B' Coy was sent out to make contact with 1/4 KOYLI and was soon able to report all clear. 1/4 KOYLI Carriers carried out recce on the line of three farms stretching from 953104. to 939100. These were found to be unoccupied. In the meantime 'A' Coy , supported by tks, had been clearing the Woods in which 'C' Coy had encountered enemy the previous day. The area was cleared up to the rly line 950078 – 964089, which was the boundary with 4 Lincolns. This boundary was then patrolled. During the whole day fierce fighting took place in the Western part of the brhead. The Br however, was held and the enemy driven back by 2 SWB and 1 Leicesters. Infiltration continued however, and it was not possible to mop up during the daylight. Total PW 63.
26   Cas: Offrs: Wounded (remained at duty) 2/ Lt. K.N. Hardy. O.Rs: Killed 1, Wounded 3 (one remained at duty).
27   Sharp fighting continued on the Western part of the Brhead. On the Eastern side strong enemy force penetrated through the Woods between 4 Lincolns and surrounded them. Much confused fighting took place here, and along the Canal bank, where the factories were still held by the enemy. At one time it appeared that there were more Germans inside the brhead than outside. 'A' and 'C' Coys pushed fwd to the Depot DEMENDICITE, while 'B' Coy moved North to attack the fm at 950104 which had been occupied during the night. Heavy Arty fire was brought down on this fm, and a fierce hand to hand encounter ensued. The farm was captured by Lieut J Wollerton's pl of 'B' Coy and the enemy suffered very heavy cas. Throughout the whole of this phase the enemy was no where dug in, consequently the arty was able to inflict very heavy cas . 'A' Coy captured the houses at 968098 taking a pl complete. An A Tk gun was located at 972098. 'C' Coy cleared through the Woods to the North of the axis capturing large numbers of bicycles. In the evening the Bn moved back into its previous posn. Total PW 1 Offr, 71 O.Rs. Appx “H”
27   Cas: ORs Wounded 5 (2 remained at duty)
27   O.O. at …
28   The Bn repeated the previous days programme. 'A' Coy re-occupied the houses at 968098. An attempt was made to deal with the A Tk gun but was unsuccessful, one tk being lost. 'C' Coy moved through the Woods, set up a base and patrolled fwd to the DEPOT DE MENDICITE. Much infm was obtained regarding this posn, and those to the North of the ditch. 'B' Coy took up a posn in the NW corner of the Woods, 'D' Coy remaining behind as a firm base. The Brigadier visited Bn HQ and gave the plan for the next day. 7 DWR were moving at this time into a posn between ourselves and 4 Lincolns. 1 Leicesters were to move through us the next morning and clear the DEPOT DE MENDICITE. 7 DWR on the right were to move fwd to conform, and we were to seize the North end of the ditch, and create a diversion on the left flank. The C.O. went to a conference at HQ 147 Bde as a result of which the following plan was made. 'A' Coy were to re-occupy the houses at 968098 which would be used as an OP. 'C' Coy were to capture the strong pt at the North end of the ditch, subsequently pushing fwd inside the compound and engaging the posns to the North. 'B' Coy were to move behind 'C' Coy with Tks engaging the Woods to the North by fire only and subsequently the posns North of the ditch. When this operation had been completed, the Polish Armd Div was to pass through to seize TILBURG. Late in the evening, 1 Leicesters were infm that an enemy post was in posn on their start line. Appx “I”
28   O.O. at …
28   Cas: ORs Wounded 1.
29   H hr for the attack on the DEPOT DE MENDICITE was 0530 hrs. By this time the opposition on the Leicesters start line had still not been overcome, consequently the Coy of 1 Leicesters who were to attack Northwards and capture the houses at 972098, suffered cas and were unable to make progress. 'A' Coy moved fwd to occupy the houses at 968098 and found that the enemy had re-occupied them. With the help of a tp of tks 'A' Coy attacked the house, dislodged the enemy and re-occupied the houses. Meanwhile at H hr 'C' Coy made their way to the edge of the Woods which stopped 300 yds short of the wall and ditch and rushed the posn at the North end of the ditch under the cover of darkness. The Pl Comd (Lieut R.M. Judge) and Cpl Harper got to the top of the bank amid a hail of grenades and small arms fire. Appx “J”
29   Lieut RM Judge was wounded, but Cpl Harper with superb bravery tackled the post single handed, a number of the enemy was killed and captured, the remainder swam across the dyke being shot up by Sten Guns en route. The Cpl then got his men to occupy the posn and himself carried out a recce under fire to find the Leicesters and a place to cross the ditch. This he achieved but was killed shortly after. 'C' Coy were unable to get across the ditch owing partly to its depth, and partly because of small arms fire from the far bank. 'B' Coy moved fwd along the North edge of the Woods supported by tks engaging the enemy posns to the North. In the meantime a Coy of 1 Leicesters had effected a crossing of the ditch farther to the South. 'C' Coy were ordered to cross behind them and carry out the original plan. Two Coys of 1 Leicesters were now inside the compound, and began clearing Eastwards and Southwards. The Polish Armd Div now moved up and began to adv in spite of the fact that the axis had not yet been cleared. Ignoring the warning that an A Tk gun covered the rd, one tk moved off down it and was knocked out. South of the main rd the Coy of 1 Leicesters and 7 DWR on their right could make little progress against the enemy line which ran Southwards in continuation of the ditch. The Polish Armd Div axis was moved Southwards and a Bn attacked with tks between 1 Leicesters and 7 DWR. 'C' Coy penetrated the compound but were unable to move NE. The Carrier pl was sent in to sp them and Wasps were also brought into use. When he knew that tracks could get into the compound, the C.O. decided to send 'A' Coy and a tp of tks in to clear the Northern half, 'B' Coy meanwhile protecting the left flank. At this stage the leading coy of 1 Leicesters were counter attacked and surrounded. Some 30 of the coy broke out and made their way back to 'C' Coy, who were about 100 yds inside the compound. Capt LG Sneath in comd of the Carrier pl, reported enemy in posn in the Northern part of the compound. Mortar fire was brought down on them and they began to move Westwards. Arty fire, observed by Capt LG Sneath was brought down on them and heavy cas inflicted. The survivors took refuge in the ditches running North and South through the compound. These were dealt with by tks moving East and West and shooting down the ditches with Besa. Very heavy cas estimated at about 100 were inflicted on the enemy. Measures were now taken to re-organise for the night. 1 Leicesters were withdrawn to hold the SW corner of the compound, whilst 'A', 'B' and 'C' Coys took up posns in the Northern edge of the Woods. O.O. at …
29   Total PW 13.
29   Cas: Offrs: Wounded Major IM Lonsdale Cooper MC, Lieut RM Judge. O.Rs: Killed 3, Wounded 19 (4 remained at duty).
30   In the early hrs of the morning some alarm was caused by a report from 1 Leicesters that a Spandau was in posn outside our Bn HQ. It later became known that a party of 1 Leicesters had been coming down the rd to guide up their cooks vehs and had been challenged in a foreign language. The Challenge had come from a Polish Offr commanding a tp of 17 pdrs outside Bn HQ. The guides took to their heels on hearing this challenge whereupon the Poles, well knowing that they were British Tps, fired a burst from a Bren Gun above their heads as a joke. The situation was soon restored.
30   The Bn remained in its posns protecting the axis of the Polish Arm Div, who moved on to take MERXPLAS. Some shelling of our posns took place.
30   Cas: O.Rs Wounded 2.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.