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Army Form C.2118
Unit: CE 8 Corps
Month and Year: June 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Brig. H.H.C. Sugden, DSO, OBE
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
Worth Priory 2   Visited of CE 21 Army Group to Corps HQ
5   CE visited CRE Gds Armd Div.
Worth Priory 7 1130 CE and SORE (Int) let permanent Locn for Marshalling area, as part of 8 Corpd TAC HQ
HORNDEAN 7 1600 Arrived in Marshalling area
10 1930 TAC HQ left Marshalling area for Embarkation area
GOSPORTH 10 2130 TAC HQ arrived Embakation area
Worth Priory 11 0200 SO II ansd SORE III (stores) left permanent locn for Marshalling Area ( Party 2)
GOSPORTH 11 0700 TAC HQ embarked
SOUTHAMPTON 12 1600 Party 2 embarked
QUISTERHAM 12 2000 TAC HQ disembarked - (Queen - Roger beach)
LANTHEUIL 12 2330 TAC HQ established
CREULLY 13 1400 CE and SORE (Int) visited CE Second Army - purpose general liaison
LE DELIURANDE 13 2200 Party 2 disembarked - (Mike Beach)
LANTHEUIL 14 0830 Party 2 rejoined TAC HQ, CE'sHQ now complete with exeption of 1 clerk, and attached RE air ph interpreter
BAYEUX 14 1600 SO (Int) visited CE 30 coprs - purpose general liaison and review of stores situation
CREPON 15   SO III ( stores) visited RE Stores Dumps
CREULLY 15   SO (Int) visited CE Second Army - purpose checking of river gaps from air phs, examination of R. Mine '43.
16   Conference of CE and CE 1 Corps - discussion of Operation "Dreadnought".
16 2230 OC 612 Fd Sqn RE briefed by CE for construction of br over ORNE CANAL for Operation "Dreadnought".
17   SO (Int) visited CE 1 Corps and CRE 51 Div - object route infm on rds between R. ORNE and R. DIVES. SO III (Stores) visited RE stores dump to check on pontoon situation for proposed br. Not satisfactory and CRASC Bridging Coln informed.
17 0130 Bailey Pl and Pontoon Pl placed uner comd 8 Corps
17 1610 Two Sections more of a Bailey Pl placed under comd 8 corps
17 2100 CE visited CRE 11 Armd Div reference Operation "Dreadnought".
18 0900 CE attended conference at Second Army; visited captured Radar station at DOUVRES. Details of tk tracks in 1 Corps Area obtained - recce and marking of tracks in 8 Corps Area to link up with these ordered.
18   p.m.: Br Eqpt for Operation "mDreadnought"moved down to site and work approaches commenced.
18 2300 Operation "Dreadnought" cancelled. All stores returned.
20 1800 CE held conference with CsRE 11 Arm. Div, 15 (S) Div and A.R.E. - subject RE role in Operation "Epsom". Marking of tk tracks in Corps area complete.
21   Visit of CRASC Bridging Coln to CE - subject moves of br eqpt for "Epsom". CE attended conference at Second Army , subject - RE work on Operation "EPSOM".
21 2130 "Q" conference to determine routes for "Epsom".
22 0900 Following fmns and units placed under comd 8 Corps - one Sqn 6 Assault Regt RE and One Sqn W. Dgns ( flails)
23   CRE 43 Div reported to CE on arrival ashore.
24   8 Coprs RE Operation Order for Operation "Epsom" issued see Appx "A"
25   Operation "Epsom"commenced
26   CRE 8 Corps Tps arrived in Theatre to take over comd of tps so fa u/c CE, viz 224 Fd Coy RE and HQ of 508 Fd Pk Coy RE
27   66 Fd Coy RE formerly u/c CE, now placed u/c CRE 8 Corps Tps for Operation "Epsom".
27 2359 25 Mech Eqpt Sec formerly u/c CE now placed u/c CRE 8 corps Tps
28 1200 All br eqpt under comd CRASC 24 Tpt Coln (Br) now at CREULLY moved up to area BRETTEVILLE 9271
30   CRE 53 (W) Div reported to RE. 53 Div now u/c 8 Corps.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Theo Vervoort.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.