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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 9 Brit Inf Bde
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Brig. G.D. Browne
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
1 0600 A quiet night, our patrols failing to contact any enemy during hours of darkness.
1 1158 There was a minor excitement owing to report from 1 KOSB of hy tracks being heard on East of rly. This was later allayed after all precautions had been ordered in bns. These reports are all the more significant owing to withdrawal of 9 Pz Div from the MEIJEL battle after their rebuff. Int circles have thus lost contact with this armd fmn for time being.
1 1500 The quietude of the day was disrupted by a fierce but short bout of shelling, most of the shells falling in and around the HQ area. One shell hit a jeep 15 yds away from our comd veh and exploded it in flames. A hut next to, also caught fire and feverish activity in the HQ, led by the BM, coped magnificently with the situation and confined the fire to the hut and jeep, both finally burning completely.
1 1930 At around this time both 2 RUR and 2 Lincolns reported witnessing the launching of flying projectiles into the sky a great distance away to the NE, bearing 65 degrees mag from 784237. Three of these were seen launched between 1830 and 1900 hrs, subsequently flying over our own posns at great speed. 1 KOSB OP also saw the incidents.
1 2045 Patrol 1 KOSB going to house 798315 were challenged by a German sentry at track junc 799315. Immediately after the challenge, the sentry commenced firing and was joined by a further German. These, both firing machine pistols, forced our patrol to withdraw, but the patrol comd considers he inflicted one cas on the Boche. No cas in our patrol. The enemy shows increasing eagerness in sending patrols across the rly line at this pt.
1 2359 Posns at this hour. 2 Lincolns HQ 769299, Coys 775294 779291 777294 783295 1 KOSB HQ 785322 Coys 784322 789317 795325 795315 791320. 2 RUR HQ 784284, Coys 784287, 790288, 784284, 787291.
2 0100 In brilliant moonlt our patrols observed some enemy mov and confirm that though little is seen of the boche during daylt he is still firm in his original posns on the East side of rly, from 805340 West down the line of the MOLENBEEK to 799330, thence South along line of OOSTRUM 8027 – HOLTHEES 8032 rly. Sec C coy 1 KOSB observing from 795324 witnessed a rather unusual sight. They saw a party of Germans, five or six in all, driving a herd of cattle from East to West across the rly line at 797324 and, after crossing, turned South for 50 yds or so, and returned to their own side of he line.
2 0600 Further patrolling by 2 RUR and 2 Lincolns did est small enemy posts in their areas but other than this nothing out of ordinary occurred.
2 1400 Again our OPs have reported some flying projectile activity, one flying over our lines heading NW.
2 1700 Bde Comd held an 'O' Gp at this HQ, in which he discussed with the bn comds the change-over with 8 Brit Inf Bde which is due to take place on Saturday 5 Nov.
2 1900 2 Lincolns and 2 RUR are carrying out a mine laying task fwd of their fwd posns this evening. This task has been planned with object of denying obvious lines of approach to the enemy and Brit Mk IV mines are being laid.
2   The detailed plan is as follows:- To be laid by
2   2 Lincolns (a) 788300-79298 (b) 790297-790295
2   2 RUR (c) 791289-794289 (d) 788284-787283 (e) 787283-786283.
2 2303 2 RUR reported the laying of minefds (c) and (e) were completed without incident and that (d) being laid by D Coy, was interrupted by an enemy patrol penetrating between the covering and laying parties. The enemy patrol str approx twelve men, engaged the minelaying party killing two before withdrawing, owing to this unpleasant visit by the boche the laying of this fd has been abandoned for the moment. It is believed the enemy were investigating mining carried out by bn 185 Inf Bde on our right during later hrs of daylt today.
2 2350 2 Lincolns reported their two minefds completed without incident.
2 2359 Bn posns unchanged from yesterday.
3 0600 Beyond contact made by 2 RUR minelaying party there was very little else to report regarding enemy mov during hrs of darkness.
3 1000 2 RUR intend to complete their minelaying this evening.
3 1800 A great part of the day has been spent in preparing for our change-over with 8 Brit Inf Bde on the morrow. In order to give 8 Brit Inf Bde the most up to-date picture of enemy posns and habits, the Bde Comd has ordered an extensive patrolling programme for tonight. Each of the bns will be patrolling as far fwd as possible, ten patrols in all op on the bde front to achieve this end.
3 1900 2 RUR continued their task of minelaying fwd of their posns area 788284 - 787283 and by 2135 hrs had completed their task, this time without incident. Comd 2 RUR is averse to marking the enemy side of the minefds with the appropriate "Mine" signs and protective fences and so far has not done so.
3 1935 Unit OPs again reported some "rocket" activity – projectiles being heard crossing our posns at great speed.
3 1950 Some excitement was caused opposite the left fwd coy of 1 KOSB at 795324 when after a bout of small arms fire the Germans fired off a green and white verey lt calling down a particularly hy mortar conc on 1 KOSB fwd pl posns. This signal, first seen yesterday, seems to be a call for hy mortar fire, as on both occasions, these green and white signals have resulted in mortaring of our posns. This fact was notified to Div for infm of flanking fmns.
3 2300 Our posns at last It were unchanged from those occupied on Nov 1.
4 0300 A small German patrol, str four men, bumped into a 2 RUR A tk gun posn at 785283. On being engaged by the sentry on the gun the patrol replied with grenades and a small fire fight ensued. A sentry nearby from B Coy 2 Mx also joined in and these two sentries finally forced the boche to withdraw leaving behind one dead German sgt. No means of identification were discovered on the body.
4 0600 A complete blank was registered by our patrols during the night, no contact being made with the enemy. This is rather a disappointment as our patrols, nine in all, visited all parts of our front in their probes for infm of enemy posns.
4 0830 Relief of 2 RUR by 1 S Lan R commenced and will be followed later in the day by the relief of 2 Lincolns by 1 Suffolk. 2 RUR when relieved, will relieve 1 KOSB and 1 KOSB will then proceed to area ST ANTHONIS 7238 where they will conc as div res. 2 Lincolns, when relieved, will proceed to conc less one coy in area 7633. The coy mentioned will be under comd 2 RUR.
4 2000 All reliefs had been completed and posns of units in the bde was as follows:- 2 RUR, with one coy 2 Lincolns under comd, have their HQ at 785322 and rifle coys at 794324, 795317, 794315, 785310 and one pl at night lies up at 795328. 2 Lincolns with bn HQ at 770322 had coys at 765331, 770329 and 768330. 1 KOSB have not yet quite completed their conc but when completed will have their HQ at 725381 and coys at 740358, 728374, 731376 and 735364. Bde HQ is est 753322. During the day we have lost direct sp of guns 33 Fd Regt RA and now have 7 Fd Regt RA in sp.
4   3 Recce Regt have come under comd and are responsible for the area VIERLINGSBEEK - VORTUM and have posns at 741353, 784335, 776363, 705365 and Regtl HQ at 720336.
5 0115 B Sqn 3 Recce Regt reported that a Boche patrol in some str had infiltrated into their fwd tp posns at 795341. Quite a battle ensued, lasting for 30 mins, when the Boche withdrew in the direction of their own posns.
5 0210 Cas sustained were two wounded, no enemy cas have been noticed lying around although cas are known to have been inflicted on enemy.
5 0600 Other events during night were lacking in interest, no contact being made our patrols although one of the standing patrols saw an MG firing down the line of rly from area opposite 797324; this being followed at 0210 hrs by a couple of bursts of tracer also fired along line of rly from approx same area. No reason can be assessed for these haphazard shoots other than the fact that they are a German attempt to draw the fire of and pinpoint our weapons.
5 1800 2 RUR standing patrol to 798318 had a very good day observing from this posn and obtained a great deal of infm about the enemy. Consisting of a Sgt and four OR’s the patrol left before first It and est its OP in the house at 798318, a mere 10 yds from the rly itself.
5   From their OP patrol observed enemy mov throughout the day and reported following incidents:-
5   (i) Seven or eight Germans were seen wandering about two houses 798319 0700-0800 hrs.
5   (ii) A senior offr seen approaching one of the houses accompanied by a junior offr. Senior offr gesticulating with a walking stick, was wearing a prominent peaked cap and wearing a long greatcoat. Patrol considers he was giving junior rank a severe talking to. Shortly after they came from house men were seen boarding windows up.
5   (iii) Later in the morning house visited by MO and three orderlies, these were distinguishable by wearing of red cross brassards.
5   (iv) Impression of patrol comd that area held by one coy enemy. Mov appears to be gen and causes some speculation owing to negative reports of patrols who during past week or so did not see any great mov in enemy posns.
5   During the day the Bde Comd ordered a re-shuffle in our fwd bn posns. C Coy 2 RUR formerly in posn astride track 785310 have relieved A Coy 2 Lincolns at 790323 and this coy, reverting to comd 2 Lincolns have taken up posn at 766329. Two secs carriers 2 RUR are now in posn at 792313 and 792315 respectively. Capt. J.C. Quarmby, Dorsets, posted this HQ as GSO III arrived during day.
6 0600 Patrolling during night failed to produce further infm of enemy disposns, Neither 2 RUR or 3 Recce Regt made contact with the enemy and both report fairly quiet night with little shelling. There were reports of enemy use of verey lights in front of 2 RUR fwd coys, but nothing further was seen.
6 1000 2 Lincolns with A Coy returned to their comd, are now disposed with coys, a 763333, 764333, 766329, 771330, 764335. In op role their battle posns will be at 771330, 769325, 778330, 777333.
6 1300 Bde Comd stated that commencing tomorrow night, 7 Nov, 2 Lincolns would provide a standing patrol one pl str in area 792337, main purpose, defend A tk guns in immediate area and bolster up carrier tps 3 Recce fwd area rly 794543.
6 1530 The armd car tp 3 Recce Regt in VIERLINGSBEEK were forced to withdraw in view of the threat of being outflanked by two or more Boche patrols altogether pl str which penetrated to the centre of the village. Our tps engaged these two patrols but failed to prevent their gradual move fwd. Eventually the armd car tp withdrew to the Western outskirts of VIERLINGSBEEK and our arty brought down a hy conc of arty on the village. No estimation of cas inflicted on enemy can be made.
6 1700 Uncle stonk was brought down on VIERLINGSBEEK, field and med guns taking part and closely following the shoot a patrol of 3 Recce Regt again entered village.
6 1740 They saw signs of hy damage created by the shelling but no sign whatever of the enemy.
6 1800 3 Recce Regt patrols approaching X rds 807344 from North and West again failed to discover signs of Boche. They claim to have killed four Germans in to-days encounter. The shelling seems to have driven the enemy back to his original posns South of the MOLENBEEK.
6 1900 Bde Comd ordered 3 Recce Regt to provide a special patrol to br 808341 their purpose to lie up and discover whether enemy making any attempt to prepare this crossing for taking more than foot traffic. It is suspected that patrolling parties use this damaged br to cross the beek but it is far too damaged at the moment to permit passage of wh or tracked vehs. A fairly hy HF programme has been laid on to assist this patrol. Between 2000 hrs and 2345 hrs, 50 rounds per hr will be fired. Patrol will go out approx 2045 hrs.
6 1930 2 RUR standing patrol again observed mov round houses 799318 and saw nine Germans march down from this area and est a standing patrol area 799318.
6 2200 Further patrols of 2 RUR discovered br at 791312 intact and capable of taking wh traffic and br at 791307 blown.
7 0600 Special patrol to area br 808341 accomplished their task without contacting any enemy whatsoever. They lay up in the area of the br for an hour or two and neither saw or heard any enemy mov. This seems to indicate that the Germans vigorous patrolling is not connected with any larger plan of infiltration at the moment.
7 0847 Armd C patrol of 3 Recce Regt re-entered VIERLINGSBEEK and est in centre of village. Have not yet contacted enemy. The Germans seem to have pulled out completely after their domination of the village yesterday.
7 1000 Bde Comd warned OC 2 Lincolns to be ready to infiltrate one pl into VIERLINGSBEEK before first It 8 Nov to ambush any enemy who enter the place during the day. A recce is being carried out this afternoon and dependant on this the Comd will give the final decision.
7 1030 The towers at BERGEN 8234 and AFFERDEN 8038, believed used by enemy as OPs, are a constant thorn in the flesh of 3 Recce Regt. They have asked for them to be demolished by arty. Bde Comd consulted with CRA 3 Brit Inf Div on the subject.
7 1600 CRA 3 Brit Inf Div has accepted the targets at AFFERDEN 8034 and BERGEN 0234 and will engage both towers with med guns tomorrow morning 8 Nov.
7 1800 The story of the days observation and patrolling confirm again the increased mov of the boche on this sector. 3 Recce Regt witnessing a certain amount of enemy activity X rds VIERLINGSBEEK 807364 at 1130 hrs and enemy mov in corner of orchard 809346. Both targets were engaged by 3 in mortar and small arms fire. Later in the afternoon a German patrol of ten men adv to 806345 and halted just short of armd car tp posn before withdrawing to the South. 2 RUR standing patrol at 790319 also detected signs of enemy mov East of rly at 800320, several enemy being seen wandering around the buildings there.
7 1900 During the day we were at last able to remove bodies of dead cows, horses and pigs from fields immediately adjacent to this HQ. These fields, thickly sown with German mines, had created havoc with these animals and their bodies, there for the past two weeks, were causing both unpleasant sight and smell. RE bulldozer arranged by the SC did the necessary in very short time.
7 2200 Reports of rocket propelled projectiles have been on the increase of late. The launching of some projectiles was witnessed and seemed far away to the NE on a bearing of 65 degrees mag from 796316.
7   Lt.Col. JFM MacDonald, OC 1 KOSB relinquished his comd on posting to 3 Brit Inf Div as GSO1.
7   Major MacDonald, 2 i/c is taking over comd of the bn.
8 0600 2 RUR night standing patrol at 797318 reported hearing mov of enemy at 799318 and 3 Recce Regt reported no contact with enemy on their sector during the night. Our night patrolling provides for 3 Recce Regt sending out fighting patrols to VORTUM 7837 GROENINGEN 7935 and VIERLINGSBEEK 8034. These patrols, usually a carrier tp in str, go out to dominate these areas and deny the ground to any enemy possessing same intentions. To date we have had little success with these patrols. Patrolling in the SMAKT and KASTEEL-MAKKEN areas is mainly confined to standing patrols who daily and nightly lie up in area of rly at 798324, 798319 and 798316 and watch for enemy mov, these patrols are almost routine and are bolstered up by frequent patrols to buildings at 794312, 795328.
8 0700 2 Lincolns pl went forward to VIERLINGSBEEK and laid their ambush for the enemy.
8 0900 Six Germans were seen running across front of D Coy 2 RUR and into house 794312. Our tps fired on them with SA and engaged the house with Piat, no effects of this firing could be observed but shortly afterwards two of the German patrol were seen moving rapidly South.
8 1200 The enemy on this sector makes frequent use of 88 mm guns, their very mobility making them extremely difficult to engage by CB. An intersection of a SP gun firing from 807322 was obtained by fwd coy shelreps. This was engaged immediately by the bty with the bn and has been silent since.
8 1630 Two enemy were seen wandering around the area of VIERLINGSBEEK this afternoon. The tp comd of 3 Recce tp in the village at the time, did a spot of successful stalking, shooting and killing one. Again no means of identification were found on the body, he was however a German paratp, which points to the fact that 7 Para Div are still in the line facing us. This div, often referred to as Div Erdmann or Walther, was recently christened 7 Para Div in the recent German drive to give their heterogeneous collections of battle gps some stable form and origin.
8   Thus regt Menzel, still believed to be facing us, has probably received the title of 19 Para Regt, Regt. Grasmehl in area WANNSUM will be 20 Para Regt and Regt Hardegg defending area OOSTRUM is now known to be 21 Para Regt. These para fmns are known to be first rate patrollers, which may account for the constant nature of enemy activity throughout the past week or two.
8 1800 The Brig Comd has given a great deal of attention to the question of A tk def in our area and is satisfied with the gen A tk lay-out in area of responsibility 3 Recce Regt. At a conference attended by OC 3 Recce Regt, OsC 20 A tk Regt (Div regt) 91 A tk Regt (Corps regt) the new disposns have now been decided upon and a gen reshuffling of the Corps, Div and regt A tk guns in the area 3 Recce Regt is now taking place.
8 1930 2 Lincolns ambush patrol in VIERLINGSBEEK throughout the day returned empty handed and disappointed, up to now the Germans have invariably infiltrated small numbers into the village during the day and it was expected that our patrol would “bag“ someone. Their observation during their stay in the village was however very good and pinpointed enemy posns around the MOLENBEEK at 808345, 804339 and 807339.
8 2000 The SP guns of 45 A tk Bty were emp in finishing off the task commenced by the med guns and the towers at BERGEN and AFFERDEN are now reported to be in a precarious condition.
9 0600 Very quiet night, our patrols reporting no contact whatever with the enemy.
9 0800 Relief of 2 RUR by 2 Lincolns commenced. On relief 2 RUR will take over posns at ST ANTHONIS formerly occupied by 1 KOSB. 1 KOSB will in turn move to area previously occupied by 2 Lincolns 7732. The change round should be completed by late afternoon when all bns will be in new posns.
9 1425 Relief of 2 RUR completed, 2 Lincolns now occupy posns at 794324, 795317, 794315, and 790324 with bn HQ at 785322.
9 1700 Another interesting development on our left was the relief of 'A' Sqn 3 Recce Regt by 17 Fd Coy RE area VORTUM 783374. The unit will only come under direct comd of this fmn in the event of a state of immediate emergency arising. For the moment they are op under comd CRE and outside our patrolling commitments, are merely there to "put bodies on the ground" 'A' Sqn have gone into regt res. Sec posns held by 17 Fd Coy RE will be at 734374, 786378, 739374, 787378, 788376, 792385 and HQ at 784378. In addition to this unusual use of RE, 3 Recce Regt have supporting them in a ground role, tps of 317 Bty LAA. This unorthodox employment of RE and RA tps creates a precedent insofar as the Bde Comd has a Recce Regt, Fd Coy RE and Lt AA Bty RA all for the moment emp in par-inf role.
9 1710 Today has been altogether quiet, the only enemy mov seen being in the area of 808337. This place, visited by quite a number of the enemy, seems to be a small sub-unit HQ of sorts, as a result, this activity receives special attention from our arty. The weather is gradually becoming more and more unpleasant. The recent rains have transformed our tpt park into quagmire - the lane leading up to our new HQ is still mud-logged despite the efforts of the def pl at rd mending and draining. This part of Holland is extremely low and boggy and presents a very dreary landscape of devastation and desolation. The winds already blowing hard and cold across the open countryside gives ample warning of a rigorous winter campaign in Holland.
10 0600 Our patrols during night completed their allotted tasks. No enemy mov was seen or heard.
10 1750 Used last night to assist 185 Inf Bde in a patrolling task, artificial moonlt is being instituted as gen nightly routine during these dark nights. It will be switched on at 2100 hrs and off at 0100 hrs. This use of searchlights is not universally welcome, one of our bns particularly disliking the innovation as in their belief it hampers rather than assists night mov.
10 1230 A sniper of 3 Recce Regt lying up in the area of VIERLINGSBEEK reported seeing thirty enemy coming from SE via trees at 809345 and walk into the village itself. Included in the party were two offrs and all were well armed with machine pistols or rifles.
10 1500 After a stay of two and a half hours in the village the German party emerged carrying parcels, sacks and packages and went back to their posns in the DEN BOCHE area. No identification was possible from a distance.
10 2200 An exceptional feature of today's patrol work was the excellent infm obtained by 2 Lincolns standing patrols at 798347 and 797318. These two patrols throughout the day lay up in houses almost on the rly line and observed a great deal of enemy mov. The Boche occupies the houses between 799318 and 799316 and could be observed moving between them, singly and in pairs throughout the day. The OP plainly identified these men as GAF personnel, the mov taking place a mere 50-100 yds from the OP at 798317. Other mov in the area of the house at 798319 and houses 800320 would appear to indicate that the enemy had a pl disposed around that area and during the day has at least one sec West of the rly at house 798319. This is borne out by the report of the standing patrol at 797318 who state “four Germans appeared at 798319 0950 hrs; five enemy. seen in the garden of house 798319 and five enemy seen near haystack 797318”. All these men appeared to be interested in our OP and in view of the keen interest and mov it was decided to abandon the OP in face of their possible outflanking mov. OP was re-est later in the morning and party of Germans were seen shaking blankets in front of school 800321. The house North of the school also appeared occupied and several men visited it at frequent intervals between 1430 - 1630 hrs.
10   The Bde Comd is continually demanding that snipers and standing patrols should engage the enemy whenever they appear within range. This however is constantly ignored and German mov in area VIERLINGSBEEK and on the East of the rly benefits from our tps lack of "shooting initiative". Our arty is constantly busy engaging these areas of enemy occupation.
11 0230 3 Recce Regt patrol to br 809341 were fired on by machine carbine and rifles from back of houses 804344. They pressed on and reached 806343 where they were halted again by machine carbine fire from orchard 807342. As it was obvious the enemy were in some str around the br the patrol withdrew. They heard no sounds of enemy br construction.
11 0600 A German patrol of 2 men was seen and engaged by 2 Lincolns standing patrol at 797315. The enemy made off obviously unhurt by the grenade thrown at them. Flashes of lt seen at 798319 confirms bldgs occupied at night.
11 0745 During the night sounds of hy track vehs moving Northwards was heard.
11 1145 The times for providing artificial moonlt are still providing difficulties and will be altered nightly according to demands of patrolling. Tonight the lt will be turned on between 2030-2230 hrs.
11 1230 3 Recce Regt OP noticing a haystack at 799341 which appeared to be used as an OP engaged it with arty and small arms and demolished it. A great deal of individual mov has been witnessed in area 831353 X rds. Mov gen consisting of transport, small parties enemy on foot and one or two cyclists. Our arty is making the area rather hot.
11 1350 A party of enemy seen 809338 carrying messtins was engaged immediately and dispersed in great confusion. The FOO 3 Recce Regt cryptically remarked "we made sure the meal was hot when served".
11 1600 Enemy mov throughout the day has again been prominent, several parties of Boche being seen East of the R MAAS in area of BERGEN. In addition to this the enemy continues to show himself around in the MOLENBEEK and SMAKT posns.
11 2238 3 Recce Regt patrol to br 809341 was rather hampered by the glare from burning haystacks 803343 - they lay up at 808342 hearing sounds of occupation from within. On moving off at 2200 hrs the patrol was fired on by enemy MG from these houses.
11   These last two nights patrolling has revealed the enemy as having extended his OPs somewhat further into “our” territory than heretofore. The two prominent examples being the houses 808342 which were previously reported unoccupied and house West of rly at 798319 previously unoccupied too. Their occupation of 808342 makes the approach to br 809541 rather hazardous.
11 2300 A marked increase in the numbers of 'flying projectiles' crossing our lines has been noticed. Our OPs have been warned to make a report of each occurrence, accompanied by bearings and other relative details.
12 0400 2 Lincolns OP at 795328 was attacked by enemy party of between 15 - 30 men. The enemy first of all opened up with a hy mortar conc on farm bldgs 795326, then rushed the farm at 795328 firing Sten, and Schmeisser machine carbines. 2 Lincolns OP party consisting of two secs were overwhelmed and driven out of posn, sustaining cas to the extent of four missing and seven wounded.
12 0430 The enemy withdrew at approx 0430 hrs protected by strong mortar DF. Prior to this sharp attack a patrol to rly line opposite KASTEEL MAKKEN 797333 had observed enemy mov in area trees 795329 and returning via the OP 795328 warned the NCO i/c, of this enemy mov. The patrol then left for their own coy locality and had reached a pt 300x away when the mortar fire on 795326, the prelude to the attack, commenced.
12 0500 Farm bldgs 795328 are now occupied by own tps.
12 0630 3 Recce Regt had a very quiet night, their only contact with the enemy being at br 814345 where they heard mov of sentries, otherwise there was nothing at all to report from recce territory.
12 0700 2 Lincolns patrol of one NCO and three OR to 797318 which lies up and observes enemy mov East of the rly throughout the day, was ambushed at 796318 by a German party firing from fwd edge of orchard 797318. The enemy, opening up with an MG, killed two and wounded one of the patrol. The wounded man was brought in by the unwounded man and the patrol task was abandoned for the day.
12 0745 Lt Col CL Firbank 2 Lincolns called to this HQ to report full details of the battle at farm mentioned above. The Bde Comd ordered that future OPs of a like nature will always surround their posn with a protective strand of wire for purpose of preventing enemy surprising them.
12 0830 The Bde Comd left on a visit to BRUSSELS. He will be away 24 hrs on this his first period of leave since joining the bde at beginning of Aug.
12 1150 One of the four men missing from this morning's fracas at 795328 returned, he could supply no further particulars to details already known.
12 1215 A sharp shelling of this HQ took place, five shells falling in the immediate area. One particularly unpleasant example dropped three yards from the Bde Comd’s caravan, doing no damage to veh, or sentry standing close by.
12 1900 Nothing further of any new interest occurred during the day. The usual enemy mov was seen in area 799333 and 803339, our arty engaged both areas.
12 2100 A fighting patrol of 2 Lincolns went to house 798319 to beat up the enemy. No enemy were encountered but the patrol brought back bodies of the two men killed this morning.
12 2300 1 KOSB are sending ambush patrol str one coy, to lie up in VIERLINGSBEEK throughout tomorrow. One FOO of 7 Fd Regt will accompany the coy comd and a programme of HF has been laid on to assist the coy in getting into posn. The coy will move into posn by first It 13 Nov.
13 0530 Another quiet night with no enemy contact by either 2 Lincolns or 3 Recce Regt. Patrol 3 Recce Regt to br 809341 heard mov, talking and walking between 807341, where they lay up, and 809341. No enemy were actually seen but they are obviously holding DEN BOSCHE br 809341 and the Northern course of the MOLENBEEK in the same str as heretofore. Ambush coy 1 KOSB moved off to VERLINGSBEEK and will stay in posn there throughout the day. The plan is for one pl to take up posn West of the main rd area 805347, one pl West of the main rd at 805348 and the remaining pl in area 803346 closing at its Western end the gap between the two, thus will be formed a hollow square with open end at the Eastern approach to the village.
13 0630 B Coy 2 Lincolns sent fwd their standing patrol to 798319 with a protection of a strong covering party. Once again the enemy resented our move to occupy this place and a short sharp encounter took place. The enemy firmly in posn opened fire with MG from house 798319 and made it impossible for our patrol to get in posn. This enemy mov in occupying a firm base on the West side of the rly makes it a difficult task to infiltrate our standing patrols fwd to the rly line. The patrol 798316 still continues to provide a great deal of infm about the enemy. The day was foul to the extreme, rain and highwind prevailing throughout the morning. The elements seem to have an adverse effect on the success of our ambush plans in VERLINGSBEEK. No enemy has been seen there this morning. The small amount of enemy activity has been seen around 809337 this morning, otherwise the enemy has been conspicuous by his absence.
13 1945 The coy of 1 KOSB returned disappointed and wet. The torrential downpour throughout the day cut down enemy mov and ruined the chances of our patrol ambushing nocturnal enemy visitors to VERLINGSBEEK.
13 2100 2 Lincolns patrol to 798317 saw enemy mov in the area of houses across the rly throughout the day, thus confirming enemy occupation of posns he was known to occupy.
14 0600 The night was quiet, no contact being made with the enemy by either 2 Lincolns or 3 Recce Regt.
14 0830 Inter bn reliefs commenced with 1 KOSB moving fwd to relieve 2 Lincolns at 7931 and 7932. This is the routine relief 2 Lincolns having completed their five days in the line. 2 RUR will relieve 1 KOSB area 7732. 2 Lincolns relieve 2 RUR area 7237.
14 1530 Interbn reliefs were complete and bns in new posns.
14 1800 During the day enemy activity was observed on East side of R MAAS at 829335. From mov seen it would appear the enemy has a pl based round this immediate area. Another item of interest has been the perambulations of steam coaches North and South along steam tramway 829355.
14   The gunners have had ample opportunity of exercising their marksmanship on this frequent target and must have caused quite some confusion amongst the occupants of the many coaches seen.
14 1900 The snipers of 3 Recce Regt lying up in the village of VERLINGSBEEK again noted mov of enemy on the Beek 805339 and around the br at 809341. This mov, regularly noticed and even more regularly stonked, seems to confirm the enemy have at least one coy in the bend of the beek from 800333 to 809341. Posns as at 2000 hrs were as follows:-
14   2 Lincolns HQ 725381 Coys 740358 728374 731376 735364 724372
14   1 KOSB HQ 785322 Coys 795317 792325 795324 795315 784323
14   2 RUR HQ 771324 Coys 766329 763333 770328 765334 761335
14 2200 The large scale attack launched today by elements of 12 Corps in the DEURNE sector has had immense initial success. To gd against any enemy reaction in our sector all units have been warned to be on the que vive during the night.
14   Any incident no matter how small will be reported to this HQ.
15 0600 During the night patrols of 1 KOSB discovered the farm at 794328 occupied by enemy. The str of the boche party is believed to be at least one sec and their occupation of this posn will hinder the servicing of our tps at 795325. 1 KOSB are making arrangements to forcefully evacuate the boche from this posn as early as possible.
15 0900 Div Comd called to see Bde Comd and stayed for some time during which the gen plan for our forthcoming op SW of VENRAIJ was discussed.
15 1300 1 KOSB planning their raid to eradicate the enemy from farm 794328 asked for the artificial moonlt to be turned off between 2300-2400 hrs as it might endanger their op, scheduled for that time. Their request was approved by Div and the op will not now be hampered by too much lt.
15 1730 Bde Comd held an 'O' gp at bde HQ and described the role 9 Brit Inf Bde would fulfil in the forthcoming op. Bns were given the outline plan and informed that a further 'O' gp would be held as soon as the plan became firm.
15 1900 The day has been rather quiet and more than a little wet, the rain turning the rds surrounding bde HQ into a quagmire of mud.
15   Copy of 9 Brit Inf Bde Notes on Comd's Orders 15 Nov at Appx D. folio 1
16 0015 A recce patrol of 1 KOSB went to farm 794328 for a preliminary look round prior to the main patrol which has as its object the driving of the enemy from the farm.
16 0115 The recce est the enemy holding the bldgs and on their return a fighting patrol was despatched with the object of ejecting them.
16 0300 The patrol occupied the farm without firing a single round, the enemy seemingly having fled.
16 0415 In addition to the above, fighting patrol was despatched to 'shake-up' the boche garrison in the house West of the rly at 799318. They engaged the enemy with MG and grenades and returned having sustained no cas.
16 1230 The Germans set three houses on fire at 799319, this was immediately reported to the Bde Comd who in view of its significance ordered 1 KOSB and 2 Lincolns to send fwd patrols to ascertain whether this was a German act dictated by the necessity to withdraw.
16 1500 The patrol of 1 KOSB soon discovered otherwise being fired from at 798319 by automatic weapons from 798319 and 799315. This patrol withdrew with the infm that the enemy had indeed not withdrawn. The other patrol was sent out by 3 Recce Regt towards the br 809341.
16 1730 This patrol also evoked quite a lot of resentment from the German side of the Molenbeek, being fired on by MGs from 809341 810338 812340 807340 and rifle fire from 815345.
17 0030 Patrols during the night incl one of two secs str to the farm 794328. The farm was again discovered to be unoccupied and our patrol was able to est itself there and send fwd patrols to the rly line at 798328. No enemy were seen or heard in their sector.
17 0500 3 Recce Regt had embarked on rather an adventurous night with patrols visiting br 809341 and br 814346 to provide infm for two strong fighting patrols standing by for the purpose of a small night attack on these posts. The Recce patrols did indeed discover the boche occupying those posns still but could not provide the fighting patrols with enough explicit infm to warrant a fight.
17 1025 Another house was seen to be burning opposite 1 KOSB at 798316. This seems to be a boche trick to draw our patrols and attention to the rly line.
17 1730 A patrol of 1 KOSB went close up to the house 798319 and saw four enemy scramble on hands and knees outside the house seemingly laying or lifting mines. Once again our patrol had an excellent opportunity of scoring a few scalps, but neglected to take advantage of the opportunity.
17 1945 A party of four enemy were seen moving East across the rly line at 798328 were engaged at short range by a militant patrol of 1 KOSB who were out there at the time. Although no enemy cas were seen the patrol leader was convinced they had taken toll of the party.
17 2000 Again our standing patrol at 798316 reported usual enemy activity observed at 799316 and 800320 throughout the day.
18 0610 Patrol of 3 Recce Regt returned to report that br 809341 was still held in some str in a posn 30x NW of br. Patrol did not engage enemy.
18 1155 The only event worth noting during a dull and unpleasant day was an apology from 8 Brit Inf Bde for a slight error in judgement on the part of 1 Suffolk late last night. Their mortars sent rounds into the 1 KOSB area fortunately without causing cas or damage.
18 1750 At long last we were able to secure confirmation of identification of the boche facing us. 1 KOSB secured a prisoner from 7 coy II bn Regt Menzel thus pinpointing their posns. Our first physical identification of this bn was over three weeks ago and it is rather interesting to note that they have not been relieved since then. The quickening up of enemy mov in the East side of the rly at 800316 - 798328 gave rise to the opinion that a relief may have taken place. PW statement places 6 coy Regt Menzel 809341-798328. 5 Coy 798328-798318 and 6 coy 798318 to an indefinite posn on the right. 8 coy are believed to hold posns on the right of 6 coy. This enemy paratp bn is responsible for a comparatively large sector but has the sp of an unknown unit in rear who provide all patrols for them.
18 1845 1 KOSB keen to blitz the house at 793316 sent out a fighting patrol of two secs to deal with it. The patrol split up on arrival at the house, one going around the North side and the other around the South side. The Southern party came across four boche near the rly and gave them everything they had from close range. The patrol leader is convinced he caused cas.
18   Issue of 9 Brit Inf Bde Move Order No 10 at appx D folio 2
19 0500 After the incident of the previous evening, the night was extremely quiet, the only contact with the enemy being reported by 3 Recce Regt whose patrol to 814346 heard sounds of occupation there.
19 0900 3 Recce Regt and 1 KOSB went under comd 8 Brit Inf Bde.
19 1000 The morning has been spent in preparation for the move to WEVERSLO 745253.
19 1100 2 Lincolns and 2 RUR are moving to their new areas along with Bde HQ, whilst 1 KOSB will today retain their op commitments in the SCHEULEN area, 7619 and op under comd 8 Brit Inf Bde. The probable plot is that 1 KOSB will be relieved today or early tomorrow by 2 E Yorks and then be able to rejoin the bde gp in the new area.
19 1430 Bde HQ moved off to the new location and after an uneventful move arrived at new HQ 745252. 29 Armd Bde will also be in the same place until tomorrow morning, when they move out, until then the area will be shared by the two HQs - a state of affairs which has been taken up with Div without success.
19 1545 2 RUR completed their move in and by this time were conc around HElDE 763248.
19 1700 2 Lincolns commenced their move to relieve 3 Mon in their posns around VEULEN,
19 2340 and by 2340 hrs had completed their move and were situated with coys at 772223 765221 768225 763219 with bn HQ at 768223.
19   Rather an interesting innovation to this change over of 2 Lincolns and 3 Mon in their battle posns, was the use of artificial moonlt as an aid. This was called for by bde Comd and proved of inestimable value, the bty of lts sent their beams into the clouds over the VEULEN area and produced a great deal of reflected radiance thus enabling the change over to proceed the more smoothly. 2 Lincolns are sending out protective patrols fwd of their coy posns during the night.
19   Issue of notes concerning move of 1 KOSB, at appx D folio 3
20 0600 -0700. 2 Lincolns reported the hand over during the night had gone smoothly, no incident occurring to disrupt the process.
20 1000 GOC 3 Brit Inf Div arrived on a visit to this HQ and stayed to discuss the coming op in which we are playing a major role.
20 1100 The great difficulty in this area is the state of the rds caused by incessant rain over the past day or two. The REs have been hard at work trying to improve the surface by underlying certain dirt rds with logs. This as a temporary expedient will probably work but it is extremely doubtful whether it will stand the rigours of continual traffic. Log track between VOOLEN 760233 – rd junc 764219 is particularly bad. 1 KOSB came under comd at 0600 hrs, this morning.
20 1200 -1700. Commenced their move into the area 7625 and by 1700 hrs had completed conc with HQ at 757231 and coys at 762253 754247 763248. The day was really without any great incident except that a continual downpour made conditions underfoot very unpleasant, rain and wind seem to be the curse of Holland winter.
20 2000 The Bde Comd ordered 2 RUR to send a recce patrol to the br at 763209 to see whether it was suitable for the passage of marching tps and vehs. Other tasks for this important patrol was the investigation of the ditch and track at 758216 - 763209.
20 2300 The patrol returned with a very full picture of the local topography and affirmed that the br is capable of taking hy traffic. Patrolling tonight will be confined to local protection afforded by standing patrols at 773224 769228 and 773217, these are all provided by 2 Lincolns.
20 2359 The posns of the bde at this time was as follows:-
20   2 Lincolns HQ at 768223 coys at 772223 768225 765221 768219
20   1 KOSB as shown above
20   2 RUR HQ at 761235 coys at 759242 765243 762235 756231
20   Bde HQ at 745252
21 0600 Standing patrols on their return reported little enemy activity to their front, the only signs of the boche in posn were at 776226 where he fired several bursts of spandau during the night. This indiscriminate and haphazard firing on the part of the Germans happens quite a deal of late. Other than this the night was very quiet.
21 1030 29 Armd Bde who laid on a show of force in the area of 7620 quite inadvertently pinpointed another mine fd for us. One of their tks had an argument with an R mine at 772205 and became a cas.
21 1430 Div notified the bde that for op Peacock we were to have under comd 4 Tk Coldm Gds now at 773263 B Sqn W Dgns at 771263 and 16 sqn 42 ARE at 762257 less 1½ tps.
21   This has been known for some little time now and the comd 4 Tk Coldm Gds has been a constant visitor to this HQ, has taken part in what planning has been done till now and has att an LO to this HQ.
21   In addition to this we have an LO from 29 Armd Bde staying with us and providing direct contact with this fmn.
21 2135 The boche are still holding posns to our front at 776227 as mov has been observed there during the day. A rather fierce mortar stonk on the 2 RUR posns caused one or two cas and proved that the boche is still offensive with his mortar fire down here. 100% digging has of course been carried out at this HQ. Tonight's patrolling is on the same scale as last night. Standing patrols to the usual places. In addition the Bde Comd called for a recce of track 774217 for mines, and a recce of the BEEK at 764213,
21 2030 these patrols provided by 1 KOSB returned reporting the track clear of mines and the BEEK no obstacle to inf. Both patrols saw enemy MGs firing from 774214 and 774223 and 773209.
21 2359 Posns of the bns are unchanged from previous night.
22 0215 Patrol of 2 Lincolns at 773224 had a small brush with the enemy, a grenade being tossed at them from 15-20x distance.
22 0300 -0600. During the night 2 RUR experienced intermittent shelling and mortaring of their area no cas being reported from this enemy effort, other than this the night again failed to produce enemy contact.
22 0900 The op commenced by 11 Armd Div directed onto AMERKA is progressing despite the mud and mines. The story is one of "no enemy encountered" but lots of mines.
22 1015 Bde 'O' Gp held at A coy 2 RUR 759241, at this 'O' Gp, attended, by reps of the bde gp and flank fmns the GOC 3 Brit Inf Div gave the latest picture of the adv of 11 Armd Div. The Bde Comd then gave his verbal orders for our show scheduled to commence before first lt tomorrow.
22 1200 Reports received from 8 Brit lnf Bde and 11 Armd Bde are indicative of the fact that the boche has withdrawn his tps overnight from posns he was previously known to occupy. This being so the Bde Comd immediately ordered comd 2 Lincolns to send a patrol fwd to contact the enemy or confirm the infm received from flanks.
22 1430 Our patrol reached wood 7824 and were engaged by MGs firing from there. They immediately returned, their task completed.
22 1500 It is quite probable the enemy has in fact withdrawn a goodly number of tps and has left behind a delaying party sufficient to hamper any adv. The posn further South around VENLO and ROERMOND must be giving the remaining tps on West bank of the MAAS some food for thought.
22 1610 Pursuing his policy of keeping onto the German tail, the Brig has ordered 2 Lincolns to send recce patrols to 778217, 777218 and 775224 between 0200-0400 hrs, 23 Nov. Any particulars discovered will be immediately transmitted to 1 KOSB who are the leading bn in the assault tomorrow.
22 2100 The day has been one continuous report of places occupied by units of 11 Armd Div and 15 (S) Div without opposition and by 2100 hrs these fms had tps in AMERIKA 7819 and HORST 8318 respectively, further reports received from 185 Inf Bde indicate that this wholesome withdrawal by the enemy has extended now to their front and they have had patrols to LUL and OOSTRUM 8027 without encountering opposition.
22 2210 Despite the reports of the patrol at 1430 hrs today, the Comd has ordered a further probe of posns the enemy occupied and insists that a complete investigation is made by these patrols. With this end in view comd 2 Lincolns is sending recce patrols to orchard 775213 and wood 775229 at 2300 hrs.
22 2340 The patrol to wood 775229 brought the first news of the enemy's evacuation of this prepared posns facing us, and reported evidence of preparation for the laying of R and Schu mines.
22   Issue of 9 Brit Inf Bde OO No 10 at appx D folio 4
23 0015 The remaining patrols to wood 778218 and orchard 775215 also reported no contact with, or sign, of, enemy. The first mentioned patrol even prepared a demonstration of force and noise which however failed to evoke any reply from enemy.
23 0100 From these reports comd 2 Lincolns is convinced the enemy has made a full scale withdrawal from VEULEN sector.
23 0330 Another provocative patrol to 780218 failed to draw fire from the enemy, so it is now plainly conclusive he has pulled out.
23 0500 Patrol 2 Lincolns saw four enemy in area 773228 and consider they were stragglers rather than an organised patrol.
23 0600 H hr. 1 KOSB moved fwd in the first phase of op Peacock and by 0750 hrs had reached the West end of wood 775218 without meeting any opposition.
23 0720 Tac HQ was est at 768222. This will be op during the battle by the Bde Comd, GSO3 and one LO.
23 0750 The adv of 1 KOSB has been steady and only hampered by R and Schu mines, the enemy being conspicuous by their absence.
23 0752 Simultaneous with the adv of 1 KOSB is the move fwd by 2 Lincolns and they too were shortly on their first objective at 775224 and were moving up their sec coy to pass through it.
23 1225 This gradual move fwd without enemy opposition continued throughout the morning and by 1225 hrs 2 Lincolns were est with A Coy at SCHOOR 792235 B coy in OVERBROEK 787233 C coy in HOOGRIEBROEK 801243 and D coy South of LAAGRIEBROEK 791241.
23 1300 1 KOSB had fwd tps situated 400x South of main rd SCHOOR - KASTENRAAI 8222 at approx 802230 and the main body moving up to cut the rd. At this junc the Comd directed comd 1 KOSB to send fwd patrols to KASTENRAAI village 828227 to see whether it was clear of enemy. Shortly after this order was given a message was received from Div stating KASTENRAAI had been occupied by elements of 15 (S) Div Recce pushing up from HORST.
23 1500 Bde HQ closed down and moved to LEUNEN where we arrived shortly afterwards.
23 1525 HQ at 782249.
23 1600 Our adv has now paused for the day and the disposns of the bns are
23   2 Lincolns with HQ at 787232 coys at 782232 792234 and 799241
23   1 KOSB with HQ at 800233 with coys at 794237 798233 806231 797229
23   2 RUR still at VOOLEN 7623, and 4 Tk Coldm Gds who have had a very mild day, at 773263 776216 and 777227. The day has been foul to the extreme, torrential downpour and a gusty cold wind making it a nightmare for everyone. Although our tps did not meet any enemy their adv in the face of unkind elements has been creditable.
23 1800 One PW taken by 2 Lincolns this morning East of VEULEN, identified as being from regt Grasmehl stated his bn pulled out two nights ago leaving behind small delaying parties of paratps. He further stated his belief that all their guns has actually gone East of the MAAS at the same time.
23 1900 Obstacles met today incl large trees felled to create an obstruction on the main rd between SCHOOR and KASTENRAAI and booby trapped with trip wires and explosives to prevent the unwary making a detour on foot around the trees. Our cas, despite these hazards, have been almost negligible.
23 2100 Protective patrols are going fwd of bn and coy posns during night.
24 0600 The night brought no contact with the enemy and the usual civilian reports of enemy seen, mines laid and brs blown are flooding in.
24   Our policy today is akin to 'house cleaning'. 2 Lincolns and 1 KOSB will be sweeping the area from the fwd edge of their posns to the GROOTE MOLENBEEK 8524 and 8523.
24 0800 Each bn is sending fwd one coy to do the job and at 0800 hrs their sweep commenced.
24 1020 No enemy encountered, coy 2 Lincolns reported ZANDHOEK 814249 OORLOO 821250 and MOLENHOEK 824239 clear and pushing on to final objective area Beek 855248.
24 1050 Coy 1 KOSB proceeded through KASTENRAAI 8122 and KLEINOORLOO 8223 towards their final objective, wood 849233 without meeting enemy.
24 1130 Soon afterwards when about to enter wood they were engaged by enemy rifle fire from 845224 and 848228 and when in the wood underwent a stiff bout of mortaring from 857228. One of 1 KOSB SB was taken PW at 737224 during the op. This was the only cas reported by either bn.
24 1500 The clearing up now complete has est the fact there are no enemy remaining West of the MOLENBEEK within the bdy of responsibility of this bde. The enemy are still in the monastery 858233 and one of our patrols was engaged by three or four MGs firing from the windows of this dominating bldg. A further patrol was engaged by enemy at 856227. These minor clashes indicate the enemy still holding TIENRAI 8525 in some str. One grateful liberated civilian estimates there are 53 Germans yet remaining in the village the majority of whom are billeted in the rly sta. 2 RUR from VOOLEN 7623 are moving up to occupy KASTENRAAI, they have been commanded to send fwd a pl to occupy the wood 850233 where they will relieve the pl 1 KOSB already in posn.
24 2100 2 RUR finally in posn are situated now with HQ 822232 and coys at 823234 829231 825239 835231 and 819227. The coy at 825239 moving to 849245 by day.
25 0600 During the night the only enemy activity in the bde area were the sharp outburst of shelling and mortaring experienced by 2 RUR in the KASTENRAAI – KLEINOORLOO area.
25 0835 15 (S) Div who are op to clear the area between the GROOTE MOLENBEEK and the R MAAS reported that their recce elements were in TIENRAI without meeting resistance and were pushing on to BLITTERSWIJK and MEGELSUM.
25 0900 The Bde Comd detailed the Bde IO to provide the fullest infm on the state of the rds between SCHOOR 7923 and the beek 8522-8525. This is being accomplished by bn int secs who co-ordinated by Bde IO are recceing all possible rds between these two pts. This infm will be supplied to Div to enable them to plan a servicing and bridging route to the beek.
25 1300 Elements of 15 (S) Div are now in BLITTERSWIJK MEGELSUM and LEGERT, in view of this the Bde Comd has instructed 2 RUR to withdraw their pl from wood 849234.
25 2100 A very quiet day the only change in our disposns being the withdrawal of the carrier pl as mentioned.
26 0600 The night was entirely devoid of incident.
26 1200 Bde Comd and BM attended Divine Service at HQ 2 RUR.
26 1215 GOC 3 Brit Inf Div called on routine visit.
26 1600 Units of 15 (S) Div are now occupying the village of BLITTERSWIJK, 185 Inf Bde have tps in MEERLO and WANSSUM, therefore it is considered unnecessary to maintain a coy of 2 RUR in 8524. They have now been withdrawn to conc in the bn area at 825240.
26 2100 Apart from this move there has been a minimum of excitement and action on the whole front. The weather was again foul, rain making going extremely difficult.
27 0600 Again no incident marred the night throughout the bde area.
27 1300 Party of 2 offrs and 5 OR of the RCAF arrived in a visit to discuss the subject of air phs with the offrs and men who actually op off these phs. The two offrs were Spitfire ph plane pilots and listened with interest to the theories expounded about scales, height of take, and visibility. The ORs were from the processing dept and offered, and were given, valuable advice.
27   All round a very valuable visit, enjoyed by all concerned.
27 1600 2 RUR relieving 10 HLI in area BLITTERSWIJK 8727 – MEERLOO 8525 – MEGELSUM 8625 have asked for artificial moonlt to be switched on tonight to assist in the take-over of battle posns. The artificial moonlt had a very cool reception on its inception in this fmn, it is now however much in demand when large scale night mov is taking place. Units of this bde are still biased against its use in sp of patrols - they preferring night at its most natural.
27 2000 Relief complete, 2 RUR were est with HQ at 855254 and coys at 871274 868250 855252 and 874272.
27   Today was simply glorious compared to the weather we have been experiencing. Brisk dry wind and a warm sun drying up the rds quite well.
28 0100 The sappers constructing the br at 852259 had perforce to abandon their work owing to the accurate shelling of the enemy guns East of the MAAS. Bridging will be re-commenced later in the morning, as the provision of a br at this pt is vital to the op of clearing the enemy from HELLING 854271 and East of WANSSUM 852278.
28 0700 Shelling throughout the night caused cas to both sapper working parties and 2 RUR. Not a great number have been injured but the numbers reported incl two killed.
28 0930 'O' Gp held this HQ in which Bde Comd explained to assembled bn comds and bde gp reps, our forthcoming move to take over area of responsibility DEN BOSCH 813340 - BLITTERSWIJK 873270 – MEGELSUM 867251.
28 1045 Immediately after this conference Bde Comd and bn comds left for OPLOO to meet the Corps Comd Lt Gen Sir RN O'Connor KGB DSO MC. Lt Gen O’Connor is leaving his comd to take over Eastern Comd, India, comd of 8 Corps goes to Maj Gen EH Barker CB CBE DSO MC formerly comd 49 Inf Div.
28 1355 Patrols of 2 RUR went out this investigate whether (a) houses 853266 are occupied (b) enemy is occupying posns in HELLING 853271 and (c) whether enemy were in wood 857267. The patrols returned to report that they had contacted enemy at 857268 and that HELLING was occupied in some str. In both cases physical contact was made with the enemy and shots were exchanged. The patrol to the wood did not reach its objective.
28 1800 Later in the day further patrols located enemy posn at farm 864273 occupied by four enemy. A civilian reported single coil wire at 853268-855266-860269-865270-866273 has one S mine att to wire at five metre intervals. This wire had been located by patrols and had been viewed with suspicion, this report though unconfirmed seems authentic.
28 2000 Today has been quite a change from the normal weather experienced in this part of the world, after a gloomy early morning brilliant sunshine appeared and made the day pleasant.
28   Issue of 9 Brit Bde Notes on Bde Comds conference 28 Nov at Appx ‘D’ folio 5
29 0600 No enemy contact was achieved, night patrolling being protective rather than offensive.
29 0925 2 Lincolns move to relieve 2 E Yorks has been postponed for 24 hrs. The reason given by Div for this postponement is 8 Brit Inf Bde are staging an attack to clean out the last vestige of enemy from their area of responsibility. This is timed to commence sometime this evening.
29 1100 The German guns on the East of the MAAS fiercely engaged 2 RUR OP at 874272 and scored several direct hits on the house occupied by our tps. One cas was caused but nothing deterred the OP moving to a new location in the village and carried on with their task.
29 1120 The enemy opening up from wood 865278 with three MGs fiercely engaged the two secs of 2 RUR holding posns at 868275 and forced our tps to withdraw to main coy posn at 870272. Cas were sustained. Weazels have been an asset to the servicing of tps in BLITTERSWIJK and outlying posns. These tracked vehs wit a lt surface pressure are excellent for proceeding over water logged and muddy rds and are keeping open comn between MEERLO and BLITTERSWIJK. The track between these two villages is in a fearful condition one stretch of 200 yds being under two feet of water. 2 RUR now have four Weazels in commission.
29 2320 Coy 1 KOSB relieved coy 1 Suffolk at WANSSUM and by 2320 hrs were in posn at 848277.
29 2359 8 Brit Inf Bde attacking the KASTEEL 834299 were progressing well and had contacted no enemy. The Bde Comd spent a great part of the day in 2 RUR area planning the op for tomorrow. This op will be a bn attack, 2 RUR doing the job, to clean the last remaining pockets of enemy resistance West of the MAAS in this sector. The attack will be on a two coy up front. One coy driving North on the axis MEERLO – HELLING – WANSSUM and the other coy West on the axis BLITTERSWIJK – WANSSUM.
29   Issue of Amndt No 1 to Notes on Bde Comds Conference 28 Nov at Appx ‘D’ folio 6
30 0400 The situation on our left flank has become more stable. 8 Brit Inf Bde are now in occupation of THE KASTEEL having 'walked in', without any enemy shot being fired. The enemy on this sector presumably having withdrawn to East of the river, during the night.
30 0430 2 RUR op to clear the enemy from their posns at HELLING 853271 and WANSSUM, commenced with a swing and by 0530 hrs coy on left had cleared houses 853267 and coy on right were through wire obstacle at 866273. Going at this stage was quite steady and only hampered by some mines in among the wire.
30 0730 The left fwd coy now meeting heavier opposition from mortars and MGs firing from 853271 and 853272 had one pl completely pinned down at 852267. Comd 2 RUR withdrew this coy back to 854263 and ordered his mortars to plaster HELLING. Our adv from BLITTERSWIJK reached windmill 862272 by 0730 brs and though engaged by occasional MG fire their adv was steady and sure.
30 0800 Bde Comd is now down at 2 RUR Tac HQ.
30 0900 2 RUR fwd elements are now experiencing hy mortaring and shelling. The bn comd has requested air sp in an effort so silence these guns and mortars. This was not immediately forthcoming, the RAF requiring their targets to be pinpointed before they can engage. At the moment these guns areas are not known to an eight figure ref. This haggling over Typhoons proceeded until 1100 hrs when Corps finally vetoed the whole matter; to the disappointment of all concerned.
30 1000 Posns of 2 RUR fwd coys show C Coy held up at wood 854262 and D Coy in wood 860274 and cas so far incl one offr and 11 OR missing.
30 1020 In the lt of our future role controlling sector DEN BOSCHE – BLITTERSWIJK it was decided to move Bde HQ to a more central posn in VENRAIJ 782271. The move was accomplished without incident. On this day of action, move and counter move, 1 KOSB are now moving to their new areas with bn HQ and one coy at OOSTRUM 808274, coys at ZANDHOEK 814249 and OORLOO 8224 (sp coy). The coy in WANSSUM 848279 remains where it is.
30 1310 The remainder of the day was spent in reorg for renewing the attack by 2 RUR at 0100 hrs tomorrow Dec 1.
30 1800 Comd 1 KOSB and comds sp arms were called in for a discussion of the subject.
30 2100 The ground 2 RUR have been attacking over favours defence and well sited MGs. Some cas were caused in our daylt attempt to winkle the enemy from his strongholds around HELLING and WANSSUM, it is hoped to finish the job in the bright moonlt tonight.
30 2300 Posns 2359 30 Nov -
30   2 Lincolns bn HQ 787232 coys at 782232 797233 799241
30   1 KOSB bn HQ 808273 coys at 814249 848279 808274
30   2 RUR bn HQ 855254 coys at 853262 861273 868250 874272
30   Bde HQ 782272
30   Cas for month Nov 44
30   2 Lincolns Killed - Offrs, 5 OR. Wounded - Offrs, 14 OR. Missing - Offrs, 4 OR. Total cas - Offrs, 23 OR
30   1 KOSB Killed - Offrs, 6 OR. Wounded - Offrs, 19 OR. Missing - Offrs, 3 OR. Total cas - Offrs, 28 OR
30   2 RUR Killed - Offrs, 12 OR. Wounded 1 Offrs, 34 OR. Missing 1 Offrs, 15 OR. Total cas 2 Offrs, 61 OR
30   [Grand total] Killed - Offrs, 23 OR. Wounded 1 Offrs, 67 OR. Missing 1 Offrs, 22 OR. Total cas 2 Offrs, 112 OR

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.