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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 110 Provost Coy C.M.P.
Month and Year: February 1945 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Capt. J.D. Brown
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
LEENDE 1   No change in the disposition of my company. Thaw set in, and the Corps Thaw Plan put into operation. A [censor?] of all vehicle contravening the plan was taken, resulting in many heavy vehicles being on the road, the drivers not knowing that the plan was in force, or had any knowledge of the plan. The clearing up of the cases of V.D. are being successfully dealt with.
LEENDE 2   Thaw had now fully set in, and certain roads are beginning to break, under the pressure of traffic. The HAMONT, BUDEL, SOERENDONK, MAARHEEZE road has had to be closed from 1400 hrs today through thaw. It is becoming difficult to find diversions for traffic owing to state of roads. The traffic throughout the corps area has not been so heavy today.
2 1500 A portion of road through village ZOMMEREN had to be closed through thaw. Diversion laid on. Thaw is expected to last another two days. Patrols in HELMOND and WEERT. Report discipline of troops good. – Results of investigation at CAULILLE respecting V.D. brings to light several cases of women who are being treated by civil doctors, but are in contact with troops frequenting cafes and their places of abode. These have now been put “out of bounds” and all unit commanders informed in this area of situation. Civil police are cooperating and keeping said women under strict supervision.
LEENDE 3 1000 Road VALKENSWAARD – LEENDE reported breaking up owing to thaw as this is the only outlet to the West without having to do considerable mileage, we are restricting the use of this road to 3 tonners and under. Traffic throughout the day was fairly heavy. Many roads will have to have immediate R.E. attention if they are to take future heavy traffic. Discipline checks were made in the WEERT area. All in order. Extra pointsmen were placed in HELMOND, for night important operational moves. Assistance is also being given by 27 T.C. Company. No change in the disposition of my company.
LEENDE 4   No change in the disposition of my coy. Traffic throughout the day was fairly heavy. During the night important operational moves were policed through HELMOND. No holdups occurred. Roads are still in a very bad condition and will be some considerable time before repairs are complete. Liaison with the 11th Armd Div Provost is being maintained in view of the fact that many of the divisional roads have had to be closed through the results of “thaw”. The number of troops on recreation in WEERT decreased considerably, probably due to inclement weather.
LEENDE 5   The thaw has now practically finished, but the heavy rain today is causing more damage to the roads. The bad road drainage does not allow the water to get away from under the surface. Condition will still be serious for at least another 7 days. Several by-roads in WEERT had to be closed today but has not interfered with main traffic. The conditions of the inner circuits in the F.M.C. 57 slows down traffic to 5 M.P.H. Two days dry weather would be invaluable to the F.M.C. No change in the disposition of my company. Points along the GELDROP – HELMOND road are being manned 24 hrs during the present important moves, to prevent hold ups.
LEENDE 6   No change in the disposition of my company. Several diversions had to be laid on, owing to roads requiring urgent repairs. The move of the 52 (L) Div and 3rd British Div commenced. This change will take longer than anticipated owing to the state of roads and ground in the forward areas. A W.D. train was attacked by a single enemy aircraft at M.R. 496111 HEEZE. Casualties were caused.
LEENDE 7   No change in the disposition of my company. The move of the 52 (L) Div & 3rd British Div proceeded very slowly. Greater control was obtained by the manning of a T.P. at MAARHEEZE where the units of the incoming Div were halted off the road and only allowed to proceed upon instructions received from the traffic office 8 Corps. This prevented traffic jams in the forward areas. Traffic throughout the day in the corps area was fairly heavy.
LEENDE 8   No change in the disposition of my company. The move of the afore mentioned divisions proceeded throughout the day and night. Traffic through HELMOND & GELDROP was also exceptionally heavy owing to the moves of the 43rd & 53rd Divisions. Information was received by No 7 Section of two allied airmen from a crashed bomber. These were located and despatch to the 33 C.C.S. WEERT. A crashed allied bomber was also located at WEERT BOSHE Map Ref 565017. 5 French airmen (dead) were located. HQ T.A.C. 83 Group R.A.F. were notified.
LEENDE 9   No change in the disposition of my company. Traffic was very heavy throughout the day. The change over of 52 (L) & 3rd Brit Div proceeded smoothly. Other operational moves of 43rd Div moved smoothly from HELMOND.
LEENDE 10   No change in the disposition of my company. “B” Ech of 43rd Div moved throughout the morning from HELMOND. Last elements of 52 (L) Div moved into corps area and to their location. Traffic throughout the day has been very heavy. Patrols in WEERT report good behaviour by the troops visiting.
LEENDE 11   No change in the disposition of my company. Traffic was much lighter today, with the exception of a few local unit moves. Nothing of importance to report.
LEENDE 12   No change in the disposition of my company. Traffic throughout the corps area was light, WEERT being the busiest. This consisted mainly of maintenance traffic. Information was received that a cafe situated at 21 Basson, WEERT, was selling brandy of inferior quality, thought to be wood alcohol. Investigation to be carried out. More investigations carried out regarding V.D. suspects.
LEENDE 13   No change in the disposition of my company. Traffic much heavier today, HEEZE, GELDROP, HELMOND & WEERT being the busiest. Consisting mainly of traffic conveying bridging material and maintenance. Discipline in HELMOND & WEERT is still of a good standard. Further investigations carried out together with civil police of V.D. suspects.
LEENDE 14   No change in the disposition of my company. Passage of 95 U.S. Infantry Div through corps area between 1020 to 1215 hrs. Conveying of elements of 115 Bde from HELMOND railway station to ASTEN in T.C.V.’s from 2203 hrs onwards. Traffic throughout the day was fairly heavy. A check was carried out in conjunction with the Field Security Section of the cafes in WEERT during the evening.
LEENDE 15   No change in the disposition of my company. Further moves of 95 U.S. Infantry Div. No stoppages also of 115 Infantry Bde from HELMOND railway station. Traffic again was heavy throughout the day. HAMONT – BUDEL – MAARHEEZE road will be opened as from 0800 hrs 16th Feb 45 for traffic West to East. This has been closed for repairs owing to the results of thaw damage.
LEENDE 16   No change in disposition of my company. Units of 95 U.S. Div & 156 Bde (11th Arm.) passed through HELMOND. 650 Troops detained at HELMOND station. C in C 21 Army Gp passed through ZOMEREN area.
LEENDE 17   No change in disposition of my company. Accident at level crossing at HELMOND between a locomotive & W.D. truck. One soldier drowned. Evidence that cognac is being sold at the Congo Café HAMONT. Under investigation. 95th Q.M. Coy U.S. Army using ZOMEREN as supply area. Unit is known as “Cement 21”. Approx. 1500 vehs of 11 Arm Div passed through WEERT.
LEENDE 18   No 3 Section handed over Main H.Q. corps duties to No 2 Section. No 2 Section handed over duties at HEEZE (incl Rear H.Q. inform. post) to No 3 Section. Move of 11 Arm Div & 4 Arm Bde approx 1059 vehs & 114 tanks along corps routes. Condition of road surfaces improving.
LEENDE 19   No change in company disposition. Several cases of V.D. under investigation. Movement of 95 U.S. Div continues. U.S. Provost help at points. C in C & Gen Dempsey passed through WEERT in direction of HELMOND & returned later. Traffic exceptionally heavy in NEDERWEERT area. Liaison between Pro of 6 Airborne Div with No 8 Sec in preparation for move.
LEENDE 20   No 3 Section hand over information post at Rear H.Q. to V.P. personnel & take over control of Bailey Bridge at GENNEP (river MAAS & flooded area). Bridge approx 1 mile long. 6th Airborne Div. move out via WEERT area in early hours & U.S. convoy of 83 vehs came in at same time, traffic flowed evenly. Approx 300 vehs of S.S. Div also moved through WEERT.
LEENDE 21   No 9 Section of 109 Coy Provost (Army) attached for traffic & general duty in DEURNE. GENNEP bridge was subjected to enemy air activity at 1915 hrs but no great damage was caused. Flood water subsiding. Many U.S. Army vehicles moving about corps area.
LEENDE 22   Disposition remains unaltered. Traffic in HELMOND light. Road surface conditions now fairly good. Two British bombers crashed in open country area WEERT BOSCH, recovered two bodies, five injured airmen taken to C.C.S. & one uninjured airman to 83 Gp. H.Q. EINDHOVEN. Traffic moved smoothly through area.
LEENDE 23   Disposition of company remains unaltered. 200 tanks of 8 A. Div. passed through GENNEP & there was considerable movement of GENNEP bridge. Traffic generally was light, no formation moves were noted.
LEENDE 24   Disposition of company remains unchanged. 9 Inf Bde (3rd Div) moved through HELMOND. Road movement generally was light, maintenance traffic only in most areas. F/Lt Hamlin of 403 R&SU visited No 9 Section regarding details of crashed aircraft. Help was given & search made of aircraft & area.
LEENDE 25   Disposition of company unaltered. C in C & distinguished person passed through HELMOND. 185 Bde moved forward through HELMOND. Erection of a new bridge at ZOMEREN. Traffic, light throughout the day, mostly maintenance. Roads under repair are making good progress.
LEENDE 26   No change in company disposition. 2 German airmen taken to Corps H.Q. for interrogation. A flying bomb dropped at M.R. 455967 Sheet 4 & a number of leaflets in “English” were scattered around the area of the explosion. A second bridge at GENNEP now complete. Traffic generally was fairly heavy.
LEENDE 27   No change in company disposition. A new bridge (Dijk) at ZOMEREN opened & ASTEN – DEURNE circuit enforced. Information that Brent Bridge at WEERT will be dismantled. Traffic light in most areas.
LEENDE 28   No 3 Section handed over control of GENNEP bridge to T.C. Coy & are now in reserve at HEEZE. A civilian bridge (lifting) at WEERT now completed & in use in conjunction with one Bailey bridge. Many troops [useing?] WEERT at night but there is ample entertainment. Traffic throughout the area was light.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.