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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 203 Det. 2 Civil Affairs Group
Month and Year: September 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Major. W.V.D. Jequier
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
CAUMONT S/Orne 1   Det. HQ. established.
ST MARTIN DE SALEN. 2   German deserter handed over. 19 German dead buried.
CAUMONT S/Orne 6   Major W.G. Parsons MC. and Major E.B. Brereton replaced Capt. Shellman H. Brown and 2/Lt. James B. Tompkins U.S. Army who returned to U.S. Army.
7   Moved to PONT EVEQUE via TROARN.
8   Moved to AMIENS.
9   Moved to BRUSSELS via LILLE, came under 2/Army.
11   Moved to DIEST and came under 30 Corps.
14   Det. operated from BOURG LEOPOLD. Recced and reported enemy atrocities at BALEN BOURG LEOPOLD OOSTHAM OLMEN MEERHOUT. Recced German bakery and food store in barracks.
17   Moved to NEERPELT attached to Guards Div.
18   Moved at night to a wood near VALKENSWAARD.
19   Arrived EINDHOVEN Det. HQ. established at Town Hall.
EINDHOVEN 19 1900 - 2000 Subjected to German air attack - 175 persons killed.
EINDHOVEN 19 2100 German tanks reported in suburbs of town.
20-26   Recced all communes to the south as they were liberated.
EINDHOVEN 21   Appointed town food committee under Mr. Van der Lee.
26   Came under command 8 Corps.
29   Came under command 12 Corps with area south of line MEERSELO HAAG MILHEEZE GINDERDOOR SON to Belgium frontier. Obtained meat from German supply at BEST.
EINDHOVEN 30   Vander Gent appointed Petrol and Oil controller of the district. Phillips started up steamturbine which enabled town to have electric light. 52,760 kilos meat handed over to Bourgomeister for 2 weeks distribution. The first meat for three weeks.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com.

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